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Out Of The Unknown
Cat: PR 020. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Deep House
Feels Like Home (5:13)
Good Feeling (6:58)
Meet You There (6:32)
Call To Mind (6:08)
Left Outside (6:45)
The Rising (6:06)
Review: Pacific Rhythm kicks off 2024 with Out Of The Unknown, the sophomore LP from ZG, the collaborative project of Zansika Lachhani and Grant (aka Tony from Frank & Tony). Following their acclaimed 2022 debut on Scissor & Thread, this album continues to push boundaries. Across 7 tracks, ZG crafts rich, intricate rhythm patterns with thoughtful, unexpected arrangements. Zansika's voice seamlessly ties everything together, presenting a unique vision of modern deep dance music influenced by the duo's extensive musical journey. Out Of The Unknown navigates dramatic atmospheric downtempo, MPC-style beatmaking, and late 90s deep house, creating a harmonious blend of UK and US-inspired sounds. This album flows effortlessly, providing a beautiful experience. Enjoy the trip - it's a stunning trip through the depths of contemporary dance music.
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Gespielt von: Replika | Common Mode
 in stock $23.30
ZG (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SAT 054LP. Rel: 25 Nov 22
Jungle Times (5:31)
Roll Of Thunder (4:09)
When Young (3:32)
Ombre (6:56)
Aura (5:43)
Dog Days (5:38)
Drift Out (5:50)
Review: Scissor & Thread are one of the foremost labels providing a modern, electronic take on dub and related genres. ZG, meanwhile, is the moniker of London based Zansika Lachhani and Grant (aka Anthony Collins, and the Tony in Frank & Tony). Meeting online and mutually respecting each others' approach to music production, ZG soon set out to make an intriguing take on jungle n' drum n' bass. With vocal contribs from Zan, the LP reflects inspirations from 4hero to Source Direct, while also bringing an electric experimentalism to the sound.
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 in stock $21.67
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