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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

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Jellyfish Reproduce Black Magic
Jellyfish Reproduce Black Magic (limited clear splattered vinyl 12" in spot-varnished die-cut sleeve)
Cat: HOS 683. Rel: 05 Oct 21
  1. Metallic Rain (3:50)
  2. Jellyfish Reproduce Black Magic (7:35)
  3. Blue Ocean Floor (13:16)
Review: Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement is the duo of multi-media artist Dominick Fernow (who you will also known as the man behind the Prurient alias) and his musical sparring partner Phillipe Hallais a.k.a. Low Jack. This new EP is a sister release to their superb ambient offering Flying Fish Ambience. Opener 'Metallic Rain' exists in the cosmos thanks to the waning pads and sci-fi details, but with a heavy, scuffed up kick drum powering it along below. 'Jellyfish Reproduce Black Magic' is a delightful fusion of slow motion drums and gorgeously cinematic ambient designs while 'Blue Ocean Floor' closes with 13 epic minutes of underwater dub, synth modulations and sonic experimentation.
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 in stock $30.82
Flying Fish Ambience
Flying Fish Ambience (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HOS 670LP. Rel: 23 Jul 21
  1. Flying Fish Ambience (10:43)
  2. Phosphorescence On Rowing Oars At Night (6:50)
  3. Rains Coming Down (10:10)
  4. Snake Head Cemetery (13:14)
  5. Monuments In Easter Island (7:16)
 in stock $38.61
Ambient Black Magic
Cat: HOS 498CD. Rel: 19 Oct 17
  1. Jungle Is A Shapeshifter (with Silent Servant)
  2. Beyond The Yellow-Spotted Bamboo (with Silent Servant)
  3. Praying Mantis Black Arts
  4. Chile's Crimson Tide
  5. Beyond The Yellow-Spotted Bamboo (Substance remix)
Review: Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement has long been one of the more intriguing aliases of prolific producer Dominic Fenrow. Unlike his better-known and highly politicized Vatican Shadow project, RSE has no dancefloor ambitions. Instead, it sees him take a deep dive into the world of ambient music, delivering tracks that fuse droning textures and the hazy pulse of dub techno with humid field recordings and picturesque electronics. Ambient Black Magic, the sixth RSE full-length, could well be the strongest yet. While it does include stretched-out moments of late night creepiness - a feature of previous albums - there are some stunningly melodious and meditative moments, too, not least opener "Jungle is a Shapeshifter", a near 35-minute co-production with Silent Servant whose fluid beauty is almost breathtaking.
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 in stock $18.72
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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
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