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Fields & Forests 2
Cat: F&F 002. Rel: 10 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Fantasy
  2. Raw Abstractionism
  3. Torri Wowo
  4. Acoustic Cut
Review: After a successful debut release with Untitled Gear, Croatian label continues their journey through fields and forests. Still exploring the Russian Federation, only this time they hired Udacha's honcho and main protagonist A5. Record kicks off with 'Fantasy'. A dreamy kalimba piece which eventually evolves into a deep house track and could be described as a soundtrack from your latest dream while 'Raw Abstractionism' doesn't disappoint it's name. On the flip side we are introduced to the afro banger 'Torri Wowo' which feels almost like driving through safari on a truck. 'Acoustic Cut' calms things down and brings us to an end with a clear message.
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Love Goddess
Cat: ATH 066. Rel: 26 Jul 18
  1. Love Goddess (4:30)
  2. Good News (Tired Of Bad News) (4:44)
Review: Athens Of The North have worked with some OGs and veterans in their time but Bobby Boyd is by far one of the biggest and influential. Cutting his teeth in the Lafayette Afro Rock Band before going solo, he recorded a whole host of material that remained unreleased. Until now. "Love Goddess" kicks off the collection with a northern soul stomp, big harmonies backed by a tight, slippery funk groove while "Good News" is golden era Boyd funk with its bright horn work, positive sentiment and driving soul energy. This is an amazing piece of investigatory work by Fryer and co. And there's more, too...
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The Telephone Song
Cat: DAP 1041. Rel: 18 Sep 08
  1. Charles Bradley - "The Telephone Song"
  2. Menhahan Street Band - "Tired Of Fighting"
Gespielt von: Daptone Records
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Tropic Sons
Cat: HS 012VL. Rel: 22 Oct 08
  1. Tropic Sons
  2. Suratal Ihklas (Fulgeance Smartbangin remix)
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To Rack & Ruin Vol 8
To Rack & Ruin Vol 8 (limited hand-numbered hand-stamped 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 009. Rel: 16 Feb 15
  1. Foreva
  2. Love Ma Gin
Review: For the 8th instalment of To Rack & Ruin we see the long awaited return of Neil Diablo this time dropping the 'Evil K'Neil' moniker from used for the first 2 volumes of the edits series.

First up on Foreva Neil skilfully chops up a little known raw 122bpm proto-house disco jam which has sumptuous boogie bassline, choppy stabs and a wonderful soulful female vocal extended and edited for dance floor delight.

On the flip is Love Ma Gin. A glittery disco affair with a heavy bassline and glamorous strings which builds and builds.

Early DJ support come from Crazy P, Pete Herbert and Emperor Machine.
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If You Ask Me
Cat: DAP 1126. Rel: 18 Dec 19
  1. Leon Dinero - "If You Ask Me" (3:27)
  2. Screechy Dan - "Bandits" (3:53)
Review: Gold standard US label Daptone comes correct with another essential 7" here, this time focussing on new kid on the block Leon Dinero, who only debuted in June but makes a big impression again. "If You Ask Me" is a swaggering reggae roller with all the right guitar riffs and dusty drums finished off by his carefree and sunny vocal work. It is sweet as honey and delivered with pride. The flipside comes from NYC's main reggae man Screechy Dan, who keeps it real with his classically inclined "Bandits" that is a takedown of the gentrification of his hometown with real Jamaican passion.
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Zaires (incl. Basic Soul Unit remix)
Cat: ZAIRES. Rel: 28 Jul 14
  1. Dread Baron
  2. Dread Baron (Basic Soul Unit remix)
  3. Warp Shank
Review: For a brief moment Hermans are cut free from their shackles and venture out from the black dungeon, dragging xylophones made from Kraken bones and drums fashioned out of reptile skins the duo summon a battle chant from deep within. Scores of allies join, endlessly banging the same rhythm relentlessly until the clouds draw and the red sun is no longer visible. A Basic Soul Unit appears from the murkiness and descends upon the racket, bringing with him booming thunder and electric lightning, a dark army marching alongside him. The massive beat continues for days, shaking all those that hear it. Slowly and steadily, the din subsides, the clouds part and the sun returns as Hermans retreat back to the darkness to wait patiently until they are called upon again. ZAIRES is the third of 12 releases from Z O D I A C 4 4. One for each sign of the stars and then Z O D I A C 4 4 is forever dead and gone. Forever
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Halal Prepared Vol 4
  1. Invisible Menders - "Fifth Time Lucky" (8:03)
  2. John Shima - "Thought Wave" (5:31)
  3. Toby Tobias - "Sword Art Arcade" (6:07)
  4. Tim Smith - "Graphene" (7:24)
Review: The revered Halal Prepared series on boe extends to its fourth volume with four new acts fresh to the label. Hotly tipped duo, Invisible Menders, made up of outstanding DJ Jane Fitz and thus far underrated producer Dom Ahtuam contribute a stunning Balearic bass-heavy house cut "Fifth Time Lucky". Fresh from his solo EP, John Shima slots in a deep techno workout "Thought Wave". Toby Tobias of Rekids fame pumps out some raw basement lofi vibes with his jacker "Sword Art Arcade" and rounding off the EP on a delicate note is Tim Smith's soft and melodic 707 jam "Graphene".
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Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions
Cat: 5245012. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Private Life (long version)
  2. Private Life (dub version)
  3. Love Is The Drug (long version)
  4. Breakdown
  5. Warm Leatherette (long version)
  6. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (long version)
  7. I've Done It Again
  8. Pars (long version)
  9. Pull Up To The Bumper
  10. Use Me (long version)
  11. She's Lost Control (long version)
  12. She's Lost Control (dub version)
  13. Walking In The Rain
  14. Cry Now, Laugh Later
  15. Nightclubbing
  16. The Apple Stretching
  17. Nipple To The Bottle (12" version)
  18. My Jamaican Guy (12" version)
  19. Feel Up
  20. I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
  21. Demolition Man (long version)
  22. Unlimited Capacity For Love
  23. Ring Of Fire (demo)
  24. Man Around The House
  25. Living My Life
  26. Slave To The Rhythm (Hot Blooded version)
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Traveling Stranger
Cat: FRY 027. Rel: 29 May 14
  1. Ann Leonardo - "Traveling Stranger"
  2. The Bill Johnson Quintet - "Traveling Stranger"
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Push II Shove 4
Cat: PUSHT 004. Rel: 07 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. If It Takes All Nite
  2. Toot Sweet
  3. Self Inflicted
Review: Jaime "lhas" read follows up last years push 2 shove with 3 brand new tracks for another great release. "If it takes all night" is a get down and boogie journey of melodies and groove. "Toot sweet" is a workout on 80's drums and b boy bass. "Self inflicted" ends the EP with some serious live synth action to drift away on.....music with love in Jaime's 20th year of releasing music.
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Greetings From
Greetings From (1-sided 5" flexi-disc postcard limited to 100 copies)
Cat: JUMPFLEXI 1. Rel: 14 Feb 19
  1. Perseverence (2:09)
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MP 005
MP 005 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MP 005. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Crepe Suzette (5:43)
  2. Rejoice Innit (5:28)
  3. Bourne 2 Beat (8:03)
  4. Sneeky Innit (6:50)
Review: After a hiatus of several years Majestys Pleasure is back in full force with more under the radar edit business for the discenring music collector.
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There's A New Day Coming
Cat: DAP 1123. Rel: 18 Dec 19
  1. There's A New Day Coming (2:21)
  2. Tommy Don't (1:40)
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Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush Replacement Pads (pair)
Mobile Fidelity Record Cleaning Brush Replacement Pads (pair) (record cleaning brush replacement pads (pair))
Cat: 422124 Rel: 30 Mar 11
Notes: The new Mobile Fidelity records brush is the best brush currently available. Mobile Fidelity now offer a set of two replacement cleaning pads which are simple to put on the brush after you have cleaned about 100-150 records.
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Too Many Girls
Cat: WCK 1001. Rel: 23 Sep 15
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Too Many Girls (1:51)
  2. Too Tough To Bear (3:29)
Gespielt von: Nick Bike
 in stock $6.27
Odd Mary
Odd Mary (7")
Cat: REDWIG 6. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. Odd Mary (4:26)
  2. P'tit Nouveau (2:13)
  3. Mick (2:26)
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Dr Burisch
Dr Burisch (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COTF 006. Rel: 02 Mar 15
Deep House
  1. Rainy Tuesday
  2. Lotus Protocol
  3. Dr Burisch
  4. Electrical Surge
Review: We are pleased to announce the release of 'Dr Burisch' by Perseus Trax on Crimes of the Future. After releases on Bunker, MOS & Chiwax (to name a few), the EP is a four track soundtrack to some forgotten alien abduction documentary... maybe.
Starting off with 'Rainy Tuesday' and its skipping pitch shift melodies, and followed by 'Lotus Protocol' and its almost Richard D. hook. On the flip we have the title track, slow and building, very much the 'theme' of the piece. The EP finishes with 'Electrical Surge', and its static crackle of radio interference and damaged power lines.
Whatever you do, stay on the tracks
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Gang Of Love EP
Cat: COMP 4951. Rel: 06 Apr 17
Deep House
  1. White Horse (8:00)
  2. Mr Teleportation (5:04)
  3. Gang Of Love (Afroparadisiac mix) (5:22)
  4. Gang Of Love (4:12)
  5. Jahterlude (2:00)
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Night Control
Cat: EES 003. Rel: 25 Nov 13
  1. Richard Sen - "Night Navigator" (Scott Fraser remix)
  2. Scott Fraser - "Ask Your Control" (Richard Sen remix)
Review: Friends for many years, Richard Sen and Scott Fraser come together with a dose of mutual admiration and back slapping by remixing each other on this 2 track EP. However, what makes this collaboration different is there are no original versions appearing, just these remixes. By completing an unfinished track of each the other, the pair have taken the respective unarranged music and gone back to their East London studios to, in essence, finish the other's songs in the form a "remix". Known for a myriad of deep electronic dubs in the last few years, Scott provides plenty of surprises with his remix of Richard's Night Navigator. A driving 10+ minutes 'piano-house' opus, the late 80s Italian / Balearic vibrations run straight through his interpretation of that classic Mediterranean sound. Not for long though, as firmly dragging things straight back to the dark and wet streets of Hackney, Richard takes Scott's Ask For Control and creates a tough, percussive, deep dub remix that would propel any basement dance floor through the early hours.
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Senol Printing 10" Black Discobag (pack of 10)
Cat: 475030 Rel: 14 Nov 12
10" black discobag
Notes: Pack of 10 black record discobags, fitting directly over the record.
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Senol Printing 12" Black Discobag Record Sleeve (pack of 25)
Cat: 564822 Rel: 27 Feb 15
Record sleeves with 2 holes, no spine, needs no inner sleeve
Notes: 12" card spined album sleeves made from a very good high quality card and finished with black low gloss finish.
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 7 in stock $7.09
Senol Printing 12" White Discobag Record Sleeves (pack of 25)
Cat: 564825 Rel: 27 Feb 15
Record sleeves with 2 holes, no spine, needs no inner sleeve
Notes: 12" card record sleeves is made from a very good high quality card and is finished with white low gloss finish.
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It's A Trip
It's A Trip (11 track CD single)
Cat: PALARE 002CD. Rel: 28 Apr 10
  1. It's A Trip (album version)
  2. It's A Trip (Smalltown Boy mix)
  3. It's A Trip (Bis club mix)
  4. It's A Trip (Punx Soundcheck mix)
  5. It's A Trip (Apollo 440 mix)
  6. It's A Trip (Lord & Master Early Dawn mix)
  7. It's A Trip (Bis radio mix)
  8. It's A Trip (Stems mix)
  9. C U Tonight
  10. Dedication
  11. Heroine (Gully's Ingestion mix)
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What Have You Done
Cat: DAP 1036. Rel: 12 Apr 08
  1. What Have You Done?
  2. I'll Take The Long Road
Gespielt von: Mocambo, Daptone Records
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Fabric 93
Fabric 93 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 185. Rel: 21 Apr 17
Deep House
  1. Scott Grooves & Ian Fink - "Ambientroit" (with Soul Clap & Derren Smart - Fabric intro)
  2. The Return - "New Day"
  3. Jay Daniel - "Paradise Valley"
  4. Life On Planets & David Marston - "Take Your Time" (Marston dub)
  5. Jesse Futerman/I-Robots - "Gem/Dirty Talk" (Hidden Spheres remix/Donna McGhee original Acapella)
  6. Ancient Deep - "Early Werk" (feat Carlos Mena - Fabric edit)
  7. Barbara Tucker - "I Get Lifted" (XTC mix)
  8. Lonely C & Tom Trago - "The Compass Joint" (Spaventi Dazzurro King dub)
  9. Midnight Magic - "I Gotta Feeling" (Soul Clap & Morgan Wiley dub)
  10. Soul Clap, No Regular Play & John Camp - "Weekend At Barnies"
  11. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda - "Bravado"
  12. SuRFBiT - "Slide Gloves"
  13. Taylor Bense - "Feels Good To Be Loved"
  14. Martin Heimann - "Salto" (Moon B Bubblin mix)
  15. Zacky Force Funk - "The Split" (feat Kutmah)
  16. Chateau Flight - "Ongaku" (feat PJ Choir - unreleased Electro dub)
  17. Youandewan - "Something Keeps Me Real Quiet"
  18. Storm & Herman - "Gotta Work"
  19. Indian Ocean, Derren Smart & Cornerbred - "Schoolbell/Treehouse/Strange Boys"
  20. Willie Burns - "Candid Fireworks" (Tom Noble remix)
  21. The Pool - "Dance In Dub"
  22. Nu Guinea - "Nu World" (Flute mix)
  23. Daev Martian - "Live Love"
  24. Life On Planets - "Move It Forward"
  25. The Hue - "Spaced Out"
  26. Jack Novin & Matt Grone - "Gang Progress"
  27. Ken Gill - "Love Moon"
  28. Zopelar - "Memories"
  29. Conga Radio - "Right Beside You"
  30. Sol Power All-Stars - "Djidjo Vide" (feat Elikeh)
  31. Joakim - "Boipeba" (dub)
  32. Maajo - "Maajo"
  33. Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - "Path To Wisdom"
  34. Scott Grooves - "Bittersweet Stripped "
Review: Given their status as confirmed party-starters who think nothing of turning their DJ sets into a thrill-a-minute romp through a myriad of musical styles, it's heartening to see that Soul Clap has continued this approach on their first Fabric mix. Featuring a dizzying 34 tracks squeezed into 80 action-packed minutes, the mix sprints through boogie, proto house, disco, electro, Afro-jazz, Latin beats, Balearica and numerous variants of house. Along the way, you'll encounter highlights from The Pool, Scott Grooves, Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda, Nu Guinea, Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen, Chateau Flight, Conga Radio and, of course, members of the extended Soul Clap family.
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Gespielt von: Sol Power All-Stars
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Sounds Wholesale 12" Polylined Paper Inner Record Sleeve (250 gauge, pack of 25)
Cat: 569754 Rel: 01 Apr 15
Pack of 25 inner sleeves for 12" vinyl records
Notes: Inner sleeve for 12" vinyl records.
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The Hits Album: The Number 1s Album
Cat: 194397 827323. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. The Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" (CD1: 60s)
  2. The Byrds - "Mr Tambourine Man"
  3. Love Affair - "Everlasting Love"
  4. Scott McKenzie - "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)"
  5. Procol Harum - "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"
  6. The Righteous Brothers - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"
  7. The Walker Brothers - "Make It Easy On Yourself"
  8. Dusty Springfield - "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"
  9. The Supremes - "Baby Love"
  10. The Four Tops - "Reach Out I'll Be There"
  11. Marvin Gaye - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
  12. Tom Jones - "It's Not Unusual"
  13. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - "Fire"
  14. Zager & Evans - "In The Year 2525"
  15. Del Shannon - "Runaway"
  16. Eddie Cochran - "Three Steps To Heaven"
  17. Elvis Presley - "Wooden Heart"
  18. Roy Orbison - "It's Over"
  19. Bobbie Gentry - "I'll Never Fall In Love Again"
  20. Fleetwood Mac - "Albatross"
  21. Sweet - "Blockbuster" (CD2: 70s)
  22. The Rubettes - "Sugar Baby Love"
  23. Bay City Rollers - "Give A Little Love"
  24. Blondie - "Heart Of Glass"
  25. Village People - "YMCA"
  26. Donna Summer - "I Feel Love"
  27. Baccara - "Yes Sir I Can Boogie"
  28. Tina Charles - "I Love To Love"
  29. Barry White - "You're The First The Last My Everything"
  30. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - "The Tears Of A Clown"
  31. Art Garfunkel - "I Only Have Eyes For You"
  32. Don McLean - "Vincent"
  33. Harry Nilsson - "Without You"
  34. Demis Roussos - "Forever & Ever"
  35. The New Seekers - "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)"
  36. Dawn - "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree" (feat Tony Orlando)
  37. Christie - "Yellow River"
  38. Middle Of The Road - "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep"
  39. 10cc - "Dreadlock Holiday"
  40. Buggles - "Video Killed The Radio Star"
  41. ABBA - "The Winner Takes It All" (CD3: 80s)
  42. Culture Club - "Karma Chameleon"
  43. The Human League - "Don't You Want Me"
  44. Soft Cell - "Tainted Love"
  45. Adam & The Ants - "Stand & Deliver"
  46. Dead Or Alive - "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)"
  47. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "Relax"
  48. The Jam - "Going Underground"
  49. Dexy's Midnight Runners - "Come On Eileen"
  50. Simple Minds - "Belfast Child"
  51. Roxy Music - "Jealous Guy"
  52. Soul II Soul - "Back To Life"
  53. Aswad - "Don't Turn Around"
  54. UB40 - "Red Red Wine"
  55. Shakin' Stevens - "This Ole House"
  56. Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give You Up"
  57. Tiffany - "I Think We're Alone Now"
  58. Bucks Fizz - "My Camera Never Lies"
  59. Chris De Burgh - "The Lady In Red"
  60. Bonnie Tyler - "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"
  61. Britney Spears - "Baby One More Time" (CD4: 90s)
  62. Steps - "Tragedy"
  63. Cher - "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)"
  64. Wet Wet Wet - "Love Is All Around"
  65. Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You"
  66. Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On"
  67. Take That - "Back For Good"
  68. Boyzone - "No Matter What"
  69. Jason Donovan - "Any Dream Will Do"
  70. B Witched - "C'est La Vie"
  71. Aqua - "Barbie Girl"
  72. New Kids On The Block - "Hangin' Tough"
  73. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - "Boom! Shake The Room"
  74. Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby"
  75. Beats International - "Dub Be Good To Me"
  76. Adamski - "Killer" (feat Seal)
  77. Charles & Eddie - "Would I Lie To You?"
  78. Fugees - "Killing Me Softly With His Song"
  79. Gabrielle - "Dreams"
  80. Robbie Williams - "Millennium"
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Fabric 63
Fabric 63 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 125. Rel: 19 Apr 12
Deep House
  1. Joey Anderson - "Earth Calls"
  2. DJ Jus Ed - "Blaze" (Do Dah Dab mix)
  3. Jm De Frias - "Intrinsic Motivation"
  4. Levon Vincent - "Stereo Systems"
  5. Levon Vincent - "Polar Bear"
  6. DJ Qu - "Times Like This"
  7. Levon Vincent - "Fear"
  8. Levon Vincent - "Double Jointed Sex Freak II"
  9. Joey Anderson - "Hydrine"
  10. Anthony Parasole - "Tyson"
  11. Levon Vincent - "The End"
  12. Black Jazz Consortium - "Blacklight"
  13. Levon Vincent - "Early Reflections"
  14. Levon Vincent - "Rainstorm II"
  15. Black Jazz Consortium - "Far Away (Atmospheric Pass)"
Review: Given his meteoric rise over the last two years, it's perhaps no surprise to find New York-based techno star Levon Vincent behind the decks on this latest Fabric mix. His mixing and production style - dubby, fluid and loose, but prone to periods of paranoid darkness and intense moments of sun-bright clarity - is tailor-made for an album like this. As a result, Fabric 63 is a memorable journey that touches on all of these traits, from the spine tingling, dubwise deepness of his own "The End" and apocalyptic "Early Reflections", to the elastic, melody-driven rubberyness of Joey Anderson, reflective groovery of Jus-Ed and growling menace of Anthony Parasole.
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 in stock $5.99
Lonesome Shack
Cat: ST 1008. Rel: 24 Feb 14
  1. Lonesome Shack
  2. How About You
Gespielt von: I Love 45's!
 in stock $7.09
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