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Beam me Down, Beam Me Down, Beam Me Back Downtown!

Pablo - Fatty Fatty Phonographics

Pablo - Fatty Fatty Phonographics

Beam me Down, Beam Me Down, Beam Me Back Downtown!
Fatty Fatty is a label split between Dublin and Melbourne that's on a mission to bring you nothing but the best in disco, soul, funk and house from yesteryear,as well as original new dancefloor music.

The first two volumes of 'Rejigs' by Pablo and Shoey had support from Get Down Edits,Sleazy Beats,Hot Toddy,House Of Disco, Rub'n'Tug,Lunar Disko,Superbreak, and Bicep(FeelMyBicep.com)

2013 has seen the release of the first volume of our 'Downtownsounds Classics' series,fully licensed 12s documenting the big tunes and incredible obscurities that soundtracked the long-running club collective's nights in Dublin.

'Volume 1' features a 13 minute 21st Century epic by Daniel Wang and Brennan Green as well as a full throttle disco screamer on the flip, not to mention a natty full colour sleeve design.

The 2nd volume will feature a re-edit of the Nicky Siano/Arthur Russell classic 'Kiss Me Again', as well as some classic Ashley Beedle/Black Science Orchestra goodness. There's also an EP of disco goodness from Chicago's DJ Rahaan on the way in February, and much more besides.....

Upcoming shows -

Felix Bar, Melbourne, Friday Feb 22nd

Fatty Fatty @ The Sugar Club, March 17th featuring Jason Boardman ( Aficionado, Manchester), plus Billy Scurry and Padraic Disconaut

Electric Elephant, Croatia, July 2013
  1. Block 16 - "Electrokution" (Daniel Wang & Brennan Green Evolusive mix)
  2. Sweet Cream - "I Don't Know What I'd Do If You Ever Left Me" (Pablo & Shoey rejig)
out of stock $8.22
Cat: FFP 002. Rel: 27 Aug 12
  1. Love Power
  2. TP With The ILL Behaviour
  3. Let Me Love Ya`
out of stock $7.42
Cat: SLH 120002. Rel: 11 Jul 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Bostich Time
  2. Acid Whump
out of stock $8.47
Cat: ALG 040. Rel: 21 Feb 11
Deep House
  1. House On The Left
  2. House On The Left (Bicep remix)
  3. House On The Left (Earwig remix)
out of stock $7.42
Cat: LDR 12. Rel: 05 Nov 12
  1. In Space
  2. Craic Memories
  3. Mutuality
 in stock $8.75
Cat: RH 040. Rel: 14 May 12
Deep House
  1. Moving Rivers
  2. Peaking Point
out of stock $7.42
Cat: SSLPCD 4. Rel: 25 Feb 08
Deep House
  1. Try This
  2. All Yours/Who Is Adam?
  3. Black Music (I Love You) (feat Craig Huckaby)
  4. Nitedrive/I 94w
  5. Take A Ride
  6. I 94e/No Joke
  7. They Say (feat Monica Blaire)
  8. Love Triumphant
  9. Reckasto/Strange Change
  10. Stomp Yo Feet (part 1)
  11. Still Love Still Happiness/Whowhohehe
  12. Satisfunktion
  13. Sundown Town
  14. Track 14
  15. Uppitynegronomics
  16. Goin Downstairs/Music?
  17. The Rink
  18. Programming/Unauthorized Procedure/Criminal Drug Evasion
  19. Soul Control/Quarter Run (feat Alena Waters)
  20. Synthetic Flemm
  21. Galactic Ancestors
  22. Flotation Device/Fear Or Laziness?
  23. Laziness (feat Amp Fiddler)
  24. Fear
  25. Usually Suspected/The Quest (feat Amp Fiddler)
  26. Second Chances (feat Monica Blaire)
  27. Space Cowboys & The Interplanetary Gangster Edit
out of stock $17.50
Cat: FSRCD 097. Rel: 26 Nov 12
  1. The Bamboos - "Amen Brother"
  2. The Excitements - "Wait A Minute"
  3. T Bird & The Breaks - "The Clap Hands Song"
  4. Smoove & Turrell - "Hard Work"
  5. Nostalgia 77 - "Seven Nation Army" (feat Alice Russell)
  6. Prince Fatty - "Insane In The Membrane" (feat Horseman)
  7. Lack Of Afro - "A Time For" (feat Wayne Gidden)
  8. The Stiff Naked Fools - "Rocket Man"
  9. The Apples - "Killing"
  10. Treva Whateva - "Singalong"
  11. Federation Of The Disco Pimp - "More Than Dancing"
  12. The Haggis Horns - "The Bump"
  13. The Fantastics! - "Cold Case" (feat Sulene Fleming)
  14. The Incredible Bongo Band - "Satisfaction"
  15. Frootful - "Fish In The Sea" (feat Angeline Morrison)
  16. Al Wilson - "The Snake"
  17. The Mighty Showstoppers - "Shaft In Africa"
  18. Speedometer - "Dragging Me Down"
  19. Tape Five - "A Cool Cat In Town" (feat Brenda Boykin)
 in stock $7.11
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