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AKIO NAGASE Schallplatten & CDs

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Comunion (feat Toby Tobias remix)
  1. Giraffi Dog & GF Rich - "A New Home In The Jungle"
  2. Alphonse - "White Pepper" (Toby Tobias Acid remix)
  3. Remotif - "Beam Me Up Softwoiii"
  4. Akio Nagase - "Tinsagu-Nu-Hana"
Review: Ever since the first white labels appeared at the end of Summer 2013, [Emotional] Especial has been putting out music that is slightly left of (club music) centre. Influenced as much by and including dub, electro, disco, proto-house, house and techno, guided more by a feeling than a sound.

This thinking has been that exemplified by every 10th release being a label sampler - a showcase of unreleased tracks or remixes of what has come before, plus the odd one off cut by an artist to watch. Some 4 years since the last Sampler, the label's 40th release presents new label heads Giraffi Dog, returning after their recent "live" Multiverse EPs, here teaming up with GF Rich for a breaks anthem. Sub bass rising, the persistent build leads to piano before drop and Acid mayhem ensues, highlight why G Dog are such a producer to watch.

Label mainstay Alphonse returns, with White Pepper from the "Stolen Sunrise EP", here remixed by House stalwart Toby Tobias. Having released for a who's who of labels including REKIDS, ESP Institute, Delusions Of Grandeur and Futureboogie, the illusion these past years of who is Alphonse can finally revealed as Toby himself. The remix of his alter ego takes the 'Balearics' of the original and adds breaks and 303, all retaining a laid back feeling for summers return.

On the flip, the label welcomes rising star, Remotif. With a series of EPs showcasing a growing talent, his recent Coymix release sealed the deal. Here, his comedically titled Beam Me Up Softwoiii belies a party anthem, where breaks and arps rise in unison before an Aphex sunrise burst, drops and heads down in pure dance.

Akio Nagase returns to close with another of his Japanese folk meets lilting 303 Acid House. An Okinawa traditional folk song, conveying a life lesson, here to Hosenka flower is laid across slo-mo acid bubbles to quirkily and perfectly complete another 10th release of the Especial path.
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Enjoy Your Self EP 2
  1. Ground - "Utau Narukoyuri"
  2. Akio Nagase - "Arauma" (Kobato dub)
  3. Jose Finagandara, Juan Diego Lllescas & Ground - "Something Sign"
  4. Akira Arasawa With KUN & FRANKY-CH - "Yunnan"
Review: Especial Specials and Chillmountain Recordings present the 2nd EP in the Enjoy Your Self EP, diving deeper into the Osaka based labels music to showcase their roster in detail.

The EP starts with label head, Ground's mesmerising Beatdown meets Trance inducing Utau Narukoyuri. A slow burning, late night trip out for deep parties or 'afters'.

Next, Especial 'favourite' Akio Nagase appears for the first time in the series with the heavy, tribal percussives of Arauma (Kobato Dub). The original link between the Chillmountain and Especial, Akio's name is on the rise and here the heavyweight dub basslines and ethereal, new age flute is perfect for late night dark room, psychedelic adventures.

The label's collaborative approach shines as Equador duo Josefina Gandara and Juan Diego Illescas are welcomed. Members of electronic cumbia project, Categal, his backgrounds in film and sound composition, sound design and visual media, highlights Illescas' mastery of the conscious sounds of the pueblos, working with Ground's dub minimalism, all elevated with the awe and lanquitidy of Gandara's natural vocals.

To end Akira Arasawa returns, here with Kun and Franky-Ch, and a meandering Balearic journey of hazy beats, guitar, Hoomii (Mongolian) throat singing, found sound, bird song and folkloric strings, beautifully together for the perfect come down.

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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo
coming soon $12.42
African Acid EP
Cat: EES 042. Rel: 15 Aug 22
Deep House
  1. Acid Maasai Collecthiv (7:06)
  2. Morisyen Acid (5:53)
  3. Serengeti Acid (8:15)
  4. Jua (6:08)
Review: Akio Nagase is a well known acid specialist from Osaka and now he is back on the (Emotional) Especial label with a second offering of 303-infused world music. His last offering was an Asian orientated EP, but here it is ethno-inspired dance from Africa that provides the stylistic overtones. First up, 'Acid Maasai Collecthiv' sets the scene with TB 303 weaving around dub heavy bass then 'Morisyen Acid' is more ethereal with Mauritian samples that really uplift. 'Serengeti Acid' find the 808 and 303 in harmony and closer 'Jua' interweaves the fabric of life with a psychedelic beat design to bring people together and dance.
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 in stock $12.42
Enjoy Your Self EP3
  1. Akio Nagase - "Mbira Dub"
  2. Akira Arasawa & Ground - "Multi Gud Z"
  3. Akira Arasawa - "Dolphin"
  4. Saeko Killy - "Dancing Pikapika"
Review: Osaka based label Chillmountain's retrospective continues with Enjoy Your Self 3, as their deep, dubby and psychedelic electronic productions are examined and presented again on Especial's spin off label, Specials.

Star of both Chillmountain and now Especial (EES038 / EES042), Akio Nagase introduces possibly the stand-out track from the whole series with his Dub Techno meets Kalimba, Mbira Dub. A Basic Channel deep groove is twisted and mixed with pure Zimbabwe idiophone rhythm, the live Mbira bringing melody against bongos and cheeky repetitive vox for the ultimate dub house shuffle.

Label stars Akira Arasawa and Ground come together for a special one-off discoid beatdown. Acid bass, Fourth World samples, trippy fx and whistles'n' chants all lead to a psychedelic pot of chugging discoid heaven.

Akira Arasawa then goes solo with Dolphin, a driving club cut of wide and deep "proporpoises". His move from shamanic Psy-Trance to slower beats complete, creating a space inbetween of dub beats. A head down, basement joy.

Things slow to a Dancing Pikapika, as 'Tokyo to Berlin' based DJ, vocalist and producer Saeko Killy closes EP3. With a recent appearance on the ever-essential Sameheads club's compilation series and music upcoming with Sofa elsewhere (Emotional Response / Music From Memory), her closer is a leftfield, new wave turn of groovy, catchy, pop and acid bubbles.
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coming soon $12.42
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