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Back In Stock: Ambient/Drone

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Late Night Tales
Late Night Tales (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + art print + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 44. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Hjalmar Larusson & Jonbjorn Gislason - "Jomsvikingarimur - Yta Eigi Feldi Ror." (1:15)
  2. Julianna Barwick - "Forever" (5:30)
  3. Koreless - "Last Remnants" (4:22)
  4. Odesza - "How Did I Get Here" (instrumental) (2:00)
  5. Anois - "A Noise" (4:10)
  6. Samaris - "Gooa Tungl" (4:08)
  7. Olafur Arnalds - "RGB" (4:36)
  8. Rival Consoles - "Pre" (5:14)
  9. Jai Paul - "Jasmine" (demo) (4:11)
  10. Four Tet - "Lion" (Jamie Xx remix) (6:52)
  11. James Blake - "Our Love Comes Back" (3:39)
  12. Spooky Black - "Pull" (4:13)
  13. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - "And Still They Move" (2:55)
  14. Olafur Arnalds - "Say My Name" (feat Arnor Dan) (5:38)
  15. Kiasmos - "Orgoned" (5:57)
  16. Olafur Arnalds - "Kinesthesia" (1:44)
  17. Hjaltalin - "Ethereal" (6:32)
  18. David Tennant - "Undone" (3:51)
Review: Icelandic classical, experimental and soundtrack composer Olafur Arnalds steps away from the loops and Broadchurch OSTs to conjure yet another sublime LNT saga. Carefully balancing between contemporary odysseys ("Jomsvikingarimur"), dense futuristic electronic weaves ("Last Remnants"), fuzzy 22nd century pop ("A Noise") sludgy cosmic funk ("Jasmine") and introspective soul ("Our Love Comes Back"), Olafur blows wave after woozy wave of soft sonic conjurations in a way that's broad, detailed and cleverly considered. Good night.
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 in stock $23.86
Asis Part 3
Cat: WANIASIS 3. Rel: 15 Mar 16
  1. Asis Part 3 (14:03)
Review: Wania come through with the oddness once again! It's not clear who is behind ASIS, though there are breadcrumbs of info out there that suggests the involvement of main players in Acido, Sex Tags and SUED. It certainly wouldn't surprise us if the name was a cloak for any number of Sex Tags associates to jam in the studio and lay down this 14 minute exercise in abstract sonics!! As with some of the recent Wania releases, "Asis Part 3" is cerebral stuff and we highly recommend it for the weekends you want to kick back and trip out in the company of some strange music. The more adventurous DJs out there might even find some room in the earliest moments of a club night to deploy "Asis Part 3" and lay down a marker for how deep you want to take it!
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 in stock $6.17
Microgravity (3xLP)
Cat: BIO 003LP. Rel: 02 Jul 15
  1. Microgravity
  2. Baby Satellite
  3. Tranquillizer
  4. The Fairy Tale
  5. Cloudwalker II
  6. Chromosphere
  7. Cygnus-A
  8. Baby Interphase
  9. Biosphere II
  10. Search
  11. Avenue 2.3
  12. Clovis
  13. Coulee (2:40)
  14. Ectozone (4:02)
  15. Dewy Fields (4:00)
  16. Eternal (2:59)
Review: Geir Jensson's debut album under the now familiar Biosphere alias, Microgravity, has long been considered something of a classic of the early '90s ambient boom. First released in 1991, it offered an icy but suitably atmospheric mix of chilly ambience, British-style "intelligent techno" and crystalline IDM. To celebrate 25 years since it was recorded (it was released a year later, in 1991), Geir Jensson has re-mastered it and, with the help of a successful crowd-funding campaign, pressed it onto a double CD minus the cross-fades and sound effects featured on the original pressing. Happily, Microgravity has lost none of its allure.
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Music Has The Right To Children
Music Has The Right To Children (gatefold 2xLP + sticker)
Cat: WARPLP 55R. Rel: 18 Oct 13
  1. Wildlife Analysis
  2. An Eagle In Your Mind
  3. The Color Of The Fire
  4. Telephasic Workshop
  5. Triangles & Rhombuses
  6. Sixtyten
  7. Turqoise Hexagon Sun
  8. Kaini Industries
  9. Bocuma
  10. Roygbiv
  11. Rue The Whirl
  12. Aquarius
  13. Olson
  14. Pete Standing Alone
  15. Smokes Quantity
  16. Open The Light
  17. One Very Important Thought
Review: Widely regarded as Boards of Canada's finest hour, Music Has The Right To Children finds itself the subject of a well-deserved 2LP gatefold reissue from Warp Records. One of the most defining records of what was known for better or worse as IDM still sounds as timeless as it did in 1998, as the library tones of "Wildlife Analysis", thick downtempo rhythms of "Roygbiv" and out of focus melodies of "Olson" prove. Essential!
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Lux (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 231. Rel: 29 Nov 12
  1. Lux 1
  2. Lux 2
  3. Lux 3
  4. Lux 4
Review: The godfather of electronics, Brian Eno makes a return to Warp Records. Lux, literally meaning "light", is a delicate assortment of subtle harmonics and chimerical programming. As with all of Mr.Eno's work, all of the elements seem to share an inseparable union with each other, one which manifests a specific concept. "Lux 1" is the sound of a new day, with its gentle notes playing over a majestic soundscape beneath it; whilst "Lux 2" enters more desolate grounds, where melodies are dissolved and remoulded to create a spine-chilling sea of sound. "Lux 3" is a similarly meditative musical zone, where notes remain deserted in a melancholic whirlpool of sub-drones; but "Lux 4" is the radiating light at the end of the tunnel - atmospheric and full of emotion.
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Gespielt von: Max Essa
 in stock $21.61
The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition)
The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition) (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WAST 032LP. Rel: 25 Nov 14
  1. Triennale
  2. Alhondiga
  3. Markgraph
  4. Lanzarote
  5. Francisco
  6. Cavallino
  7. Riverside
  8. Innocenti
  9. Stedelijk
  10. Ikebukuro
 in stock $19.93
Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins (reissue)
Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins (reissue) (limited LP + 50 page book + insert)
Cat: LPS 190. Rel: 28 Jun 17
  1. Gruppenseufzen Zur Versöhnung Der Erde Mit Dem Menschen (17:33)
  2. Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins (13:29)
  3. Song Of The Earth (8:24)
 in stock $34.80
Notes Of Forestry
Cat: WRWTFWW 034. Rel: 04 Jun 20
  1. Notes Of Forestry (6:15)
  2. Pascal (7:47)
  3. Sprial For Multiple Instruments (8:07)
  4. Nude (17:14)
Review: For the latest release in their ongoing "Esplande Series" focusing on the work of Japanese ambient minimalists, Swiss reissue specialists WRWTFWW have decided to deliver a new edition of Motohiko Hamase's rather good - but very hard to find - 1988 release "Notes of Forestry". It remains a remarkable work, sitting somewhere between the fluid and heavenly electronics of new age ambient, the cyclical minimalist movements of Steve Reich, free-jazz and the kind of free-wheeling, loose-limbed works most often associated with experimental percussionists. Hamase is a bass player by trade, and its' his fast-fingered fretless bass playing that catches the ear throughout (though it by no means dominates the sound space).
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Everything Is New
Everything Is New (yellow vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LALUNA 003. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. Aurulia (5:26)
  2. Break Down (4:46)
  3. Deeper Thoughts (5:12)
  4. Everything Is New (6:52)
  5. New Place (4:36)
  6. Sleep Walk (5:39)
  7. Sometime For Time (5:15)
  8. Spectrum (6:41)
  9. Teal (4:25)
  10. Tetra (5:19)
  11. The Way Of Things (3:40)
  12. Transient Warmth (6:18)
Review: When Inhmost made their debut on Greta Cottage Woodpile in 2015, we remarked on the quality of their picture-perfect tributes to the cosmic, soul-warming sound of 1990s ambient labels such as Fax and Apollo. "Everything Is New", their belated second album, takes a similar widescreen, retro-futurist approach, with the publicity-shy duo delivering impeccably crafted, exceedingly atmospheric workouts that variously doff a cap to Global Communication ('Aurulia'), Pete Namlook (the quiet and contemplative 'Break Down'), Space Time Continuum ('Deeper Thoughts'), the Irresistible Force ('Sleep Walk'), Ninja Tune's almost forgotten N Tone label ('Spectrum'), and the more ambient end of Richard H Kirk's Sandoz project (the warm and wonderful 'Sometime For Time').
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Gespielt von: Sanderson Dear
 in stock $30.03
I Rocked Till The Midnight Hour At Melissa's Bat Mizvah
  1. This Is No Ordinary Puppet Show (7:53)
  2. Melissa's First Hora (7:40)
  3. The Woman Behind The Curtain (5:19)
  4. Into The Thunderhead (7:31)
  5. Easy Now Girl, Come On Now Girl (5:41)
  6. The Last Time We Went To The Shore (7:00)
 in stock $10.95
3 (reissue)
3 (reissue) (2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: POLE 3LP. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Silberfisch (6:37)
  2. Taxi (7:11)
  3. Karussell (6:30)
  4. Uberfahrt (7:52)
  5. Rondell Zwei (6:59)
  6. Klettern (8:10)
  7. Strand (7:31)
  8. Fohlenfurz (3:19)
 in stock $23.56
Saudade (reissue)
Saudade (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + artwork limited to 200 copies)
Cat: DAUWLP 09. Rel: 06 Nov 20
  1. Fernwood (4:50)
  2. Streams Of Light (3:00)
  3. Saudade (3:50)
  4. Brume (3:02)
  5. Burl (3:56)
  6. Palo Colorado (8:03)
  7. Canopy (5:40)
  8. Ektar 100 (4:09)
! low stock $28.06
Blue Movie
Blue Movie (purple vinyl 7")
Cat: OESR 5. Rel: 06 Jun 17
  1. Blue Movie (4:30)
  2. Decalogue Of Death (alternate version) (2:00)
 in stock $5.90
Suite For Psaltery & Dulcimer
Cat: KR 16. Rel: 12 May 16
  1. Psaltery (feat Alison Cotton) (20:38)
  2. Dulcimer (I) (10:23)
  3. Dulcimer (II) (9:20)
 in stock $14.59
Udu (LP)
Cat: AMFIBIA 22. Rel: 01 Aug 17
  1. Algus (5:56)
  2. Alguse Tolm (5:48)
  3. Aeg (4:24)
  4. Alguse Udu (4:37)
  5. Taevakehad (5:09)
  6. Vaade (Puramiid) (4:03)
  7. Must Udu (9:59)
Review: When it comes to the Sex Tags collective, the endless sprawl of monikers and aliases means that the real artist behind any one release could be just about anyone - even Sotofett or Fett Burger themselves. The Norwegians have truly created a catalogue that stands out from the rest over the last 10 years, and the Amfibia sub-brand is perhaps one of the more singular offshoots to come from their stable; instead of focussing on dance music, this imprint is reserved strictly for all things left of field. Vera Dvale's name has already popped up on a few Sex Tags joints, including one recent appearance for Sotofett's excellent Wania label, but Psykovarius is one we haven't heard before. Udu, this seven-track downtempo masterpiece, is a graceful abstraction into the deepest, most meditative corners of the synth world. But, crucially, this isn't some retro fest that attempts to recreate anything remotely 80s; the duo explore the vast frontier that is ambient, guided and framed in all sorts of sublime analogue keyboards that render it constantly surprising with each new listen. This is Sex Tags Amfibia.
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Gespielt von: James Welsh
 in stock $12.34
Jomon Sho
Jomon Sho (LP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: GLOSSY 004. Rel: 03 Nov 20
  1. The Gate Of Breathing (Prelude) (2:54)
  2. Jungle Book (10:27)
  3. Bow-Shaped Moon (2:20)
  4. The Magical Stones & The Double Mirrors + The Wave Of Breathing (4:25)
  5. Windscape (1:23)
  6. Bone Knife (2:07)
  7. Relation Between Bisons, Bananas & Rods - The Previous Night (7:38)
  8. Warriors (3:58)
  9. The Earring Of The Dancers (3:53)
  10. Respite Of The Bows & Arrows (4:24)
  11. Calendar (Finale) (3:25)
 in stock $26.66
Nova & 4 (reissue)
Nova & 4 (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: WRWTFWW 028LTD. Rel: 03 Jul 19
  1. Nova (10:40)
  2. Slow Sky (6:21)
  3. In The Afternoon (8:28)
  4. Taiko (6:51)
  5. Humming The Sea (5:04)
  6. Through The Windows (3:37)
  7. Epilogue (7:15)
  8. Old Dream Spell (14:46)
  9. Light Which Shakes Quietly (10:46)
  10. One Day In Summer (12:27)
  11. Shadow Of A Water Droplet (10:36)
Review: Blending elements of ambient, abstract experimentalism, minimalism and modern classical, Yutaka Hirose's sole LP - 1986's "Nova + 4" - has become something of an in-demand item in recent years. Here it gets the reissue treatment, allowing those of us without deep pockets to wallow in its evocative charms. It's an intriguing affair, with Hirose drifting between beguiling (if unusual) soundscapes (see "Nova", where metallic chimes and gentle piano motifs unfurl over sustained ambient chords), sublime minimalist ambient (the echoing melodies of "In The Afternoon" and cascading bliss of "Through The Windows"), slow burn new age ("Taiko", "Humming The Sea") and deliciously experimental sound collages ("Epilogue").
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 in stock $35.65
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