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MADLIB Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Madlib
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Illmindmuzik (reissue)
Illmindmuzik (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: ESOS 008. Rel: 22 Nov 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Intro (0:41)
Let It Be Known (3:39)
Skit #1 (0:25)
Illmindmuzik (3:35)
Illbeat (Madlib Madness interlude) (0:32)
Trouble N Da West (feat Evidence, Wildchild & Sean Biggs) (4:20)
Roll 'Em Right (3:38)
World Domination (feat Spontaneous) (3:12)
Skit #2 (0:39)
Wicked Wayz (3:14)
 in stock $27.74
In The Beginning Volume 2
Cat: SOS 002LP. Rel: 12 Sep 22
Hip Hop/R&B
2MC Ornot 2MC (intro) (4:10)
Bandwagon (3:31)
WLIX (4:32)
WunTwo (4:58)
As I Get Wild (3:29)
Temporary Rhyme Speech (feat CDP) (3:56)
Scarce Compliments (4:00)
Enjoy Your Stay (3:44)
Ships Of Kittim (1:50)
Signs (feat Wildchild) (3:59)
Outro Beat Skit (4:33)
Review: The early works of Declaime and Madlib continue to be honoured with the 'In The Beginning' series, which now sees its second instalment. The rapper and producer are a deft and wieldy collaborative pair, and are known to have formed a pair-bonded voice for the city of Oxnard, California to thrive proudly. The tracks collated here were previously lost, and made between 1993 and '96.
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 in stock $28.79
Pinata (10th Anniversary Edition) (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: MMS 052.
Hip Hop/R&B
coming soon $48.08
Pinata (2xLP)
Cat: MMS 022LP. Rel: 21 Sep 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Supplier (0:48)
Scarface (2:07)
Deeper (3:20)
High (feat Danny Brown) (2:58)
Harold's (2:48)
Bomb (feat Raekwon) (3:47)
Shitsville (3:32)
Thuggin (3:47)
Real (3:36)
Uno (2:49)
Robes (feat Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt) (5:06)
Broken (feat Scarface) (4:12)
Lakers (feat Ab-Soul & Polyester the Saint) (4:35)
Knicks (3:42)
Shame (feat BJ The Chicago Kid) (3:05)
Watts (feat Big Time Watts) (1:56)
Pinata (feat Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko & Mac Miller) (8:43)
 in stock $31.43
Bandana Beats
Bandana Beats (LP + insert)
Cat: 190759 88981. Rel: 31 Jan 20
Hip Hop/R&B
Obrigado (0:50)
Freestyle Shit (2:24)
Half Manne Half Cocaine (2:53)
Crime Pays (3:05)
Massage Seats (2:26)
Palmolive (4:08)
Fake Names (3:44)
Flat Tummy Tea (2:38)
Situations (2:47)
Giannis (3:22)
Practice (2:44)
Cataracts (3:39)
Gat Damn (2:50)
Education (4:22)
Soul Right (3:27)
Review: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's hard hitting sophomore album Bandana has proven a real hit over the last five months. Now though, many fans get what they have been waiting for; an instrumental version that pairs things back to the essential beats. It makes for a record that covers plenty of grind - from sunny day and feel good instrumentals to much rawer, harder hitting beast that arm with attitude even without the explicit vocal deliveries. Plenty of the soulful samples remain in situ to help colour things and make this such a characterful record.
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 in stock $23.77
Bandana (LP + insert)
Cat: KCR 3492LP. Rel: 26 Jul 19
Hip Hop/R&B
Obrigado (0:41)
Freestyle Shit (2:10)
Half Manne Half Cocaine (3:09)
Crime Pays (3:06)
Massage Seats (2:26)
Palmolive (feat Pusha T & Killer Mike) (3:42)
Fake Names (3:36)
Flat Tummy Tea (3:06)
Situations (3:49)
Giannis (feat Anderson .Paak) (3:20)
Practice (2:52)
Cataracts (3:38)
Gat Damn (2:51)
Education (feat Yasiin Bey & Black Though) (4:21)
Soul Right (3:26)
Review: Five years after their collaborative debut, Madlib and Freddie Gibbs reconvene for a follow up that goes even deeper. Madlib is of course a celebrated producer who has worked with some of the best in the game, and Gibbs is a raw street rapper, so it is the differences as much as the similarities between the two that make this such a compelling listen. At times complex and challenging, at others effortless and charming, it's an album stuffed with a myriad of different sounds, styles and references that is hard to categorise but easy to admire.
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 in stock $23.77
Yhwh Is Love
Cat: LPLOR 001. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Rubato Love (1:57)
Stomping Gamay (4:48)
Otis' Tambourine (4:20)
All Things (3:41)
Anointed Soul (4:49)
Karriem's Bolero (3:04)
JMU's Voyage (4:27)
Six 8ight (interlude) (0:29)
The Clappers Cousin (3:20)
Massamba Afundance (3:02)
E11even (interlude) (0:56)
With Yhwh Love (5:02)
Boppin' (3:37)
Seven Mile To Oxnard (3:18)
Review: Madlib and Karriem Riggins are Jahari Massamba Unit. What started out as a friendship became a collaboration between two guides that push the boundaries of modern music. 'Yhwh Is Love' is their latest full length that has many excited about their joining. 'Stomping Gamay' for example, shows off their flare of fusing a new direction by linking the past. We have yet to hear of a Jamaican jazz fusion labeled genre but this would be the bookmark for the example. 'Massamba Afundance' includes a more Latin flare to things including some light Rumba influences. There is certainly a Big Band flavor attack on many of these programs. The result of the union Jahari Massamba Unit is plenty of upbeat measures in taking fusion and urban music to a higher level. This LP is sure to transcend cultural backgrounds.
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 in stock $30.63
Pardon My French (reissue)
Cat: MMS 042LP. Rel: 15 Mar 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Je Prendrai Le Romanee-Conti (Putain De Leroy) (1:58)
Les Jardins Esmeraldins (Pour Caillard) (1:08)
Un Bordeaux Pre-Phylloxera (Pour Le Riche Encule) (3:09)
Deux Fakes Jayers (Aussi Pour Le Riche Encule) (3:32)
Riesling Pour Robert (4:41)
Du Morgon Au Moulin-A-Vent (Pour Duke) (9:07)
Trou Du Cul (Ode Au Sommelier Arrogant) (2:34)
Etude Montrachet (4:32)
Le Feu (Pour Belluard) (0:22)
Merde (Basse-cour) (5:04)
Inestimable Le Clos (4:22)
La Closerie (Pour Prevost) (2:07)
Hommage A La Vielle Garde (Pour Lafarge Et Rinaldi) (4:45)
Review: The Jahari Massamba Unit is an all new jazz project from the legendary Madlib and Karriem Riggins. Madlib is responsible for all the instrumentals bar the drums, which Riggins takes care of, and both bring a wealth of jazz and hip hop experience and knowledge to the collaboration. The sounds are best described as spiritual jazz, or as Madlib calls it 'Black classical music', and are steeped in history while also offering up a vision of the future. There are moments of abstract sun worshiping, lush broken beat grooves with exquisite solos and more prickly pieces. This sure is another vital entry into the ever excellent discography of Madlib.
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 in stock $29.33
Blackmarket Seminar
Cat: TKR 201LP. Rel: 23 Mar 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Into (1:19)
To Be Lost (3:15)
Called Your Bluff (3:18)
Beats By The Pound (2:53)
Put Your Title To Waste (1:57)
The Indicator (2:21)
Mind State (2:35)
Down 4 The Kaz (The 1st take) (3:06)
OX Veterans (feat Madlib & Oh No) (4:15)
Battle Drills (feat MED) (3:36)
Sleep If You Want (feat Wildchild) (3:25)
Corrections (2:45)
Snake Eyes (feat Madlib & MED) (2:50)
Tha Unstopppable (2:34)
Friendly Fire (feat Declaime) (4:08)
Make Yo Ears Bleed (feat Madlib) (3:24)
Battle Drills (remix) (3:05)
Called Your Bluff (remix) (2:31)
A V E R A G E (2:57)
Review: Blackmarket Seminar was entirely produced by the American beat making master Madlib with guests features from the man himself as well as MED, Wildchild, Declaime (Dudley Perkins) and Oh No. It first came in 1996, but was digitally remastered in 2016 which is the version that is now pressed to wax. It is a dark and raw record that took hip hop into new territory back in the mid-nineties and features a number of skits detailing a mysterious character's search for a black market. What is also for sure, is that the beats hit hard here and cast a looming but alluring shadow.
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 in stock $27.21
Liberation 2: Instrumentals
Cat: NSD 237LP. Rel: 25 Mar 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Assata's Code (2:01)
Best Year Ever (1:46)
Air Quotes (3:40)
Nat Turner (3:29)
One For Biz (3:30)
Loop Digga's Revenge (2:38)
Ad Vice (3:07)
Wild Sweet Beauty (6:58)
The Right To Love Us (2:55)
After These Messages (3:40)
Richies (part 2) (3:38)
Marathon Thru Babylon (3:50)
Something Special (3:07)
Assata's Reprise (2:00)
Review: Talib Kweli and Madlib, two hip-hop heavyweights, have reunited for the highly anticipated Liberation 2, an expansive album exploring themes of revolution, love, and pan-Africanism, all set against Madlib's jazz-infused productions. Featuring collaborations with Q-Tip, Westside Gunn, and Mac Miller, the album is a global call for unity. Its thought-provoking lyrics and raw soundscapes showcase Kweli's enduring influence and Madlib's production prowess, paying homage to the genre's roots while pushing its boundaries. This album has been on many people's list as a potential hip-hop album of the year and we won't be at all surprised if that's where it ends up.
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 in stock $32.23
Liberation 2
Cat: NSD 235CD. Rel: 18 Sep 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Assata's Code (feat Diani)
Best Year Ever
Air Quotes (feat Diani)
Nat Turner (feat Cassper Nyovest & Seun Kuti)
One For Biz (feat Wildchild & Q-Tip)
Loop Digga's Revenge (feat Goapele)
Ad Vice (feat Diani & Pink Siifu)
Wild Sweet Love (feat Moonbyrd & Jessica Care Moore)
Wild Beauty (feat Moonbyrd)
The Right To Love Us (feat Mac Miller)
After These Messages (feat Amani)
Richies Part Two (feat Roc Marciano & Westside Gunn)
Marathon Thru Babylon (feat Meshell Ndegeocello)
Something Special (feat Roy Ayers)
Assata's Reprise (feat Jaimie Branch)
 in stock $15.58
Liberation 2
Cat: NSD 235LP. Rel: 18 Sep 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Assata's Code (feat Diani) (2:05)
Best Year Ever (1:35)
Air Quotes (feat Diani) (3:38)
Nat Turner (feat Cassper Nyovest & Seun Kuti) (4:13)
One For Biz (feat Wildchild & Q-Tip) (3:32)
Loop Digga's Revenge (feat Goapele) (2:39)
Ad Vice (feat Diani & Pink Siifu) (3:33)
Wild Sweet Love (feat Moonbyrd & Jessica Care Moore) (3:24)
Wild Beauty (feat Moonbyrd) (3:20)
The Right To Love Us (with Mac Miller) (2:43)
After These Messages (feat Amani) (3:49)
Richies (feat Roc Marciano & Westside Gunn - part 2) (4:45)
Marathon Thru Babylon (feat Meshell Ndegeocello) (3:29)
Something Special (feat Roy Ayers) (3:07)
Assata's Reprise (feat Jaimie Branch) (2:00)
Review: Talib Kweli and Madlib are two of the biggest names in hip-hop, one a mic man with exceptional skills the other a beat maker like no other. They first worked tother in 2006 on a joint project and thankfully they now reunite for the highly-anticipated follow-up, Liberation 2. This is an album that is as expansive lyrically and with its themes as it is musically. As you would expect form this pari of heavyweights, the album is defined by thought-provoking lyricism and raw soundscapes that explore revolution, love, pan-Africanism, music, spirituality, and more with plenty of jazz-tinged instrumentals and guest spots from Q-Tip, Westside Gunn, Roc Marciano, Roy Ayers, Goapele, Wildchild, Pink Siifu and more.
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 in stock $34.85
The Mind Fusion Collection V2 Collection
Cat: BAR 002LP. Rel: 02 Aug 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Cal Green - "Revolution Rap" (part 1)
Cesar Mariano & Cia - "Metropole"
Peter Lipa - "My Album"
Stefano Torossi - "Fearing Much"
Joyce - "Longe Do Tempo"
Cal Green - "Revolution Rap" (part 2)
Lorez Alexandria - "Baltimore Oriole"
Willie Tee & The Gaturs - "Concentrate"
Mary Lou Williams - "Pale Blue"
Duke Ellington - "Didjeridoo"
Ennio Morricone - "Dies Irae Psichedelico"
Egberto Gismonti - "Janela De Ouro"
Review: Madlib's The Mind Fusion Collection V2 is an essential compilation that showcases the eclectic genius of this prolific producer. Known for his unparalleled versatility, Madlib seamlessly blends a variety of genres, from hip-hop and jazz to funk and soul and this collection offers a deep dive into his innovative soundscapes, featuring rare grooves, obscure samples and masterful beats. Each track is a testament to Madlib's ability to fuse different musical elements into a cohesive, captivating whole. The Mind Fusion Collection V2 is a must-have for fans and newcomers alike and shows off the boundless creativity of one of the scene's most influential figures.
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Rock Konducta Part 1
Rock Konducta Part 1 (limited clear vinyl LP (indie exlcusive))
Cat: MMS 020I LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
Zucker (1:02)
Rot (1:44)
Motorik Matching (1:29)
Far Faust (1:55)
Knickers Turned (1:16)
Gentle Pilz (2:05)
Black Widow (2:16)
Giant Okra (3:38)
Ege Malesch (1:03)
Soap Guillotine (1:29)
Hallucination Amon (1:02)
Siebenjager (1:10)
Mantra Guru (1:04)
Duul Shop (1:35)
Hold The Organ (1:30)
Floh (2:13)
Harmonia Inventions (1:40)
Crimson (1:18)
Agitation Musik (1:29)
Yeti Movie (2:52)
Anima (1:27)
Derum Dig (2:50)
Tarot Ash (1:11)
Cluster Ghosts (1:03)
Kanguru Join (2:28)
 in stock $33.55
Flying High Instrumentals
Cat: LBYH 015. Rel: 12 Jan 24
Hip Hop/R&B
LMD (2:21)
Flying High (2:26)
Advice (2:58)
Pop Fly (2:45)
Kool (3:42)
The Cypher (3:09)
Super (2:09)
Steppers (1:19)
Birthday (2:32)
High Stakes (1:22)
Duwop (3:51)
Review: Otis Jackson Jr. aka. Madlib is one of hip-hop's most inspirational producers. With self-produced classic releases under heteronyms like Quasimoto, Madvillain, Jaylib (with the great J Dilla), not to mention Bad Neighbor with Blu and MED, he proves he is in his own lane and is among the best at loop-digging. Madlib once more refuses to disappoint and now delivers a fresh set of heavy bangers on his new release Flying High Instrumentals. LMD (LMNO, MED, and Declaime) provided a solid performance on the vocal version of Flying High with stellar bars throughout; it's only right that BYH provides the beats to vibe to from the sensei himself, Madlib the Bad Kid.
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 in stock $29.85
Shades Of Blue:Madlib Invades Blue Note (reissue)
Cat: 550772 3. Rel: 15 Jun 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Introduction (0:36)
Slim's Return (3:30)
Distant Land (4:22)
Mystic Bounce (4:03)
Stormy (3:49)
Blue Note (interlude) (0:48)
Please Set Me At Ease (4:41)
Funky Blue Note (3:21)
Alfred Lion (interlude) (0:51)
Stepping Into Tomorrow (7:27)
Andrew Hill Break (6:43)
Montara (0:32)
Song For My Father (7:49)
Footprints (3:19)
Peace/Dolphin Dance (5:24)
Outro (0:17)
Review: Madlib's back catalogue is one of the most revered in hip-hop and it would be quite interesting to hear a load of jazz cats rework it in their own style. But this essential album from Blue Note is sort of the opposite - the legendary US producer gets access to the vast Blue Note vaults and from that culls his own library and sound and samples and cooks up fresh takes on plenty of classics. As such you will recognise his beats under melodies from the likes of Donald Byrd and Bobbi Humphrey, Ronnie Foster and Bobby Hutcherson. The whole thing has been remastered as part of the Classic Vinyl Edition series so has never sounded better.
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 in stock $36.45
Low Budget High Fi Music (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2022)
Cat: MMS 2011LP. Rel: 02 Dec 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Sounds Of The Studio (prelude) (2:23)
Hold Up (1:37)
Handmade Hustle (instrumental) (2:53)
Start Sumthin' (feat MC Roc C) (2:20)
Thoughts Of An Old Flame (1:50)
Minze (Come Closer) (1:27)
Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme produced by Jaylib) (0:37)
The Ride (Nightcoastin' instrumental) (1:30)
OG (part 1 - Whirlwind mix) (3:46)
OG (part 2 - Underwater) (0:17)
Stageridin' (First demo Double Image mix - part 1) (3:14)
Stageridin' (First demo Double Image mix - part 2) (0:48)
Love_Hate (instrumental) (1:07)
Smoke Break (Whodat_) /Interview #4080 (0:20)
Embryo Thought (instrumental) (2:31)
The Adventures Of Soul Bra & Docta Dick'em (parts 1 & 2) (0:29)
Cheaters (Episode #3 - feat Poke) (2:05)
Mic Check (Smoke Break II) (2:36)
Real Talk (1:26)
The Sound Of Champions (instrumental) (3:10)
Charlie Hustle (1:18)
Girls/Same (Prelude) (4:37)
 in stock $26.16
Beat Konducta In Africa: Madlib Medicine Show 3 (reissue)
Cat: MBIN 7000354. Rel: 14 Sep 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Motherland (1:09)
The Frontline (Liberation) (1:37)
Raw Introduction To Africa (1:43)
African Voodoo Queen (Drama) (1:36)
Jungle Shoundz (part 1) (1:57)
The Struggle To Unite (One Africa) (1:17)
Mandingosing (1:06)
Endless Cold (Lovelost) (2:59)
Chant2 (1:55)
Afrosound Panorama (2:11)
Hunting Theme (0:30)
Yafeu (2:25)
Afritonic (part 1) (1:28)
Afritonic (part 2) (2:23)
Tradition (0:39)
Spearthrow For Oh No (2:31)
Tear Gas & Bullets For Freedom (2:38)
Heritage Sip (1:38)
Land Of The Drum (1:50)
Red, Black & Green Showcase (2:16)
Blackfire (1:05)
Obataive (1:24)
Warrior's Theme (1:55)
Mtima (0:53)
African Map Watch (1:14)
Street Hustler (1:34)
Kanika (2:15)
Chant 3 (2:05)
The Show (Inner View) (2:10)
Brothers & Sisters (1:42)
Freedom Play (0:18)
African Bounce (0:53)
Umi (Life) (1:37)
Natural Sound Waves (1:09)
Jungle Sounds (part 2) (1:43)
Mighty Force (1:42)
Unika (outro) (1:43)
Review: Originally released in 2010, this album from Madlib's Medicine Show series saw him delving deep into the pocket of mother Africa for his source material, coming up with new slants on his unmistakable grooves. The samples centred around African records from the early 70s, from Afrobeat to funk, psych rock to soul, from all over the continent. Of course, Madlib is one of those artists whose signature is so strong, it all ends up sounding like him, but these high-life guitar licks and dusty drum beatdowns add an extra layer of vibe to one of the illest producers to ever do it. 37 beats taking you deep into the continent where it all began.
Read more
 in stock $38.30
Medicine Show No 5: The History Of The Loop Digga 1990-2000
Cat: MBIN 7000552. Rel: 07 Jul 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Warning (intro) (1:09)
Static Invazion (1:49)
Stakeout (1:37)
Rapper X Radio (1:09)
Last Day's Music (0:11)
Episode VI (1:20)
Nothing From Nothing (3:17)
Episode VIII (1:15)
Episode IX (4:04)
Episode X (1:32)
Episode XI (1:42)
Episode XII (2:20)
Episode XIII (1:07)
Episode XIV (1:10)
Episode XV (1:27)
Episode XVI (2:13)
Episode XVII (1:52)
Episode XVIII (2:58)
Episode XIX (1:13)
Episode XX (1:07)
Further Adventures Of Walkman Flavor (1:32)
Episode XXII (0:49)
Episode XXIII (3:47)
Episode XXIV (1:41)
Episode XXV (2:28)
Episode XXVI (3:55)
Episode XXVII (1:21)
Live From Outer Space (0:15)
Real Days (2:56)
CDP Assassins (part 1) (0:54)
CDP Assassins (part 2 & 3) (2:13)
CDP Assassins (part 4) (2:29)
CDP Assassins (part 5) (2:44)
CDP Assassins (part 6) (3:13)
Review: Madlib's mad one a month release mission continues with his fifth outing on his own imprint, Madlib Invazion. The odd numbers in the series are joints produced by the man himself, while the evens are mixtapes. This one looks at his personal history as a the loop digga over a ten year span in which Madlib cranked out a whole slew of mixtapes. They were his early productions for the Alkaholiks in about 1992, while his popular Quasimoto album came in 2000, before a sabbatical saw him go and work on his fictional jazz outfit Yesterdays New Quintet.
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 in stock $38.02
Sound Ancestors
Cat: MMS 044LP. Rel: 05 Mar 21
Hip Hop/R&B
There Is No Time (Prelude) (1:08)
The Call (2:04)
Theme De Crabtree (2:17)
Road Of The Lonely Ones (3:32)
Loose Goose (2:21)
Dirtknock (2:14)
Hopprock (3:26)
Riddim Chant (1:52)
Sound Ancestors (2:49)
One For Quartabe/Right Now (2:42)
Hang Out (Phone Off) (2:16)
Two For 2 - For Dilla (2:50)
Latino Negro (3:35)
The New Normal (2:29)
Chino (1:54)
Duumbiyay (3:06)
 in stock $29.85
Shades Of Blue (reissue)
Shades Of Blue (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 1898. Rel: 29 Jun 17
Hip Hop/R&B
Introduction (0:32)
Slim's Return (3:32)
Distant Land (4:23)
Mystic Bounce (3:58)
Stormy (3:42)
Blue Note Interlude (0:49)
Please Set Me At Ease (4:44)
Funky Blue Note (3:19)
Alfred Lion Interlude (0:48)
Stepping Into Tomorrow (7:38)
Andrew Hill Break (0:59)
Montara (6:05)
Song For My Father (5:25)
Footprints (5:32)
Peace/Dolphin Dance (5:23)
Outro (0:12)
 in stock $36.45
Before The Verdict: Madlib Medicine Show #1
Cat: MMS 2001LP. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Arraignment (intro) (0:44)
Ode To The Ghetto (OJ Simpson remix) (4:40)
Yikes (OJ Simpson remix) (2:40)
Further (3:24)
Lucky Guy (5:32)
Pigs (OJ Simpson remix) (2:35)
Life Goes By (1:47)
Get Bitches (OJ Simpson remix) (5:50)
The Exclusive (feat MED) (1:57)
Robbery (OJ Simpson remix) (4:21)
Kill 'Em (OJ Simpson remix) (3:33)
The Paper (1:28)
I Must Love You (OJ Simpson remix) (5:40)
Looking For Trouble (4:18)
Young Guns (feat J Dilla) (2:50)
My Moment (OJ Simpson remix) (2:57)
American Dream & Future (OJ Simpson remix) (3:55)
Review: These are two serious legends right here: Madlib the extraordinary beatmaker behind countless seminal albums and collabs and Guilty Simpson the man who has voiced just as many classic records of his own. This limited edition gold vinyl double album version of Before The Verdict: Madlib Medicine Show #1 is considered a prelude to this pair's collaborative album O.J. and has a mix of original cuts as well as remixes from Simpson's own solo debut album Ode to the Ghetto. It's as real and raw as rap gets and features two brief guest appearances from J Dilla and MED.
Read more
 in stock $36.97
Madlib Medicine Show No 11: Low Budget Hi Fi Music (reissue)
Cat: MMS 011LP. Rel: 09 May 23
Hip Hop/R&B
The Loop Digga - "Sounds Of The Studio" (prelude) (1:15)
The Professionals - "Hold Up" (1:12)
The Loop Digga - "Handmade Hustle" (instrumental) (1:37)
The Professionals - "Start Sumthin' (93033)" (feat MC Roc C) (2:56)
Guilty Simpson - "Thoughts Of An Old Flame" (3:37)
The Loop Digga - "Minze (Come Closer)" (1:23)
Madlib - "Louder (Blast Your Radio Theme)" (3:26)
The Loop Digga - "The Ride" (Nightcoastin' instrumental) (2:11)
AG - "OG" (part 1 - Whirlwind mix) (2:19)
Oh No - "OG" (part 2 - Underwater mix) (1:41)
Frank Nitt - "Stageridin'" (First demo Double Image mix) (3:57)
The Loop Digga - "Love/Hate" (instrumental) (1:51)
Strong Arm Steady - "Loose Girl" (Electronic Drunk Demon version) (3:56)
The Loop Digga - "Smoke Break (Whodat?)"
Supreme Team - "Madlib & Karriem Riggins: Interview #4080"
The Loop Digga - "Embryo Thought" (instrumental)
The Loop Digga - "The Adventures Of Soul Bra & Docta Dick'em" (parts 1 & 2)
MED & Poke - "Cheaters (Episode #3)" (0:34)
The Loop Digga - "Interliberation" (interlude) (0:42)
The Loop Digga - "Mic Check (Smoke Break II)" (1:30)
LMD - "Real Talk" (3:09)
The Loop Digga - "The Sound Of Champions" (instrumental) (1:34)
Strong Arm Steady - "Charlie Hustle" (2:04)
The Loop Digga - "Girls" (prelude) (0:23)
The Loop Digga - "Same" (2:00)
MED - "Snakes 101" (1:57)
J Rocc - "Girls" (2:14)
J Rocc - "Uh" (outro) (0:21)
Review: If you like Madlib then you will like this - a new and exclusive 28-track collection of the legendary hip-hop icon's best collaborations. Featuring are the likes of A.G., Guilty Simpson, MED, Oh No and Strong Arm Steady, with Karriem Riggins appearing for a Supreme Team session. There is also a special track taken from the Jaylib-era that was meant to be on a second album which never ended up being released. To finish it off, plenty of Loop Digga instrumentals, as well as some textbook interludes and outerludes also help colour this one and make it such a vivid listen.
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Medicine Show No 7: High Jazz
Medicine Show No 7: High Jazz (sea glass blue vinyl 2xLP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 098932 7007155. Rel: 22 Dec 22
Hip Hop/R&B
The Jackson Conti Band - "Steppin' Into Tomorrow" (Prelude) (1:31)
Generation Match - "Electronic Dimensions" (3:11)
Jahari Massamba Unit - "Pretty Eyes" (6:41)
The Kenny Cook Octet - "High Jazz" (4:20)
Yesterdays New Quintet - "Medley: Don't You Worry Bout A Thing" (live At Spear For Moondog) (14:54)
Madlib - "Interlude" (3:42)
The Big Black Foot Band - "Reality Or Dream" (feat The Black Spirits) (4:07)
Russell Jenkins Jazz Express - "Drunk Again" (3:30)
Poyser, Riggins & Jackson - "Funky Butt" (part 1) (1:54)
Jahari Massamba Unit - "Wonderin'/Nightime" (1:59)
RMC - "Space & Time" (2:04)
Yesterdays New Quintet - "Conquistador" (3:29)
The Big Black Foot Band - "Tarzan's Theme" (feat The Black Spirits) (6:07)
Madlib - "Interlude" (0:16)
Joe McDuphrey Experience - "Kimo" (2:59)
Review: Yesterdays Universe was a loosely connected group of jazz musicians performing under various different and mysterious names and projects. Everything they did was produced and arranged by Madlib and this latest collection is a load of new and unreleased works from the mad talented collective. It copperas a rabid array of styles from the more hip hop leaning to the full experimental and wildly improvisational. Some of the band names alone are worth the cover price, from The Big Black Foot Band to Russell Jenkins Jazz Express.
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Madvillainy Instrumentals
Cat: STH 2099LP. Rel: 27 Dec 11
Hip Hop/R&B
Meat Grinder
America's Most Blunted
Money Folder
Shadows Of Tomorrow
Operation Lifesaver aka Mint Test
Hardcore Hustle
Strange Ways
Fancy Clown
All Caps
Great Day
Rhinestone Cowboy
Gespielt von: Stones Throw Records
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Madvillainy Remixes
Cat: STH 2198. Rel: 14 Apr 12
Hip Hop/R&B
Pow (intro)
No Brain
Light Of The Past
Boulder Holder
Borrowed Time
Coast To Coast
Invazion (interlude)
Fire In The Hole
Monkey Suit
Fluid (instrumental)
Can't Reform Em
Redd Spot (interlude)
Running Around With Another
Butter King Jewels
The Sermon
Blueberry Fields (instrumental)
Confucius Spot (interlude)
Never Go Pop
Savage Beast (instrumental)
The Cold One
The Cold One (reprise)
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Seeds (10th Anniversay Edition)
Cat: SOS 016. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Seeds (4:59)
Wind (2:09)
Calabash (3:06)
Kali Yuga (3:30)
The Birth Of Petey Wheatstraw (4:44)
Best Love (4:17)
Husfriend (intro) (1:59)
Husfriend (3:03)
Kneecap Jelly (2:39)
The Few (feat Declaime) (2:38)
Remember (outro) (1:11)
Review: LA singer-songwriter and producer Georgia Muldrow teams up with prolific beatmaker Madlib for a deeply exciting and experimental soul affair, 'Seeds'. The admixture of Muldrow's singing - which often switches from left, right and phased panning, and is almost never tainted by overt FX beyond that - and Madlib's chopped-up, ultra-loose production produces a sort of cacophony. It reminds us of a contemporary hip-hop version of Sun Ra Arkestra's faux-haphazard sound. Our favourite is 'The Few', on which Muldrow's close 'husfriend' Declaime offers additional production - navigating close relationships is central to the album, but Muldrow brings the chaos all together with careful consideration, vocal delivery and pensive lyrics.
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Expressions 2012 AU
Expressions 2012 AU (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: LSOS 009. Rel: 26 Jun 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Funky Dudley (2:53)
Me (3:05)
Testin' Me (4:30)
Get On Up! (2:59)
Come Here My Dear (3:07)
That's The Way It's Gonna Be (3:13)
Domestic (interlude) (1:24)
Seperate Ways (2:43)
Dollar Bill (2:40)
Inside (5:09)
The Last Stand (2:01)
Coming Home (4:58)
Dear God (3:26)
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