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CIGNOL Schallplatten & CDs

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Switching For A Living (reissue)
Cat: FE 068. Rel: 24 Jan 22
  1. Role Player (4:31)
  2. Yehno (4:28)
  3. Commaspace (3:22)
  4. Tumnal (4:10)
  5. Unkey (3:30)
  6. Bipolar (4:25)
  7. Sitruk (4:18)
  8. Rurrev (3:30)
  9. Opposites (5:02)
  10. Nite Garden (3:15)
  11. Horizons (4:55)
Review: Thanks to a swathe of superb EPs over the last few years for the likes of 2020 Vision, Lunar Disko, Further Electronix, Altered Sense and Unknown to the Unknown, long-serving electro producer Cignol is enjoying something of a career renaissance. As a result, some of his earliest releases have become in-demand and hard-to-find - hence this reissue of his long-overlooked, but utterly brilliant, 2010 debut album, Switching For a Living. Offering an attractive mixture of sci-fi seeped, far-sighted tracks informed by 1990s IDM, deep electro, downtempo, ambient and acid, it's a coherent but varied affair that has well and trily lasted the test and time - thanks, in part, to Cignol's intention to make it a genuine "listening album". Recommended.
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 in stock $19.93
Ancient Technologies
Ancient Technologies (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ACT 101. Rel: 16 Sep 21
  1. Ami (5:15)
  2. Cosmic Garden (5:21)
  3. Late Wednesday (5:30)
  4. Momentary Construct (6:18)
Review: Dublin based artist Cigno is in a real purple patch. He's turned out a ton of new material recently on labels like Nocta Numerica, Furthur Electronix, Fundamental Holland and Orson - and thats just this year alone - and it is always of the highest quality. This time out the one man electro machine lands on Ancient Technologies with four more soothing, far-sighted acid laced workouts. 'Ami' is all soft 303 stabs, 'Cosmic Garden' has snappy drum work but the most soothing and sublime synth work. The pace picks up for the turbocharged bass of 'Late Wednesday' but again the cinematic pads take centre stage and closer 'Momentary Construct' leave sou on a beautifully melancholic note.
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 in stock $16.19
Darya Message EP
Cat: ORSON 022. Rel: 31 Aug 21
  1. Darya Message (5:37)
  2. Darya Message (Transparent Sound remix) (7:35)
  3. Journey To Auriga (4:53)
  4. Resist (5:30)
Review: Dublin based artist Cignol brings his a-game once again on this four-track electro trip for Orson Records. He kicks off with the supple acid sounds and far-sighted chords of 'Darya Message' with all its crispy drum programming and supple synth work. The Transparent Sound remix is more dialled back and high tempo before the mood grows more pensive and inward on the gorgeous 'Journey To Auriga.' It's back to dance floor tension and unsettling acid lines on closer 'Resist' which locks you in drum loops next to some sawtooth synths and a rasping bassline.
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 in stock $9.30
Lost Signals Part 1
Lost Signals Part 1 (limited hand-stamped 10")
Cat: FE 052. Rel: 06 Apr 21
  1. Slip (4:54)
  2. Play 8 (3:25)
  3. Plinksys0sys (3:11)
  4. Learning Drill (5:04)
 in stock $19.22
Overview (12")
Cat: NN 019. Rel: 18 Mar 21
  1. Overview (5:01)
  2. Set To Sync (5:14)
  3. Somewhere In Your Mind (5:15)
  4. Memory Minor (5:24)
Review: Cignol's debut on Nocta Numerica is a super one that explores plenty of interplanetary electro vibes. 'Overview' launches the trip with tight drum programming and astral pads that immediately make a sci-fi mood. 'Set to Sync' pairs a roaming lead synth with crisp arps that cast your mind free before 'Somewhere In Your Mind' brings shimmering chords and popping kick drums and hits to the fore. This is smooth Drexcyian electro remained in the combos rather than the ocean and closer 'Memory Minor' is the most pensive of the lot, but still has a nimble bassline powering it along.
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 in stock $11.89
Syzygy (double 12")
Cat: LDR 23LP. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. 2 Chord Ponie (LP1: LDRX3) (3:47)
  2. TRumcen (5:32)
  3. Public Expenditure (5:19)
  4. Teatoaster (4:15)
  5. Presence (LP2: LDRX8) (4:47)
  6. Program Shift (5:44)
  7. Semiprimes (5:19)
  8. Warm Galaxies (5:51)
 in stock $29.85
Vision System
Cat: DSP 005. Rel: 07 Jun 22
  1. Cignol - "Events Unknowable" (6:01)
  2. Cignol - "Multicellular" (5:29)
  3. Gilbert - "Harmony In Space" (6:58)
  4. Gilbert - "Eleni" (6:49)
Review: Since launching in 2019, Bristol imprint Distorted Sensory Perception has released a handful of 12" singles that blend far-sighted electro with elements of intergalactic acid, IDM and sci-fi techno. It's a pleasingly otherworldly and futuristic sound that tends towards the timeless, as the label's latest 12" - a split affair - deftly probes. Experienced electro producer Paul Hammock dons his familiar Cignol alias on side A, combining deep, star-fall electro and psychedelic TB-303 acid lines on 'Events Unknowable', before opting for melancholic chords, deep space synths, squelchy bass and leisurely electro beats on 'Multicellular'. Rising star Gilbert takes over on the flip, shuffling between classic, acid-flecked sci-fi electro (the simply gorgeous 'Harmony and Space', and slightly punchier futurist dancefloor flavours (the equally as inspired 'Eleni', which is as gorgeous and a long, drawn-out summer sunrise).
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 in stock $12.65
Xuntanza Vol I
Cat: FAN 014. Rel: 07 Oct 22
  1. Visions Of The Future
  2. Satellite 7
  3. Sputnik Planitia
  4. Furna
Review: If the Spanish know how to keep one thing alive, it's community; in the spirit of this truth, Xuntaza, the name of Fanzine's latest EP series, is a Galician word that means 'the action of gathering of a group of people to discuss an issue or have fun'. Not overthought beyond the simple xuntanzing of its brightest artists, Vol. 1 in the series functions as a fantastic meeting point between dub techno, tech house, and experimental electro.
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