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More Than Machine 02: Part 2
Cat: TR 122V. Rel: 18 Jan 22
Client 03 - "Default Mode Network" (4:35)
Marco Bailey - "Smoke It" (5:18)
John Selway - "Phase Vortex" (6:15)
Alexander Kowalski - "Flickering Lights" (5:59)
Review: Christian Smith's esteemed Tronic imprint recently deployed the second edition in its More Than Machine series which explored more underground sounds than expected, mainly in the form of electro. British newcomer Client 03 drops some sublime futurist beats on 'Default Mode Network', legendary Belgian Marco Bailey delivers something different from his usual main room techno sound on 'Smoke It'. Over on the flip, Smith's former studio collaborator John Selway makes a welcome appearance on the sci-fi bass explorations of 'Phase Vortex' and Kanzleramt staple Alexander Kowalski delivers the EP highlight on the dystopian machine funk of 'Flickering Lights'.
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 in stock $13.19
Lost in Depths
Cat: ARTSW 010. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Lost In The Depths (7:03)
Elements (7:03)
Light In The Darkness (6:05)
Promising Whispers (6:35)
 in stock $16.35
Taking Back The Dawn
Cat: BAO 080. Rel: 18 Feb 22
Taking Back The Dawn (6:47)
Black Box Treatment (6:20)
Silversun Waves (6:30)
Silversun Waves (Synthapella) (4:02)
 in stock $13.19
The Essential Groove
Alexander Kowalski - "Breakpoint" (6:06)
Thomas P Heckmann - "Amplified" (6:08)
Dejota Doblecero - "Alta Frecuencia" (99edit) (6:56)
Pergo - "Unlocked Song" (5:12)
Vibrations Of Gravity - "I Think You Are Gonna Like It" (5:02)
Review: Drei Vinyl arrived with a bang earlier this year, firing off a 12" pointedly titled A New Beginning with four hi-octane slammers from the boisterous end of the techno spectrum. Now the label returns with an eagerly anticipated sophomore split-disc, The Essential Groove. Alexander Kowlaski opens the record up with the thunderous, nervy 'Breakpoint' before Thomas P. Heckmann whips out a fun and freaky throw down for peak time situations. On the B side Dejota Doblecero creates a motorik cacophony of rhythmic brilliance on 'Alta Frecuencia', Pergo creates an infectious strain of carnival techno and Vibrations Of Gravity jacks harder than anyone on the blistering 'I Think You Are Going To Like It'.
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 in stock $14.50
Season Two Remixes
Cat: RECT 012. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Stinger (Roll Dann remix) (6:19)
Most Monkeys Live In Trees (Ritzi Lee remix) (5:49)
Stinger (Vil & Cravo remix) (6:06)
Lucid Mind (Mario Berger remix) (5:47)
Review: Leipzig hard techno devotee Oliver Rosemann knows what he wants in his club tracks, and so his Recorded Things label continues to lay out a provocative, potent strain of looped up intensity which keeps a necessary funk in its groove. On this latest release, his collaborations with Alexander Kowalski from last year have been picked up by a host of remixers bringing the heat in their own unique ways. Roll Dann does incredible work creating slippery, grinding hooks in the midst of thunderous propulsion on the remix of 'Stinger', while Ritzi Lee opts for tension and hypnotic pressure creating a new version of 'Most Monkeys Live In Trees'. Vil & Cravo's own version of 'Stinger' keeps the kicks super punchy and lets some catchy riffs circle overhead, while Mario Berger turns 'Lucid Mind' into a tunnelling, disorienting wormhole of the highest order.
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 in stock $14.24
Muzzle Blast EP
Muzzle Blast EP (limited 12")
Cat: RECT 010. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Muzzle Blast (4:52)
Most Monkeys Live In Trees (5:24)
Chinese Water Torture (5:44)
Wasps Attack When Drunk (5:33)
 in stock $14.24
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