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CHRIS KORDA Schallplatten & CDs

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Compilation Vol 1 Part II
Compilation Vol 1 Part II (white vinyl 12")
Cat: CHXIV 0002. Rel: 19 Oct 22
Deep House
I:Cube - "Demon Du Parking" (6:36)
Chris Korda - "Tipping Points" (8:37)
Satoshi Tomiie - "4am" (6:44)
Jean-Guillaume Cabanne - "Woogie" (4:09)
 in stock $16.24
Avenging Angels Of Software
Cat: HRL 010. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Avenging Angels Of Software (5:24)
A Good Machine Is Hard To Find (6:00)
Bot Bottom (5:31)
Reptiles Like It Hot (5:41)
 in stock $20.33
Primitive Man
Cat: YYKORDAPM. Rel: 29 Sep 23
Primitive Man (5:04)
K35 (6:46)
Lunch Break (5:37)
SAZ (5:51)
Review: Chris Korda's latest EP, we are reliable informed, "interrogates the myth of human superiority and the barbarism that flows from it." A high faulting concept for sure, but that doesn't mean this music isn't sure to bang on the dance floor even for those who haven't heard the backstory. The opener has a brilliantly odd monologue over a squelchy bassline and edgy technoid beats. 'K35' then paid thumping deep house drums with winky and off-grid chord full of colour. 'Lunch Break' is a broken jungle rhythm and 'SAZ' rounds out with glowing retro-future melodies and more thumping deep house grooves. A truly fresh sound for sure.
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 in stock $17.08
Not My Problem I'll Be Dead
Cat: BBB. Rel: 31 May 23
Minimal/Tech House
Baby Batter Bingo (5:37)
Not My Problem, I'll Be Dead (4:30)
Have A Good One (4:56)
Awesome On Mars (5:30)
Review: Chris Korda continues to fuse her acerbic digs on human culture with quirky, polyrhythmic minimal house with this latest release on YYK's No Label series. Not My Problem I'll Be Dead takes aim at the shoulder-shrugging adults of the world right now who are watching the planet's ecosystems decline while continuing with business as normal, and she presents these ideas with her usual devilish comedic streak just to land the point with even more flair. The vocoder run on 'Baby Batter Bingo' is catchy as hell, not least when matched with snappy organ licks and crisp drums. The title track heads off into machine jazz territory which might remind people of Akufen's diversions as Horror Inc, not a million miles away from the sound Korda is exploring on this EP.
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 in stock $19.49
More Than Four
More Than Four (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: CHXIV 05. Rel: 19 Jan 23
Funky/Club House
Virtue Signal (4:54)
Ticking (5:14)
More Than Four (4:46)
LCM (5:55)
Moonchego (8:24)
Charlie's Big Break (5:15)
Shelter In Bass (4:23)
Pleasant Mistake (5:37)
Lodidi (6:16)
Kahelo (6:00)
Review: Interesting new LP from Chris Korda. Upending the expectation that dance music must necessarily be in 4x4 to get its dancefloor-bound listeners excited, the Americam producer has, frankly, thrown that codswallop myth out of the window. Just because people are often musically small-minded doesn't mean they can't be inspired; 'More Than Four' cycles through an impressive slew of tracks experimenting with metric modulation and 'odd' time signatures (yes, we purposefully put quotation marks around the word odd), all while playing with a clean future house sound palette recalling the jazzy chromaticism of Dorian Concept or Time Wharp. An impressive deep house release, deserving of the categorization despite the fact that less exploratory DJs are likely to be scared off by it.
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 in stock $28.17
Passion For Numbers
Passion For Numbers (LP + insert)
Cat: MG 135. Rel: 29 Apr 22
Modern Classical
Ero Ayo (5:30)
Mo Bulu (4:48)
Irubo (4:14)
Ninu Meta (4:23)
Ibaramu (5:15)
Yipo (4:44)
Fun IFe (4:47)
Roro (4:54)
$23.30 SAVE 45%
 in stock $12.81
Polymeter (LP + booklet)
Cat: MG 131. Rel: 10 Jun 20
Modern Classical
Itumo (4:14)
Ona Lile (4:19)
Algo Rag (2:18)
Ominira (4:12)
Ilopo Ferese (4:07)
Omioto (4:41)
Ohi Inu (5:12)
Sipeli (3:12)
Atunwi (5:33)
$23.30 SAVE 65%
 in stock $8.15
Forgive The Night
Forgive The Night (limited 12")
Cat: FM 021. Rel: 07 Mar 23
Forgive Yourself (6:35)
While We Wait (3:35)
Forgive Yourself (Chris Korda version) (4:20)
Reprise (4:05)
$16.24 SAVE 30%
 in stock $11.37
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