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Nightlights EP
Nightlights EP (clear yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: DES0043. Rel: 25 Apr 13
Deep House
  1. Nightlights (original mix)
  2. Nightlights (Desos remix)
  3. Precious Things (original mix)
  4. Precious Things (Alida remix)
Review: Deymare's third outing this year comes via Deso Records. Entitled Nightlights, the EP ventures through various druthers of house music, with two originals and two remixes. "Nightlights" is minimal in construction, held together by a thick Chicagoan bassline, sparsely struck keys, thocking rim shots and airy pads. The Desos remix swaps the original's bassline for something more filtered and undulating, adding drum machine hi-hats, sustained rhodes and high pitched strings. The upbeat chimes, cabasa shakes and spacey disco bubbles in "Precious Things" shares hints of a Daniel Wang inspiration, while the Alida remix adds a vocal and uses the originals piano chords as its centrepiece.
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The Search For A Lost Dream EP
Cat: SN 1203. Rel: 03 Jul 12
Deep House
  1. The Seach For A Lost Dream
  2. Seduced By The Sound
  3. After The Morning Comes
Review: Having skirted around a healthy spread of labels in the last two years, Deymare now appears on Soul Notes with his own take on pumped but smooth deep house of the 90s persuasion. On "After The Morning Comes" there's a strong swing to the drums that would sound right at home on a Guidance record, while "The Search For A Lost Dream" takes the same principles and slows it down to an easy glide, bubbling on a bed of bluesy keys. "Seduced By The Sound" chooses to take a slightly more jagged groove, while the pads create a more mystical kind of deepness.
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Deymare EP
Deymare EP (12")
Cat: LT 007. Rel: 17 Jan 12
Deep House
  1. 1990
  2. Time To Work
  3. Keep On Movin'
  4. The Beat Is Back
Review: Mad Mat's excellent Local Talk emporium reach out to neighbours Finland for some killer house tracks from the vastly under rated Deymare. Across a smattering of releases for the likes of Boe, Quintessentials and Morris Audio Citysport, Deymare has always demonstrated a real finesse for authentic sounding deep house, and the four tracks on his eponymous debut for Local Talk further showcase that. It's pretty hard not to get sucked in by the gloriously lifting piano tones of lead track "1990", which is built around solid rhythmic patterns and complemented by subtle melodic touches. From here Deymare gets tougher on the drum machine workouts "Time to Work" and seriously bumping "The Beat Is Back", whilst "Keep on Movin'" highlights the Finn's talent for crafting tracks rich in detail without sounding cluttered.
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Crossover EP
Cat: BBR 05. Rel: 15 Jan 14
Deep House
  1. Deymare - "Episode 2"
  2. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - "Moog Mood"
  3. Saverio Celestri - "Sesison"
  4. MP - "Tension"
Review: Owen Jay's Batti Batti label continues to make steps into the physical realm, with their fifth 12" release another split artists offering. Anyone with a firm grasp of contemporary deep house will recognise Deymare's name and that should be enough to draw you into a record filled with redeeming production qualities. The Finnish producer opens proceedings with "Episode 2" a rippling and crisp house cut that sets the tone nicely. Label boss Owen Jay crosses swords with regular production partner and compatriot Melchior Sultana for "Moog Mood," a wonderfully laid back saunter through musically rich house music and it must be said a subtly devilish bassline that no doubt informed the title. Those who always look for some B Side magic will find much to savour in Saverio Celestri and MP's respective contributions with the latter's "Tension" a wonderfully lopsided slab of punch drunk beat down.
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The Dead Bullfighters
The Dead Bullfighters (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MND 33. Rel: 18 Jan 16
Deep House
  1. Deymare - Meditation (6:21)
  2. Deymare - Rise (4:19)
  3. Satore - Moving Soul (6:30)
  4. Yusuke Yamamoto - My House (5:00)
Review: We welcome our 2nd part of the 90's House Collection series, on this amazing EP we find 3 rare and hard to find tracks, on the A side we have unreleased track by "Sanjay" which is Kings of Tomorrow from the early days, this is a pure floor killer, on to A2 , we have one of the most respected garage artists from the 90's Eddie Perez, with his Mentalinstrum dub of Keith Sibley's track, Stand By Me & finally the EP is rounded of with the legend that is Donnell Rush, the Redawg's Outhere Alternate Mix is a classic i its own and right and very hard to find.
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Deep Raw & Real Part 3
Cat: QUINTESSE 20.1. Rel: 02 Mar 11
Deep House
  1. Lukatron - "Aspect Ratio"
  2. Radiq - "Luv N Pain"
  3. Cottam - "Work It"
  4. Deymare - "So Real"
Review: Quintessentials return to their infrequent Deep Raw & Real series of global house with a typically stellar line up. Musical Freak Luke Solomon revisits his Lukatron pseudonym for some simple, no nonsense jacking business on "Aspect Ratio", little more than multiple layers of percussion and toasty bass patterns from which a spectral machine funk melody steadily emanates. Philpot type Radiq follows with the crisp future funk of "Lovin Pain" which finds its feet as soon as those hi-hats lock into groove with the heavy synth flourishes. On the flip Cottam gives us a taste of what to expect on his forthcoming Aus release with the liquid bump of "Work It" which finds the space to work in a cheeky R&B sample to great effect. Rising Finnish producer Deymare switches down the mood on "So Real", a saunter through slick bottom heavy beatdownisms which only serves to highlight the different shades of house music that characterise this impressive release.

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Underground Warriors EP Part 2
Cat: WLS 02. Rel: 30 May 12
Deep House
  1. Fabio Monesi - "It's My Beat"
  2. Okee Ru - "Healed Wound"
  3. IFM - "We Are Ungry"
  4. Deymare - "Jack The Love"
Review: Overseen by Milanese house producer Fabio Monesi, the VINYL ONLY Wilson imprint launched earlier this year in style careering to the top of the Juno Deep House charts with their debut release, the Underground Warriors EP that featured some well respected names in Alex Agore and Washerman. It was however Monesi's own production on that release that shined most, and he takes a starring role on the second edition of Underground Warriors which also features the talents of Finnish producer par excellence Deymare and Italian duo I.F.M. Monesi's rugged low end bumper "It's My Beat" opens the EP, bristling with vintage house ideas and some rather excellent usage of detuned keys, whilst compatriot Okee Ru delivers a wonderfully floating journey through chiming subaqueous house with "Healed Wound." I.F.M aka Marcello Napoletano and Francesco Schito drop "We Are Ungry" a sample heavy bomb that sounds an agitated Moodymann while Deymare adds some sumptuous sounds to proceedings with the dubby, blissful bump of "Jack The Love." Keep an eye on this label!
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House Sound 3
  1. Flavio Vecchi & Ricky Morrison - "Eccentric"
  2. Andy Ash - "House Shore"
  3. Deymare - "Can't U See"
  4. Fabio Monesi - "All Star"
  5. Andy Ash - "House Shore" (Nicholas bonus beats)
Review: They're only eight months old and already House Sound Recordings are on their third VA 12". Showcasing a fresh list of artists, House Sound 3 opens with "Eccentric" from Flavio Vecchi & Ricky Morris. Written in 1992, "Eccentric" reeks of nineties grit; rough around the edges, imperfect - straight up house music of the highest order. Andy Ash contributes "House Shore", a jackin' and finely tuned belter that incorporates Marshal Jefferson's famous "House Music All Night Long" lyrics beside stab chords and crisp drum sections. Deymare's "Can't You See" runs the same course with analogue richness right at the forefront and lastly, Fabio Monesi's "All Star" takes the lead for us at Juno with Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" making a snippet appearance.
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