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Banana Split (heavyweight hand-stamped vinyl 12" + poster)
Cat: KANN 37. Rel: 14 Dec 18
  1. DJ Assam - "Rachael" (6:20)
  2. Map.ache - "Borowski" (7:15)
  3. His Master's Voice - "Oma" (8:31)
  4. Falke - "Music Institute" (4:56)
Review: Our last piece of music in 2018 features contributions by DJ Assam (Lehult), His Master's Voice, Falke and Map.ache. 180g Vinyl w/ A1 Poster Artwork: Marc Schnubber
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 in stock $9.98
  1. Dorisburg - "Emotion"
  2. Falke - "Emotion"
  3. Sevensol & Bender - "Molly"
  4. Efdemin - "Plenum"
  5. Even Tuell - "Dramaqueen"
  6. Map Ache - "Enola"
  7. Johannes Beck - "Rendezvous"
Review: For their seventh release, Leipzig imprint Kann Records present Family Horror, a sumptuous double twelve selection of tracks from label holders, close friends and beloved artists. Proceedings commence in suitably deep surrounds via Dorisburg, a key part of the Aniara Recordings family who've arisen with such aplomb from Gothenburg of late. "Emotion" proves to be as captivating as anything they've done to date, with snatches of delicate vocals emerging from a glacial house throb and unfolding into something deep and warm. Elsewhere Chicago leaning ruffness from Sevensol & Bender on "Molly" is matched by Even Tuell's excellent "Dramaqueen" - an experimental track dominated by gaseous clouds of analogue bass. With further contributions from Efdemin, map.ache and Johannes Beck, this is a release that impresses upon first listen but truly captivates after repeated play.
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out of stock $17.38
Cat: KANN 09. Rel: 16 Nov 11
Deep House
  1. Undermyarms
  2. Latenight
  3. Flying
Review: Having debuted on Kann with one of the finest contributions to their double LP compilation Family Horror, Leipzig based producer Falke is granted further opportunity to display his obvious talents with this finely judged EP. The title track "Undermyarms" is a resplendent example of European deep house finery, gliding across the A Side sumptuously with the unassuming grace of a moose sliding down a mall. Flip over for the expertly titled "Late Night" which mutates excellently from the gently rattling opening moments into a jerking mass of lysergic energy and thick kicks which is quite hypnotic by the time it reaches the end. The tinny sounding acid odyssey "Flying" ends this twelve in promising fashion.
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Gespielt von: Beto Cravioto
out of stock $8.17
Algebra (12")
Cat: KANN 16. Rel: 09 Dec 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Pensive Moments
  2. Falling
  3. Clouds
  4. Algebra
out of stock $9.20
ONG (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KANN 30. Rel: 09 Feb 17
Deep House
  1. ONG (6:36)
  2. Live In A Bubble (6:01)
  3. Boom (5:45)
  4. Lost Days (6:45)
  5. Just Heaven (3:40)
  6. Blackhorse (6:41)
  7. Shades (7:43)
  8. Stream (4:50)
  9. Particle World (6:00)
  10. Why (5:30)
 in stock $20.45
ONG Versions (hand-stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: KANN 31. Rel: 14 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Live In A Bubble (Ergin Erteber So Nah Bei Dir Sein remix) (5:03)
  2. Particle World (Vakula remix) (6:25)
  3. Live In A Bubble (Perm remix) (7:39)
  4. Stream (Samo DJ remix) (3:56)
 in stock $9.72
Family Horror II (double 12")
Cat: KANN 22. Rel: 30 Mar 15
Deep House
  1. Hiver - "Egeo" (7:36)
  2. Pablo Mateo - "Tap It" (6:51)
  3. Knutsson/Berg - "Bruten" (7:39)
  4. QY - "Kokobay" (6:32)
  5. Alkohole - "Knochen In Meinem Korper" (2:17)
  6. Perm - "Track 6" (7:56)
  7. Llewellyn - "Passenger" (6:15)
  8. Falke - "Supernova" (6:24)
Review: Map.ache and Svensol & Bender's Kann imprint has been going string since 2008, putting out a diverse mixture of dancefloor music from some of house and techno's most interesting artists. Once in a while, they like to put out some collaborative works and it's time for the second instalment of their Family Horror compilations. Plenty of fire and new faces on this one, and we're particularly digging Hiver's "Egeo", a cinematic opener with an aqueous sort of feel to it, "Kokobay" by QY and the acidic "Track 6" by Perm. Wild and multi-faced.
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Gespielt von: Ben Sims
out of stock $18.16
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