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Pig & Dan

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  1. Bart Skils - "West Of The Moon" (7:09)
  2. Secret Cinema & Reinier Zonneveld - "Pain Thing" (6:41)
  3. Pig & Dan - "Pushing On" (6:56)
  4. Juliet Fox - "Wanted Me" (6:57)
Review: Over two decades into its lifespan, Adam Beyer's Drumcode imprint keeps evolving and excelling, pushing techno forward while remaining wholly respectful of its roots. On Part 3 of A Sides Vol 7, Beyer brings in the scene's top guns to expertly execute some main room peak-time action. On the first side, it's an undeniably Dutch affair with Amsterdam hero Bart Skils stepping up to deliver the deeply hypnotic tunnel vision of "West Of The Moon", while veterans Secret Cinema & Reinier Zonneveld deliver the darkly druggy dancefloor drama of "Pain Thing". On the flip, Pig & Dan should need no introduction and are in fine form as always on the adrenalised "Pushing On" while ascendant Aussie Juliet Fox similarly impresses on "Wanted Me".
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Capsule (12")
Cat: DC 171. Rel: 17 May 17
  1. Capsule (6:27)
  2. In Love (6:43)
  3. Atmosfear (6:17)
  4. We Are E (6:34)
Review: Adam Beyer teams up with Pig & Dan on the new Capsule EP and they sure aren't messing around. The Drumcode boss knew he could call upon his label stalwarts for EP packed full of main room power tools with the peak time in mind. The adrenalised, forceful stomp and grind of the title track gets things off to a good start, while the druggy and head rush inducing muscle of "In Love" is bound for some real hands in the air moments. On the flip "We Are E" leaves little to the imagination on this heady and bass driven trip through the early hours of a heaving stadium dancefloor... where things are starting to get real weird. Then those ravey church organs come in and it starts getting right crazy!
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Cat: COR0306. Rel: 16 Nov 06
Minimal/Tech House
  1. After Ibiza
  2. Touch
Review: Melancholic blend of post-Border Community trance and dub techno. The sound of the season.
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Decade (CD)
Cat: SOMACD 098. Rel: 26 Jul 12
  1. Powder
  2. Breadrin Beats
  3. Insomnia
  4. Doing It For Yourself
  5. Amy
  6. Natives
  7. Lone Ranger
  8. Keep It Coming
  9. Liberation
  10. The Nurse
Review: It's been ten years since Pig & Dan first set their stall out as purveyors of vaguely progressive tech-house. Since then, they've released just one album - Imagine on Cocoon back in 2007 - but impressed tech-house DJs and critics with a series of well-received singles. Here they celebrate 10 years in the game with a second album of original material, this time for Glaswegian techno and house stalwarts Soma. It's perhaps not an ideal match - Pig & Dan's shuffling, soft focus take on techno seems at odds with the label's fun time remit - but Decade is at least an impressive collection of club tracks. There are few surprises, but plenty of atmospheric, bubbling cuts to tickle the fancy of tech-minded DJs (see the excellent "Doing It For Yourself" and percussive "Natives").
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Cat: BEDDEST 01CD. Rel: 29 Aug 14
  1. I Feel Love
  2. Urban Armchair
  3. Dub In It
  4. Friday Freaks
  5. Freefall
  6. China Doll
  7. Unplugged
  8. Too Much Space
  9. Charas
  10. Silk
  11. Windchime
  12. We're Cooking Hard Work
  13. Onetwoseven
  14. Es La Vida
  15. Magic Wake Up Call
  16. Tokyo Twilight
  17. Rimshot Shuffle
  18. Positive Vibrations
  19. Supersonic
  20. Rasta Blasta
  21. Destination Unknown
Review: Tying down Spanish duo Pig & Dan to one particular style has always been tough. Since first appearing on Submission Records in 2003, they've gleefully flitted between tribal, tech-house, progressive house, progressive trance and techno. Here, they pop up with a double album for Bedrock - their third full-length in total - that harks back to the glory days of baked downtempo grooves. Sure, there are dancefloor excursions - see the dub house of "Magic Wake Up Call" and "Positive Vibrations" - but these are few and far between. Instead, they focus on hazy grooves, dub, ambient, sun-backed trip-hop, humid hip-hop, nu-jazz, ambient and deep breaks, with surprisingly impressive results.
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Cat: COR0436. Rel: 10 Jan 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Deliverance
  2. Sly Detector
Review: Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan are true workaholics. Not only do the two Mallorquinos form one of the most exciting
techno duos of our time and play in the most famous clubs worldwide, they always manage to pop up in the studio to
work on their releases on Sonic Society, Wig Records or like in the case of 'Deliverance', the new 12" on Cocoon.
'Deliverance' starts quite cautiously but the track becomes more and more complex. Pig & Dan give the DJ a tool that
fits the minimal raver like a custom-made suit. The b-side is again one of those tracks that puts a smile on your face.
In 'Sly Detector', atmospheric techno sounds unite with energetic celebration pleasure, just as we know it from tracks
like 'After Ibiza' or 'On To The Beat'. The rolling hookline which has the necessary splash of acid is, together with the
floating trance layer, adrenalising to such an extent that nothing else remains to be done but to raise your hands in the
air. The track was already a hit with many DJs in 2007, and will be huge in '08!
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Cat: SOS 0056. Rel: 25 Oct 07
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Magic Valley
  2. Vaporized
Review: Pig & Dan have been away with their heads in the clouds working out a new way to make our minds twist. They have finally delivered the new remedy that will enhance our sonic listening Systems to the maximum. "Magic Valley", which is named after the valley in which their studio is situated in, is a full-on deep pumping journey that includes spooky samples of the ambience that surrounds them. You can pick up the birds and horses amongst the melodies and pumping beats here. A delightful Sonic Society release.
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Monjon (12'')
Cat: WEAVE-19. Rel: 12 Jan 07
  1. Monjon
  2. Digital Life
Review: It's time again for the time out up & coming rising stars in the underground dance scene: Pig & Dan. With "Monjon" & "Digital Life" on Weave! The next strike by Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan (aka Pig & Dan) shows the darker and reduced side of these two wizards! The A-Side takes you on a synth driven & bass rolling nightride through a far away galaxy that was just seen by some Astronauts before. Fasten your seatbelts it's going to be a rough one! On the flip the duo is creating a spooky & crunchy atmosphere and it sounds like some aliens want to join them on this minimal bass rollercoaster which constantly gets faster and faster! Better grab a copy of this awesome piece of vinyl before the aliens take all of them!
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Primitive (12")
Cat: SOS0036. Rel: 30 Sep 06
Progressive House
  1. Primitive
  2. Suria
Review: Pig & Dan return to their own Sonic Society label with this stunning 2 tracker. 'Primitive' is a little pumper of a single that combines tight techy percussion with uplifting bassline patterns and a warped hypnotic vibe that constantly peaks and drops throughout. The flipside track 'Suria' is a deeper, darker micro tech jam adding distorted bass spurts, liquid echoes and their signature tight firin' beats. Big right now with Oliver Koletzki, Sven Vath and Loco Dice!!
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Cat: PICK0146. Rel: 14 Oct 06
Minimal/Tech House
  1. I Want Your Mind
  2. Something Else
  3. Banksy
Review: Cocoon artists and Spanish residents are new on the Pickadoll roster. Body jacking electro flavours combined with some truly hypnotising neo trance elements all plugged together with hot minimal house sexiness in the rhythms.
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Mexico EP (12")
Cat: DC 157. Rel: 24 Aug 16
  1. Mexico (6:43)
  2. Chez Dre (6:13)
  3. The Licker (6:23)
  4. Point Blank (6:45)
Review:  Pig & Dan are back with what could be their most ferocious offering yet. The Mexico EP starts out with the stripped and tunnelling hypnotism of the title track or the particularly atmospheric "The Licker"; these are tracks that make a great DJ tool for any serious DJ. "Chez Dre" is a thick slab of industrial style techno with a wall of bass that will topple crowds, plus those dub techno stabs and CJ Bolland style mentasms for added fear factor! Hammering the message home is the rather crowd friendly "Point Blank" with its infectious synth lead getting some of those Bodzin or Jonson style moments of euphoria in effect!
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Chemistry (12")
Cat: DC 165. Rel: 08 Feb 17
  1. Chemistry (8:00)
  2. Ukraine (6:25)
  3. Devotion (6:43)
Review: Igor Tchkotoua & Dan Duncan met on a flight to Spain and the rest as they say: is history. Their driving minimal/tech house sound has only gotten stronger over the years, culminating in this release for Adam Beyer's esteemed home of hard techno Drumcode. The classic rave techno of "Chemistry" is up there with anything that Alan Fitzpatrick or Special Request have done of late with its adrenalised warehouse euphoria. It's no more Mr. Nice Guy after this though. The powerful stomp of "Ukraine" is Berghain ready with its industrial strength rhythms and harsh static blasts, compressed between doom laden, dubby stabs. Finally on the flip, the brooding dancefloor drama of "Devotion" signals the end with its sinister and mesmerising melodies: reminiscent of Stephan Bodzin yet still powered away by a Berlin style stomp beneath.
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Uh Hugh (12")
Cat: WK 09. Rel: 14 Dec 06
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Uh Hugh
  2. Viography
Review: "Uh Hugh" is a story that tells itself. Dirt mixed with crunchy melody and excitement makes this mix of bouncing bubbly blobs an irresistible must-have. Low end sub-loving basslines and analogue riffs all together with a voice that tells it like it is.
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Pig & Dan
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