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POSTHUMAN Schallplatten & CDs

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Horn Wax Eleven
Horn Wax Eleven (limited hand-stamped hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HW 11. Rel: 18 Sep 17
Deep House
Perseus Traxx - "Manque"
Posthuman - "A Better Me"
Review: Horn Wax is always a trusted outpost for intriguing, often haunting forays into the world of machine powered house and techno, and so it goes on edition 11 as Perseus Traxx and Posthuman take a side each to extol the virtues of electronic exploration. Perseus Traxx is in an especially romantic mood with the blown out tones of "Manque" straining through a fog of reverb and dust, creating a truly mesmerizing jacker in the process. Posthuman by way of contrast keeps things clear and concise, preferring a sinsister, sleazy approach to acid that rides a slower tempo and sounds all the more alluring for it.
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 in stock $8.50
Builder EP
Builder EP (limited orange & black marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: DBR 003. Rel: 08 May 24
Extender (6:07)
Head Wrench (8:01)
Builder (8:34)
Wobble Tool (6:07)
Review: East London label deadbeat Records is back with a third offering of no-frills, high-thrills club tackle from a long-time master of the genre in the form of I Love Acid/Balkan Records head Posthuman. All four of these cuts are full-throttle, sweat-inducing bangers with kinetic drum programming and lithe synth work. 'Head Wrench' is riddled with acid that will melt minds and 'Builder' steps things back to menacing kick and snare combos with a saw-tooth line buzzing about in the background. 'Wobble Tool' is just that - one to ensure things get messy.
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 in stock $15.94
Acid Avengers 030
Cat: AAR 030. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Posthuman - "Tree Oh" (7:02)
Posthuman - "UR Not Ready 4 This" (6:59)
Queer On Acid & Hard Ton - "B_ass" (5:57)
Queer On Acid & Hard Ton - "Insane" (Squatter mix) (6:31)
Review: Acid Avengers mark their 30th release with a celebration of the electro duo. Here they invite three to-die-for dyads - Posthuman, Queer On Acid and Hard Ton - for a five-track set of crunching electro, techno and acid house, all gathered together under the visual banner of a smiley-faced retake of the twins from Kubrick's The Shining. Erring on the more explosive and least restrained, most guttural effusions ejectable from the acid faucet, all three artists' contributions convey a hedonistic set and setting, with kitsch 'acid' robot voices and globular low-end movements coalescing across each mix like huge droplets of lysergic sweat.
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 in stock $15.68
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