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Learning To Let Go
Cat: ESC 013. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Becoming Present (4:31)
Reactive State (3:26)
Attachments (5:43)
Surrender (2:11)
Grounding (1:40)
Letting Be (7:52)
Letting Go (0:57)
Forward, Only
Review: Learning To Let Go offers a profound meditation on release, acceptance, grounding, and surrender, moving forward along life's current. Like previous albums, it is both inward and outward-facing, catering to individuals and groups alike. 'Becoming Present' is peaceful, with percussion and devotion encouraging listeners to embrace the present moment. 'Reactive State' contrasts sharply, featuring hard-hitting percussion and decimated drums, complemented by a serenading flute. The mood shifts with 'Attachments,' a tale of two halves that twists between hypnotic and swirling. This track requires time and patience, as listeners witness an enthralling interaction between drums and keys, eventually drifting into the soul-inflected 'Grounding.' The time you invest in this album is well worth it. 'Letting Be' unfolds naturally, with majestic string and harp arrangements complemented by rhythmic percussion, each musician finding equanimity and peace within the composition. 'Letting Go' speaks for itself, embodying the album's theme. The album concludes with 'Forward, Only,' showcasing a group of musicians comfortable in their stride and confident in their thinking, ready to move with whatever happens. Learning To Let Go is a beautifully crafted journey, emphasising the importance of release and acceptance.
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