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The Nu Life LP
Cat: FAITHBEAT 08. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Outta Phase (5:39)
Locked Groove 1 (0:19)
Bluescreen (6:31)
Super Solar (6:30)
Locked Groove 2 (0:15)
Keystrokez (6:06)
Nu Life (5:50)
Locked Groove 3 (0:17)
Fade Away (5:35)
Mrs Sync (2:30)
Infinite Resonance (6:52)
Coded Whispers (7:11)
Review: Christian AB's 'Nu Life' is a curious record indeed; a wonky mixture of detuned, faded sonic clotted-creams and sunset refractions shone off car bonnets; such are the images it conjures. From the opening glut of wonky rhythmatics and rotary-cabinet choruses of 'Outta Phase' - on which the artist playfully, nominally teases the listener by references to the track's tasteful stereo out-phasing - to the juddering solar flare that is 'Bluescreen', on which bunsen burners flagrate hot to the point of a dazzling blue flame - this is an EP of evidently solar-spiritual jams, reminiscent of a persona that finds its core inspiration somewhere between Hieroglyphic Being and Roy Of The Ravers.
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