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LINVAL THOMPSON Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Linval Thompson
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Ganja Man
Cat: IILP 15. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
Ganja Man (3:05)
Ruff & Tuff (3:55)
What Time Is It (3:59)
Conscious Man (feat Eek A Mouse) (3:28)
Pol-Ice Man (4:30)
Trod Along (3:41)
Get Ready (3:28)
Ghetto Youth (3:30)
Tune In (feat Trinity) (3:38)
Marcus Garvey Says (4:01)
Review: With a career spanning over 50 years, Linval Thompson stands as one of the last living legends of Jamaican reggae. As a singer and producer on the renowned Thompson Sound label, Thompson has left an indelible mark on roots reggae with hits like 'I Love Marijuana,' 'Jah Jah The Conqueror,' and 'Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks.' He has also produced for major artists including Barrington Levy, Eek-A-Mouse, Johnny Osbourne, and Freddie McGregor. Known for his discretion and humility, despite owning one of the largest reggae catalogs in the world, Thompson is a cornerstone of the genre. His album, Ganja Man, features ten tracks and five dub versions. The album showcases his unmistakable voice and addresses current social issues, urging listeners to fight against corruption and embrace self-improvement. The title track, 'Ganja Man,' celebrates the plant he holds dear. The album features top reggae musicians such as Roots Radics, Jammys, Med Tone, The Ligerians, Irie Ites All Stars, Nambo Robinson, and Dean Fraser, with mixing by Roberto Sanchez and Irie Ites. Notably, singer and toaster Trinity features on the track 'Tune In.' If you don't know this man, get to know him by picking up this great album.
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 in stock $22.59
Ganja Man
Cat: IICD 28. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
Ganja Man
Ruff & Tuff
What Time Is It
Concious Man (feat Eek A Mouse)
Pol-ice Man
Trod Along
Get Ready
Ghetto Youth
Tune In (feat Trinity)
Marcus Garvey Says
Ruff & Tuff Dub
Time To Dub
Get Ready Dub
Ganja Man Dub
Review: Given the length of his career and his mighty contribution to roots reggae, Linval Thompson is undoubtedly a living legend of Jamaican musical culture. Remarkably, he's still serving up superb new music - much of it marked by his effortlessly slick and soulful vocals - over 50 years after he made his debut. Ganja Man was recorded with a crack team of collaborators, musicians and producers (the Roots Radics, Med Tone, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson and toaster Trinity all feature), with Roberto Sanchez and the Irie Ites handling mixing. Wisely, they've chosen to give Thompson a musical platform reminiscent of his classic 1970s roots albums, adding a quintet of bonus dub versions for the heads. In a word: essential!

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 in stock $12.65
Trouble (10")
Cat: PROJR10EP 004. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Roots/Lovers Rock
Trouble (3:34)
Trouble (version) (3:37)
Di Wicked Dem (2:58)
Di Wicked Dem (version) (2:54)
 in stock $12.37
I Love Marijuana
I Love Marijuana (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2346Y. Rel: 04 Jan 24
I Love Marijuana (3:23)
Dread Are The Controller (2:42)
The Children Of The Ghetto (2:20)
Don't Push Your Brother (3:40)
Begging For Apology (3:38)
Not Follow Fashion (2:48)
Roots Lady (3:10)
Big Big Girl (3:13)
Just Another Girl (4:05)
Starlight (3:10)
Jamaican Colley (3:46)
 in stock $26.65
Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
Cat: JR 7005. Rel: 06 May 11
Roots/Lovers Rock
Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks (version)
 in stock $10.50
My Dub Princess
Cat: PROJR 10-10. Rel: 09 Aug 02
My Dub Princess
Cheat Me Outta Dub
 in stock $13.46
At The Ark: Marijuana Sessions In Dub
Cat: ARKCD 021. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Marijuana Dub
Big Big Girl Dub
Not Follow Fashion Dub
Just Another Girl Dub
Dread At The Ark
Roots Lady Dub
Starlight Dub
Cheater Dub
I'm Running Dub
Channel One Meets The Ark
Review: Spanish dub maestro Roberto Sanchez first met Channel One artist and all right reggae legend Linval Thompson 15 years ago. In the time since, the pair have collaborated on numerous projects, though nothing as ambitious as this. It sees Sanchez provide an authentically dusty, deep and rhythm-focused dub translation of Thompson's 1978 album I Love Marijuana - a set that, despite King Tubby handling production duties - had never been fully re-worked in. Largely working with the original master tapes, Sanchez has delivered a dub re-imagining that sounds like a long-lost King Tubby or Lee 'Scratch' Perry production - all weighty low-end 'riddims', effects aplenty and echoing organ, guitars and vocals.
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 in stock $13.46
Bound To Fall
Cat: ES 3214V. Rel: 02 Aug 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
Review: Linval Thompson and JonQuan follow up their acclaimed collaboration Cultivator with the roots-heavy Bound To Fall, featuring Ticklah with help at the controls. This limited edition 7"includes two new tracks, 'Bound To Fall' and 'Judgement Day,' showing off Thompson's legendary voice and conscious roots reggae style. Dub fans will appreciate the rich, authentic sound and powerful messages embedded in these tracks. With its deep grooves and masterful production, this release will be another hit for any reggae aficionado, continuing Thompson and JonQuan's tradition of creating timeless reggae music.
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Four Babylon
Cat: RM 12002. Rel: 30 Sep 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Linval Thompson - "Four Babylon" (6:49)
Nytto Dread - "Sound System" (3:25)
Lone Ark Riddim Force - "Dub, Sonido Y Poder" (3:25)
 in stock $15.87
Stop It Yute Man
Cat: HTT 106. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Linval Thompson - "Stop It Yute Man" (4:19)
Ras Nyto - "Nyto Stylee" (4:18)
 in stock $15.60
Ain't That Loving You B
Cat: DSR 7552. Rel: 21 Jul 14
Roots/Lovers Rock
Linval Thompson - "Ain't That Loving You"
Thompson Sound - "Ain't That Loving You" (version)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Reggae
$6.45 SAVE 30%
 in stock $4.51
Linval Thompson & Friends Vol 2
Cat: TSC 025. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Linval Thompson - "Never Push Your Brother" (2:11)
Trinity - "Freedom Style" (2:10)
The Revolutionaries - "Roots Man Dub" (2:20)
Linval Thompson - "Love Is The Question" (3:11)
Big Joe - "Love Can Conquer" (2:59)
Ranking Derad - "Poor Man" (3:10)
Linval Thompson - "Stop Loving" (2:52)
Linval Thompson - "Lion & Tiger" (3:10)
Trinity - "Easy Does It" (2:34)
The Revolutionaries - "Seventy Nine Rock" (3:18)
 in stock $26.91
Dub Landing Vol 1
Dub Landing Vol 1 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: VPGS 7052. Rel: 27 Apr 18
Dark Side
Black Out
Time Passage
Al Campbell - "Unfaithful Children"
Ranking - "Babylon Fi War"
Al Campbell - "Jah Is My Light"
Barry Brown - "Love Is What The World Wants"
Freddie McKay - "Hey Stranger"
Tristian Palma - "Redemption Song"
Junior Reid - "Rock This A Riddim"
Barrington Levy - "Too Poor"
Dilly Boyo - "How You String A Sound"
Wayne Wade - "Everyday Rain"
Al Campbell - "I Need Your Loving"
 in stock $18.29
Dub Landing Vol 2
Dub Landing Vol 2 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: VPGS 7053. Rel: 27 Apr 18
City Of Gold
The Viceroys - "I'm Toiling On"
Sister Nancy - "Can't Test"
Anthony Johnson - "Africa"
The Viceroys - "Rise In The Strength Of Jah"
Eek-A-Mouse - "Chrismas A Come"
Lee Van Cleef - "Gone Water Gone"
Hell & Fire - "Playboy Girl"
Papa Tullo - "Reggae Explosion"
The Viceroys - "We Must Unite"
Freddie McKay - "A Message"
Barrington Levy - "I Love I Love You"
 in stock $13.86
Linval Presents: Encounters Pac Man (remastered)
Cat: GREL 2108. Rel: 13 May 16
Under Surveillance (2:50)
Prince's Wrath (3:12)
Space Invaders Re-Group (3:16)
World Cup Squad Lick Their Wounds (3:58)
Vampire Initiative (3:08)
Malicious Intent (3:40)
The Dark Secret Of The Box (3:47)
Man-Trap (3:29)
S.O.S. (3:01)
Look Out-Behind You! (2:31)
Eek-A-Mouse - "Sense Party" (3:10)
Linval Thompson - "Things Couldn't Be The Same" (3:20)
Dennis Brown - "My Love" (4:26)
Linval Thompson - "Are You Ready" (3:15)
The Viceroys - "Can't Stop Us Now" (2:56)
Eek-A-Mouse - "Do You Remember" (3:32)
The Meditations - "Carpenter Rebuild" (3:49)
The Viceroys - "Time Is Important" (3:22)
The Meditations - "Talk Of The Town" (3:12)
Linval Thompson - "Holding On To My Girlfriend" (3:13)
 in stock $27.72
Space Invaders (remastered)
Cat: GREL 2105. Rel: 29 Apr 16
Beam Down (3:15)
Red Shift (3:32)
Time Wrap (2:50)
Cloning Process (4:15)
Pulsar (3:11)
Laser Attack (3:43)
De Materialize (2:42)
Fission (2:34)
Super Nova Explosion (2:34)
Quasar (2:58)
Sammy Dread - "Rainy Days" (3:40)
Sammy Dread - "I'm A Dreadlocks" (4:02)
Bunny Lie Lie - "Babylonian" (2:37)
Wayne Wade - "Poor & Humble" (3:31)
Wailing Souls - "Who No Waan Come" (3:02)
Sammy Dread - "Morning Love" (2:30)
Sammy Dread - "Follow Fashion" (3:03)
Wailing Souls - "Don't Be Downhearted" (3:09)
Linval Thompson - "Dreadlocks Nah Run" (2:26)
Johnny Osbourne - "Kiss Somebody" (2:47)
Gespielt von: Lay-Far
 in stock $55.97
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