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PETE BLAKER Schallplatten & CDs

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Harry's Little Vocoder
Cat: PETE 003HBR. Rel: 23 May 24
Harry's Little Vocoder (10:03)
Neverending (with Dionisos - Cosmic version) (7:41)
Review: Dutch DJ, digger and re-editor Pete Blaker returns to Hot Biscuit Recordings - possibly the most on-point re-edit imprint of the last few years - with a second batch of tried and tested revisions. Lead cut 'Harry's Little Vocoder' is, we think, a fine re-edit of a grandiose, horn-heavy, orchestrated European disco of the sort most associated with German artist Harry Thumann. On the B-side he returns to 'Neverending' - which in its original re-edited form appeared on his previous Hot Biscuit 12-inch - and delivers a fresh 'cosmic version' alongside Dionisis. Effectively a fresh cover, it's a deep, dreamy, drum machine-driven chunk of intergalactic cosmic disco that should suit nu-disco DJs and disco purists alike.
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Atlantis Atlantis: Sonic Refurbished
Atlantis Atlantis: Sonic Refurbished (2xLP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ZZZV 24009. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Love Games (12:20)
The Gift Of Love (11:26)
Orange Bun (8:34)
Ibiza Macht Frei (8:32)
Facciamo L'Amore (9:59)
Hotel Cathargo (11:56)
Review: First released in 2022, Rheinzand's Atlantis Atlantis updated the Belgian disco-house collective's sound for the utmost present, laying down a thickly layered collection of uncanny dark disco via post punk across thirteen tracks. Now two years on from the original release, Netherlands producer Pete Blaker has teamed up with the band to rework the album tracks; however, in the words of the label and Blaker themselves, this is by no means your bog-standard 'remix' album! Unlike most, this one hears Blaker go the extra mile, sonically refurbishing the tracks with entirely new instrumental layers and vocal takes, personally commissioning the band to do so himself. Formatively emerging after being asked to do just one remix for the band in 2021, this is a rare case of divine inspiration striking in an unexpectedly extended fashion - not to be missed.
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