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Wax Digits 001
Cat: WAXDIGITS 001. Rel: 04 Nov 15
  1. Fingerman - "Lennys Disco" (7:52)
  2. Late Nite Tuff Guy - "My Buffalo Girl" (6:43)
  3. Dr Packer - "Another Night" (6:12)
  4. Situation - "Thru The Mirror" (7:47)
Review: Hot Digits head honcho Fingerman now launches Wax Digits, bringing his killer re-edits to the vinyl format and inaugurates the series in great fashion by recruiting some homeboys and Aussie legends alike, such as DJ HMC under his Late Nite Tuff Guy guise; he edits the Malcolm McLaren classic on "My Buffalo Girl" for modern dancefloors. Perth drum and bass legend Greg Packer it seems has turned his deft hand to disco re-edits of late and "Another Night" is a great one of The Peech Boys classic on West End Records. Five Valleys collective Situation do pretty sweet remix of a certain Diano Ross classic on "Thru The Mirror.
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out of stock $9.96
Community Disc #02
Community Disc #02 (hand-stamped 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: CDO 02. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Hot Buttered Soul - "One Size Fits All" (5:07)
  2. Admin - "Can't Help Myself" (6:35)
  3. Hank Champagne - "Locked Groove" (5:33)
  4. Situation - "Come Here Baby" (7:07)
out of stock $10.76
Messalina Volume 12
Cat: MSL 12. Rel: 18 Dec 15
  1. Alphonse Groove (Andy Kidd refunk) (7:56)
  2. Dirty Love (Situation edit) (6:50)
  3. Dance Baby (Lucci Capri edit) (5:36)
Gespielt von: Superbreak, I Love Disco!
out of stock $7.27
Poolside Miami
Cat: TOOL 28501V. Rel: 29 May 14
  1. Moullinex - "To Be Clear" (Zimmer remix)
  2. Rhythm Plate - "Not Like That" (feat Frank H Carter III - Hot Toddy remix)
  3. Lane 8 - "The One" (feat Patrick Baker)
  4. Situation - "Stand Tough" (Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye Get Ruff remix)
Gespielt von: Goshawk/Rhythm Plate
out of stock $9.67
Le Spank Sampler 1
Cat: LESPANK 001. Rel: 09 Aug 17
  1. Odyssey - "Inside Out" (feat Romina Johnson - Al Kent extended remix) (10:04)
  2. Tonbe - "Saturday" (Yam Who? remix) (5:01)
  3. Unomas - "Shari Vari" (feat Fritz Helder - Hifi Sean remix) (6:59)
  4. Situation - "Times Going Down" (feat Andre Espeut - Joutro Mundo remix) (6:29)
Review: The UK's favourite disco, boogie and house explorers Midnight Riot serve up another compilation entitled 'Le Spank' featuring a host of legendary producers from the scene, alongside some of the hottest rising stars from the underground. There really are some great jams on here: NYC act Odyssey receive brilliant extended edit by Glaswegian legend Al Kent on "Inside Out", a neon lit boogie down version of Tonbe's "Saturday" by London duo Yam Who? plus a deep down and dirty remake of the legendary Detroit anthem "Shari Vari" by Uomnamas: remixed by Hifi Sean and being the standout track on the B side.
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Revisions (2xLP)
Cat: NANG 148. Rel: 22 Sep 16
  1. Get To Know Me (feat Andre Espeut - Hot Toddy vocal remix) (7:12)
  2. Barcelona (feat Lauren Rimell - Psychemagik remix) (6:41)
  3. Standing Here Baby (Hold U Tight) (feat Andre Espeut - Peza remix) (5:51)
  4. Stay With Me (feat Andre Espeut - 5 Reasons remix) (4:48)
  5. Secret Situation (feat Lauren Rimell - Pete Herbert remix) (6:30)
  6. Stay With Me (feat Andre Espeut - Phunktastike alternative funk mix) (5:13)
  7. Here Comes The Sun (feat Lauren Rimell - Sportloto remix) (6:15)
  8. Standing Here Baby (Hold U Tight) (feat Andre Espeut - Vampire Disco remix) (4:31)
  9. Like A Medicine (Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino Jbag remix) (4:37)
  10. Visions (feat Lauren Rimell - Bitter Suite remix) (6:51)
  11. Good Life (feat Lauren Rimell - Acos Coolkas remix) (6:14)
out of stock $15.80
Visions (CD)
Cat: NANG 147. Rel: 22 Sep 16
  1. Bring Your Love Back (feat Lauren Rimell - Pool Side intro)
  2. Work It Through (feat Andre Espeut)
  3. Barcelona (feat Lauren Rimell)
  4. Get To Know Me (feat Andre Espeut - radio edit)
  5. Here Comes The Sun (feat Lauren Rimell)
  6. Standing Here Baby (Hold U Tight) (feat Andre Espeut)
  7. Visions (feat Lauren Rimell)
  8. Good Life (feat Lauren Rimell)
  9. Stay With Me (feat Andre Espeut)
  10. Secret Situation (feat Lauren Rimell - part 3)
  11. Midnight (feat Lauren Rimell)
out of stock $9.14
Lionel & Luther
Lionel & Luther (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: ENUM 001. Rel: 22 Oct 12
  1. Lionel
  2. Luther
Review: The mysterious Situation gang return with the Lionel & Luther 12", marking the first drop on the freshly minted ENUM imprint. The clue is in the title here, with the A- a killer tweak of a cover of Commodores's classic ode to everyone's favourite lazy day of the week, with upfront disco instrumentation and a throbbing Italo arpeggio. Flip over for a loopy, sax-fuelled, insouciant tweak of a Luther Vandross classic, which comes full of tight funk licks, squalls of sax and - of course - those great vocals.

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Barcelona (Psychemagik remix)
Cat: ISM 001. Rel: 02 May 12
  1. Barcelona
  2. Barcelona Psychemagik
  3. Barcelona Disco
  4. Barcelona Electro
Review: The Situation crew have paid their dues with some of the better disco edits to surface in recent times - a particularly slick and slippery revision of a Quantic standard for Disco Deviance still gets rotation from those in the know. It's nice to see the slightly elusive Five Valley crew return to the art of the twelve inch with something a bit more substantial in form of a new label Situationism and some original material for the debut release. "Barcelona" is presented in three different danceable situations (geddit) with the disco version a particular highlight. The excellent Psychemagik are also called on to remix the track in their own inimitable somewhere between house and disco style.
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out of stock $7.53
Cat: SITUATION #4. Rel: 01 Dec 10
  1. Wonderboots
  2. Sucka
  3. Love Strings
  4. Feelin' Free
out of stock $7.53
Gangster Love
Cat: SITUATION 3. Rel: 21 Apr 10
  1. Gangster Love
  2. Sutra Love
out of stock $7.53
Late In The Love Break
Cat: SITUATION 02. Rel: 09 Oct 09
  1. Late In The Love Break (Situation edit)
  2. Goblins In The Bikini Shack (Naughty Hellfire club edit)
out of stock $8.60
Machine Gun
Cat: SITUATION 01. Rel: 04 Jun 09
  1. Machine Gun (Situation edit)
  2. Love In Me (Situation edit)
out of stock $7.53
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet (7 track CD single)
Cat: TUNNELCDS 023. Rel: 01 Jun 07
Funky/Club House
  1. Ultra Violet (Extreme club mix)
  2. Ultra Violet (Extreme radio edit)
  3. Ultra Violet (extended mix)
  4. Ultra Violet (radio edit)
  5. Ultra Violet (Manyus club mix)
  6. Ultra Violet (Manyus radio edit)
  7. Move On (short eedit)
out of stock $7.53
Ultra Violet
Cat: Tunnel 023. Rel: 29 May 07
Funky/Club House
  1. Situation - "Ultra Violet" (Extreme club mix)
  2. Situation - "Ultra Violet" (extended mix)
  3. Situation - "Ultra Violet" (Manyus club mix)
  4. Move On - "Ultra Violet" (Short edit)
out of stock $8.60
Beyond Compare (Laroye & Espeut Remixes)
Cat: SITU 030RSD. Rel: 31 Oct 20
Deep House
Gespielt von: Julian Sanza
coming soon TBA
Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe remixes)
Cat: SITU 027. Rel: 30 Oct 19
Deep House
  1. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe vocal) (6:55)
  2. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe instrumental) (6:54)
  3. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe vocal reprise) (5:50)
  4. Beyond Compare (Sean McCabe Loose dub) (7:42)
Review: West Country heroes Situation have kept it local on their latest EP, which offers up a suite of previously unheard re-rubs of Andre Espeut hook-up "Beyond Compare" by Bristol-based house hero Sean McCabe. The A-side boasts vocal and instrumental interpretations built around warming, mood-enhancing chords, jangly piano riffs, unfussy beats and the kind of slick, ear-catching electronic bassline more associated with Atjazz productions. Over on side B, McCabe offers up a superb "Vocal Reprise" take that sounds a little "fuller" and more energy-packed (thanks in part to his use of more urgent-sounding vocal snippets and grandiose chord sequences), as well as a brilliantly dreamy and locked-in Dub that sounds a little like one of Frankie Knuckles' classic remixes.
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Never Thought I'd Get You
Cat: SC 1218. Rel: 31 Jan 19
  1. Never Thought I'd Get Ya (6:21)
  2. Never Thought I'd Get Ya (Dom Thompson remix) (5:28)
  3. Never Thought I'd Get Ya (Mr Mulatto Beatamix) (5:09)
  4. Never Thought I'd Get Ya (Afro Acid remix) (4:32)
  5. Never Thought I'd Get Ya (Frank Situation remix) (5:24)
Review: For their latest must-have release, nu-boogie maestros Star Creature has turned to Stroud-based boogie revivalists Situation. "Never Thought I'd Get You" is not only the West Country producers' latest hook-up with sweet-voiced soul man Andre Espeut, but arguably one of their strongest releases to date. The tasty original version - a sumptuous chunk of '80s groove revivalism full of intricate musical touches - kicks things off, before Dom Thompson re-imagines it as an analogue-rich slab of '80s soul revivalism. Mr Mulatto adds a little hip-hop-soul swing on his ace "Beatamix", the "Afro Acid" version takes the track closer to organic deep house territory, and Frank Situation's EP-closing remix is a snappy, peak-time ready club workout for those that like it fast and weighty.
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What Is Going On?
Cat: SITU 022. Rel: 16 Jan 19
  1. What Is Going On? (Andromeda Orchestra mix) (5:06)
  2. What Is Going On? (6:39)
  3. What Is Going On? (BRS remix) (6:48)
  4. What Is Going On? (Bitter Suite mix) (5:47)
 in stock $10.50
Be A Better Man
Cat: SITU 006. Rel: 20 Jul 16
  1. Be A Better Man (Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye remix) (7:00)
  2. Be A Better Man (5 Reasons remix) (5:19)
  3. Be A Better Man (OURRA remix) (5:44)
  4. Be A Better Man (original remix) (5:25)
out of stock $9.14
Beach Disco Sessions Volume 6
Cat: NANG 140. Rel: 30 Jul 15
  1. Roland Romanelli & Jannick Top - "Video Studio Light" (Loudery edit)
  2. Downtown Party Network - "Get a Life"
  3. Situation - "Get To Know Me" (feat Andre Espeut - Hot Toddy vocal remix)
  4. Fuzz Against Junk - "Country Clonk" (Lindstrom remix)
  5. Audio Luxury - "Every Kiss" (feat Tiara - Olej remix)
  6. Situation - "Here Comes The Sun"
  7. Ilya Santana - "Hypno Disco"
  8. Material & Nile Rodgers - "Come Down"
  9. Bronx Dogs - "212" (Reprise)
  10. Klein & MBO - "Dirty Talk" (Ruf Dug remix)
  11. Katzuma - "All Night" (Mr Mulatto remix)
  12. Space - "Carry On, Turn Me On" (AN2 remix)
  13. The Korvids - "Beach Coma" (Oleg remix)
  14. Future Feelings - "Find Out" (extended club mix)
  15. Dagfest - "I've Got The Feeling"
  16. Sorceror - "Intimacy File"
  17. Love & Money - "Strange Kind Of Love" (Situation remix)
Gespielt von: I Love Disco!
out of stock $6.19
Beach Disco Sessions Vol 5
Cat: NANG 125. Rel: 18 Jul 14
  1. Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca - "Complotto Gemetrico" (Andrew Weatherall remix)
  2. Situation - "Stand Tough" (Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye mix)
  3. Escort - "Starlight" (RAC mix)
  4. Max Essa - "Won Ton Sunrise" (Kim & Buran Midnight Seeker mix)
  5. Ill Advised - "Bubba Bubba"
  6. Love & Money - "Strange Kind Of Love" (Chris Coco extended)
  7. JMRS - "The Book (Nothing Else)" (instrumental)
  8. Proper Heat - "For The Love" (Monsoon Season dub)
  9. Kim & Buran - "Fly To Sea"
  10. James Bright - "You Send Me" (feat Melanie Williams)
  11. Todd Terje - "Bodies" (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron)
  12. Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads - "Mushrooms" (Justin Martin remix)
  13. Situation - "Visions" (Vampire Disco dub mix)
  14. Hiem - "Freaky Nights" (DT Freaky dub)
  15. Situation - "Say Goodbye" (feat Lauren Rimmel - Max Essa mix)
out of stock $10.71
In The Bag Vol 1
Cat: SITULP 03. Rel: 28 Nov 18
  1. Sugar Daddy - "Hypnotise" (Dr Packer remix) (6:48)
  2. Situation - "You Gotta Move" (feat Andre Espeut - Ashley Beedle remix) (5:38)
  3. Peza - "On It" (6:42)
  4. Katzuma - "All Night" (George Kelly dub) (7:01)
Review: Situationism's latest EP is the audio equivalent of an over-stocked buffet where the curly-cornered sandwiches and mediocre vol-au-vents have been replaced by heaps of high-grade caviar and Michelin-starred amuse-bouche. Or, to put it more simply, a killer collection of dancefloor jams. Our pick of the bunch is probably the throbbing nu-disco/Italo-disco fusion of Peza's acid-fired flipside smoker "On It", though George Kelly's warm, horn-heavy dub of Katzuma's summery disco-funk number "All Night" is almost as good. Plenty will opt to spin Dr Packer's on-point remix of Groove Armada offshoot Sugar Daddy's "Hypnotise", while Ashley Beedle's revision of Situation/Andre Espeut jam "You Gotta Move" is a sweet, jazz-funk fuelled chunk of boogie/electro fusion.
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