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The Mighty British Series Volume One
  1. Sugar Cane (Lack Of Afro remix)
  2. Sugar Cane (extended Uncle version)
  3. Nassau Jam (Smoove's Funky Jam remix)
  4. Nassau Jam (Uncle's Vinyl Edition presents CC)
 in stock $7.40
Nah Bwoy
Nah Bwoy (limited 7")
Cat: SCOB 055. Rel: 23 Jul 15
  1. Nah Bwoy (feat Miss Red) (2:58)
  2. Trailer Lord Riddim (2:58)
 in stock $7.40
Exoplanet Voice Transistors
Cat: SAT 002. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Vrml (6:40)
  2. I Take My Time (7:58)
  3. Ems (Acid/Switch mix) (6:02)
  4. Inc. The Funk (6:04)
Gespielt von: Sync 24
 in stock $6.81
Second Wave EP (remixes)
Cat: SATRX 004. Rel: 12 Nov 05
  1. Second Wave (Tipper remix) (5:31)
  2. Second Wave (Uprokk remix) (5:46)
  3. Second Wave (EMS's remix) (5:41)
  4. Second Wave (Imatron Voima remix) (6:04)
Review: Exzact is one of URB's top 100. Four remixes from four corners of the world. Tipper, Uprokk, EMS and Imatron Voima mixing it up for the Rx sub-label.
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Gespielt von: M50
 in stock $6.81
Black Skin
Cat: MOA 0016. Rel: 17 Feb 10
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Black Skin
  2. Black Skin (version)
Gespielt von: LadyBugz
 in stock $5.68
Splund Popper EP
Cat: SAT 34. Rel: 28 Nov 06
  1. Synchrotron
  2. Voices From The Void
  3. What On Earth?
Review: This EP has some ghostly vocoderish vocals.
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 in stock $6.81
NANO Modules 6hp Blank Empty Panel
Cat: 797087 Rel: 20 Nov 20
6HP blank empty panel
Notes: Blank Panels help to keep your Rack clean and well organised.

These panels not only fill in empty spaces in your rack, but also protect the power distribution boards by keeping things from falling into your rack. You can also use them to gain more space between modules or to separate module groups visually.

Inspired by Lissajous Curves & Oscilloscope aesthetics.

Lissajous Curves are the shapes created when the x-coordinate of a curve is described by one sine wave, and the y-coordinate is described by another sine wave.

By adjusting the frequency (a,b) of each wave and other parameters, interesting patterns emerge. Using oscilloscopes and two signal generators it is possible to create them.
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MRP:$8.19 SAVE 27%
 2 in stock $5.98
Children Of Jah
Cat: OR 01. Rel: 14 Oct 10
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Children Of Jah
  2. Life Dub
 in stock $6.54
Rosa Pano
Rosa Pano (cassette)
Cat: OM 154. Rel: 05 Jan 21
  1. Oneia (3:17)
  2. Sangra (4:13)
  3. Arde Asa (3:30)
  4. Calice Relampago (2:00)
  5. Ao Romper Da Bela Aurora (3:40)
  6. Asa Machina (4:35)
  7. Luna (1:35)
  8. Rosa Pano (9:20)
 in stock $7.11
Sounds Wholesale 7" Glass Clear PVC Heavyweight Record Sleeves (pack of 25)
Cat: 664525 Rel: 09 Oct 17
7" heavyweight, glass clear PVC record sleeves
Notes: 25 x heavyweight record sleeves.
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 4 in stock $5.12
The Big Takeover Magazine Issue 87
Cat: 806350 Rel: 21 Dec 20
Big Takeover issue #87 (Joe Pernice of Pernice Brothers cover)
Notes: The issue stars beloved, fantastic singer/songwriter Joe Pernice of Pernice Brothers on the cover, and features fabulous history interviews with Cleveland '60s stars The Outsiders of "Time Won't Let Me" fame, Lisa Fancher marking the 40th Anniversary of her revered Frontier Records label, the fine art letterpress album design master Bruce Licher from the bands Savage Republic and Scenic and also-incredible four-decade label Independent Project, reunited New York post-punk legends Flower celebrating their first album in 30 years, and ongoing New York institution Blue Oyster Cult.

There's also have multi-page conversations with Elizabeth Stokes and Jonathan Pearce of The Beths , Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices part II, and the evergreen Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil.

Plus there are shorter chats with Throwing Muses and Belly star Tanya Donelly, Metz, Protomartyr, Mark Gardener of Ride, Travis, No Joy, Bootblacks, Iress, bdrmm, Cut/Copy, Jeff "Monoman" Conelly of Boston garage rock kings Lyres, and more!
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 1 in stock $6.25
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