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New releases last two weeks: Breakbeat

Breakbeat vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Yucca (limited LP + postcard)
Cat: ODA 03M. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Chirp (2:50)
Ferns (2:20)
Yucca (5:06)
Coral (4:35)
Roses (3:56)
Winstons (3:23)
 in stock $17.42
Fascinating World
Cat: BTR 007. Rel: 07 Jun 24
Bufobufo - "Canorus" (5:15)
Qeta - "Creede" (7:53)
Qeta & Bufobufo - "Drumzz" (5:55)
Qeta - "Flih" (5:12)
Bufobufo - "Caloris Basin" (5:33)
Qeta - "Art" (II) (6:28)
Bufobufo - "Fascinating World" (4:08)
Qeta & Bufobufo - "Gloaming" (8:45)
Review: BufoBufo (Klasse Wrecks, Dream Ticket, Cabaret) and Qeta (Further Electronix, Wave Function, brokntoys) join forces for an eight track split LP, diving into aquatic synths, sliding breakbeats and amphibious atmospheres. A decidedly dreamy and watery album, 'Fascinating World' knows what it is: a captivating subaquatic exoplanet of vinyl-crackling trip-hop beats, ghostly synths, and deep ascensions (or are they descensions?) into evermore abyssal netherworlds. A dialectical record, with each artist taking on a track each before also collaborating on one cut per side, we're more than impressed at this pair's ability to lay down a coherent sound-vision, despite their vacillation between two solo productive poles.
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 in stock $14.52
The Pulse EP Vol 2
The Pulse EP Vol 2 (limited 12")
Cat: 12 TOT 14 RE. Rel: 13 Jun 24
The Future Sound Of London - "Stolen Documents" (Jazz dub) (5:17)
Smart Systems - "Zip Code" (Stress Ball mix) (5:15)
The Future Sound Of London - "Innate" (W O W mix) (4:42)
Indo Tribe - "I've Become What You Were" (Insider mix) (4:21)
Review: The influential 90s IDM and techno act Future Sound of London continues to delve into their early career with the reissue of The Pulse EP Vol 2, originally released in 1991. This EP exemplifies the early techno sound, blending rave elements with the more intelligent and linear side of electronic dance music. Side-1 kicks off with 'Stolen Documents' (Jazz dub) by The Future Sound of London, a track that perfectly melds jazzy undertones with dub influences, creating a sophisticated and immersive experience. Following this is Smart Systems' 'Zip Code' (Stress Ball mix), a piece that balances high-energy beats with a stress-relieving ambiance. Side-2 begins with 'Innate' (W O W mix) by The Future Sound of London, a track that delves into deeper, more atmospheric realms, showcasing the group's innovative approach to soundscaping. Indo Tribe's 'I've Become What You Were' (Insider mix) closes the EP, with a pulsating techno rhythm that encapsulates the essence of the early '90s rave scene. Before their signature chill out sound was made, FSOL his some of their highest notes here with these early EPs.
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 in stock $19.00
Broken Deep & Dope Sampler 2024 Vinyl Sampler
Incognito - "Freedom To Love" (Atjazz Astro remix) (5:25)
MRMILKDEE & Jill Rock Jones - "2 Positions" (Sean McCabe Cosmos dub) (5:22)
Harold Matthews Jr & Sean McCabe - "Metronome" (Turbojazz remix) (6:16)
KV5 & Kaidi Tatham - "Shook Up" (5:03)
Review: Reel People Music breaks new ground, in more ways than one, with the launch of fresh compilation series Broken, Deep & Dope. A spin-off from acclaimed compilation brand Soulful, Deep & Dope - introduced back in 2015 - this new series sees the much-loved independent imprint pushing further at the boundaries of soulful music. All with that customary Reel People feeling. Broken, Deep & Dope 2024, the series' first instalment, unleashes 20 superlative examples of the soulful 'bruk' (broken beat), nu beat and nu jazz sound that has so innovatively informed contemporary dancefloors around the world since its inception back in late '90s West London.
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 in stock $14.52
Grush (limited luminous vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ZIQ 465X. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Reticulum A (4:19)
Hyper Daddy (5:24)
Fogou (2:43)
Magic Pony Ride (Pt 4) (2:38)
Imperial Crescent (3:45)
Reticulum B (3:37)
Grush (3:12)
Belvedere (3:32)
Raver (3:07)
Windsor Safari Park (5:35)
Hastings (2:48)
Manscape (5:23)
Metaphonk (5:06)
Reticulum C (4:44)
Review: Mike Paradinas doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, having helmed Planet Mu since electronica's breakthrough years while weaving his own idiosyncratic path through various strains of braindance along the way. Still, when he delivers an album it feels like an occasion, and Grush maintains the pace with a spectacular reflection on the broader sonic ideas he's been toying with for nigh on three decades. This album was crafted with live energy in mind - some tracks were written in the aftermath of particular gigs, some were written specifically to be played out - and the arc of the album is intended to evoke the flow of a live set. Along the way his instinct for sparkling melodies and needlepoint drum programming shine through, nailing a vibe between classic nostalgia and restless innovation like only he can.
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 in stock $25.88
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