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The Pop Group

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Cat: FREAK 9. Rel: 18 Feb 15
  1. Citizen Zombie
  2. Mad Truth
  3. Nowhere Girl
  4. Shadow Child
  5. The Immaculate Deception
  7. Box 9
  8. Nations
  9. St Outrageous
  10. Age Of Miracles
  11. Echelon
Review: It's been a bracing thirty-five years since the Pop Group's last album 'For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder', yet the passing of decades has clearly done very little to dampen the incandescent ire of Mark Stewart and his cohorts. In fact, 'Citizen Zombie' is proof that not only does their blast-furnace of punk energy, noisy dub contortions and sinewy funk survive intact, but that the here and now only inspires them to still more furious heights of intensity. Produced by the illustrious Paul Epworth, this barrage of restless invention, iconoclastic zeal and feral charisma is a powerful transmission from an eternal spanner in the works.
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Y (remastered) (LP + 12" + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: TPGY 1. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Thief Of Fire (4:35)
  2. Snowgirl (3:22)
  3. Blood Money (3:00)
  4. Savage Sea (2:58)
  5. We Are Time (6:31)
  6. Words Disobey Me (3:26)
  7. Don't Call Me Pain (5:40)
  8. The Boys From Brazil (4:15)
  9. Don't Sell Your Dreams (6:25)
  10. She Is Beyond Good & Evil (3:24)
  11. 3'38 (3:40)
Review: This 40th anniversary reissue of The Pop Group's seminal Y Live album is a timely reminder of what a game changer it was. Hugely inventive and original upon initial release in 1979, it is still an alarming and arresting record of experimental noise. Manic vocal samples, caustic guitars, detuned synths and dishevelled drums make it a tribal and dystopian fusion of unease and terror. It includes tracks recorded in New York, Manchester and Brussels and all re-cut to half speed vinyl, with a special 12" including "She Is Beyond Good & Evil" and "3'38" as well as a special poster.
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Honeymoon On Mars (limited 2xCD box + 3 badges + 32 page booklet + sticker)
Cat: FREAK 21CDX. Rel: 28 Oct 16
  1. Instant Halo (Honeymoon On Mars)
  2. City Of Eyes
  3. Michael 13
  4. War Inc
  5. Pure Ones
  6. Little Town
  7. Days Like These
  8. Zipperface
  9. Heaven?
  10. Burn Your Flag
  11. Little Town (Megamix EP - Weirdsville)
  12. Michael 13 (Destiny dub)
  13. ?
  14. Days Like These (The Darkness Is Calling)
  15. Instant Halo (Barbwire Halo)
Review: Incredibly, 'Honeymoon On Mars' is only the fourth studio album to be released by The Pop Group in a career that's stretched on and off across five decades, and it both sees links with their past and a bold vision for the future. Produced by the dream team of Dennis Bovell (the reggae legend who helmed their first album 'Y' in 1979) and Public Enemy's exemplary noise assassin Hank Shocklee, it's an explosion of sound that defies genre at every turn in a vicious attack on modern-day conformity and inertia. Iconoclasts to the last, Mark Stewart and company's ire has never burned brighter than it does in this increasingly complicated age.
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The Pop Group
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