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  1. 2000 & One & Sandy Huner vs Brothers Vibe - "Baile Bass Groove"
  2. Robert Babicz - "Take It Deep"
  3. Talking Props - "Walking On The White Sand"
out of stock $8.42
  1. 2020 Soundsystem - "Hit The Fan" (GW edit)
  2. Fred Everything - "Huggin & Kissin"
  3. Bobby Peru - "Erotic Discourse" (GW edit)
  4. Random Factor - "Second Principles"
out of stock $5.80
Earth Energy Part 1 (hand-numbered white vinyl 10")
Cat: MND 24LTD250. Rel: 30 Nov 12
Deep House
  1. Serenade
  2. The Silence Of Winter
Review: Brad Peterson and Rai Scott aka 2Deepsoul go limited edition and hand numbered for their white coloured 10" Earth Energy Part 1 EP on Spanish label Minuedo. Bubbling and acid toned squiggles dance upon staccato hi-hats and choral melodies in the upbeat and sweat sounding house cut "Serenade". Analogue warmth is ever present throughout the "The Silence of Winter", as hypnotic leads and LFO infected synths influence serenely sung vocals and top end EQ twiddles. A collector's must have.
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out of stock $9.48
Cat: PRATEREI 007. Rel: 24 Jun 13
Deep House
  1. The Interview (7C version)
  2. The Interview (Rydim version)
out of stock $8.42
Untitled (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SAW 1. Rel: 04 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. A Houseband - "Another Love Another Happiness"
  2. Russian Hackers - "303"
Review: Smile & Wave appears from out of nowhere with two unknown names heading up the first release. There's no indication of who is behind A Houseband or Russian Hackers, but both of them have done a damn fine job of bringing two sure fire killers to wax. The first is "Another Love Another Happiness", which as the title candidly suggests is yet another version of the oft-sampled "Love & Happiness", this time framed in a bubbling, dubby deep house context for the mellow heads to soak up. By way of contrast Russian Hackers get busy with "303", bringing some forthright jack to the table.
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Gespielt von: Giorgio Luceri, Nasty Boy
 in stock $6.31
Leap 006 (12")
Cat: LEAP 006. Rel: 03 Jun 16
Deep House
  1. A:lex - "Soul Shower" (6:36)
  2. A:lex - "Long Way To Detroit" (6:07)
  3. Richmond Wagner - "Places" (live take) (11:23)
out of stock $11.58
Various Artists Vol 1 (12" limited to 150 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: N&B 004. Rel: 21 Jan 19
Deep House
  1. A Vision Of Panorama - "Wind, Brass & Bells" (6:42)
  2. Too Smooth Christ - "Magic Beauty" (4:51)
  3. TELL - "Endless Love" (7:02)
  4. Leon Revol - "Y" (6:12)
  5. Folamour - "I Know It Has Been Done Before" (7:52)
  6. Roberto S - "In Flight" (4:58)
Review: Averaging a release a year since launching 2016, super cool silky disco label Noire & Blanche kick into a new year nice and early with their biggest release to date; a full-bodied six-tracker from some of wryest of artists. Smooth, dusky jams in all directions, highlights include previous Noire & Blanche wiseguys such as Tell, who follows up his last EP with the near P-funk levels of groove on "Endless Love", and Folamour who goes all out orchestral disco on "I Know It Has Been Done Before". Elsewhere A Vision Of Panorama apply full Balearic flavours to the balmy beauty of "Wind, Brass & Bells" and Too Smooth Christ takes us right back down the Trax to 88. All this and plenty more, could this be a sign Noire & Blanche may be releasing a few more records this year. We hope so.
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out of stock $13.18
Cat: MRV 011. Rel: 23 Sep 15
  1. Aashton - "Pride" (6:13)
  2. Peza - "Black Gold" (6:23)
  3. Fabiolous Barker - "The Paradise" (6:37)
  4. Rayko - "The Jam" (5:55)
Review: Yam Who?'s Midnight Riot is back with another volume of funky, party starting edits, so come and get your fix. Aashton's "Pride" samples the diva vocals of you know who on this smooth and soulful number. Peza's "Black Gold" is pure classic disco, reminiscent of Salsoul, possibly? Fabiolous Barker's "The Paradise" has that retro and Balearic vibe that fans of labels like Love On The Rocks and Efficient Space will certainly dig. "The Jam" by Rayko is a re-edit of you guessed it: Technotronic's "Pump Up The Jam".
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 in stock $9.75
  1. Abacus - "My Brazilian Love"
  2. Last Session - "Sometimes I Feel Like"
  3. Ron Trent - "Morning Fever"
  4. Ani - "Love Is The Message"
Review: US label Prescription Classics serve up the fourth part in the From The Vaults series. Taking timeless beauties from the archives, Ron Trent's label is now re-issuing these deep dance gems. Part 4 kicks off with Abacus's "My Brazilian Love". Raw chords, delicate swinging hi-hats and perfectly executed percussive sections give it pure soul and groove. Last Session's "Sometimes I Feel" is fuelled by a strong kick that's kept in check by a bassline to die for and sultry vocal snippets. Label boss Ron Trent is up on the flip with "Morning Fever"; its epic guitar riff and chord patterns get as deep and funky as they come, garnished with tinny percussion and low slung momentum. Lastly, "Love Is The Message" from Ani is the "For Those Who Didn't Hear It The First Time" version from 1994. Riding off its tribal percussion and sharp drum taps, the sexy vocals ooze with allure over the constantly driving groove. Essential.
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out of stock $10.49
Cat: BAV 001. Rel: 06 Aug 18
Deep House
  1. Abilaan - "Suspecious Clap" (6:22)
  2. Max Telaer - "In My System" (8:53)
  3. Robert Monarch - "Ostpunk" (8:20)
  4. Robert Monarch - "Wasted" (6:35)
out of stock $11.58
Jus Move (12")
Cat: DHP 006. Rel: 02 Jun 07
Deep House
  1. Just Move
  2. Just Move (Jimpster mix)
  3. Just Move (bonus beat)
Review: Mike Acetate has, for over fifteen years, been an integral part of the Sydney music scene. From clubber to DJ, to promotion and production, Mike has covered it all. Firmly grounded with a deep and passionate understanding of solid music and the way it is constructed he constantly delivers seriously ass shaking DJ sets. "Jus Move" is his new release on the Deep House Project imprint.
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out of stock $0.00
Cat: T-BET 007. Rel: 02 Feb 11
Deep House
  1. Moser
  2. Naked City
  3. Moser (The Random Odyssey's Out Of Time mix)
  4. Tonight Is The Night
out of stock $10.49
Cat: FRESH 009. Rel: 02 Dec 10
UK Garage
  1. Actraiser - "Step Up"
  2. Actraiser - "Lakitu"
  3. Rotty - "I'm Deep"
  4. Thought Cosmic - "Let Them Come"
out of stock $6.31
Raw (Ron Trent Remix) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: JD 42. Rel: 25 Jan 18
Deep House
  1. Raw (Ron Trent remix) (8:04)
  2. Raw (original LP mix) (6:31)
out of stock $11.86
Vol 9 (10")
Cat: RSWING 009. Rel: 08 Sep 16
  1. Ostia 1982 (5:54)
  2. Traffic Jam (4:09)
  3. Foresta (4:17)
Review: Ad Bourke and Rotla are Italy's answer to Floating Points and the rest of the nu-school, nu-jazz crew. The two Roman beat soldiers are a constant presence on our radars, always keeping things fresh and in flux. They land head-high on the young and vibrant Really Swing label with these naughty three cuts, spread across two sides of 10" wax - our favourite format. "Ostia 1982" makes reference to Rome's decadent riviera and the italo-disco movement, where its 4/4 disco licks dominate the A-side with pride and mystique. "Traffic Jam" is a wonky boogie chiller with liquid-like electro bass tones, and "Foresta" heads down the jazzy pastures that these two usually like to indulge in; the tune is a magnificent excursion into a deep and chimerical world of percussion and ethereal sonics. Bliss.
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out of stock $7.64
Cat: HUDD 042. Rel: 25 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. Agnes - "Question Rhetorique"
  2. Eddie Leader - "Slumster"
  3. Rick Wade - "Giochiamo"
  4. Sek - "All Over Me"
Review: Booming warehouse beats and a looping female vocal similar to Marco Shuttle's hit "The Vox Attitude" dominates Agnes' "Question Rhetorique", the first track from a various artist sampler Hudd Traxx has put out to celebrate eight years of releasing records. Hudd Traxx stalwart Eddie Leader - who recently appeared on another EP with Agnes - supplies "Slumster", a rigid drum track swung by a choral of synthesised pads and heavily struck chords. Detroit legend Rick Wade delivers something a little more ambient until his trademark, tremolo-effected chords shine down on the track like a ray of light breaking through the clouds. Greek producer Sek caps of an energetic EP with the deeper - potential poolside anthem - "All Over Me".

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out of stock $8.96
Sometimes (clear red vinyl 12")
Cat: DES 0044. Rel: 28 Feb 13
Deep House
  1. Desos - "Sometimes"
  2. Alex Agore - "Sit Down Thought Pattern"
  3. Replika - "Turn Loose"
  4. Chris Cheops - "Respect"
out of stock $9.48
Janelas EP (hand-stamped 12" in hand-spayed sleeve (comes in different coloured sleeves we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: PCFQVA 001. Rel: 24 Dec 18
Deep House
  1. Aidons Antoine - "Malva" (5:59)
  2. Sun Papa & Lawrence Le Doux - "Opaline" (4:17)
  3. Rodolphe Coster - "H" (5:05)
  4. Fausto - "Out Of Love" (6:10)
out of stock $11.86
Cat: TLRV 001. Rel: 22 Aug 18
Deep House
  1. Akrya - "Class Affairs" (7:11)
  2. Manuold - "Understand" (6:06)
  3. Rocco Detroit - "Grooveland" (6:51)
  4. Alan Da Funk - "Street House" (6:08)
out of stock $10.01
Cat: AOW 004. Rel: 19 Feb 15
Deep House
  1. Cera Alba - "Jux" (original mix) (8:09)
  2. Cera Alba - "Jux" (Oli Furness remix) (6:32)
  3. Rosenhaft - "Unplugged Vibez" (original mix) (6:54)
  4. Rosenhaft - "Unplugged Vibez" (Kindimmer Zen remix) (6:53)
out of stock $8.42
Take A Chance (The Dubs) (limited marbled vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: NDATL 013SE. Rel: 31 Jul 15
Deep House
  1. Take A Chance (Mr. Fingers Full ambient acid instrumental) (7:11)
  2. Take A Chance (Kai Alce original dub mix) (6:50)
  3. Take A Chance (Larry Heard dub remix) (7:10)
out of stock $19.24
Cat: NDATL 013. Rel: 31 Jul 15
Deep House
  1. Take A Chance (Kai Alce original vocal) (6:50)
  2. Take A Chance (Larry Heard vocal) (7:10)
  3. Take A Chance (Mr Fingers ambient vocal mix) (7:25)
  4. Take A Chance (Mr Fingers ambient instrumental) (7:25)
Review: When it comes to producing deep, sophisticated, musically rich deep house, few are quite as capable as Kai Alce. Even so, there's still something extra-special about "Take A Chance", a thoroughly deep, soulful and lilting excursion full of rolling, African-influenced percussion, eyes-closed trumpet solos and warm, evocative vocals. Alce's hero Larry Heard provides the remixes, firstly under his given name (a typically deep, soulful and dreamy interpretation) and secondly as Mr Fingers. It's these "Ambient Acid" versions - built around restless, lopped electronics and the original's sublime trumpet - that really stand out. Brilliant from start to finish.
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out of stock $8.17
US I-75 EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FSS 004. Rel: 06 Nov 17
Deep House
  1. Kai Alce - "Scene 2"
  2. Michael Zucker - "Summer Time"
  3. Reggie Dokes - "Running"
Review: The Finale Sessions Select series finds Michael Zucker steering his label into new, techy pastures with a host of esteemed guests on board. For this fourth round, he's called upon Kai Alce and Reggie Dokes to stand alongside him in demonstrating exactly what's great about contemporary house and techno. Alce is up first with "Scene 2", bringing a bubbly, sleek confection of machine soul to the table. Zucker gets things rolling along steady with the heady trip of "Summer Time", and then Reggie Dokes sends the record drifting off on a wonderfully crooked tip with "Running".
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 in stock $1.04
Cat: JJR 005. Rel: 12 May 15
Deep House
  1. Infinity! (7:30)
  2. Ulysses! (8:39)
Review: It's another RSD 2015 house stepper coming out the woodwork, and it's by none other than Amir Alexander - everyone's favourite Malmo-based contemporary Chicago house don. This time he appears under his Ritchie Ratchet moniker with two acid-laced house cuts, stripped-back and militarised into a pair of club missiles. "Infinity!" and "Ulysses!" are similar in structure but different in tone, where the former is on a steady path to destruction while the latter bounces off the walls with an abrasive touch. Class!
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Gespielt von: Agnostic Rhythm
out of stock $9.48
  1. Amir Alexander - "The Moment Of Truth!"
  2. Chris Mitchell - "June In July"
  3. Benedict Frey - "We Can't Go Back"
  4. Regen - "Crumb"
out of stock $8.17
Run Harder Volume 1 (limited hand-numbered 12" in a screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: LNR 003. Rel: 05 May 15
Deep House
  1. Kareem Ali - "Gold" (4:04)
  2. Kamaho Adisa - "No Sun" (4:00)
  3. 25 Places - "Human Nature" (6:16)
  4. Rai Scott - "Walking Home" (5:53)
out of stock $8.96
Cat: BOSCONI 007. Rel: 09 Sep 09
Deep House
  1. Ilario Alicante - "Chicago Moods"
  2. Rufus - "Luv Luv Luv"
out of stock $8.42
XXX 004 Part Two (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: XXX 004 2. Rel: 30 May 17
Deep House
  1. Alterleo - "Train To..." (6:59)
  2. Al Gobi - "Rule Of Three" (9:02)
  3. Jack Pattern & John Parsley - "Kaboom" (5:55)
  4. Roger Van Lunteren - "On And Dna No (The Sun Riser)" (5:06)
  5. Phil Gerus - "Prelude To Love" (4:37)
Review: The XXX crew are on a mission to celebrate the adventurous and utterly well-informed dance music scene of Amsterdam, and they move to the fourth release on their label with a strong cast of characters that all have something different to say. Alterleo opens up the 12" with the low-throbbing psyche out of "Train To..." before Al Gobi takes over with the aqueous hardware house bubbles of "Rule Of Three". On the B side, Jack Pattern & John Parsley work together to lay down a fierce blend of industrial and disco that will send shivers down your spine. Roger Van Lunteren meanwhile revels in the squelchiest kind of esoteric acid with a new age mystique thrown in for good measure, and then Phil Gerus provides a soothing soliloquy to finish this distinctive record off.
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Gespielt von: Ian Blevins, SHMLSS, Clandestino
 in stock $8.95
HIMCMP 001 (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: HIMCMP 001. Rel: 26 Jan 17
Deep House
  1. A.M. Limonata - "Siren" (5:54)
  2. Roy Blues - "Pyramid" (8:48)
  3. Oliver Francis - "How High" (6:59)
  4. Oliver Francis - "Setting Pace" (5:52)
out of stock $9.48
Cat: GUEDITS 001. Rel: 27 Apr 18
Deep House
  1. Amp Fiddler - "Mornin" (Nostalgic Forever mix) (8:42)
  2. Raul Midon - "Sunshine" (rewerk) (7:10)
out of stock $11.33
Cat: RST 014. Rel: 28 Sep 11
  1. The Analogue Cops & Blawan - "Good Stuff"
  2. The Analogue Cops & Blawan - "45 Dollars"
  3. The Analogue Cops & Ryan Elliott - "To The Park"
  4. The Analogue Cops & Ryan Elliott - "Let Me Count"
out of stock $7.91
  1. Ananda Project feat Terrance Downs - "Glory Glory" (Def beats)
  2. Moments Of Soul - "Blind"
  3. The Society feat Ovasoul 7) - "How's Life" (Society Latin instrumental)
  4. Frankie Feliciano presents Real Thing III - "Living Beats"
out of stock $5.26
  1. Anaxander - "Soline & Lilly (One-Two)" (5:42)
  2. John Shima - "Night Walker" (8:25)
  3. Rai Scott - "Friends In Distant Lands" (5:58)
  4. Rennie Foster - "Conscious Basics" (6:36)
out of stock $11.07
Cat: NSRVINYL 009. Rel: 27 Jul 18
Deep House
  1. Anaxander - "Street Slang" (5:02)
  2. The Snuff Crew - "Pleasant Journey" (5:17)
  3. Isoul8 & Ricardo Miranda - "P Boogie" (6:56)
out of stock $11.86
  1. Andomat 3000 - "Ricky House"
  2. Rahmi Cihan aka Cian - "The Morning"
  3. Antoine Baiser & Wellensittig - "Ah Oui Baiser"
  4. Basti Fabel - "Highway Lies" (feat Iron Kuma)
out of stock $8.42
Cat: MATERIALX 010. Rel: 06 Sep 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Anek - "Nothing To Loose" (Darius Syrossian remix)
  2. Fabian Argomedo - "Cmon"
  3. Riccardo Sabatini - "Boogeyman"
  4. Redondo & Filty Rich - "One Too Many" (German Brigante remix)
out of stock $7.37
Ferrusola EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BLACKMONEY 001. Rel: 23 Jul 15
Deep House
  1. Lisa Angel - "Show Me" (Marc Pinol edit) (6:23)
  2. Pau Roca - "Garvey City" (5:34)
  3. Retract Maple - "Acidtraxx" (6:07)
  4. Geto Nova - "So Powerful" (5:36)
Gespielt von: Femanyst, Sasha Khizhnyakov
out of stock $9.48
Cat: SLT 048. Rel: 07 Sep 11
Funky/Club House
  1. Arco - "Everywhere"
  2. Random Soul - "Bass, Drums, Harmony" (RS Strip-It mix)
  3. TNT Inc - "About Jazz"
  4. Sellouts - "Carte Blanche"
out of stock $7.37
Trackside Trax 1-2 (1-sided 12")
Cat: TRACKSIDE 1. Rel: 21 Dec 15
Deep House
  1. Armando - "Track 1" (5:11)
  2. Armando - "Track 2" (5:10)
  3. Disco Tape #7 (re-edit) (5:55)
  4. Rhythm Controll - "My House" (accapella) (1:51)
Gespielt von: Mark Forshaw, Jean Nipon
out of stock $14.49
Wrong Turn (12")
Cat: MHYH 002LTD 100. Rel: 03 Jul 09
Deep House
  1. Wrong Turn (Don Tindsley's Sidestreet remix)
  2. Wrong Turn (original mix)
  3. Wrong Turn (Rhythm Plate remix)
  4. Wrong Turn (DJ Lazz remix)
Gespielt von: Lost My Dog, Trevor Vichas
out of stock $13.69
Part 1 (12")
Cat: AD 004. Rel: 19 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Glenn Astro - "Strings"
  2. Chocky - "Blow Down"
  3. Rauld Dancesol - "Too Much Saturday"
  4. Glenn Astro - "Strings" (Leon Vynehall translation)
  5. Gnork - "Summer Of Love"
out of stock $8.42
Cat: MANT 035. Rel: 26 Feb 08
Deep House
  1. Love Someone (Mario Basanov & Vidis Redo)
  2. Love Someone (Atjazz Deeper mix)
  3. Love Someone (Deep Order vocal dub)
out of stock $5.26
Cat: MANT 034. Rel: 05 Feb 08
Deep House
  1. Love Someone
  2. Love Someone (Slope's 90's mix)
  3. Love Someone (Slope remix dub)
Review: Remixes of Atjazz's 'Love Someone' on Mantis by Sonar Kollektiv's Slope.
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out of stock $4.21
12015 (12")
Cat: ARC 12015 . Rel: 24 Jun 15
Deep House
  1. Atjazz & Oveous - "Soldiers" (Jullian Gomes dub) (5:34)
  2. Martin Iveson - "Cobra XL" (5:43)
  3. Cazuma & Andreas - "Bird" (7:34)
  4. Rancido - "Thief" (6:52)
Gespielt von: Secret Reels, Lay-far, Teleseen
out of stock $8.96
Florence (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: 99CHANTS 03. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. David August - "Florence" (Rafael Anton Irisarri Deconstruction) (5:19)
  2. David August - "Elysian Fields" (Ron Trent Deconstruction) (11:15)
 in stock $10.53
  1. Dakin Auret - "I'm Going"
  2. Daniel Ray - "Dead End"
  3. Nohjo - "Do It All Night"
  4. Ruyman Mas - "Covachos"
out of stock $8.42
Cat: DIKSO 009. Rel: 29 Feb 12
  1. Autodeep & Romorri - "Make You Mine" (KRL remix)
  2. Larse - "So Much Fun" (Roberto Rodriguez remix)
  3. Duff Disco - "I Won't Forget" (Homework perspective)
  4. Soho808 - "Turning Slow" (feat Lydia Caesar - Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe remix)
out of stock $8.42
  1. Awanto 3 - "Share" (6:47)
  2. Raam & Yourhighness - "Hadrian's Villa" (6:11)
  3. Attic Chefs - "Balezino" (6:34)
  4. Sames - "Undo Redo Again" (6:59)
out of stock $8.96
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