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Wednesday 22 March 2017
The Columbia Years 1968-1969
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 in stock $14.78
The Columbia Years 1968-1969 (CD + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 135CD. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Hangin' Out (5:06)
  2. Politician Man (5:36)
  3. Down Home Girl (5:16)
  4. Born On The Bayou (3:19)
  5. I'm Ready Willing & Able (take 1) (0:46)
  6. I'm Ready Willing & Able (take 9) (3:40)
  7. It's My Life (alternate take) (2:20)
  8. Live, Love, Learn (2:40)
  9. My Soul Is Tired (2:07)
Review: Light In the Attic have outdone themselves again with this latest reissue of what is surely Betty Davis' best and most coveted work. Her iconic voice is transported by the legendary productions of, to name a few, a couple of peeps by the name of Miles Davis, Teo Macero and Herbie Hancock. According to the label, what is special about this release is its pioneering stance on jazz, where across nine songs these greats pretty much already started and finished the free-jazz sound. For the late 1960s, this is some truly special and forward-thinking material; a clear precursor to the mad, improvisational - and often misinterpreted - seminal album by Miles Davis himself, On The Corner. This is mostly unreleased material, and the LP comes with a booklet of interviews and rare photos. Unmissable.
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Gespielt von: Night Noise
Tuesday 21 March 2017
Collected Solo Work
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $35.37
Collected Solo Work (5xCD + DVD in hard-cover book)
Cat: BRETTBOX 01. Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Love Is Dead
  2. One Lazy Morning
  3. Dust & Rain
  4. Intimacy
  5. To The Winter
  6. Scorpio Rising
  7. The Infinite Kiss
  8. Colour Of The Night
  9. The More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves
  10. Ebony
  11. Song For My Father
  12. Clowns (First version - bonus track)
  13. We Can Be Anyone (bonus track)
  14. Mother Night (bonus track)
  15. Elegant (bonus track)
  16. Love Is Dead (live At Bush Hall - bonus track)
  17. Clowns (live At Bush Hall - bonus track)
  18. A Different Place
  19. The Empress
  20. Clowns
  21. Chinese Whispers
  22. Blessed
  23. Funeral Mantra
  24. Back To You
  25. Knife Edge
  26. P Marius
  27. Symmetry
  28. Love Is Dead (acoustic version - bonus track)
  29. Song For My Father (acoustic version - bonus track)
  30. Back To You (acoustic version - bonus track)
  31. Ebony (acoustic version - bonus track)
  32. The Infinite Kiss (acoustic version - bonus track)
  33. Love Is Dead (live at the Union Chapel, 19 July 2007)
  34. Song For My Father (live at the Union Chapel, 19 July 2007)
  35. Clowns (live at the Union Chapel, 19 July 2007)
  36. To The Winter (live at the Union Chapel, 19 July 2007)
  37. Back To You (live at the Union Chapel, 19 July 2007)
  38. Hymn
  39. Wheatfields
  40. The Hunted
  41. Frozen Roads
  42. Summer
  43. Pretty Widows
  44. The Swans
  45. Ashes Of Us
  46. Scarecrows & Lilacs
  47. Julian's Eyes
  48. Leave Me Sleeping
  49. With You Within You (bonus track)
  50. Forest Lullaby (bonus track)
  51. Unsung
  52. Brittle Heart
  53. Crash About To Happen
  54. I Count The Times
  55. The Exiles
  56. This Must Be Where It Ends
  57. Actors
  58. In The House Of Numbers
  59. Thin Men Dancing
  60. Possession
  61. Unstoppable (bonus track)
  62. Savage Dance (bonus track)
  63. Isloation (bonus track)
  64. Brittle Heart (radio edit - bonus track)
  65. Brittle Heart (instrumental - bonus track)
  66. Unsung
  67. Wheatfields
  68. The Exiles
  69. Actors
  70. Ashes Of Us
  71. The Hunted
  72. Julian's Eyes
  73. Thin Men Dancing
  74. Possession
  75. In The House Of Numbers
  76. The Swans
  77. Brittle Heart
  78. Scarecrows & Lilacs
  79. Frozen Roads
  80. Leave Me Sleeping
  81. Chinese Whispers
  82. A Different Place
  83. Funeral Mantra
  84. Brett Anderson talks to Luke Turner about the writing & recording of the albums (DVD)
Review: This box set, comprising all four of the fop by royal appointment's solo albums, might look like one for die-hards only, but more so it's an opportunity for the world to catch up with a somewhat under-appreciated canon of material somewhat overlooked by folk essentially hanging fire for the inevitable (and very creditable) Suede reunion albums and live shows. Putting Anderson's sometimes poignant, sometimes melodramatic, but always heartfelt vocal and lyrics across arrangements that can be both tastefully stark and obliquely experimental, these autumnal and languid records make out a case for Anderson as an artist worthy in a realm way beyond indie stardom or retro chic.
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Monday 20 March 2017
The Hill (reissue)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.48
Cat: MRG 356CD. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Mrs Merritt
  2. Tom Merritt
  3. Elmer Karr
  4. Ollie McGee
  5. Fletcher McGee
  6. Julia Miller
  7. Willard Fluke
  8. Elizabeth Childers
  9. AD Blood
  10. Oscar Hummel
  11. Mellie Clark
  12. Johnnie Sayre
  13. Dora Williams
  14. Reuben Pantier
  15. Emily Sparks
  16. Amanda Barker
  17. The Hill
  18. William & Emily
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.63
Heartless (CD)
Cat: PFL 179CD. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. I Saw The End
  2. Thorns
  3. Lie Of Survival
  4. Dancing In Madness
  5. Cruel Road
  6. Heartless
  7. A Plea For Understanding
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.11
Despertar (CD)
Cat: SYNCLP 03CD. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Intense Kiss
  2. The Son With The Father's Gun (feat Ria, Ryan Roush & Cheney)
  3. Breathe (feat Kash)
  4. I Saw You (feat Hokhok)
  5. FREE (feat Zebulon & Ryan Roush)
  6. That's Me (feat Jim Hast)
  7. Despertar (feat Fabel)
  8. Avalanche (feat Hokhok)
  9. Baztan (A Tony Phillips Poem)
  10. Sous Les Etoiles
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