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NOW Is The Time (2xLP + 2xCD + book)
Cat: WARPLP 248X. Rel: 13 Jun 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Dextrous (JD Twitch Optimo remix)
  2. Biofeedback (Morgan Geist remix)
  3. A Case Of Funk (Loco Dice remix)
  4. Aftermath (LFO remix)
  5. Aftermath (Special Request remix)
  6. Aftermath (Acid Monday remix)
  7. Burn Me Slo (feat OC)
  8. Keep On (feat De La Soul - 86 In It mix)
  9. Gambia Via Vagator Beach (Mr Scruff remix)
  10. Survival Dub
  11. Hiyaself
  12. Da Mess Sticks
  13. Da Feelin (Hungry Ghost remix)
  14. Now Is The Time (Ashley Beedle Warbox dubplate special)
  15. You Wish
  16. Mind Eye
  17. Argha Noah
  18. Calling
  19. Dreddoverboard
  20. Thinking Of Omara
  21. Be There
  22. Les Nuits
  23. Morse
  24. I Am You (live in Chicago)
  25. Passion
  26. Give Thx
  27. 195 lbs
  28. 70s 80s
  29. Flip Ya Lid
  30. Be, I Do
  31. (Man) Tha Journey
  32. Now Is The Time
  33. Bless My Soul
  34. Da Feelin
  35. African Pirates
  36. Mega Donutz
  37. Mission Venice
  38. Dextrous
  39. Aftermath
  40. I'm For Real
  41. Set Me Free (Piano dub)
  42. Nights Interlude
Review: Amazingly, it's 25 years since George 'E.A.S.E' Evelyn and then production partner Kevin 'Boy Wonder' Harper sat down and recorded "Dextrous", their monstrous, bleep-era classic on Warp. A quarter of a century later, Evelyn is still going strong, though the grooves have mellowed a lot in that time. Here, Warp celebrate the producer's epic career with a much-deserved retrospective. All the familiar favourites are present, from the rush-inducing thrill of early dancefloor smashers "I'm For Real" and "Aftermath", to the sinewy downtempo goodness of the decidedly Balearic "Les Nuits", the blazed hip-hop dub of "195 Llbs" and stoner soul of "70s 80s".
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Jazzmatazz Vol 1 (Deluxe Edition) (reissue) (3xLP + booklet in slip-case)
Cat: B 002804801. Rel: 21 May 18
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Introduction (1:16)
  2. Loungin' (feat Donald Byrd) (4:40)
  3. When You're Near (feat N'dea Davenport & Simon Law) (3:59)
  4. Transit Ride (feat Branford Marsalis & Zachary Breaux) (3:54)
  5. No Time To Play (feat Ronny Jordan & DC Lee) (4:55)
  6. Down The Backstreets (feat Lonnie Liston Smith) (4:47)
  7. Respectful Dedications (0:54)
  8. Take A Look (At Yourself) (feat Roy Ayers) (3:59)
  9. Trust Me (feat N'Dea Davenport) (4:28)
  10. Slicker Than Most (feat Gary Barnacle) (2:37)
  11. Le Bien, Le Mal (feat MC Solaar) (3:21)
  12. Sights In The City (feat Courtney Pine & Carleen Anderson) (5:11)
  13. Loungin' (4:20)
  14. When You're Near (feat Simon Law) (4:17)
  15. Transit Ride (feat Zachary Breaux) (4:10)
  16. No Time To Play (feat Ronny Jordan) (4:24)
  17. Down The Backstreets (feat Loonie Liston Smith) (4:47)
  18. Take A Look (At Yourself) (feat Roy Ayers) (4:10)
  19. Trust Me (4:35)
  20. Slicker Than Most (4:38)
  21. Le Bien, Le Mal (3:21)
  22. Sights In The City (4:14)
  23. Loungin' (Square Biz mix) (4:44)
  24. Loungin' (feat Donald Byrd - Guru Meets The Professor mix) (4:38)
  25. Loungin' (feat Donald Byrd - Jazz Not Jazz mix) (3:46)
  26. No Time To Play (feat Ronny Jordan & Dee C Lee - CJ longer radio mix) (4:54)
  27. Trust Me Trust Me (feat N'dea Davenport - CJ Master mix) (8:23)
  28. Season For Change (feat Ronny Jordan) (4:54)
  29. Season For Change (feat Ronny Jordan - Dawn Of The Season mix) (5:01)
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How The West Was Won (remastered) (180 gram vinyl 4xLP box set + insert)
Cat: 081227 934156. Rel: 23 Mar 18
  1. LA Drone (0:30)
  2. Immigrant Song (0:30)
  3. Heartbreaker (0:30)
  4. Black Dog (0:30)
  5. Over The Hills & Far Away (0:30)
  6. What Is & What Should Never Be (0:30)
  7. Dancing Days (0:30)
  8. Since I've Been Loving You (0:30)
  9. Stairway To Heaven (0:30)
  10. Going To California (0:30)
  11. That's The Way (0:30)
  12. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (0:30)
  13. Dazed & Confused (0:30)
  14. Moby Dick (0:30)
  15. Whole Lotta Love (0:30)
  16. Rock & Roll (0:30)
  17. The Ocean (0:30)
  18. Bring It On Home (0:30)
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Cat: 626448 Rel: 06 Dec 16
DJ controller bag for the DDJ-SR and DDJ-RR
Notes: Compact protection for your controller.

This DJ controller bag is the perfect size for the DDJ-SR and DDJ-RR.

The bag's protective egg-foam and fleeced lining prevent damage from vibrations and shocks.
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quote 626448
Cat: 712785 Rel: 29 Nov 18
Rotary speaker effects
Notes: Roctory is a combination of "Rotary" and "Octave". It is world's first rotary speaker cabinet simulator with a polyphonic octave effect. With NUX original TSAC Technology, it faithfully recreates the lush swirling sound of the rotating lower speaker and the treble rotor horn in 3 Dimensions! It even captures the characters of the over-driven tube amp to the speaker! Polyphonic Octave and Rotary effect and rotary cabin simulator. There are many great guitar players remembered with their guitar sound as their guitar skills. And most of them have incorporated the rotary speaker into their rigs.

The Roctary is a tribute for that legends and their sounds. It offers adjustable speed, brake, horn and bass, overdrive and all the features about rotary effects with additional octave effects. It is not only about a classic rotary, the Roctary can be used to create unique organ sounds when combined the rotary effect with polyphonic octave and warm overdrive and it has a cabinet simulator that offers legendary "Leslie-Speaker" sound. It also compatible for keyboards, you can combine any sound you like and make the sound like a big organ!
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Cat: 468637 Rel: 20 Sep 12
Hi-speed USB 2.0 digital audio cable for all kinds of professionals
Notes: Now a number of club DJs are performing with their laptop computers using such as Serato Scratch Live or Native Instruments Traktor. For live performance, needless to say, the stability and sound quality is very important. And a poor-quality cable causes some fatal trouble such as the sound interruption or even the complete sound stop. Even though there might be perception that there is no sound difference by cable change under data transmission, we present there is definite difference by hi-quality cable and connector with d+ USB.

Especially, when an interface is driven by bus-powered, the significance of USB cable affects the stability of power supply and the accuracy of the audio clock. Neo/Oyaide designed the d+ USB cable aiming at providing the best environment to the DJs and artists who pursue the higher sound quality of their performance. With its excellent sound quality and stylish industrial design, the d+ USB will be the masterpiece for all professional creators such as DJs, musicians and sound engineers.
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Cat: 728459 Rel: 08 Jan 19
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The iConnectivity mio2 may look like a simple 2 x 2 USB MIDI interface, but it delivers the kind of flexibility that makes it an invaluable tool both in the studio and live onstage. For starters, the mio2 lets you connect two computers via USB, so you can create complex sequencing and virtual instrument setups. The mio2 includes onboard MIDI routing, filtering, and merging, and you can configure it all via the universally compatible editing software. Cooler still, once you configure it, you can use the mio2 in standalone mode and leave your computer at home.

Multi-computer connectivity supports complex setups:
If your dream MIDI rig includes connecting multiple computers, then iConnectivity makes the MIDI interface you need. Even this simple 2 x 2 mio2 MIDI interface includes support and connections for up to two computers at once. That means you can not only control 24 MIDI channels across two discrete MIDI ports, but you can also link in two computers' worth of virtual instruments and sequencing, providing you with an impressive amount of creative power.

Standalone operation for mobile MIDI management:
While MIDI itself hasn't changed in the past 30+ years, its role in music production certainly has. Once there were dozens of standalone MIDI routers on the market, but modern MIDI gurus in need of computer-free hardware aren't exactly spoiled for choice. That's why the synth and sequencing nuts here at Sweetwater are so excited about iConnectivity's mio series. Use the dedicated configuration application on your Mac or Windows PC to set up routing and other functions, and everything will still be set up when you use your mio2 without your computer. It's that simple!

Includes in-device MIDI merging, filtering, and processing:
One of the things that makes the mio2 (and other mio MIDI interfaces) so flexible is that it includes a comprehensive set of onboard functions that operate completely independently of any associated software. These functions include MIDI merge, MIDI filtering, and more. And since the mio2 can operate in standalone mode, you can program it from your computer and run your entire synth rig without a computer in sight.
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Chapter I-IV (reissue) (5xLP box set + inserts + pin badge + sticker)
Cat: DE T21. Rel: 28 Dec 17
  1. Il Se Noie (4:28)
  2. There Is Something Strange Tonight (4:43)
  3. Logical Animals (5:02)
  4. Coming From Darkness (6:54)
  5. Breaking Down (3:45)
  6. Is Anybody Home (part 1 - demo) (2:31)
  7. La Fete Triste (demo) (4:39)
  8. See The Devil In Me (demo) (4:25)
  9. We Have Not The Choices (demo) (4:54)
  10. See The Devil In Me (Special mix) (6:23)
  11. Relapse (6:50)
  12. Djakarta (3:49)
  13. Moving By You (1:47)
  14. Is Anybody Home? (part I) (3:44)
  15. La Fete Triste (6:35)
  16. No Way (4:09)
  17. Love For A Life (5:16)
  18. Waiting For (3:48)
  19. Crying Wolf (3:58)
  20. Relapse 2 (3:25)
  21. Shadows Of Time (3:46)
  22. Son Of Time (2:09)
  23. Waiting For (remixed & new vocals) (3:35)
  24. Crying Wolf (remixed) (3:57)
  25. Relapse 2 (remixed) (3:18)
  26. Shadows Of Time (remixed) (3:40)
  27. Son Of Time (remixed & some new instruments) (3:16)
  28. The Last Song (4:26)
  29. There's No Trouble There (4:40)
  30. Memories (4:42)
  31. Pleasure (3:38)
  32. The Cave & The Light (2:19)
  33. Nightflight (4:55)
  34. Is Anybody Home? (part 2) (5:06)
  35. Is Anybody Home? (part 3) (2:50)
  36. Your Dream (3:46)
  37. The Last Song (re-recorded) (4:34)
  38. There's No Trouble There (remixed) (4:34)
  39. Memories (re-recorded) (4:32)
  40. Pleasure (remixed) (3:43)
  41. The Cave & The Light (remixed) (2:18)
  42. Night Flight (remixed & new edit) (4:46)
  43. Is Anybody Home? (part 2 - remixed & new edit) (4:50)
  44. Is Anybody Home? (part 3 - remixed) (2:41)
  45. Your Dream (3:59)
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Citronic RM06 Ribbon Microphone (ribbon microphone)
Cat: 597946 Rel: 12 Jan 16
Studio ribbon microphone designed for recording and broadcast studios
Notes: Studio ribbon microphone for recording vocals or instruments. The ribbon element operates without a plate charge or onboard preamp and so does not require phantom power.

Recordings are smooth, free from circuit noise and distortion with a wide frequency range close to that of condenser microphones. The bi-directional polar pattern can be used to combine direct and reflected sound to produce a more natural response.
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Cat: 554282 Rel: 11 Feb 15
Amp or loudspeaker riser for isolating sound source
Notes: The GRAMMA v2 (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor, Modulation Attenuator) is an incredibly effective patented device that's used to float an amp or loudspeaker. This highly effective isolation platform features an Ozite covering over an inert structural layer that floats on a 1" pad of acclaimed Auralex Platfoam. This carefully engineered studio and live performance solution allows the true sound of your amp or loudspeaker to come through by negating resonance artifacts that can muddy up the tone of your amp.

GRAMMA yields nearly total acoustic isolation, resulting in a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed!
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Live At The BBC (remastered) (trifold heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: 375894 0. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Beatle Greetings
  2. From Us To You
  3. Riding On A Bus
  4. I Got A Woman
  5. Too Much Monkey Business
  6. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
  7. I'll Be On My Way
  8. Young Blood
  9. A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues
  10. Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
  11. Some Other Guy
  12. Thank You Girl
  13. Sha La La La La!
  14. Baby It's You
  15. That's All Right (Mama)
  16. Carol
  17. What Is It, George?
  18. Soldier Of Love
  19. A Little Rhyme
  20. Clarabella
  21. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
  22. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
  23. Dear Wack
  24. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  25. To Know Her Is To Love Her
  26. A Taste Of Honey
  27. Long Tall Sally
  28. I Saw Her Standing There
  29. The Honeymoon Song
  30. Johnny B Goode
  31. Memphis, Tennessee
  32. Lucille
  33. Can't Buy Me Love
  34. From Fluff To You
  35. Till There Was You
  36. Crinsk Dee Night
  37. A Hard Day's Night
  38. Ringo? Yep!
  39. I Wanna Be Your Man
  40. Just A Rumour
  41. Roll Over Beethoven
  42. All My Loving
  43. Things We Said Today
  44. She's A Woman
  45. Sweet Little Sixteen
  46. 1822!
  47. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
  48. Nothin' Shakin'
  49. The Hippy Hippy Shake
  50. Glad All Over
  51. I Just Don't Understand
  52. So How Come (No One Loves Me)
  53. I Feel Fine
  54. I'm A Loser
  55. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
  56. Rock & Roll Music
  57. Ticket To Ride
  58. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  59. Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!
  60. Set Fire To That Lot!
  61. Matchbox
  62. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
  63. Love These Goon Shows!
  64. I Got To Find My Baby
  65. Ooh! My Soul
  66. Ooh! My Arms
  67. Don't Ever Change
  68. Slow Down
  69. Honey Don't
  70. Love Me Do
  71. From Us To You
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Cat: 440255 Rel: 16 Dec 11
Notes: The Allen & Heath Xone DB4 Carry Bag is a flightcase designed for Allen & Heath Xone DB4 DJ mixer.
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