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Octal Industries

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Deeper Wrestling (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AE 10LTD. Rel: 18 Nov 19
  1. Anton Kubikov - "When Is Deep" (7:54)
  2. Ohm & Octal Industries - "Aureola" (5:35)
  3. Thor - "Who Stole My Yacht" (7:12)
  4. SCSI9 - "Aetherius" (8:04)
Review: The latest release on AE Recordings showcases a whole host of excellent producers versed in the language of icy Scandinavian techno. Anton Kubikov is up first with the forlorn leads and dubby ripples of "When Is Deep", which is followed up by a wonderfully dusty deep house locomotive from Ohm & Octal Industries. Thor gets into a strident micro house groove on "Who Stole My Yacht", peppering the swung drums with plenty of immersion chamber echoes and pings. SCSI9 makes a welcome return to close the record out with "Aetherius", a classic minimal tech house bouncer with plenty of spooky atmospherics on top of the mid-00s flavoured synth hooks.
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 in stock $9.32
Our Seasons
Our Seasons (hand-numbered 2xLP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: VERTEX 001. Rel: 30 Dec 19
  1. Borg Tekin
  2. Thorp I Vanda
  3. Roblegt
  4. Dreki Flyr
  5. Forever
  6. Winter Techno
  7. Asleep
  8. Another Day
  9. Lullaby
  10. Times Fade
coming soon $20.29
Maoss EP (12")
Cat: TA 006. Rel: 12 Apr 17
  1. Lighter Shades (8:33)
  2. Maoss (7:39)
  3. Athena (9:54)
  4. Grounded (7:20)
 in stock $9.86
Bardo EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SG 35. Rel: 30 Apr 18
  1. Bardo (7:15)
  2. Under Influence (6:46)
  3. Rider (6:07)
  4. Flow Machine (6:51)
Review: Riding high on the renewed energy within the Icelandic techno scene, Ohm and Octal Industries make their first appearance on Solid Groove with some truly spellbinding exercises in patience, restraint and soul-stirring composition. "Bardo" is a truly haunting piece with the most delicately balanced rhythms and stunning deployment of piano and what sounds like clarinet. "Under Influence" is a more snarling affair, but the same sense of control grips the track as it ploughs its furrow. "Rider" is a looser affair that piles a lot more detail into the frequency range, with some particularly delightful lead warbles and other high frequency matter to delight the mind. "Flow Machine" strikes a note somewhere in the middle, keeping things moody but open compared to the foggy A side.
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 in stock $7.40
Adaptation EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LOA 003. Rel: 23 Apr 19
Deep House
  1. Adaptor (6:15)
  2. Sunset (6:42)
  3. Weather Report (5:12)
 in stock $13.43
Hyggeligt EP (hand-stamped green vinyl 12")
Cat: RAWAX 0221. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. Hyggeligt (6:50)
  2. Brocken Spectre (6:37)
  3. Reaching (6:44)
  4. Affairs Of The Clouds (7:09)
 in stock $9.32
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Octal Industries
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