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Light Touches

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Light Touches 02 (limited 12" + insert)
Cat: LTR 02. Rel: 20 Mar 18
  1. Get Up! (6:23)
  2. Let's Do It (5:11)
  3. Around (6:22)
Review: According to first-wave disco re-editors such as Danny Krivit, the perfect re-edit should simply be a rearrangement of an existing track that makes it more suitable for club plays. That seems to be the ethos behind the Light Touches series. Certainly, there's no attempt from editor Andrea Passenger to add contemporary production effects or beef up the bottom end with new beats; instead, this second volume in the series serves up a trio of tidy, club-ready rearrangements. On the A-side you'll find "Get Up", a groovy disco-funk outing rich in eyes-closed guitar motifs and restless horn lines. Turn to the B for the low-slung, up-tempo, string-drenched peak-time disco swirl of "Let's Have It" and "Around", a glassy-eyed, loved-up disco slow jam full of jaunty orchestration and hazy vocals.
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Light Touches 03 (12" + insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: LTR 03. Rel: 11 Mar 19
  1. Flashed (6:07)
  2. Changes (4:48)
  3. Do (5:25)
Review: More stellar rearrangements from scalpel-wielding Light Touches supremo Andrea 'Passenger' Di Maggio, whose approach to the humble re-edit sticks closely to the founding principles of disco-era reel-to-reel rework legends such as Danny Krivit and Francois Kevorkian. Top of the list is A-side "Flashed", where Passenger makes merry with a groovy, low-slung AOR disco-funk number rich in blue-eyed soul vocals, layered Clavinet lines and nagging electric guitar motifs. Over on side B, "Changes" offers up some slightly heavier (and undeniably spacey) disco-funk/funk-rock fusion, while "Do" is a leisurely, arguably Balearic cosmic rock number complete with sleazy sax solos, hazy vocals and tactile synthesizer motifs.
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Light Touches 01 (12" + insert)
Cat: LTR 001. Rel: 30 Jun 17
  1. World (7:29)
  2. Bibi's Groove (4:51)
  3. So In Loop (7:03)
Review: The Light Touches series is dedicated to shedding "new light on hot rarities, unknown grooves and forgotten classics". Pleasingly, the edits included on this debut EP - and, presumably, on subsequent releases - feature no overdubs. It's a purist approach to re-editing, but one that brings the best out of the mystery producers' cherished rarities. Opener "World" is a tasteful extension and rearrangement of a sort-after chunk of jazz-funk/disco fusion, where jaunty horn lines, fluttering flute solos, sparkling piano riffs and elastic bass wrap themselves around rolling beats. "Bibi's Groove" sees the scalpel-wielding editors tackle a party-starting Afro-disco workout full of jazzy guitar solos and fuzzy Moog parts, while "So in Loop" brilliantly chops up and extends a loved-up, end-of-night soul classic.
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Light Touches
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