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Cat: RST 003. Rel: 20 Jun 13
  1. Time Swap
  2. Ghost Detain
  3. Twisted Tilde
  4. If U Then I
out of stock $9.20
.. (12")
Cat: SNDW 12029VP.
out of stock $0.00
.. (12")
Cat: VFS 001.
out of stock $0.00
.. (12")
Cat: MPGV 031.
out of stock $0.00
Versatile (limited 1-sided etched 12")
Cat: FCL 95. Rel: 19 Mar 14
  1. Versatile
  2. Secret Secret
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
out of stock $10.26
Dry (limited 7")
Cat: HTH 036. Rel: 18 Feb 15
  1. Dry
  2. Body
out of stock $6.58
Cat: HTH 046. Rel: 28 Aug 15
  1. Cake (Suicideyear remix) (3:10)
  2. Nectar (Mr Mitch Lights Off remix) (3:43)
  3. OIXU (Tia Maria Producoes remix) (4:46)
  4. Crow (Audri Nix remix) (3:13)
Review: Culled from last year's debut album Trust, this remix collection comes from artists that 18+ respect and occasionally collaborate with. Suicideyear's take on "Cake" is a dreamy, entrancing affair, with haunting electronic melodies and half-heard vocals set to push the listener into a trance. It's followed by the huge bass drops and dissected vocals of Mr Mitch's 'Light's Off' take on "Nectar", which pulls the track into melodic, atmospheric territory. The remix of "OIXU" from Principe act Tia Maria Producoes is in a similar vein thanks to its massive subs. Birds cawing, clicking thumb percussion and techno bleeps comprise the closing Audri Nix's reshape of "Crow".
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out of stock $19.20
Cat: SNKR 008. Rel: 15 Nov 16
  1. Limit Of Paradise (5:16)
  2. Snake Charmer (6:27)
  3. Gone Too Soon (5:55)
  4. Zero Fifteen (6:20)
Review: Rave legends 2 Bad Mice return with their first release since 2004 and suddenly the world doesn't feel like quite such a bleak place. Naturally we're treated to the full spectrum from running man, heads-down rolling breaks ("Snake Charmer") to the absolute, unabashed piano heaven and hands-in-the-air euphoria of the title track. With the classic loose drum rolls and dubby subs of "Zero Fifteen" and the stretched out drum trippery of "Limit Of Paradise" completing the set, it's a welcome (and highly timely) return for one of rave music's most influential collectives.
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out of stock $10.00
Remixes (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: SNKR 014. Rel: 10 Jul 18
  1. Gone Too Soon (Sully remix) (6:30)
  2. Limit Of Paradise (Falty DL remix) (5:37)
Review: Sneaker Social Club are not messing around! Following their previous outings from the legendary trio 2 Bad Mice comes remixes from two impeccably forward thinking break crafters; Sully takes "Gone Too Soon" into some fantastical places as the breaks scream jungle but the big breeze pads scream Alex Reece but both elements work together emotively. Falty DL, meanwhile, gives us a hardcore schooling on "Limit Of Paradise" with its heavily layered breaks, wall of sound pads and dynamic drops into spacious hooks. Bad to the (clear vinyl) bone!
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out of stock $10.00
Crisis/Raindance (10" + insert)
Cat: GW 003. Rel: 10 Aug 16
  1. Crisis (6:07)
  2. Raindance (6:26)
out of stock $8.68
Motifs (12")
Cat: OAO 23. Rel: 27 Jun 14
  1. CYDTT (Can You Dance To This !?)
  2. Kodama
  3. Seven Eleven (feat Ibrahim Maalouf)
  4. Ongoing Thing (feat Oddisee)
  5. Voices (feat Rita J)
Gespielt von: Jonny Drop, Kwinzola
out of stock $10.46
Motifs II (12")
Cat: OA 029. Rel: 26 Jun 15
  1. Swimming Stone (4:02)
  2. Copycat (feat Fashawn) (3:39)
  3. Back & Forth (3:36)
  4. You Know (3:52)
  5. Dust Clouds (4:21)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
out of stock $10.00
101.2 (12")
Cat: OAO 026. Rel: 26 Jun 15
  1. 20SYL & Monsoonsiren - "All You Need" (3:48)
  2. Phazz - "Nocturna" (4:51)
  3. Big Wild - "Astro Bounce" (3:17)
  4. Tayreeb - "One" (3:47)
  5. Elaquent - "Butterflies" (3:45)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
out of stock $12.36
Cat: ELIM 007. Rel: 23 May 12
  1. Here We Stand
  2. Riding With Your Plastic Spokes
  3. Antarctica
  4. First Chair
Gespielt von: THE EXALTICS
out of stock $6.84
Fuzzy Leash EP (12" + CD)
Cat: YM 010. Rel: 13 Jul 12
  1. Fuzzy Leash
  2. Get With It
  3. Front Lobe Pusher
  4. Boiler Plate
  5. Track 5 (Yellow Machines Showcase mix - CD)
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
  16. Track 16
  17. Track 17
  18. Track 18
  19. Track 19
  20. Track 20
  21. Track 21
  22. Track 22
  23. Track 23
out of stock $6.30
Cat: TEC 029. Rel: 25 Jun 09
  1. Love In Outer Space
  2. Third Wave
out of stock $5.78
out of stock $8.41
Air Jordan (12")
Cat: DOUBT 002. Rel: 13 Mar 12
  1. Solitary Sheepbell
  2. Desert Lament
  3. Jerash Hekwerken
  4. Nocturnal Drummers
Review: Made up of on field recordings taken by 2562 on a 2010 trip to Jordan, Air Jordan is based on a similar concept to his 2011 album Fever, which was made up of samples exclusively from disco records. But while that record reflected its source material in its more overt dancefloor focus, Air Jordan reflects the dry heat of the Jordanian landscape in a dusty cloud of broken beats and cracked textures. "Solitary Sheepbell" creates a hazy mirage out of its pitched bell samples, whilst the arid, hesitant rhythms of "Desert Lament" mingle with the kind of bustling atmospherics that place you at the centre of a busy marketplace, a theme carried through in the booming industrial beats of "Jerash Hekwerken". It ends on "Nocturnal Drummers", a suspenseful fusion of dehydrated percussive samples which caps off the producer's most concise work to date. Highly recommended.
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out of stock $8.41
Cat: MONKEYTOWN 005. Rel: 14 Oct 10
  1. 2562 - "The Wind Up"
  2. Shed - "With Bag & Baggage"
  3. SBTRKT - "The Unspoken"
Review: Round two of Monkeytown's already essential series of Modeselektion twelve inches drops with a suitably stellar line up chosen by the German overseers of bass demonics, Modeselektor. 2562 crafts one of his heftier moments on the A Side with "The Wind Up" an ever swirling mass of not techno not dubstep pressure typified by kaleidoscopic vocal filters, reverberant drum programming and soaring, switching industrial tones. Ostgut Ton don Shed maintains the standard on the flip via the dusty askew percussive rattle of "With Bag & Baggage", a track that's imbued with the fizziest of heavily processed synth lines. Rounding things off in fine style is SBTRKT with "The Unspoken" dropping a menacingly arpeggiated bass wiggle over retro broken drum hits and abstract melodic shifts.
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out of stock $7.62
Recolor (12")
Cat: BNZ 002. Rel: 08 Mar 13
  1. Fantasmo (feat Bobby Tank)
  2. Charger
  3. Chrystal Raw
  4. Elastique
  5. Frosty Morning
  6. 256 Colors
  7. The Whaler (feat On-The-Go)
Gespielt von: Teielte, Nphonix
out of stock $8.15
Espoir Voyage (red vinyl 12")
Cat: APCO 01. Rel: 16 Aug 13
  1. Village
  2. Espoir Voyage
  3. City
  4. Village (Obey City remix)
  5. Espoir Voyage (Lil' Texas remix)
  6. Espoir Voyage (DZA remix)
out of stock $11.84
Half & Half EP Volume 2 (white vinyl 12")
Cat: ALPHACUT 29. Rel: 13 Feb 13
  1. 9 Tails Fox - "G-Sus"
  2. Fada - "Ecru"
  3. Abstract Society - "Paranoise"
  4. Paranoid Society - "Microcosm"
out of stock $7.36
Thin Air (12")
Cat: 116 DSR. Rel: 20 Apr 16
  1. Thin Air (7:28)
  2. I Repeat (6:06)
  3. All Out (8:03)
  4. Waybackmachine (5:58)
Review: A Made Up Sound man Dave Huismans is not messing around on this 12", his first outing on Delsin for six years. Opener "Thin Air" may contain creepy melodies, strange samples and curious orchestral samples, but these largely play second fiddle to a booming techno rhythm. "All Out" and "Waybackmachine" also hit home hard, with trademark rhythmic madness and densely layered chords combining to create two hectic and intense broken techno smashers. Even the EP's most laidback moment, the noticeably deeper "I Repeat", owes its' power to a surging sub-bass line and some snappy post-dubstep rhythms, rather than its' faintly unsettling electronics and melancholic musical elements.
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out of stock $9.20
Cat: 50WEAPONS 020. Rel: 12 Jul 12
  1. Malfunction (Adjust)
  2. Malfunction (Despair)
Review: After the disco-led Fever album as 2562, Dave Huismans returns with more typical club fare as AMUS. "Malfunction" is a dense roller, its heavy drums and offbeat rhythm inhabiting the same bass-meets-techno space as Martyn. That's not to suggest that Huismans is a copycat and the track's centre piece is a spooky synth riff that may have been recycled from an old house track. He provides an even bigger surprise on "Malfunction (Despair)". This version features broken beats and haunting synths that hang like barbed wire on a beachside fence. Like the waves crashing onto the sand below, Huismans then unleashes a bass that rumbles with all of nature's force.
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out of stock $9.45
Ahead (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: AMS 00X. Rel: 30 Jan 13
  1. Ahead
  2. Endgame
Review: Dave Huismans is always a producer guaranteed to confound your expectations; he released a slew of material last year that ranged from cavernous techno rave for 50 Weapons, uneasy liquid funk for Clone's Basement Series and the dehydrated desert rhythms of the Air Jordan EP. His eponymous imprint is where the real crazy stuff seems to land however, and we've been eager for another since the eardrum splitting "Take The Plunge". Thankfully this hand-stamped return to the label is no disappointment; "Ahead" is a broken combination of industrial rhythms and breakbeat-inspired sampling, described rather succinctly by one Soundcloud commenter as "stutter funk", while the B-side, entitled "Endgame" is a more conventional techno number, made no less furious thanks to its Underground Resistance undertones, serrated bass and malfunctioning drums, reminiscent of the recent Numbers reissue of Unspecified Enemies' classic "Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit". Essential!
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out of stock $8.15
Cat: AMS 006. Rel: 03 Oct 13
  1. After Hours
  2. What Preset
Review: New transmissions from Dave Huismans - whether under the 2562 moniker or as A Made Up Sound - are seemingly all too rare, but are always guaranteed to cause the kind of excitement usually reserved for big budget summer blockbusters, albeit without the inevitable sense of disappointment. After Hours is a welcome return then and sees Huismans further muddy the waters of definition when it comes to A Made Up Sound; both tracks are characterised by a more steady approach than we're used to from Huismans, with the title track described as offering a "brooding alternative soundtrack to that most underrated of Scorsese movies" (complete with film dialogue samples), while "What Preset" provides an abstracted combination of confrontational bass stabs and broken kick drums that seem to explode like landmines. Like the recent output of the Livity Sound trio, it's a release that explores techno's slower possibilities without compromising on impact.
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out of stock $8.15
out of stock $10.46
Stumbler (12")
Cat: AMS 007. Rel: 07 Oct 15
  1. Stumbler (8:08)
  2. Syrinx (7:17)
Review: Dutch producer Dave Huismans has been called many things over the years, the majority of them glowing thanks to his work as 2562 and A Made Up Sound. However we'd wager he's rarely been compared to a London bus, but that's the cliche adopted here as, like the famed mode of public transport, two A Made Up Sound 12"s drop in the same week! Both "Stumbler" and "Syrinx" have that signature Huismans blend of functionality and experimentalism on lock down with the former a particularly potent club tool! "Syrinx" is the more deranged cut, slamming hard when played loud!! Juno Records recommends!
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Gespielt von: Lo Shea
out of stock $8.94
Havoc (12")
Cat: AMS 008. Rel: 07 Oct 15
  1. Havoc (5:43)
  2. HHJOABS (5:10)
Review: Stand up Dave Huismans. "Half Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth" ranks as one of the best track titles of recent times! It is also one of the maddest cuts the Dutchman has committed to vinyl under either of his production handles, largely eschewing drums in favour of some slaloming synths that will cause chaos on the dancefloor. Don't disregard the lead track "Havoc" though, this one is just as deadly with Huismans laying down a killer slow motion techno monster. Both form the second of two must have AMUS 12"s to drop this week and come after a surprise outing on Acido alongside Dresvn.
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out of stock $8.94
Cat: PETS 023. Rel: 19 Sep 12
  1. Breakaway
  2. Open Mind
  3. Copper
out of stock $10.00
Slur (12")
Cat: SU 001. Rel: 07 Aug 12
  1. Slur
  2. Slingback
out of stock $7.36
Verge (12")
Cat: KI 013 . Rel: 10 Dec 14
  1. Arcane Rites
  2. Eyes Shut
  3. Fallen Wallz
  4. Universe Collapse
out of stock $10.00
1990 (12")
Cat: RHD 007PIG. Rel: 29 May 13
  1. 1990
  2. OK O
Review: Dutch veteran Aardvarck returns to the Rush Hour Distro affiliated No Label series with more rave-inspired breakbeat techno in the shape of 1990. With a production history going back as far as 1993, and a DJ career that began several years before that, Mike Kivits is better placed than many to take this approach and this two track 12" is every bit on par with the excellent Nubian 12", his debut for No Label last year. The title track combines soaring strings and rolling drums together in a nostalgic package, while "Ok.O" presents the more experimental side to the Aardvarck sound, delivering something akin to an unholy union between junglist rhythms and a dying modular synth. Absolutely essential!
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out of stock $8.15
Cat: RHDC 5. Rel: 24 Nov 10
  1. Nosestep (Cosmin TRG remix)
  2. Nosestep (original)
  3. Re-Spoken (Nubian Mindz Demo mix)
Review: Rush Hour's Direct Current hits its fifth release with the high standard very much maintained here. On this we get some classic Aardvarck given a future flex by DC mainstay Cosmin TRG and Nubian Mindz. "Nosestep" was firmly adopted by forward thinking DJs in the nascent dubstep scene when it was released as part of the Well Well Well EP in 07. Driven by a rugged bass line that accrues weight as the track progresses, it still sounds great today. In the hands of Cosmin TRG, the track gets transformed into a cavernous acid stepper that burrows deep into your senses, especially in the second half of the track. The B Side is handed over to Nubian Mindz, with a previously unreleased Demo mix of "Re-Spoken" from 2001 seemingly perfect amidst the current future house movement. Typical class from the Rush Hour stable.
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out of stock $8.41
Nubian (12")
Cat: RHD 003PIG. Rel: 01 Aug 12
  1. Nubian
  2. Pigg Todd U So
Gespielt von: Ender, Billy Nasty, Skudge, Juno Plus
out of stock $8.41
Bloom 4 (12")
Cat: BLOOM 4. Rel: 23 Oct 09
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
Gespielt von: Boywonder
out of stock $8.41
Cat: 205200 2. Rel: 09 Sep 16
  1. Kurdish Wisdom Atmee (4:41)
  2. Grey Moondust (4:31)
  3. Gypsy's In Dub (6:28)
  4. Devan Beduin (3:17)
  5. Macadamia Oil (5:01)
  6. Tsinking About (5:24)
  7. A Tank For Swag (4:01)
  8. My Allah Protect Me & You From The Fire (5:01)
out of stock $16.31
Icons EP (12")
Cat: TEC 080. Rel: 27 Nov 14
  1. Ping
  2. Blue Moon
  3. Icon
  4. Reload
Review: Having previously popped up on Cold Recordings with some bleak and futuristic techno, Acre now moves from one Pinch-helmed label to another, making his Tectonic debut with a thunderous clout sure to firmly establish him in the melee of contemporary darkside producers. "Ping" flits between hoover rave pressure, grubby drum breaks and razor-sharp drum programming with deftness, while "Blue Moon" has a psychoactive quality about its finely realised blips and bleeps. "Icon" is an even more daring excursion into a kind of futuristic tribalism, while "Reload" eschews the dancefloor altogether in favour of an experimental study in sound design. It's staggering material produced with flair and imagination, and it sounds like nothing else out there right now.
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Gespielt von: Untold
out of stock $7.89
Cat: COLDR 004. Rel: 01 Apr 14
  1. Burning Memories
  2. Switchblade
  3. Trace Loops
  4. Northern Shadows
Review: Although it only has three releases behind it, Pinch's Cold Recordings, started last year as an "an outlet for new movements in the ever evolving UK hardcore continuum" has already given us some essential forward-thinking bass music from Elmono, Ipman and Batu. The label's fourth release, comes from Acre, a producer who put out an EP of killer grime fusions on Visionist's Lost Codes label last year, and is perhaps Cold's best release to date. The Burning Memories EP features four tracks which see Acre delve ever deeper into his singularly murky sound; the title track combines grime and jungle with slow, brooding techno coming in somewhere between the sounds of Mumdance and Beneath, while "Switchblade" is dominated by a heavy bass blast and crackling electric leads. "Trace Loops" is the most experimental track of all, combining morse code bleeps with a ghostly rhythm that sounds like zombified dubstep, while "Northern Shadows" takes things into peak time territory with a barrage of kicks and subs that are designed to demolish the floor. Big, big record from Acre here.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
out of stock $7.62
Symbols EP (limited 12")
Cat: P13 001. Rel: 16 Dec 14
  1. Symbols
  2. O
  3. Retrograde Loops (part 2)
Review: Manchester club night Project 13 expands operations in a most logical of fashions here with a new record label, wisely turning to one of their hotly tipped residents to inaugurate proceedings. You should know all about Acre's killer debut on Tectonic that just dropped and the Mancunian brings similar levels of heat and rhythmic imagination to the table on this Symbols EP. The title track is a perfect example of the exciting sounds coming from those wedged inbetween techno, bass, and dubstep, and could easily be mistaken for an unreleased Untold cut from '09. Complementing this, both "O" and "Retrograde Loops (part 2)" align more explicitly to techno, though the manner in which Acre's drums cascade chaotically around the channels are a pleasure to behold. Keep an eye on this one.
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out of stock $9.73
City (12")
Cat: MATH 13. Rel: 23 Feb 17
  1. City (3:34)
  2. You Know (5:02)
out of stock $9.20
Tempa Allstars Vol 8 (double 12")
Cat: TEMPA 104. Rel: 30 Dec 15
  1. Acre - "Messages" (5:59)
  2. Epoch - "The Vile" (4:42)
  3. Cliques - "AUT" (6:30)
  4. Fracture - "Excalibur" (4:37)
  5. Youngsta & Distance - "Track 5" (5:38)
  6. Biome - "Closed Minds" (6:06)
Review: The Allstars compilation series from Tempa has proved a fine litmus test of the UK underground since it was launched in the heady early days of dubstep circa 2003. An eighth volume rounds out Tempa's 2015 business and this broadly diverse selection is proof enough that bass music is in fine health. Following his superb debut LP for Tectonic, Acre opens the doublepack with the stuttered, swung sound design of "Messages", and from here Tempa run the gamut of the UK bass scene. Epoch lays down raw and doomy steppa vibes with "The Vile", Cliques offers up futuristic footwork of "Aut" whilst both Youngsta & Distance and Biome bring the 140BPM heat.
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Gespielt von: Calculon
out of stock $13.67
Cat: CDS 01. Rel: 21 Jul 15
  1. Drumz 34 (4:31)
  2. Flash Speed (4:47)
  3. Trashed (2:37)
  4. Life (3:28)
  5. Unknown (3:29)
  6. Blood Artist (3:59)
Review: Visionist's Lost Codes label gets rebooted as a new sublabel to PAN, laying down some foundations ahead of the UK artist's long-mooted debut album for the Berlin label. Overseen by both Visionist and PAN founder Bill Kouligas, the first Codes release brings together two artists who have previously excelled on Lost Codes in Acre and Filter Dread. Working together for the first time, the six track Interference suggests this is a deadly partnership that should be given the platform to express itself further. Degraded 8bit sounds permeate opener "Drumz34" which comes across like early Actress played at the wrong speed, whilst sickeningly good sub bass is deployed on "Flash Speed" and "Trashed" is a superb exercise in slack jawed drum programming. Some cavernous bass kicks on this one. "Life" is wonderfully slippery in full flow, whilst "Unknown" is up there with Gramrcy's "Ruffian" in the heavyweight contenders of the year stakes.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
out of stock $10.00
Fabriclive 80: Mumdance Album Sampler 2 (10" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: 10FAB 015B. Rel: 03 Jun 15
  1. Acre - "No Signal" (3:57)
  2. Fis - "Branch Light" (3:15)
Review: Mumdance recently said he approached Fabric himself with the idea of doing a mix for their iconic long-running fabric live series and it's a good thing he did as his Fabriclive 80 was an eye-popping journey through experimental electronics, weightless club music and old hardcore favourites. The producer also managed to secure a ton of exclusives for the mix, two of which feature on this second and final 10" sampler. Up first is Mancunian bass heavyweight Acre whose " No Signal" sounds all the more hefty removed from its original context in Fabriclive 80, whilst New Zealand sonic explorer Fis is at his degraded best on the speaker shattering "Branch Light".
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
out of stock $8.15
I Go Boom (remixes) (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 50WRMX 02. Rel: 21 Nov 12
  1. I Go Boom 1 (DJ Rashad & Doc Daneeka remix)
  2. I Go Boom 2 (DJ Rashad & Doc Daneeka remix)
Review: As one of the more overtly juke-heavy tracks on his recent EP for 50 Weapons, it's not surprising to see DJ Rashad snapped up to deliver a delicate twist on the staggering original and turn it into a limber wriggler with the trademark alien juke patterns expressed through soft drops of percussion. The sweet-natured chords get a full airing across the duration of the track this time around, but more than anything it's the speed that brings about the greatest change to Addison Groove's bruising original. Doc Daneeka meanwhile is on hand to drop a deadly concoction of deep house and original breakbeat ruggedness, creating a rousing vibe out of his own re-appropriation of the melodies over the tight and rolling rhythm.
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out of stock $9.20
Cat: 50WEAPONS 038. Rel: 26 Aug 14
  1. Dat Ass
  2. U Been Gone (feat DJ Rashad)
  3. Push It
  4. Masamune
Review: Following the sad news of Rashad's passing, this latest single from the ever-productive Addison Groove takes on a more poignant nature as the late footwork legend guests on the second track. That the track is called "U Been Gone" only adds to the emotional weight of it, not to mention the wistful keys and yearning vocal lick. Elsewhere Addison Groove is on typically fiery form, from the rave baiting whiplash of "Push It" to the weighty bassbin busting badness of "Dat Ass". The samples are beyond cheeky in their recognisability, and it matters not a jot when the music kicks as hard as this.
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out of stock $8.94
Cat: 50WEAPONS 022. Rel: 14 Sep 12
  1. I Go Boom
  2. Button Moon
  3. Oversize Clip
  4. Melody Maker
Review: More body slamming material here from Addison Groove. Direct dancefloor business, the title track "I Go Boom" shakes and sasses with a tight dancehall stomp that's balanced beautifully with soft minor keys in a way that DJ Gregory might have done back in the day (only a lot heavier). "Button Moon" takes the heaviness level up several notches with more steppy beats and a fine acid house flavour. "Oversize Clip", meanwhile, nods to the dubstep heads with a deep and minimal 808 riddim. "Melody Maker" finishes the show on a deeper note. Timeless, jacking and sweetened with a sexy groove, Addison Groove can do no wrong right now.
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out of stock $13.42
Cat: GROOVE 002. Rel: 27 Apr 16
  1. Footcrab (Denham edit) (5:00)
  2. Footcrab (AG edit) (5:24)
Review: Under the name Addison Groove, UK producer Tony Williams has racked up a healthy discography over the past 6 years. Say the name Addison Groove though, and most heads will start chanting, "Footcrab, Footcrab, Footcrab," such is the seminal nature of his breakout Swamp 81 drop. Out of nowhere comes this fresh pair of edits from Denham and AG aka Addison Groove himself. The former adds some extra boom to the original with some deadly amen breaks and off-kilter 808 kicks, offering a nice counterpart to AG's own contemporary revision on the flip. After remaining dubplate only for a few years, it's nice to see this slick version finally available on wax.
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Gespielt von: HOVE
out of stock $8.94
#1 (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: GROOVE 001. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Dancer (3:53)
  2. Go La La (5:13)
Review: The regular clubbers out there may be familiar with "Dancer" from Addison Groove, a rather delicious contemporary bass number that slices and dices up Sister Sledge and has been played regularly by a broad spectrum of DJs over the past year. The man also known as Headhunter has relented to the clamour for a public release, pressing "Dancer" up as the lead cut on a cheeky white label, 300 copies no questions asked. The track works in a similar way to Joe's Bobby McFerrin edit for Text earlier this year. Another secret weapon from the Addison Groove armoury lines the flip in the shape of "Go La La". Don't sleep on this.
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Gespielt von: Freddie Norwood
out of stock $8.94
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