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SPACE GHOST Schallplatten & CDs

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Private Paradise
Cat: PR 014. Rel: 11 May 22
Deep House
Virtual Age (4:47)
Inner Focus (6:21)
Save Point (4:54)
Sounds Of Peace (4:21)
Time Station (5:08)
Heal (6:50)
Private Paradise (7:23)
New Day (2:30)
Review: As his pseudonym makes clear, Sudi Wachspress has long been an exponent of ultra-deep, intergalactic - and increasingly retro-futurist - deep house. He continues this trend on his latest album, which sees him pop up on Canadian imprint Pacific Rhythm for the very first time. After opening with some superb, deep space ambient ('Virtual Age'), he pays tribute to the tactile, turn-of-the-90s New Jersey deep house of Dream 2 Science ('Inner Focus'), before flitting between new age ambient warmth ('Save Point', 'New Day'), sunrise-ready ambient house ('Sounds of Peace'), piano-sporting Italian dream house revivalism (the utterly gorgeous 'Time Station'), drifting electronica ('Heal') and loved-up street soul beats ('Private Paradise').
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! low stock $24.09
Dance Planet
Cat: TARTALB 016. Rel: 13 Jan 22
Deep House
Emotional Healer (4:32)
Be Yourself (5:41)
Deep (Vibes mix) (3:52)
UFO (3:58)
Afterglow (2:12)
Back To The Source (4:32)
Emotional Healer (Back Room mix) (4:54)
Soul Shower (4:09)
Dream Weaver (3:57)
Be Yourself (Motivational mix) (4:06)
Review: There's plenty to tingle the senses and move the feet on Dance Planet, Sudi Wachspress's third album as Space Ghost. In keeping with the Oakland native's career to date, much of the material showcases a colourful, retro-futurist sound that variously doffs a cap to Alton Miller, Larry Heard and Blaze. He begins in confident mood with 'Emotional Healer', a sun-soaked, piano-sporting treat, before giddily skipping between street soul influenced grooves (the gorgeous 'Deep (Vibes Mix)'), pitched-down ambient house ('UFO' and the beatless wonder that is 'After Glow'), heady downtempo numbers ('Dream Weaver') and Burrell Brothers style dancefloor lusciousness ('Back To The Source', Soul Shower'). Throughout, the album is atmospheric, warming and melodically rich. In other words, it's a triumph.

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