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Simply The West Volume 1.2
Simply The West Volume 1.2 (heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: WEST 007. Rel: 07 Oct 20
Deep House
  1. DJ Pollen - "Blossom" (5:08)
  2. The Soft - "Beachy Drive" (4:06)
  3. Sierra - "Breeze" (1:29)
  4. Medlar & Unlikely - "Seinwave" (7:47)
  5. The AKA Boys - "Don't Taze Me Bro" (4:52)
  6. Sierra - "Woven Message" (1:53)
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Ten Years Of Phonica Sampler 2
Cat: PHONICA 011. Rel: 21 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Lo Shea - "Home"
  2. Medlar & Red Rack'em - "Morning Light"
  3. Moire - "Solar Signs"
  4. STL - "Freaky Fingers"
Review: The vinyl pressings of the expansive two-disc compilation for Phonica continue with this diverse selection from an impressive cast. Sheffield hero Lo Shea is in a mischievous mood with the skipping beat and gruesome bass of "Home", while Medlar and Red Rack'em join forces for the chunky dub house of "Morning Light". Moire has a more techno-inclined approach on "Solar Signs" that features plenty of hopeful synths and an audacious breakdown, and then STL brings the leftfield goodies with the characteristically edgy throwdown "Freaky Fingers" choc full of rasping drums and carnival whistles.
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WOLFEP 042 (12")
Cat: WOLFEP 042. Rel: 11 Oct 17
Deep House
  1. Cascinari (5:30)
  2. Nisantasi (6:04)
  3. Priet (6:04)
  4. Queen Of Tacos (with FYI Chris) (5:38)
Review: Having spent the last 12 months sharpening his disco credentials via a variety of re-edit EPs and sample-heavy "secret weapons", Medlar is back on Wolf doing what he does best. In this case, that means sparse, drum machine driven electro/proto house fusion ("Cascinari"), delay-heavy, stripped-back analogue house blessed with dreamy chords and grime style lo-fi synth-strings ("Nisantasi") and Ruf Dug style dancefloor sweetness seemingly created using forgotten old synthesizers, dusty drum machines and a solitary TB-303 ("Priet"). Excitingly, the EP's final track - a bustling fusion of beatbox electro rhythms, layered breakbeats, heavy bass and yearning chords - is a studio hook-up with similarly well-regarded producer FYI Chris.
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Gespielt von: The Revenge
 in stock $11.25
Sleep: Remixes & 12" Versions
Cat: SLEEP 002. Rel: 19 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Tides (KON remix)
  2. Tides (12" mix)
  3. Listen (Greymatter remix)
  4. Tap Spring (12" mix)
Review: One of the few complaints fielded about Sleep, last year's debut long player from Medlar, was some of the tracks were a bit short to really satisfy the needs of the DJ specifically the monumental beatdown of "Tides". So both Medlar and Wolf Music deserve applause for issuing this 12" which attends to this issue with an extended 12" take on the track. The extra room only improves the track and is complemented well by the preceding remix from dusty fingered Boston producer and DJ Kon who flips the track into a straight up house cut. Don't skip the B Side either as fellow Wolf Music regular Grey Matter is on board with an equally good revision of "Listen" whose dusty, sunken qualities will appeal to fans of Anthony Naples output on TTT.
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Full Moon Remixed
Cat: WAH 12043. Rel: 05 Nov 20
Deep House
  1. Full Moon (Detroit Swindle remix) (6:27)
  2. Gudu Gudu Kan (Daz-I-Kue remix) (7:38)
Review: The recent collaborative EP from London-based Afrobeat star Dele Sosimi and established deep house and disco producer Medlar was simply superb, with the fusion of the two artists' disparate styles working wonderfully well. Hopes are naturally high then for this remixed version. Dutch deep house stalwarts Detroit Swindle handle side A, cannily layering Sosimi's vocals and Afro-funk keys over a squelchy analogue synthesizer bassline and reverb-laden, proto-house style drums. It's a very good revision all told. On the flip West London scene veteran Daz-I-Kue does his thing with 'Gudu Gudu Kan', smartly re-imagining it as a prime slice of loose-limbed Afrobeat/broken beat fusion that makes of the most of Sosimi's Fela-style horns and vocals.
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 in stock $13.54
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