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The Lizard King EP
Cat: BAXN 007. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Lizard King (6:26)
New Dawn (6:10)
The Way It Feels (5:41)
Jupiter Moon (5:52)
Review: A Morgan doesn't release often but when he does it's worth checking in. He's landed previously on Voight, New Rhythmic and Canticle but here debuts on the fledgling Blackaxon's seventh EP. 'Lizard King' is a full fat techno cut with tribal funk and wet synths all demanding you march along. 'New Dawn' keeps up the pace with more firmly rooted drums and ticking hi hats up top next to daubs of synth menace. Things take a dark, distorted and twisted turn on 'The Way It Feels' which is the most dense of the lot while 'Jupiter Moon' heads off on a cosmic tip - cavernous deep space atmospheres driven by unrelenting drums.
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