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BOO WILLIAMS Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Boo Williams
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Hypnotic Teck (B-STOCK)
Cat: PRTR 27 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Deep House
303 Effect (6:10)
Acid Smoke (6:29)
Extension Time (7:15)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

Chicago house artists don't come much bigger or more accomplished than Boo Williams. The man has a famous signature sound that is full of party but never short on class. His chunky drums are always the foundational element and they come embellished with superb synth work. This new EP on Pariter finds him lean into tech with the loopy acid squelches of '303 Effect' keeping you in suspense, 'Acid Smoke' layering soft 303 lines into a punchy deep house cut and then comes the EP highlight, 'Extension Time'. It's a zoned-out roller with tender piano chords turning you inwards for deep reflection as the rubbery drums keep things moving.
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Night Fall
Cat: PRTR 29. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Deep House
Service Chamber (7:15)
Deep Tech (6:58)
Acid Matrix (7:21)
Review: The first part of a two-part release for Sushitech's sub label Pariter, with Chicago second generation house hero Boo Williams joining the likes of Delano Smith and Norm Talley on the roster for 'Night Fall', the partner 12" to the simultaneously released 'Day Rise'. It features three tracks, all of which fit the mold of early evening classics. 'Acid Matrix' has an early Detroit feel to its raw machine handclap snares and panther-like, stalking bassline, while 'Deep Tech' might be geographically closer to late 80s, early 90s Yorkshire, a compulsive funkiness emerging from its bleepcentric soundscape. 'Service Chamber' is sleeker and more mellow, telephone dial tones spiralling off into the ether while tinkling, xylophone-sounded keys play hypnotically. Choice, quality material that will help any DJ to subtly pick the pace up as the sun falls.
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Day Rise
Day Rise (12")
Cat: PRTR 30. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Deep House
Talley Up (6:52)
The Take Over (6:32)
Teleport (6:46)
Review: Boo Williams is in good company appearing here on Sushitech's sub label Pariter where he joins the illustrious likes of Delano Smith and Norm Talley in its ranks. You wait for a Boo Williams record and then, of course, two come along, 'Day Rise' being accompanied by the simultaneously released 'Night Fall', each with their own corresponding vibe. 'Day Rise' is definitely more upbeat of the two but it's a subtle distinction - it's certainly not full of 4AM bangers designed to keep you awake until the busses start running again. 'Talley Up' is a very straight forward affair, circling around a two note synth riff and gradually building percussion. 'The Take Over' is similarly spritely, another builder with crashing cymbals, jazzy chords and drum machine tumbles steadily building an insurmountable wall of funkiness. Breezy, bumping closer 'Teleport' completes the set, meaning three ultra-handy, raw but sophisticated tunes that house and techno DJs alike will find slipping into their sets with a natural ease.
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Gespielt von: Bryan Hervieu
 in stock $13.99
Song & Dance
Song & Dance (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: PHONOGRAMME 39. Rel: 19 Jan 24
Deep House
Melodic Groove (6:59)
Nite Vision (7:02)
Artificial World (feat Jamiel Patton - 2023) (6:30)
Song & Dance (feat Jamiel Patton - Planet mix) (6:47)
Review: House doesn't get much more Chicago than when made by Boo Williams. The big man has been turning out the jams for decades, always with an irresistible sense of low-end bite and top-end fun. This outing on the French label Phonogramme comes on clear wax and is another crucial 12". 'Melodic Groove' is just that, with rolling drums and soft melodies perfectly intertwining while 'Nite Vision' is a more broken beat and percussive affair with swirling pads up top. 'Artificial World 2023' (feat Jamiel Patton) gets your head amongst the stars with its bright, lush keys and skipping soulful drums and last of all is another heady and cosmic house roller in 'Song & Dance' (feat Jamiel Patton - Planet mix).
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 in stock $18.03
Tribute To Chicago
Cat: CHIWAX 039. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Deep House
Chicago The Place To Be (feat Jamiel Patton) (6:31)
One Hour (6:40)
The Same Again (6:28)
Chicago The Place (feat Jamiel Patton) (6:33)
Review: Given that he has been operative on the Chicago house scene since its earliest days at the dawn of the 1980s, it's perhaps unsurprising that deep house legend Boo Williams' latest EP pays tribute to the city that he calls home. Jamiel Patton lends his spoken word vocals to opener 'Chicago The Place To Be', a hybrid deep house/Afro-house affair piled high with musical details (think short, tight acid lines, woozy electric piano lines, spacey synths and so on), and companion track 'Chicago The Place', an effects-laden, early morning alternate take that's effectively a dub mix of that track. Elsewhere, 'One Hour' is a sparkling, melodically impressive deep house workout with added bleeps, while 'The Same Again' is a locked-in-but-bouncy workout rich in fuzzy synth stabs, sweaty drum machine fills and held-note chords.
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Gespielt von: Vincent Inc, Kisk, Ney Faustini
 in stock $14.26
Disco Runnerz 4
Disco Runnerz 4 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: DISRUN 4. Rel: 29 Mar 23
Disco Fever (7:13)
Calling Love (4:55)
Let No Man (8:43)
Review: Windy City legend Boo Williams keeps on with his ever prolific output, presenting the latest edition in the Disco Runnerz edit series. Edition 4 features two smooth cuts on the first side; such as the low slung and jazz inflected late night vibe of 'Disco Fever' followed by the sultry mood music of 'Calling Love' featuring one super sexy sax that's underpinned by sweltering bongo drums. Over on the flip, Williams saves the best for last with the subtle and hypnotic tool 'Let No Man'.
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Gespielt von: Uncle Nick
 in stock $14.80
Depths Of Life
Cat: BMMDLP 2. Rel: 28 Mar 23
Deep House
Depths Of Life (2:08)
The Moment (6:29)
Action 101 (6:44)
Creepy (6:45)
One Step Closer (6:48)
The Days Of Old (6:48)
Boo Teck Test (6:57)
Mortal Trance (The Final Chapter) (6:57)
The Count Down (6:45)
Boo's Theme (3:17)
Review: A tricksters' release - in that it's almost certainly one of those that cleverly aims to look like an old late 80s house cut, but isn't - Boo Williams' newest deep house LP 'Depths Of Life' is a subtly head-swanging swayer through leagues of tunes that defy anxiety. One can almost be guaranteed an easy ride through this album thanks to its emphasis on vibe rathe than posey complexity. Echoic laughter, sonic reflections and delayed acid lines all pepper its omnipresent, rubbery basses, with baseball organs ('Creepy') and trance tropes ('One Step Closer', 'Mortal Trance') cropping up aplenty.
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 in stock $31.49
Emergency Teck
Emergency Teck (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BMM 50. Rel: 03 Mar 23
Deep House
Emergency Teck (6:54)
Limited Time (6:49)
Emergency Teck (Acid dub) (5:04)
Emergency Teck (beats) (3:33)
Review: Unstoppable Chicago house tour de force Boo Williams has one of the most recognisable sounds in the scene but always manages to say new things with it. This time out he takes care of a 50th release on the Boo Moonman label. It kicks off with some tech-leaning grooves that swing back and forth underneath cosmic pad work. 'Limited Time' is a more percussive and laid-back vibe, with deep house chords and jazzy feelings. 'Emergency Teck' then comes in two further versions - one acid one, and one beat tool for layering up your sets. It makes for another timeless outing from this vital house voice.
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 in stock $17.22
Continous Play
Continous Play (limited 1-sided heavyweight green marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: TXR 104. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Deep House
Virtual Technology (7:01)
Continous Play (7:00)
Review: Chicago house don Boo Williams is one of those artists who has a distinctive sound. It's the way his kicks kick with real force but also infectious funk. He's turned out a steady steam of such sounds for decades and continues to find freshness in his own forms. This new 12" on Trax Research is yet another case in point - well-crafted cuts designed to liven up any dancefloor. Importantly, though, that is never at the expense of real machine soul and plenty of authentic emotions.
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 in stock $16.69
Whip Lash
Whip Lash (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BMM 60. Rel: 14 Dec 22
Deep House
Whip Lash (7:12)
Easy Come Easy Go (7:14)
Nature Groove (7:35)
Acid Alert (6:45)
Review: Boo Williams is considered a 'second generation' house musician from Chicago, one of few who followed in the footsteps of the likes of Larry Heard and Lil Louis - it's as though house music were some kind of Socratic tradition. Whatever the case, his distinctive visage forms the branding basis for his own label Boo Moonman, which has been going for ages. This limited, hand-stamped 12" is yet another addition to the pile, dealing once more in his distinctive, gluey style of analogue jam.
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Gespielt von: Ricardo Miranda
 in stock $15.35
Fruits Of The Spirit (reissue)
Cat: NSRVINYL 014. Rel: 29 Jul 22
Deep House
Fruits Of The Spirit (7:30)
Hiding Secrets (6:59)
Crying Black Man (8:00)
Changes (7:16)
Review: Limited edition reissue of the rare, sought after Boo Williams classic 'Fruits Of The Spirit' originally released in 1999, with four lush tracks completing the generous offering. The title track is blessed with a chugging rhythm, tinkling sonics and ascending, rushing synths, while elsewhere on the EP there's plenty of soothing, properly deep house all executed with a keen ear for melody and a knack for tempting feet floorwards. Don't miss this second chance to get your hands on a classic.
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 in stock $16.96
The Best Of
Cat: BMMDLP 1. Rel: 26 Jan 22
Deep House
Classic Fingers (6:55)
Feeling Good (7:45)
Cyber Trans (7:10)
Tickle Me (6:56)
Pleasant Dreams (5:57)
Piano Trance (5:04)
Midnight Trance (6:15)
Flashback (6:27)
Smokin Acid (7:38)
Home Town Chicago (outro) (1:30)
Review: Boo Moonman presents The Best Of Boo Williams, a selection of quality deep house from the Windy City veteran's back catalogue of timeless work, featured on seminal homegrown imprints such as Relief, Diaspora, Farris Wheel and more. Whether it's the late night mood music of 'Classic Fingers', the spiritual charm of 'Tickle Me' to the hypnotic afterhours vibe of 2013's 'Piano Trance' or the high-octane boompty funk of 'Flashback' there's no doubt of Williams' valuable contribution to Chicago house music - an undisputed legend.

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The Undertaker (reissue)
Cat: BMM 80. Rel: 24 Dec 20
Deep House
The Undertaker (6:35)
Last Call (6:45)
Kickin' (7:05)
Feel The Drive (7:57)
Review: Boo Williams started Boo Moonman Records at the tail end of 2019 and it presents the label's fifth release here in the form of a much needed reissue. Features 'The Undertaker' with its frantic percolator jack which is a zeitgeist of The Windy City's hard house sound of the mid-90s made popular by Cajmere's Relief Records - the very label where the EP originally appeared. 'The Last Call' is exactly the kind of boompty deep house you've come to know and love from the legendary producer, as is the late night bangin' basement jam 'Feel The Drive' capturing the distinct zeitgeist of Chicago during its most seminal moment.
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Music In Motion
Cat: UAR 013. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Deep House
Boo Williams - "Tickin Clock" (6:57)
Eric Johnson - "Melodic Gruv" (6:43)
Reggie Dokes - "Mother's Child" (5:53)
Reggie Dokes - "End Of Time" (5:24)
Review: Norm Talley's Upstairs Asylum label only arrived in 2021 but is already up there with the great Motor City imprints. The boss has been busy putting together a trio of new EPs for the first half of 2023 that showcases a wealth of Mid-West talent. House hero Boo Williams kicks off this one with his typically tight drum programming and party-starting synth work on 'Tickin Clock.' Eric Johnson keeps it raw, deep and loopy on 'Melodic Gruv' then Reggie Dokes brings his signature Atlanta house sound to 'Mother's Child' with its melancholic lead sax and 'End of Time' is a broken beat bliss out.
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 in stock $15.60
SA 003
SA 003 (12")
Cat: SA 003. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Deep House
Boo Williams - "Transformation" (7:44)
Kai Alce - "Love Exists" (6:40)
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - "Soul Expression" (7:35)
Hector Ram - "Morning Sun Vibes" (6:39)
Review: Short Attention has more than grabbed ours with its first two EPs and this third one keeps up that good early form. It's a heavy-hitting mix of pivotal house talents starting off with prolific Windy City player Boo Williams. The big man's 'Transformation' is a smooth and chord-laced house roller that has a more reflective vibe than his usual party-starting offerings. Atlanta don Kai Alce's 'Love Exists' is a heartfelt house romance then the long-time partnership of Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana douse us in star-gazing chords on 'Soul Expression' that leave you feeling refreshed. Hector Ram's 'Morning Sun Vibes' then uplifts with beautifully gentle piano chords.
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Family Affair Vol 2
Cat: RNTR 053. Rel: 07 Feb 23
Nenor - "Do You Remember" (feat Jenny Penkin - Red Axes remix) (5:26)
Boo Williams - "Besty Smith" (7:01)
Frank Booker - "Time Won't Tell" (5:27)
JKriv - "Something Else" (Peter Matson remix) (6:06)
Review: It's another family affair over at New York City's Razor N Tape label. For this edition, they have tapped the ever reliable Israeli indie-dance heroes Red Axes for a euphoric rendition of Nenor's 'Do You Remember' (feat Jenny Penkin) making for proper Balearic vibes, while the one-and-only Boo Williams delivers another ultra-deep house journey in the form of 'Besty Smith'. Over on the flip, we see the return of New Zealand-based producer Frank Booker who hands in the late night mood music of 'Time Won't Tell' followed by Peter Matson with a slinky and neon-lit rework of label chief JKriv's 'Something Else'.
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Back Track
Back Track (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BMM 20. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Deep House
Back Track (6:48)
The Cure (7:31)
Triggerman (7:16)
The Party (6:57)
Review: Smoove-as-ya-like, sashaying night moves from the ever-prolific Boo Williams on his own imprint 'Boo Moonman'. The OG cut is an understated, proggy house tesseract with undulating 303s and propulsive tambourine action, and the dub on the flip is a weightless, pared-back bop allowing each constituent layer its time in the limelight, from warm washes of pensive pad to cavernous congas. File under rollers!
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Can't Forget You
Can't Forget You (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BMM 30. Rel: 10 May 24
Deep House
Can't Forget You (instrumental) (6:42)
All About The Music (Service mix) (6:35)
Replay (7:42)
Last Thoughts (feat Jamiel Patton) (6:25)
Review: There is no other way to say it then, Boo Williams is a legend of Chicago house music. There are only a handful of names in the business who have done what Boo has in his 40 plus year involvement with the scene. His own label Boo Moonman is in the midst of releasing a series of related records, 'Can't Forget You' is the seventh in the soon to be ten set in total, Boo stretching his signature cosmic sound out into deep space across four tracks. These blend jazzy keys and floating synths all to a tribal rhythm, perfect for playing during sunsets and early morning sessions. Boo just doesn't miss. Always expect quality with Mr. Williams.
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