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Not Real People EP
Not Real People EP (limited translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: BWOOD 358EP. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
JACK (7:18)
Oreglo Theme (1:26)
Peck (7:00)
Levels (6:05)
Comet (feat Bel Cobain) (2:41)
Opedge (6:57)
Peck (reprise) (3:37)
Review: A bold exploration of genre-blurring sounds with the eclectic influences and innovative approach of the London-based quartet. Comprised of c-se, Linus Barry, Nico Rocco, and Teigan Hastings, oreglo infuse their music with heavy rock riffs, drill-inspired percussion, breezy reggae vibes and more, creating a melting pot of diverse sounds that reflects their upbringing in London. The latest track from the EP, 'Peck,' is a sprawling seven-minute odyssey that captures the feeling of being pecked on the cheek by a crush, juxtaposing cool exterior with exploding inner emotions. Throughout the EP they explore themes of alienation, identity, and love, reflecting on their journey from adolescence to adulthood in the vibrant city of London. Featuring previously released singles like 'Levels' and "]'J.A.C.K.,' as well as four new tracks including 'Comet' featuring Bel Cobain, 'Not Real People' is a sonic tapestry that highlights oreglo's growth and diverse musical interests. Despite being together for just over a year, oreglo has already made waves in the music scene, winning the 2023 Lambeth Sounds Emerging Artists x Cross The Tracks competition and performing at prestigious events like the Steam Down-curated World Island event. With their debut EP, oreglo solidifies their status as one of London's most exciting emerging acts, offering a fresh and dynamic sound that defies categorization.
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