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Back in stock: UK Garage

UK Garage vinyl represses and restocks
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Rock With Me EP
Cat: TIN 057. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Need 2 Know (3:16)
Make Sum Noise (5:14)
Rock With Me (5:12)
Phoneline (5:20)
Strictly OG Rocking (4:25)
Review: Time Is Now is one of the current garage generations best outlets and is now well over 50 EPs deep. The latest drop comes from ODF who kicks off with 'Need 2 Know' which is full of wispy melodies and old school bassline bounce. It's feel good and full of neon colour. 'Make Sum Noise' is indebted to speed bassline with its fast paced shuffle and naughty throwback bass. 'Rock With Me' brings another great mix of unrelenting low ends, retro cool and new school produciton techniques. On the flip, 'Phoneline' keeps it deep while 'Strictly OG Rocking' takes off on whirring jungle breakbeats.
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 in stock $14.80
Time Is Now White Vol 2
Cat: TINWHITE 002. Rel: 02 Apr 21
Make Me Feel (5:08)
Missing You (4:12)
Negative (3:35)
Sunshine (4:40)
Falling (3:50)
Leave You (4:17)
Review: Time Is Now has done a sterling job of driving the garage sound of now forward. Obviously thinking they have spotted another niche, they recently started a white label off shoot that is presumably devised so as to help them navigate any difficulties that may come with using some of the samples we suspect have been used here. Whatever, the are all buying, full flavour garage tunes with bulbous bass and glitchy percussive patterns that will cut up the dance floor. The smart vocal flourishes bring heart and soul and ensure maximum impact.
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 in stock $15.35
Cat: BP 001. Rel: 11 Dec 23
Inside My Head
 in stock $15.60
Back To Life (House remixes)
Back To Life (House remixes) (limited translucent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: FDR 15LTD. Rel: 25 Jun 21
Back To Life (Zepherin Saint Thunder dub) (7:57)
Back To Life (Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta dub) (6:25)
Back To Life (DJ Fen Strippers remix) (5:04)
Back To Life (DJ Fen Garage dub remix) (4:50)
Review: Soul 2 Soul's ''Back To Life' is just one of those classic British dance singles. It was big when it came out, and it gets reactions that are just as big to this day. It has aged as well as music can and for that reason will always be ripe for remixing. Here present don translucent yellow vinyl, it is Zepherin Saint's Thunder dub that kicks off with lush synth lines reaching for the stars as the chunky, tumbling grooves roll deep. There is an old school soulful house vibe to the excellent rework from Booker T Kings Of Soul. It's clipped and dry and cool as you like. DJ Fen then rounds out the flip side with a pair of interpretations. The Strippers remix is late night and broken beat, the garage dub does what it says on the tin.
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 in stock $32.84
Need Someone EP
Cat: TIN 035. Rel: 11 Aug 22
Need Someone (7:30)
Hold U Tight (6:00)
Fever (5:09)
Tasty (4:22)
Review: The Time Is Now label continues to lead the way in new school garage sound with a fresh platter that matters from Mass Transit System. As ever this is hefty, bass driven tackle with plenty of throwback sounds like the reversed bass and yelping vocals stabs on 'Need Someone' and it is absolutely irresistible. After that face melter is 'Hold U Tight' with its whirring bas sounds and dark grooves, the crispy 2-step naughtiness of 'Fever' and 'Tasty' with its badman lyrics, withering sci-fi synth sounds and gritty warehouse sounds all primed and ready for maximum impact.
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 in stock $15.35
Fabric Presents The Streets
Cat: FABRIC 220. Rel: 04 Jul 24
The Streets - "No Better Than Chance"
Cesco, Hamdi - "Swing King"
Hilts - "345" (feat IZCO)
LAU RA - "The Danger"
TQD - "Nice & Close"
Douvelle19, Catching Cairo - "U Could Be Mine"
Coki, Leotrix - "DIY" (feat Flowdan)
Manga Saint Hilare, MoreNight - "Exercise" (feat Kamakaze)
Tentendo, Mustbejohn - "Motive"
MPH - "Overrated"
Oppidan - "Mr Sandman"
Dusky - "Eros" (Interplanetary Criminal remix)
Fred Again, The Streets, Dermot Kennedy - "Mike (Desert Island Duvet)" (Skinners version)
Fantom Freq, Eric Mark - "Wicked Sound" (feat Dread MC)
Bruza - "Boiling Point" (feat Logan Olm)
The Streets - "Cannot Be A Lie"
Mike Skinner - "Sharp Knives Are Safer"
33 Below, DRIIA - "LOYAL"
The Streets - "Boxing In Slow Motion"
Mike Skinner - "Hands Down"
Icarus - "Change" (Bullet Tooth remix)
Mike Skinner - "Neine To 5"
Nineteen97 - "Outdablu"
Enigma Dubz, Snowy - "Lost It" (Medicine Place remix)
Hustle Athletics - "Lekker" (Posij remix)
Caspa - "Silly" (feat Dynamite)
Ance - "Distinct"
Biicla - "That's My Shit"
Emz - "Free" (feat Nasser & Valor)
Rohaan, Kelbin - "Run Away"
The Streets - "End Of The Queue"
 in stock $13.46
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