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WILLIE GRAFF Schallplatten & CDs

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Follow Your Dreams
Follow Your Dreams (180 gram vinyl 2xLP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ZZZV 22001. Rel: 08 Jul 22
  1. Follow Your Dreams (feat Chilani) (5:39)
  2. Stimulation Dub (feat Paul Powell) (5:56)
  3. Piel A Piel (feat Jacob Gurevitsch & Charlotte C) (6:20)
  4. Bridge To Oran (feat Reinhard Vanbergen) (6:46)
  5. Twilight (feat Clarita De Quiroz) (6:21)
  6. Suenos (Padilla's Tribute) (7:08)
  7. Art Of Sax (feat Bruno Soares) (6:46)
  8. Jaleo (feat Rodrigo Sha) (5:26)
  9. Space Cruiser (feat Roberto Lodola) (5:28)
  10. Mudo (feat Rodrigo Sha) (6:36)
  11. Turn The Tide (Into Love) (feat Chilani) (6:04)
  12. Volver (feat Paco Fernandez) (7:12)
Review: Music For Dreams has been consistently putting out some of the nest and most original compilations in the game in the past few years. They often shine a light on unique musical worlds with real authority. For this latest project, Follow Your Dreams, they enlist Ibizan royalty DJ Pippi and Willie Graff to serve up a whole host of new originals that are set to become the soundtrack to some. Warm, deep, complex, Balearic, these tunes are the lates collaborative efforts from this pair who have been working together for more than a decade.
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 in stock $27.72
The First Time
Cat: ARCH 004. Rel: 21 Sep 21
  1. The First Time (Roberto Lodola vocal remix) (7:01)
  2. The First Time (Roberto Lodola instrumental) (7:01)
  3. The First Time (6:46)
  4. The First Time (Cantoma dub) (5:28)
Review: Since first joining forces in 2007, frequent collaborators DJ Pippi and Willie Graff have established themselves amongst the higher echelons of the Balearic fraternity, primarily by delivering records that offer a soft-focus blend of disco, deep house and downtempo grooves. Their latest single - a cover of Ewan McColl's loved-up 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', a song famously turned into a 1980s Balearic classic by Joanna Law - offers a particularly sumptuous variation on their sonic blueprint, with their original mix (B1) combining luscious orchestration, Spanish guitar solos, shuffling samba drums and a stirring lead vocal from Clarita de Quiroz. Phil Mison's Cantoma Dub provides a slightly tougher but no less Balearic variation, while Roberto Lodola's vocal and instrumental mixes give the track a warming and jazzy deep house feel.
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! low stock $11.59
La Terraza
La Terraza (limited 12")
Cat: WISGUD 005. Rel: 25 Mar 18
Deep House
  1. Ritmo 98 (7:54)
  2. Ritmo 98 (Federico Molinari remix) (7:11)
  3. Terrenal (6:44)
$10.08 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.55
The Tribeca Tapes Part Two
Cat: ZZZV 18012. Rel: 08 Feb 19
  1. All Is Bliss (7:03)
  2. Ahimsa (7:21)
  3. La Sirena (7:27)
  4. Bellatrix (8:18)
 in stock $10.84
New Dreams EP
Cat: HYR 7225. Rel: 02 Feb 21
Deep House
  1. Crystal Ball (6:16)
  2. Gliding (6:20)
  3. The Moment (7:50)
  4. Tic Tac (6:42)
 in stock $11.08
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