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This Week: Rock (All)
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Your Move Series #1
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $25.97
Cat: MNKR 033. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Socks (0:30)
  2. Cairns (0:30)
  3. Lord Barrel (0:30)
  4. Walking For Pleasure (0:30)
  5. Enigmatic Cosmic Enforcer (0:30)
Decade (remastered)
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 in stock $44.51
Decade (remastered) (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: RPRW 558030. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Down To The Wire (2:29)
  2. Burned (2:16)
  3. Mr Soul (2:47)
  4. Broken Arrow (6:17)
  5. Expecting To Fly (3:44)
  6. Sugar Mountain (5:45)
  7. I Am A Child (2:17)
  8. The Loner (3:51)
  9. The Old Laughing Lady (5:48)
  10. Cinnamon Girl (3:00)
  11. Down By The River (9:15)
  12. Cowgirl In The Sand (10:04)
  13. I Believe In You (3:28)
  14. After The Gold Rush (3:47)
  15. Southern Man (5:30)
  16. Helpless (3:45)
  17. Ohio (3:00)
  18. Soldier (2:29)
  19. Old Man (3:22)
  20. A Man Needs A Maid (3:59)
  21. Harvest (3:10)
  22. Heart Of Gold (3:05)
  23. Star Of Bethlehem (2:48)
  24. The Needle & The Damage Done (2:13)
  25. Tonight's The Night (part 1) (4:33)
  26. Tired Eyes (4:32)
  27. Walk On (2:42)
  28. For The Turnstiles (3:01)
  29. Winterlong (3:07)
  30. Deep Forbidden Lake (3:43)
  31. Like A Hurricane (8:17)
  32. Love Is A Rose (2:17)
  33. Cortez The Killer (7:27)
  34. Campaigner (3:28)
  35. Long May You Run (3:50)
Review: We've had more Neil Young compilations thrown our way over the years than many of us care to remember, but only one really sticks in the mind, and it's this one. Originally released in 1977 and chronicling the period in which Young went from being a simple member of Buffalo Springfield to one of the most heralded North American songwriters of the late century, and comprising work from that band alongside Crosby Stills Nash and Young, it's studded with delights aplenty. From the extended guitar sprawl of 'Down By The Ocean' and 'Cortez The Killer' to poignant balladry like 'After The Goldrush' and 'Helpless', no-one captured the dreams and hopes of the hippie generation in quite the way Young did, and this collection is a magnificent testimony to his most fertile and heartwarming era.
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 2 in stock $60.40
100 (book)
Cat: 655113 Rel: 26 Jun 17
Limited edition 200 page hardback book containing front & back covers for Robert Pollard's 100 studio albums
Notes: On April 7th 2017, Guided by Voices released August By Cake, a double album. For anyone who knows the band this isn't necessarily a newsworthy event. The band and its leader are extremely prolific and release multiple albums every year. What made this one special, what made it historic, was that it marked the 100th studio album release for Robert Pollard.

It is arguable as to whether any other artist has released that much music. What we know for sure is that no other artist has released 100 studio albums with every one of them on vinyl.

This book contains the front and back covers for all 100 albums. Less a testament to Pollard's extensive career and more a study in album art, the book is a large format (12" x 12") hard cover document containing over 200 pages printed to the edge.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
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A Melange Of Musical Pipedreams & Pandemonium
 In den Warenkorb
 2 in stock $52.99
Cat: 648660 Rel: 26 Jun 17
768 page paperback book
Notes: This stunning encyclopaedic guide covers in great detail rock, pop, beat, R'n'B, folk, psych, prog and more from Australia, New Zealand, Africa (expanded to include 'Afro-rock' music from Sub-Saharan Africa) and, for the first time, Turkey and the Middle East, between 1963 and 1976.

The guide contains detailed discographies, line-up data, bibliographies, comment on their music, compilation appearances, and an up-to-date rarity scale for all album releases between 1963 and 1976, for the artists featured.

Illustrated throughout and includes 12 pages in colour. There is nothing currently in print similar to this!
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