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Monday 18 February 2019
Tracid (140 gram vinyl 12" Nachpressung)
Cat: CRTL 006. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Tracid (8:05)
  2. That Break (7:12)
  3. Acid Rhytms (7:05)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Uruguay's finest house and techno export Z@p continues his welcome return to active service in the freakier end of the scene with this spot on Cartulis Music. "Tracid" has a clue in its title, and it doesn't take long to detect the brazen 303 baiting taking place through the core of this peppy workout. It's an effective weapon used in just the right way that should get bodies wriggling with approval. "That Break" meanwhile diverts into a kind of braindance territory with the titular drums matched with more wobbly synth leads and spooked out pads, and then "Acid Rhytms" rounds the EP off with a more reflective cut for calmer moments in the dance.
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Gespielt von: Javier Carballo, Lola Allen
 in stock $9.12
The Blues (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COB 12. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. The Blues
  2. No Sample
  3. Get Ready
Review: Courtesy Of Balance Recordings weclomes Nat Wendell to the family with his long awaited debut. We have had the tracks for a while now and they have all been road tested and will guarantee some serious dancefloor action for your warm up, after hours or main room needs. This record is as deep as it gets. As usual, this is for the underground house djs who only care to bring emotion and memories to their audiences. This is set to be a classic of it own.

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 in stock $9.66
  1. Stabilize (Ion Ludwig Reconstruction) (12:07)
  2. Control (Steve O'Sullivan Reconstruction) (7:28)
  3. Dim Dim (Melchior Productions LTD Reconstruction) (6:55)
Review: As you'd expect, Sushitech has pulled out all the stops on this second selection of remixes of tracks from Paul St Hilaire and Rhauder's recent top notch dub techno full length, Deredoc. Ion Ludwig steps up first, laying down a rolling, peak-time take on "Stability" that wraps dubbed-out synth motifs and atmospheric snippets of St Hilaire's vocal around a chunky, tech-tinged deep house groove. Over on the B-side, British techno veteran Steve O'Sullivan delivers a deliciously dreamy, late night interpretation of "Control", before minimal house maestro naturally emphasizes the dubbier aspects of "Dim Dim" on his standout rework.
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 in stock $9.66
Cat: SUSH 047. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Skank (Cobblestone Jazz Reconstruction) (8:39)
  2. Control (Amorf Reconstruction) (8:58)
Review: Last year, dub techno veterans Paul St Hillaire and Rhauder joined forces for a superb collaborative debut album, Decoded. Sushitech has wisely chosen to breathe new life into their soulful, dubbed-out exploits by handing over the parts to a string of high profile remixers. The first of three Reconstructed EPs begins with Cobblestone Jazz's peak-time take on "Skank", where St Hillaire's patois vocals ride a metronomic techno backing track rich in restless late night stabs, delay-laden woodblock hits and bleeping electronics. Flip to the B-side for a warmer and hazier take on "Control" by Amorf. Sitting somewhere between bass-heavy tech-house and head-in-the-clouds deep house, it's something of a hypnotic delight.
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 in stock $9.66
RAW EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COJ V001. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. Alright
  2. Raw Like 94
  3. About You
  4. Who's Inside
Review: "Club of Jacks
Raw E.P.

A1 Alright
A2. Raw Like 94
B1. About You
B2. Who's Inside

London based producers Club of Jacks have been bubbling away on the underground for a while now with releases on labels including Plastik People, Blockhead, Soul Revolution and their own Club of Jacks imprint.

Here they launch their vinyl label with a 4 track EP of fresh and distinct House & Garage cuts primed for the dance floor (or wherever you like to jack your body!)

'Alright' comes correct as a dubwise Garage House jam with reggae samples and a gear shifting breakbeat in the drop to tear up the dance.

'Raw Like 94' nods to that classic 4/4 UKG sound and bumps along to a bass heavy, skippy groove with shimmering, nostalgic vocals.

'About You' is an uplifting, funky little number with a jazzy sax riff topped with rhodes stabs and soulful vocal chops.

'Who's Inside' rounds off the EP with a jackin' deep house nugget of filtered pads, punchy bass and sweet female vocal flourishes.


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Gespielt von: Paul Starey
 in stock $8.59
Power Metal EP (1-sided red vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: MONO 10. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. The Beast
  2. Radical Man
  3. Enemy Ace
  4. The Shape
 in stock $20.40
Cat: OSNS 1. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. On & On
  2. On & On (Paul Johnson Keep On Jackin remix)
  3. On & On (Kristin Velvet remix)
  4. On & On (Cinthie remix)
Review: "Jesse Saunders' 'On & On' isn't simply the first house record of all time -- it's also among the most iconic. First released in January 1984 via Jesse's Jess Say Records, the release set the wheels in motion for a sound that continues to grow in influence and popularity to this very day.

For the release's 35th anniversary, Saunders has re-mastered and reissued the original alongside a stellar host of remixers. Seeing the light of day on fledgling label OSNS Records (Old School / New School), the A side features the classic original as well as host from fellow house music legend, Chicago's Paul Johnson. The flip side meanwhile, features new remixes from two contemporary Berlin-based acts, Arms & Legs' Kristin Velvet and Beste Modus and Elevate boss, Cinthie. Featuring three dancefloor-inspired remixes, this is a release that pays homage to the original's charms in impressive fashion. "

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Gespielt von: Ney Faustini
 in stock $9.66
Machine Jack (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: TRUNCATE 18. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Machine Jack (version 1)
  2. Machine Jack (version 2)
  3. Missing
Review: White label lover Truncate (AKA long-serving techno producer David Flores) is back with more "no frills hard grooves, crafted for the dancefloor". This time it's all about "Machine Jack", a track served in two distinct flavours of analogue-driven intensity. First up is "Machine Jack V1", where one-note stabs, Belgian hardcore "Hoover" noises and simple, mind-altering melodies slowly rise above a pounding techno groove. "Machine Jack V2" is equally as intense, with twisted, acid-style electronic motifs dancing above another ten-ton beat. In comparison, surprisingly tropical B-side "Missing" is rather laidback and melodious. It's still savage and floor-friendly, but boasts a rather cheery synthesizer melody and some blissful electronic touches throughout.
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 in stock $11.28
Lovesongs EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: QWH 001. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. A Song For Us
  2. Houston 1990 (instrumental)
  3. I Never Thought I'd See The Day
  4. Like A Yellow Frisbee
Review: First vinyl release from Quasar on his own Quasar White hand-stamped records series. First side has happy and party oriented vibes, while the second leaves to a deep and introspecrive relaxing atmosphere.
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 in stock $9.66
Cat: NWN 04. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. Live On DuPont #2
  2. Live On DuPont #3
  3. The WHIP
  4. The WHIP (Cody Currie remix)
 in stock $11.28
Kusk EP (Cody Currie remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CINE V001. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. Mandolinio
  2. Mandolinio (Cody Currie remix)
  3. Hands On, Handsome
  4. Obscene
Review: After a short break Sheffield based Moment Cinetique return in 2019 with their first vinyl release, with an EP from fast-rising Icelandic producer Intr0beatz including a remix from London's House prodigy Cody Currie. Intr0beatz experienced a quick rise to the forefront of House music through 2018 with releases on labels including fellow Icelandic natives Lagaffe Tales gaining support from DJs such as XXXY, Black Loops, Carlo and more. The Kusk EP displays his trademark sound of deep grooves punctuated by disco highlights and rich synths, with all three three original tracks combining lush pads, intricate keys, energetic grooves and analogue synth work to create an infectious, high-quality release. Cody Currie also enjoyed a huge 2018 with releases on Classic, Southern Fried and many more. Cody uses the loop and groove bass of Intr0's 'Mandolinio' then adds jazz keys and stabs to twist the track into his own unique style.

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Gespielt von: Tilman
 in stock $8.59
Interaction Nr 1: Internal Reflection (140 gram vinyl 12" + limited hand-numbered screen-printed insert)
Cat: EL 003. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Exhausted Modern - "Cima Da Lagh"
  2. Exhausted Modern - "Loss Of Self-Identity"
  3. CCO - "With Me"
  4. CCO - "Serendipity"
Review: Electronic Leatherette is back with third release. Internal reflection is 4 track split EP which contains two melancholical autumn-techno tracks from Exhausted Modern on incidence side and two acid athems from CCO as refraction.

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 in stock $8.59
Follow Me (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CVR 009. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. Follow Me
  2. Follow Me (Acid Bass mix)
  3. Follow Me (Dancefloor Rhythm mix)
  4. Follow Me (Deep Bass Nine mix)
Review: CVR 009
Tyree- Follow Me
Side A. 1. Original Mix- Raw house track with stripped down jazz vocals
Side A. 2. Acid Mix- Classic acid bassline that really appeals to that original Chicago acid house sound. It's true to it's nature with 808 kick drum resonating thru the track. With small vocal stabs to bring the track to life.
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Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
 in stock $10.20
Archive Fever (Adamo Golan remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HRM 001. Rel: 18 Feb 19
Deep House
  1. Francis Harris - "Archive Fever"
  2. Francis Harris - "Archive Fever" (Adamo Golan remix)
  3. Hamatsuki - "Kandzaia"
  4. Hamatsuki - "Picnic Attack"
Review: The lighter shades of electronic music found a home in our very own Horoom for quite a while already. It's time to bring our love for melodies and rhythms into an output: under the roof of Bassiani records we are proud to announce a new sublabel. HOROOM001 inaugurates the platform that will be home to the likes of virtuoso Francis Harris and the craft of Hamatsuki. They've contributed, A to B, to the first release on the new imprint and be sure to find tracks that are going to enchant you with both beauty and depth. Jazzy, elegant and yearning: no more words needed.
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 in stock $10.20
Welcome To The Club (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 4591 LP. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Welcome To The Club (2:46)
  2. Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere (2:22)
  3. The Blues Don't Care (2:13)
  4. Mood Indigo (3:23)
  5. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home (2:13)
  6. The Late, Late Show (2:35)
  7. Avalon (1:48)
  8. She's Funny That Way (3:03)
  9. I Want A Little Girl (2:51)
  10. Wee Baby Blues (3:18)
  11. Look Out For Love (2:00)
  12. Madrid (Bouns track) (2:51)
 in stock $12.63
Tobacco Road (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: SD 1472. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Teardrops From My Eyes
  2. Tobacco Road
  3. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  4. Can't Get Satisfied
  5. Blowin' In The Wind
  6. And The Angels Sing
  7. This Bitter Earth
  8. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  9. Wade In The Water
 in stock $28.74
Please Please Please (limited 180 gram red vinyl LP)
Cat: 950662. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Please, Please, Please
  2. Chonnie-On-Chon
  3. Hold My Baby's Hand
  4. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
  5. Just Won't Do Right
  6. Baby Cries Over The Ocean
  7. I Don't Know
  8. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
  9. Try Me (2:35)
  10. That Dood It (2:33)
  11. Begging, Begging (2:50)
  12. I Walked Alone (2:43)
  13. No, No, No, No (2:15)
  14. That's When I Lost My Heart (2:53)
  15. Let's Make It (2:28)
  16. Love Or A Game (2:19)
  17. This Old Heart (bonus track) (2:13)
 in stock $13.96
Plays Sidney Bechet (Deluxe Edition) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 37125. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Petite Fleur (3:19)
  2. Marchand De Poissons (2:47)
  3. Temperamental (3:18)
  4. Promenade Aux Champs-Elysees (3:16)
  5. A Moi D'Payer (3:31)
  6. Les Oignons (3:08)
  7. En Attendant Le Jour (3:17)
  8. Lastic (2:35)
  9. Dans Les Rues D'Antibes (3:28)
  10. Premier Bal (3:26)
  11. Si Tu Vois Ma Mere (3:15)
  12. Passport To Paradise (2:57)
  13. Au Secours (2:26)
  14. As-Tu Le Cafard? (2:32)
  15. Moulin A Cafe (3:00)
  16. Moustache Gauloise (3:11)
 in stock $12.88
Odetta & The Blues (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 408727. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Hard, Oh Lord
  2. Believe I'll Go
  3. Oh, Papa
  4. How Long Blues
  5. Hogan's Alley
  6. Leavin' This Mornin'
  7. Misery Blues (bonus track)
  8. Oh, My Babe
  9. Yonder Come The Blues
  10. Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
  11. Weeping Willow Blues
  12. Go Down Sunshine
  13. Nobody Knows When You're Down & Out
  14. Alabama Bound (bonus track)
 in stock $15.31
Little Girl Blue (heavyweight vinyl LP + green vinyl 7")
Cat: 660151. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Mood Indigo
  2. Don't Smoke In Bed
  3. He Needs Me
  4. Little Girl Blue
  5. Love Me Or Leave Me
  6. My Baby Just Cares For Me
  7. For All We Know (bonus track)
  8. Good Bait (instrumental)
  9. Plain Gold Ring
  10. You'll Never Walk Alone
  11. I Loves You Porgy
  12. Central Park Blues (instrumental)
  13. My Baby Just Cares For Me (mono version)
  14. I Loves You Porgy (mono version)
 in stock $18.00
King Of The Delta Blues Singers (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 772254. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Cross Road Blues (2:34)
  2. Terraplane Blues (3:03)
  3. Come On In My Kitchen (2:48)
  4. Walkin' Blues (2:33)
  5. Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2:40)
  6. 32-20 Blues (2:53)
  7. Kind Hearted Woman Blues (2:55)
  8. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day (2:37)
  9. I Believe I'll Dust My Broom (bonus track) (3:03)
  10. Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped The Devil) (2:53)
  11. When You Got A Good Friend (2:41)
  12. Ramblin' On My Mind (2:52)
  13. Stones In My Passway (2:31)
  14. Traveling Riverside Blues (2:49)
  15. Milkcow's Calf Blues (2:19)
  16. Me & The Devil Blues (2:37)
  17. Hellhound On My Trail (2:39)
  18. Sweet Home Chicago (bonus track) (2:59)
 in stock $15.85
Kaleidoscope (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 dowmnload code limited to 200 copies)
Cat: EMN 007. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Strange Seasons
  2. The Serpent & The Sparrow
  3. Halls Of Time
  4. Catatonico
  5. Room 411
  6. Heaven's Devils
  7. Vertigo
  8. Siegfried's Atomic Hat
  9. Ritual
  10. Aperture
 in stock $25.78
Hoagy Sings Carmichael (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 772255. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Georgia On My Mind (3:58)
  2. Winter Moon (4:06)
  3. New Orleans (3:58)
  4. Memphis In June (3:50)
  5. Skylark (4:03)
  6. Hong Kong Blues (2:32)
  7. Stardus (2:29)
  8. Two Sleepy People (4:35)
  9. Baltimore Oriole (3:55)
  10. Rockin' Chair (2:32)
  11. Ballad In Blue (3:07)
  12. Lazy River (2:48)
  13. Georgia On My Mind (instrumental) (1:49)
  14. Riverboat Shuffle (2:18)
  15. Washboard Blues (3:09)
 in stock $13.96
Grau Grun Welk Satt (limited LP)
Cat: NVNC 017LP. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Grau Grun
  2. Welk Satt
 in stock $24.98
Golden Age (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MEP 1171. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Maniac
  2. The Talent Contest
  3. The More It Changes
  4. Hotel Noir
  5. Stille Nacht
  6. The Month After
  7. Lisa's Separation/The Golden Age
  8. Black Castles
  9. And Even The Vegetables Screamed/Regression
  10. Black List
  11. Methods
  12. Our Lady In Cervetori
  13. The Whore Of Babylon
  14. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm (live)
  15. The Gallery (live)
  16. Curious Guy (live)
  17. Love In A Plain Brown Envelope (live)
 in stock $35.73
Get Happy (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 37127. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Get Happy
  2. Lover Man
  3. Isle Of Capri
  4. Sketch 1
  5. Turnpike
  6. It Coulod Happen To You
  7. Isle Of Capri
  8. Turnpike
  9. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  10. It Might As Well Be Spring
 in stock $12.88
Gary Crowley's Lost 80s (180 gram coloured vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: DEMREC 319. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Vic Godard - "Stop That Girl"
  2. The Pale Fountains - "(There's Always) Something On My Mind"
  3. Haircut 100 - "Milk Film"
  4. Aztec Camera - "Pillar To Post"
  5. The Bluebells - "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
  6. Prefab Sprout - "Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)"
  7. Fantastic Something - "If She Doesn't Smile (It'll Rain)"
  8. The Suede Crocodiles - "Stop The Rain"
  9. Friends Again - "Honey At The Core"
  10. Strawberry Switchblade - "Trees & Flowers"
  11. April Showers - "Abandon Ship"
  12. Paul Quinn - "Ain't That Always The Way"
  13. Bush Tetras - "Too Many Creeps"
  14. Bow Wow Wow - "Mickey Put It Down"
  15. The Apollinaires - "The Feeling's Gone"
  16. The Redskins - "Keep On Keeping On"
  17. JoBoxers - "Is This Really The First Time (You've Been In Love)"
  18. Hey! Elastica - "This Town"
  19. Spandau Ballet - "Confused"
  20. Depeche Mode - "Shake The Disease"
  21. Paul Haig - "Running Away"
  22. Altered Images - "Love To Stay"
  23. Wham! - "A Ray Of Sunshine"
  24. Grandmaster Flash - "The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel"
  25. Tom Tom Club - "Genius Of Love"
  26. Whodini - "Magic's Wand"
  27. Blue Rondo A La Turk - "Klacto Vee Sedstein"
  28. Pigbag - "The Big Bean"
  29. Funkapolitan - "If Only"
  30. The Staple Singers - "Slippery People" (club version)
 in stock $35.19
Et Ses Fans Au Festival De Rock N' Roll (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 678551 3. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Depuis Qu'ma Mome
  2. Oui J'ai
  3. Bien Trop Timide
  4. Souvenirs, Souvenirs
  5. Kili Watch
  6. Oui, Mon Cher (I Want That)
  7. Une Boum Chez John
  8. Tutti Frutti
  9. Knocked Out
  10. Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini (2:14)
  11. Le Plus Beau Des Jeux (Labbra Di Fuoco) (2:03)
  12. Depuis Qu'ma Mome (original Studio version) (2:27)
  13. Je Veux Me Promener (I Want To Walk You Home) (2:37)
  14. 24.000 Baisers (24 Mila Baci) (2:22)
  15. Tu Es La (1:36)
  16. Ton Fetiche Amour (2:19)
  17. Sentimental (Baby, I Don't Care) (1:52)
 in stock $15.85
End Times Mixtape (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HS 029. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Athena (2:39)
  2. In The Service Of Love (2:01)
  3. The Sweat Of The Rhythm (2:41)
  4. Knife Round (2:39)
  5. New Master (3:36)
  6. Warzone (1:26)
  7. War Of The Roses (4:18)
  8. Fortuna (2:43)
  9. My Mission In Liofe (3:44)
  10. Compression/Danger (2:54)
  11. Dazz (3:41)
 in stock $24.70
Bob Dylan (heavyweight vinyl LP + yellow vinyl 7")
Cat: 660150. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. You're No Good (1:38)
  2. Talkin' New York (3:18)
  3. In My Time Of Dyin' (2:37)
  4. Man Of Constant Sorrow (3:07)
  5. Fixin' To Die (2:20)
  6. Pretty Peggy-O (3:23)
  7. Highway (2:51)
  8. Gospel Plow (1:45)
  9. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (2:35)
  10. House Of The Risin' Sun (5:18)
  11. Freight Train Blues (2:18)
  12. Song To Woody (2:42)
  13. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (2:43)
  14. Mixed-Up Confusion (2:30)
  15. Corrina, Corrina (2:33)
 in stock $17.46
At Last! (LP + coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: 660152. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Anything To Say You're Mine (2:38)
  2. My Dearest Darling (3:00)
  3. Trust In Me (2:59)
  4. Sunday Kind Of Love (3:18)
  5. Tough Mary (2:26)
  6. If I Can't Have You (2:45)
  7. My Heart Cries (2:36)
  8. I Just Want To Make Love To You (3:06)
  9. At Last (3:01)
  10. All I Could Do Was Cry (2:58)
  11. Stormy Weather (3:10)
  12. Girl Of My Dreams (2:23)
  13. Spoonful (2:47)
  14. It's A Crying Shame (2:52)
  15. At Last (mono version) (3:03)
  16. I Just Want To Make Love To You (mono version) (3:04)
 in stock $17.46
A Night At The Village Vanguard (Deluxe Edition) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 37133. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Old Devil Moon
  2. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
  3. Striver's Row
  4. Sonnymoon For Two
  5. A Night In Tunisia
  6. I Can't Get Started
  7. A Night In Tunisia (1958 version)
 in stock $12.88
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