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Flatlife Limited #2
Flatlife Limited #2 (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: FLATLTD 002. Rel: 11 Jan 19
  1. Jack Wax & Mike Volt - "Bandits" (8:55)
  2. Posthuman - "Crash City" (9:23)
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Horn Wax Eleven
Horn Wax Eleven (limited hand-stamped hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HW 11. Rel: 18 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Perseus Traxx - "Manque"
  2. Posthuman - "A Better Me"
Review: Horn Wax is always a trusted outpost for intriguing, often haunting forays into the world of machine powered house and techno, and so it goes on edition 11 as Perseus Traxx and Posthuman take a side each to extol the virtues of electronic exploration. Perseus Traxx is in an especially romantic mood with the blown out tones of "Manque" straining through a fog of reverb and dust, creating a truly mesmerizing jacker in the process. Posthuman by way of contrast keeps things clear and concise, preferring a sinsister, sleazy approach to acid that rides a slower tempo and sounds all the more alluring for it.
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You're Mine
You're Mine (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: YUM 062V. Rel: 04 Nov 20
  1. You're Mine (8:31)
  2. You're Mine (Luke Vibert remix) (6:33)
  3. You're Mine (Black Girl/White Girl remix) (4:43)
  4. (Find Me) On The Edge Of Town (6:41)
Review: Longtime acid devotee Posthuman steps away form his own label and makes a big debut on Food Music. It's a tune that has already had plenty of hammer on Rinse FM and a DJ Mag stream so has got people dizzy in search of its ID. Well now you know and can own it yourself. 'You're Mine' is a big, playful, celebratory tune with huge stabs and old school vibes., Ticking wooden hits and a big vocal make it totally irresistible. Luke Vibert makes it more tough and techno for his part, and on the flip Black Girl/White Girl remix into a more manic and head-wrecking vibe. 'Find Me) On The Edge Of Town' closes out in fine style with a bubbly acid line building constant pressure.
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The Depth EP
Cat: THEREISLOVE 004. Rel: 20 Aug 20
  1. Chevrolet (feat Josh Caffe) (6:35)
  2. The Depth (7:31)
  3. Jupiter Jaxx (6:42)
  4. My House My Rules (7:30)
Review: When it comes to robust, far-sighted and futuristic machine music, Posthuman can usually be relied upon to deliver the goods. Here they make a now rare outing away from their I Love Acid label, offering up a must-check four-track on Lobster Theremin's nostalgia-tinted There Is Love In You offshoot. The long-serving UK duo hits the ground running with sweaty opener "Chevrolet", a weighty, bass-heavy, warehouse-ready affair featuring the distinctive vocals of Josh Caffe, before switching to mind-altering acid techno heaviness on "The Depth". Over on side B, "Jupiter Traxx" sees them eagerly join the dots between electro, breaks and hip-house, while "My House Rules" is vintage deep house taken to the outer realms of the galaxy.
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Hecatism (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RSI. Rel: 29 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. Hecatism
  2. Hecatism (Damon Martin remix)
  3. Hecatism (PORK INTL remix)
  4. Helioshock
Review: RSI is a new label affiliated to the Tusk Wax empire, and for their first release they look to the unexpected choice of the Posthuman duo of Rich Bevan and Josh Doherty. "Hecatism" sees the pair wander into deeper corners than their music is usually known for, trading electro breakbeats for a mid tempo production filled with resonant textures and vocal chunks that could nominally be described as house, while "Helioshock" sees them break out the 303 for some heady acid grooves. The remixes of the title track come expertly chosen also, with Disco Bloodbath resident Damon Martin taking the track even deeper into something approaching Balearic groove, and PORK INTL, who adds a distinctly more interstellar flavour to the original with its Danny Wolfers-style analogue house chords.
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Stealth Mission 004
Stealth Mission 004 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: STEALTHMISSION 004. Rel: 16 Mar 20
  1. Posthuman - "Rejektacid" (6:29)
  2. Naked Eye People - "Balsa Wood Blues" (5:39)
  3. HVL Pres Kiyadama - "Slammbeat" (Ben Sims JFF edit) (4:21)
  4. Do The Du - "Peckham" (7:43)
Review: Naked Eye People's Stealth Mission series continues apace with this latest sure shot of techno tricksters to get you jacking in all the best ways. I Love Acid flag-bearer Posthuman is up first with "Rejektacid", a pepped up 303 burner with a sharply executed drum machine backbone. Naked Eye People's "Balsa Wood Blues" follows up with a hopped up take on dub techno that merges with breakbeat to create something ravey yet ultimately trippy. HVL adopts his Kiyadama alias for "Slammbeat", which gets dutifully edited into shape by Ben Sims. Do The Du finish things off with some truly gnarly acid from the nightmare realm.

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The Claudio Gentile Release
The Claudio Gentile Release (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ROTHMANS 4. Rel: 14 Oct 13
Deep House
  1. Ali Renault - "The Black Heart"
  2. Iron Blu - "Oiche Shamhna"
  3. Cage & Aviary - "Lean On Me" (Felix Dickinson Foolish dub)
  4. Posthuman - "Make More Man"
Review: Just as the new football season settles into it's groove, the fourth edition of the highly collectable Rothmans arrives sporting some high profile signings! Leading the way on The Claudio Gentile Release is a Foolish Felix dub of Cage & Aviary's "Lean On Me" whose deranged acid gurglings provide a nice contrast to the thrusting Escape From East London stylings of Posthuman's "Make More Men". On the flip Ali Renault returns for Rothmans duty with the Weatherall worthy "The Black Heart" whilst Iron Blu is loaned from Flight Recorder for the synthy swamp of orchestral drama that is "Oiche Shamhna"

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Volume 1
  1. Tin Man - "Jerkin Acid"
  2. Derek Carr - "The Highlander"
  3. Posthuman - "Going Deep"
  4. Dircsen - "Last Spare"
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