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CODY CURRIE Schallplatten & CDs

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Family Affair Vol 3
Cat: RNTR 066. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Deep House
Cor Ece - "Possibly Impossible" (Ezel dub) (7:17)
Guinu - "Amanha" (Bruce Leroys remix) (6:36)
JKriv - "Better Than Her" (feat Saucy Lady & Tortured Soul) (4:39)
Kim Anh - "In The Stars" (5:06)
Cody Currie - "Ghost" (4:48)
Review: Razor-N-Tape's Family Affair series makes a welcome return here with a third great instalment. This series is something of an annual end-of-year tradition by now (OK, it's arriving a touch late) and this one hits as hard as any with five tracks taken from the full and standout compilation. It is two great remixes of classic RNT material that gets things underway with Ezel offering a dub of Cor.ece and Bruce Leroys sublime deep hose mix of Guinu, then JKriv's 'Better Than Her' is a fat bottomed bit of deep cut electro funk and elsewhere Kim Anh gets raw and cosmic, and Cody Currie's 'Ghost' is broken beat perfection.
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Cody Currie EP
Cat: RNTR 063. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Deep House
Evernight (feat Stee Downs & Mik) (5:25)
Yes Bruv (feat Mik) (4:19)
Holding On (feat Marlena Dae) (3:33)
Everynight (Vincenzo remix) (6:14)
Hot Water (feat Cor.ece) (4:58)
Furball (feat Ally McMahon) (2:49)
Review: Londoner Cody Currie is a master of dusty and loveably rough-edged house music that is packed with emotional heat. He serves up another fine EP of just that here on Razor-N-Tape and soon wins you over with the synth-laced house funk of opener 'Evernight' (feat Stee Downs & Mik). 'Yes Bruv' (feat Mik) has a more low-slung and late-night deep house sound and then things take a jazzy and broken beat direction on the lounge vibes of 'Holding On' (feat Marlena Dae). On the flip side is the hip-swinging goodness of Vincenzo's remix of 'Everynight' amongst other timeless sounds.
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! low stock $16.80
Movin' Smoke EP
Cat: RNTR 019B. Rel: 14 May 23
Deep House
Movin Smoke (6:30)
Infinity I & II (5:33)
Make Love (6:30)
Magic City (5:51)
Review: Razor-N-Tape welcomes a London newcomer to their hallowed ranks with this latest 12". Cody Currie is a young, ambitious and already accomplished producer with a mature sounds that belies his age. He shows off a love for dusty deep house and great sampling here with a blissful title track that soon wins you over to his ways. 'Infinity I & II' then layers up jazzy drums and perc with muted horn leads into something warm and steamy. 'Make Love' then gets the hips swinging with louche drums and more cut-up chord and vocal stabs. 'Magic City' closes down with a florid touch.
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 in stock $16.80
Lucas (2xLP)
Cat: TOYT 135. Rel: 10 Nov 22
Deep House
Voyage (feat Andreas Kon & Ally McMahon) (4:04)
Money (3:15)
Red Hot (feat Jitwam & Ziggy) (4:18)
That Stick (3:38)
Cash (feat MiK) (4:37)
Night Sky (feat Eliza Rose) (5:28)
De Ja Vu (feat Ziggy) (3:45)
Starwoman (4:12)
Danger (feat Eliza Rose) (5:47)
Boys (feat Tino) (4:25)
The Returner (feat Tino) (4:44)
Dumb Dumbs (2:41)
Easy (feat Ally McMahon) (4:14)
Night Visions (4:32)
Review: Toy Tonics is a real favourite here at Juno - their house is always fresh, never cheap and often with an authentic link to the past. Next up they have London's Cody Currie serving up his debut long player. Lucas is a nice broad work that opens with some of the broken beat the UK capital is so well known for before progressing through loose house funk on 'Money,' percussive and soulful vibes like 'Red Hot' and steamy slow jams in the form of 'That Stick.' And that's just the first side of the first record with three more to come that are just as good.
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