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Miles Sagnia

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Cat: AER 03. Rel: 22 Feb 11
Deep House
  1. 1Dan - "Foundations"
  2. Bittersuite - "Squeeze In"
  3. Miles Sagnia - "Can We Heal Them?"
Review: Atmospheric Existence Recordings keep up their annual release rate with label boss Miles Sagnia inviting 1Dan and Bittersuite to join him on only the third release. Newcomer 1Dan opens proceedings with the sprawling soft machine funk flex of "Foundations", a track driven by gutter deep bass movements, steppy syncopation and rich sonic textures that no doubt helped influence the title of the EP. On the flip Bittersuite step forward with the upwards acid dub pressure of "Squeeze In" which steadily accrues an acidic overtone before a delightful left turn into a futuristic mechano soul rhythmic thrust. It's left to Sagnia to provide the final moment with the tightly relentless throb of "Can We Heal Them" that slowly reveals its inner acid brilliance.
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Cat: AER 04. Rel: 20 Jul 11
Deep House
  1. Aybee - "A Glance"
  2. Aybee - "Isis"
  3. Miles Sagnia - "Journey 2 Forever"
  4. Miles Sagnia - "Journey 2 Forever" (Visual Foci reprise)
Review: Aybee is one of those rare few that has managed to conquer a range of styles within his work from soul, techno, house and hip-hop under his many monikers. This time we see the artist team up with Miles Sagnia for two cuts each on the Eternal Radiance EP on Sagnia's Atmospheric Existence imprint. First, Aybee serves up "A Glance" which oozes with classic US house charm. Acoustic piano chords and are layered on top of a chugging bassline and electronic melody, tightly produced and melting in its warmth. "Isis" gets heavier with a more underground vibe of crashing echoes and tinny drum arrangements. Up next, Sagnia's "Journey 2 Forever" fuses multi-tracked choral chants, the impeccable sound of the Hammond and a rapid techy groove. His Visual Foci Reprise of "Journey 2 Forever" ditches the chants, instead opting for a sensual male vocal.
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  1. Bittersuite - "Rituals"
  2. Life Recorder - "Better With You"
  3. Miles Sagnia - "Gravitate"
  4. Paramartha - "Sparticus"
Review: Atmospheric Existence is hardly the most prolific label out there, and the fact their releases come around seemingly once a year is made all the more special by just how good they are. Refined Textures Vol 2 is as you might have guessed the second instalment of the label series first introduced early last year, with label boss Miles Sagnia joined by Bittersuite, Life Recorder and Paramartha. It's the Bittersuite duo of Dom Thompson and Jon Gray that set the tone with "Rituals" a expansive experience that draws out widescreen almost cosmic melodic elements over a strident groove, which is complemented by dubbier, stripped down "Better With You" from label debutant Life Recorder, a track that accrues infinite levels of textural detail as it rattles onwards. Sagnia's effort is of course worthy of the "Refined" tag with "Gravitate" framed at a low angle that allows the crisp, playful programming centre place whilst Paramartha ends proceedings on a jittering acid note with the excellent "Sparticus".
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Life EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AER 07. Rel: 29 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. Tomi Chair - "Sunstroke"
  2. Ourra - "Marine Morning"
  3. Miles Sagnia - "Elements"
Review: Miles Sagnia's British bastion of deepness, AER, returns with the LIFE EP, which sees the label foray into fresh territory. Tokyo's Tomi Chair opens proceedings with a sharp piece of deep techno called "Sunstroke" which is as uplifting as it is tough. Si Tappenden appears next under the newly established Ourra alias, contributing the dawn acid driver "Marine Morning" which is an inspired piece of dancefloor poetry. Finally rounding off the Ep is Miles Sagnia's 'Elements'. After years of experience as one of the UK's finest underground DJs, Sagnia is on point once again. A beautifully emotive track, that pulls on the heart strings and exhibits a serene gentility that works alongside the rhythm.

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Aeration (double 12")
Cat: AER 008. Rel: 10 Feb 14
Deep House
  1. Enchanted Waters
  2. Dream State
  3. Elegy
  4. BQ2
  5. Thoughts Of A Passing Moment
  6. Drifting To The Echoes Of The Spirit
  7. Aetherius
  8. How Can We Know?
Review: Acclaimed for many of his compositions on labels such as Aesthetic Audio, ART, Ornate, alongside his blistering DJ performances. AER boss Miles drops the label's first and his debut album. Deep is a word often used to describe a lot of music currently out there, but not many touch the depths of this superb LP on Atmospheric Existence. Miles touches on many shades of sound with his trademark emotive warmth. Melancholy but positive vibrations flow out alongside abstract grooves. Hypnotic elements grace the journey, creating an otherworldy sense of space and distant unknown entities. Feeling & mood leap out of this LP at every twist and unexpected turn, circumnavigating the deep spectrum. Since his early releases, his imprint AER has become a highly respected imprint globally with a dedicated following. This LP was constructed to stand the test of time and stand it does, firmly rooted in the Cosmos.
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Altitude EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AER 06. Rel: 18 Mar 13
Deep House
  1. Miles Sagnia - "Alchemy"
  2. Jacksonville - "Tokyo"
  3. Tales Ov Rossi - "Flatpress"
Review: The Atmospheric Existence label puts quality before quantity; therefore a new release from Miles Sagnia's operation is always something deep house enthusiasts should cast their sensory receptors over. Their first release of 2013 sees Sagnia feature alongside Thug Records artist Jacksonville and the mysterious Tales Ov Rossi for the Altitude EP. Label boss in call shotgun shock! Sagnia takes the lead with the wonderfully inventive "Alchemy" which drops a singular 303 tone intermittently between a hurried array of broken house and rushing chords; the results sound remarkably refreshing. Alongside it, Jacksonville is in full on star gaze house mode with "Tokyo" whilst Tales Ov Rossi 's "Flatpress" takes proceedings a whole lot deeper on the flip.

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Miles Sagnia