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BIOSPHERE Schallplatten & CDs

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Inland Delta
Cat: BIO 39CD. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Surface Tension
Delta Function
Franklin's Dream
Wolfgang's Wave
Brownian Motion
Random Walk
The String Thing
Florian's Flute
Jane's Lament
Review: Geir Jennsen returns as Biosphere, one of the most enduring names in Norwegian electronic music and by now synonymous with elegant, plaintive ambient of the highest calibre. Inland Delta is made up of nine new musical pieces recorded between 2022 and 2023, primarily focused on improvised performance on a range of vintage keyboards recently restored to pristine condition. As lead track 'Franklin's Dream' demonstrates, there's space for traditional piano as well as the looming drones we know and love Biosphere for, all composed on the fly with a keen sense of harmony that comes from Jenssen's vast experience in this corner of experimental music.
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 in stock $12.75
Inland Delta
Inland Delta (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BIO 39LP. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Surface Tension (6:08)
Delta Function (5:00)
Franklin's Dream (8:05)
Wolfgang's Wave (5:11)
Brownian Motion (7:10)
Random Walk (7:13)
The String Thing (6:35)
Florian's Flute (2:46)
Jane's Lament (5:47)
Review: The release of any new Biosphere album is cause for celebration, especially when the man himself - the great Geir Jenssen - has chosen a specific theme or concept. 'Inland Delta', his first new full-length for almost two years, features (in his words) "mostly improvised performances on newly restored vintage keyboards". In practice, that means a slightly more colourful and fluid ambient sound than some of his many ambient albums, plus inherent warmth missing from his often icy compositions. There's plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, from the slow-moving cinematic bliss of 'Franklin's Dream' and the shuffling shimmer of 'Delta Function', to the becalmed, slowly unfurling dreaminess of 'The String Thing' and the Tangerine Dream-does-ambient loveliness of 'Florian's Flute'.
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 in stock $24.73
Substrata (Alternative Versions)
Substrata (Alternative Versions) (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BIO 37LP. Rel: 20 Oct 22
Poa Alpina (4:57)
Chukhung (8:46)
The Things I Tell You (12:04)
Times When I Know You'll Be Sad (4:00)
Hyperborea (5:34)
Kobresia (5:06)
Antennaria (2:14)
Uva-Ursi (2:10)
Sphere Of No-Form (8:33)
Silene (5:13)
 in stock $24.73
Shortwave Memories
Cat: BIO 36LP. Rel: 20 Jan 22
Tanss (6:43)
Interval Signal (5:25)
Night Shift (6:04)
Formanta (4:16)
Shortwave Memories (5:52)
Infinium (10:50)
Shruthi-12 (8:51)
Transfigured Express (9:10)
Review: After a run of reissues and a boundary-blurring fusion of classical music and electronica (January 2021's Angel's Flight), Norwegian ambient veteran Geir Jennsen AKA Biosphere has gone back to basics on Shortwave Memories. Ditching software and computers for analogue synths, drum machines and effects units, Jennsen has delivered album that he claims was inspired by the post-punk era electronics of Daniel Miller and Matin Hannett, but instead sounds like a new, less dancefloor-conscious take on the hybrid ambient/techno sound he was famous for in the early 1990s. The results are uniformly brilliant, making this one of the Norwegian trailblazer's most alluring and sonically comforting albums for decades.
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 in stock $21.00
Cirque (reissue)
Cat: BIO 26LP. Rel: 03 Feb 21
Nook & Cranny (4:02)
Le Grand Dome (5:34)
Grandiflora (0:54)
Black Lamb & Grey Falcon (5:08)
Miniature Rock Dwellers (1:07)
When I Leave (5:50)
Iberia Eterea (6:45)
Moistened & Dried (3:22)
Algae & Fungi (part 1) (5:31)
Algae & Fungi (part 2) (5:24)
Too Fragile To Walk On (4:48)
When I Leave (Finely Tuned version) (6:36)
Algae & Fungi (Candelaria version) (5:36)
Minuarta (8:04)
Hoodoo (8:41)
Slowly Etching (7:11)
B9 (6:28)
Review: Five years ago, as part of his ongoing vinyl reissue series, Norwegian ambient maestro Biosphere offered up an expanded edition of his 2000 album Cirque. Due to popular demand, he's decided to serve up this edition again in early 2021. The album remains as fresh as it did when it first emerged 21 years ago, with the producer's usual icy ambient sound washes being replaced by warmer, hazier aural textures, gentle melodies, deep bass and a wide variety of distant-sounding rhythms that rarely dominate the sound space. The additional material, most of which is featured on record three, is equally as impressive, with the publicity-shy Norwegian expertly blurring the boundaries between dub techno and ambient techno.
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 in stock $34.02
Dropsonde (reissue)
Cat: BIO 33LP. Rel: 04 Jun 20
Dissolving Clouds (4:11)
Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings (6:38)
Warmed By The Drift (6:27)
In Triple Time (6:22)
From A Solid To A Liquid (5:10)
Arafura (5:00)
Fall In Fall Out (7:08)
Daphnis 26 (6:43)
Altostratus (5:09)
Sherbrooke (5:58)
People Are Friends (10:27)
In The Shape Of A Flute (6:17)
Fair Winds For Escort (5:26)
Windscale Piles (5:29)
Insolate (5:13)
La Caldera (6:30)
Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings (V2)
Warmed By The Drift (V2)
Lost Horizon
Review: Over the last few years, Geir Jennsen has been quietly offering up re-mastered and often expanded reissues of many of his most sought-after albums, including many that have previously never been released on wax. He's at it again here, delivering a weighty triple-vinyl version of one of his lesser-celebrated LPs, 2006's "Dropsone", which boasts seven previously unheard tracks and alternate takes recorded during the same period. Musically, it's one of the most unique sets in Jennsen's catalogue, in part because it mixes his usual ambient textures, chords and melodies with simmering strings, warmer melodies and - most notably - some genuine jazz rhythms. Whereas many of his albums are icy and otherworldly, "Dropsone" is positively sun-kissed and summery.
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Gespielt von: Bantam Lions
 in stock $35.63
The Senja Recordings
Cat: BIO 31CD. Rel: 06 Jun 19
Bergsbotn I
Bergsbotn II
Bergsbotn III
Review: Norwegian ambient veteran Biosphere has enjoyed something of a renaissance of late, thanks in no small part to a series of essential reissues of his 1990s work. His latest release, "The Senja Recordings", is not a reissue, though, but rather his most significant and extensive new album in years. Icy, windswept and atmospheric, it was apparently recorded during extended stays on a Norwegian island over the course of four years. There's plenty of sparse, dark ambient material, of course, but also plenty of distorted but quietly melodic compositions that mirror the loneliness of his remote surroundings. He brings us closer than ever to those surroundings via extensive use of field recordings made during his time on the island, something that only enhances the listening experience.
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 in stock $13.82
The Hilvarenbeek Recordings
Cat: BIO 25. Rel: 15 Mar 18
'T Schop
Rovertse Heide
De Doornboom
Review: After a recent string of EPs and mini LPs, it's a pleasure to hear Biosphere tantalizing drones and ambient loops across a full-length. The Hilvarenbeek Recordings are a perfect encapsulation of the man's sound and vision, forever iterating his subtle sounds to paint rich and vivid portrays of the world and of his surroundings. The new album, one of his best to date, comes to life thanks to the amalgamation of field recordings, raw talent, and a pensive outlook on the world. A constant thirst for applying sound to vision, and vision to sound. Wonderful, as always.
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 in stock $8.78
Shenzhou (reissue)
Cat: BIO 27LP. Rel: 07 Dec 17
Shenzhou (4:54)
Spindrift (4:29)
Heat Leak (4:47)
Ancient Campfire (7:34)
House On The Hill (5:31)
Two Ocean Plateau (3:01)
Thermal Motion (4:16)
Path Leading To The High Grass (3:46)
Fast Atom Escape (3:19)
Green Reflections (3:15)
Bose Einstein Condensation (2:44)
Gravity Assist (6:56)
Griz Nez Windy (3:18)
Dover Ferryport (2:37)
Kent Country Train (2:28)
Lorry Shuttle Shaft (3:06)
Sea Cat (2:29)
Shuttle Hiss Tunnel (3:45)
Calais Ferryport (2:49)
Shuttle (3:10)
The White Cliffs Of Dover (3:53)
Review: Norway's Geir Jenssen is one of ambient's true pioneers. A man who has done nothing but good to the scene, stretching its boundaries across different sounds and harmonic landscapes. He's so renowned, in fact, that even his albums from the post 00's era are worthy of represses, such as this 2002 outing on London's Touch, Shenzhou. It is an impossible task to condense its freeform structures into words, a wide-eyed horizon that blends field recordings and reverb-laden pools of sonics into neatly executed frameworks. This is all about feeling and mood - it's what Biosphere thrives on.
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 in stock $28.44
The Petrified Forest
Cat: BIO 30LP. Rel: 11 May 17
Drifter (4:16)
Black Mesa (5:24)
Turned To Stone (4:47)
The Petrified Forest (5:01)
Just One Kiss (4:54)
This Is The End (5:16)
Review: Any new release from reclusive Norwegian ambient colossus Geir Jennsen is cause for celebration. The Petrified Forest was inspired by a 1936 movie of the same name, the plot of which revolves around a world-weary British writer meeting a fellow idealist in an isolated diner in the middle of the Arizona desert. Jenssen's music has always been cinematic in tone - think widescreen visions with multiple related movements, sitting somewhere between icy loneliness and comforting homeliness - so it's little surprise to find that The Petrified Forest regularly hits the mark. Evocative, atmospheric and quietly melodiousness, it's a mini album chock full of brilliant downtempo electronica.
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 in stock $17.01
Substrata (2xCD)
Cat: BIO 28CD. Rel: 11 May 17
As The Sun Kissed The Horizon (1:00)
Poa Alpina (1:00)
Chukhung (1:00)
The Things I Tell You (1:00)
Times When I Know You'll Be Sad (1:00)
Hyperborea (1:00)
Kobresia (1:00)
Antennaria (1:00)
Uva-Ursi (1:00)
Sphere Of No Form (1:00)
Silene (1:00)
Prologue (1:00)
The Silent Orchestra (1:00)
City Wakes Up (1:00)
Freeze-Frames (1:00)
Manicure (1:00)
The Club (1:00)
Ballerina (1:00)
The Eye Of The Cyclone (1:00)
Endurium (1:00)
Laika (1:00)
 in stock $15.94
Patashnik (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BIO 4LP. Rel: 09 Jun 16
Phantasm (5:07)
Startoucher (4:56)
Decryption (5:57)
Novelty Waves (6:27)
Patashnik (6:13)
Mir (5:21)
The Shield (2:35)
SETI Project (6:19)
Mestigoth (7:46)
Botanical Dimensions (5:53)
Caboose (4:42)
En-trance (5:03)
Review: Originally released in 1994, Biosphere's second album Patashnik, as we would later find out, was only the beginning. Geir Jenssen's Biosphere project has since become a name that rolls off the tongue alongside Brian Eno when talk of ambient comes to the table, and the use of vocals in tracks like "Phantasm" and "Startoucher" are as memory jogging as Marshall Jefferson's "Mushrooms". The music here provides a snapshot of Biosphere's sound before he committed a decade's worth of albums to UK label Touch. For a '90s take on things, you could day "SETI Project" has aged better than "Mestigoth", while the nebulous to deep classical tones and bluey-hues of productions like "Decryption", "Patashnik" and "Mir" remain timeless.
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 in stock $31.89
Cat: BIO 003LP. Rel: 02 Jul 15
Microgravity (5:20)
Baby Satellite (5:08)
Tranquillizer (8:26)
The Fairy Tale (4:59)
Cloudwalker II (5:20)
Chromosphere (3:46)
Cygnus-A (5:00)
Baby Interphase (5:15)
Biosphere II (4:54)
Search (5:41)
Avenue 2.3 (5:21)
Clovis (3:20)
Coulee (2:42)
Ectozone (4:03)
Dewy Fields (4:01)
Eternal (2:58)
Review: Geir Jensson's debut album under the now familiar Biosphere alias, Microgravity, has long been considered something of a classic of the early '90s ambient boom. First released in 1991, it offered an icy but suitably atmospheric mix of chilly ambience, British-style "intelligent techno" and crystalline IDM. To celebrate 25 years since it was recorded (it was released a year later, in 1991), Geir Jensson has re-mastered it and, with the help of a successful crowd-funding campaign, pressed it onto a double CD minus the cross-fades and sound effects featured on the original pressing. Happily, Microgravity has lost none of its allure.
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 in stock $48.39
Substrata (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BIO 5LP. Rel: 01 Dec 11
As The Sun Kissed The Horizon (1:47)
Poa Alpina (4:10)
Chukhung (7:32)
The Things I Tell You (6:29)
Times When I Know You'll Be Sad (3:45)
Hyperborea (5:45)
Kobresia (7:10)
Antennaria (5:13)
Uva-Ursi (2:52)
Sphere Of No-Form (5:56)
Silene (7:56)
Laika (14:32)
 in stock $31.63
N Plants
N Plants (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BIO 06LP. Rel: 17 Nov 11
Sendai (part 1)
Shika (part 1)
Ikata (part 1)
Monju (part 1)
Genkai (part 1)
Monju (part 2)
 in stock $28.70
Birmingham Frequencies (remastered)
Cat: H 013. Rel: 16 May 19
Cannon Hill
Gas Street Basin
The Rotunda
Augusta Road
 in stock $10.37
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