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GULLY 001 (limited 12")
Cat: GULLY 001. Rel: 09 Feb 16
  1. Etch - "Collision" (4:45)
  2. Foamplate - "Smokey Joe" (5:29)
  3. Corticyte - "ZWPV2" (6:09)
  4. TeeFreqs - "Trust Issues" (5:33)
Review: Donga's long-awaited new imprint Gully finally comes correct with four blisteringly fresh bass designs: Etch takes the lead with "Collision" a rolling garage subversion that's been floating around on dub for at least two years, "Smokey Joe" sees Foamplate going all slo-mo jazz with added dub lasers while Corticyte's "ZWPV2" plays the baddy of the selection with its tribal techno drums and unforgiving bass scrapes. Last but not least we scatter and dash to the rifle snares and alien plunges of TeeFreqs' "Trust Issues". At once spotless and murky: Gully by name, gully by nature.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
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7.5 EP (limited 12")
Cat: CRUCIAL 003. Rel: 08 Sep 15
Deep Dubstep
  1. 7.5 (6:24)
  2. Cargo (3:42)
  3. Oculus Rift (3:48)
Review: Deep space dub laced with toxic levels of funk: Foamplate makes his official debut with three really refreshing twists on contemporary bass. With its faraway flutes, squid bass and heavily textured rim shots, "7.5" is so out-there and wonky, you could imagine Roots Manuva spitting on it with ease. "Cargo" ups the spacious ante even further as prominent drum elements echo and shimmer over a stealthy sub. "Oculus Rift" brings us back to the woodwind flavours but with more of an eastern twang and cosmic feel. Essential listening: Each cut sounds like nothing else around right now.
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Cat: PLANTPOWER 001. Rel: 11 Oct 16
Deep Dubstep
  1. Tabula (6:30)
  2. Deadly Habit (4:32)
Review: Read over Foamplate's discography and it's like a who's who of premiere league underground bass imprints - Donga's Well Rounded, V.I.V.E.K's System, Sleeper's Crucial, Gully. Now with these high profile experiences to his name it's time to stamp the game with his own stable. Powerplant. If this launch release is to go by we're in for a treat. Both "Tabula" and "Deadly Habit" hum with that unique low-end elasticity Foamplate has made his name with. The former has a wry eastern twang to its melodic structure while the latter goes straight on a leftfield wonk march. As on-point and heavyweight as you'd expect.
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Lionize (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: SYSTM 012. Rel: 08 Mar 16
Deep Dubstep
  1. Lionize (5:10)
  2. 696 (5:42)
out of stock $9.12
Nettle (12")
Cat: PLANTPOWER 003. Rel: 13 Mar 18
Deep Dubstep
  1. Nettle (4:40)
  2. Moose Fly (4:40)
Review: The long-awaited "Nettle" has landed on his own Plantpower and it's not likely to hang around. An absolute slapper of a jam with a flabby bassline melting over the loosely baked drums, it thumps with such a simple but effective message. "Moose Fly" ain't no fading b-side either. A similarly lolloping, loopy cut but wrapped in a sci-fi sheen, it's another bullseye from the currently spotless Foamy one.
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Fuzz (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: WRDUBS 01. Rel: 12 Aug 15
Deep Dubstep
  1. Foamplate - "Fuzz" (5:07)
  2. Corticyte - "Negative Space" (5:02)
Review: Despite announcing their retirement from the record label business earlier this year, it seems like Donga's Well Rounded operation has been coaxed back to the dark side (hooray!) with the arrival of a new endeavour Well Rounded Dubs. Never one to pander to trend, Well Rounded Dubs is concerned with music in the 140bpm / dubstep arena and launches with a 12" featuring some spacious steppers science from Foamplate and Corticyte. Up top local Brighton talent Foamplate makes an impressive vinyl debut with the swaggering sub anthem "Fuzz" (which features some nice field recordings of police sirens) whilst Gully Records affiliate opts for a stripped back approach on "Negative Space".
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Crashing EP (180 gram vinyl 12" + poster)
Cat: ERTNSTN 001. Rel: 17 Jul 19
Deep Dubstep
  1. Foamplate - "Crashing" (4:14)
  2. Foamplate - "Just About" (4:14)
  3. Foamplate & Lungman - "Graff" (4:40)
  4. Foamplate & Lungman - "Manner" (5:31)
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Lost (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: WRDUBS 06. Rel: 19 Feb 19
Deep Dubstep
  1. Lost (4:13)
  2. Consonance (4:21)
Review: Well Rounded Dubs chomp into 2019 with their first (300 limited) 12" of the year. And once again it's a showcase of next level talent as Foamplate and Sibla step up to the series. Foamplate (who was on the label launch release) returns with a vibrant, fuzzy piece of funk laden with trippy metallic harmonics and some serious off-grid funk in the drums. Sibla takes the flip with a stuttering slice of strange textures, harp plucks, crashing drums and so much sub you'll want to shave some off the record and bake with it. Well good mate.
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