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Cat: 686014 Rel: 04 May 18
Clock divider/multiplier module
Notes: Div is a 2 channel, voltage controlled clock divider and multiplier. Incoming clock signals can be multiplied or divided by a factor of 16 with a multitude of values in between.

CV inputs provide external control of the current clock rate, allowing for the creation of dynamic rhythms from a single clock signal.
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Cat: 686655 Rel: 27 Apr 18
Random generator & LFO with independent outs - 3HP
Notes: Erica Pico RND is combined LFO/random source module.

It generates sine LFO waves, white noise, S&H CV and some interesting stuff - random triggers and pulse wave with random duty circle; basically, everything, you need, to bring some uncertainty in your modular setup.

The Pico RND comes equipped with five outputs, they emit the following signals:

- Sine waves
- Pulse waves with varying width
- Random triggers
- Sample and hold material
- White noise

The speed of LFO and S&H circuit can be edited using the module's potentiometer (Range: 0.1 Hz to 20 Hz). For synchronizing the Pico RND with other gear, a clock input was implemented.
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Cat: 686043 Rel: 04 May 18
Multi-scale pitch quantizer
Notes: Tune is a multi-scale pitch quantizer. It features 11 scales ranging from chromatic to octatonic with everything in between. In addition, the bias control allows the user to transpose the melody to a different octave or starting note.

This functionality opens up every musical mode for each of its 11 scales and provides a performable control for transforming melodies on the fly.
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Cat: 648932 Rel: 25 May 17
Expander module for Pamela's New Workout - 2HP
Notes: Pexp-2 is an expander module for Pamela's NEW Workout offering additional dedicated fixed clocked outputs.

Extend Pam as a master to clock external gear with a super solid MIDI & Din Sync dedicated clock outputs.

Use extra fixed jack clocked gate outputs to free up Pamela outputs for more exotic modulation duties.

Connects to, and powered by, expander header on rear of Pamela's NEW Workout. Only a single expander is supported at any time.
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Cat: 686624 Rel: 30 Apr 18
External device input module - 3HP
Notes: Erica Pico INPUT module is just what you need to interface your modular system with external synths or even your mp3 player or mobile phone.

It boosts external signal to modular synth signal level.

With the Pico Input, line signals from, for example, a synthesizer, drum-computer, audio interface or smartphone can be raised to modular level. The module delivers up to 40 dB of gain. Thanks to its two channels, users can comfortably process mono as well as stereo material.

The Pico Input comes equipped with two signal paths. Each signal path features an audio input, a volume potentiometer and an output. Up to 40 dB of amplification are available. Using jumpers on the circuit board, it is possible to dampen the maximum gain to 20 dB. The module's first input is a stereo jack, meaning the user can connect a smartphone or tablet without any adapter cables. In this case, incoming signals are distributed internally to both channels.
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