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RECONDITE Schallplatten & CDs

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Taum (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PLANLP 002. Rel: 01 Apr 22
  1. Torpid (4:24)
  2. Resilient (3:59)
  3. Naif (3:41)
  4. Fight Thru (4:27)
  5. Scare (3:35)
  6. Elation (4:15)
  7. Taum (6:35)
  8. Qualm (3:39)
Review: Since releasing his debut album On Acid back in 2012, Lorenz Brummer AKA Recondite has released sets that various touch on techno, acid, tech-house, minimal and, most recently, ambient and downtempo grooves. Taum, his latest full-length offering, mixes and matches his various electronic influences and repackages them in interesting new ways. After opening with a spot of acid-sporting minimalist electro, Brummer confidently strides through trace-influenced mid-tempo chuggers, intergalactic IDM, ghostly post-dubstep electronica, experimental D&B and the kind of skittish, unpredictable electronic soundscapes that are refreshingly hard to pin down. Throughout, he opts for synthesizer sounds and machine drums that recall the halcyon days of ambient techno in the mid 1990s.
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 in stock $22.70
Dwell (limited coloured vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GI 344LPC1. Rel: 24 Jan 20
  1. Dwell (6:15)
  2. Nobilia (3:27)
  3. Black Letter (5:43)
  4. Interlude 1 (2:43)
  5. Mirror Games (6:08)
  6. Cure (5:06)
  7. Interlude 2 (2:52)
  8. Surface (4:52)
  9. Moon Pearl (6:27)
  10. Wire Threat (6:00)
Review: Dwell is Recondite's sixth sumptuous album, and is a return to the Ghostly label that first released him in 2013. Since then his style has remained true to his gliding, delicate, hypnotic techno roots, with only the most subtle sonic evolutions marking each new record. This one takes in wandering and melancholic numbers like the title track as well as darker trips like "Black Letter". Each and every time, tracks are built on frictionless grooves, with the most deft synths layered up and twinkling keys gently sprinkled up top. What Recondite does, he does very well.
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 in stock $12.87
On Acid (B-STOCK)
On Acid (B-STOCK) (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ATLP 01 (B-STOCK).
 in stock $19.53
  1. Recondite - "People Wouldn't Believe"
  2. Don Williams - "Attack Ships On Fire"
  3. Gotzkowsky - "Shoulder Of Orion"
  4. Distant Echoes - "Glitter In The Dark"
  5. Vril - "Tannhauser Gate"
  6. Alex Do - "Lost In Time"
  7. Rodhad - "Like Tears In The Rain"
  8. Ron Albrecht - "Time To Die"
Review: Dystopian unveil their most comprehensive release yet, a 2x12" featuring music from label regulars and newcomers Gotzkowsky, Ron Albrecht and Vril. Recondite, the Berlin label's highest profile name opens the compilation with a straight-laced but dirty techno production that sounds like a classically inclined Innervisions track dragged through the mud. Don Williams throws down some pumping four-four beats like DJ Slip's classic "Every time It Takes Awhile" on steroids, while Gotzkowsky and Alex Do venture down a gurgling bleep hole of techno. Distant Echoes was responsible for the label's release before this, and here the shady producer delivers more gloomy, industrial deepness. Vril lightens things up with his famous chords, although a little disorientating this time, while man of the moment Rodhad goes big with a synth line you'll never forget. Ron Albrecht then completes the EP with a slab of Fachwerk-like techno, swapping funk for hard-nosed beats.
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 in stock $22.70
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