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 in stock $8.38
Bells (12")
Cat: DRUNK 031. Rel: 13 May 13
  1. Bells (System mix)
  2. Bells (Dream Sequence)
Review: It's been three years since Peverelist released anything on his own Punch Drunk label; of late his productions have come out primarily on the Livity Sound imprint he runs with Kowton and Asusu, or on Hessle Audio. Here he returns to Punch Drunk in triumphant form, using the truncated Pev to drop two versions with fellow Bristolian Jacob Martin, best known for his solo productions as Hodge, and his work as one half of Idle Hands house duo Outboxx. Entitled Bells, the 12? sees two takes on the same track; given both Martin's house credentials and Ford's dubstep past and recent forays into slower rhythmic terrain it's no surprise that both tracks are steady, mid-tempo house imbued with Bristol's bass-weight heritage. "Bells (System Mix)" employs syncopated kicks and dub chords over its tunnelling bass, while "Bells (Dream Sequence)" is a more linear Chicago-inspired house cut with distant chimes and abstract synth textures, sounding not unlike some of the dreamier fare released on MOS Recordings.
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Worth The Weight Vol 2: From The Edge
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 in stock $7.75
Cat: DRUNKCD 006. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Hodge - "Resolve"
  2. Tessela - "Channel"
  3. Kahn - "Helter Skelter"
  4. Andy Mac - "Asteroid Belts"
  5. Peverelist - "Roll With The Punches" (Kowton Linear mix)
  6. Zhou - "I Remain"
  7. Kahn - "Tehran"
  8. Zhou - "Locust Dub"
  9. Bass Clef - "Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare" (Pev mix)
  10. Ekoplekz - "Vanishing Land" (intro)
  11. Pev & Hodge - "Bells (Dream Sequence)"
  12. Bass Clef - "A Rail Is A Road & A Road Is A River"
Review: Back in 2010, Peverelist's Punch Drunk label released the Worth The Weight compilation, a collection of hard to find classics from Bristol's dubstep scene. In the years that have passed, dubstep has mutated, and so has Punch Drunk, with the classic dubstep sound giving way to something equally as likely to feature elements of house, techno and experimental music. It's this direction explored in the Worth The Weight Vol. 2: From The Edge, a 12-track compilation featuring tracks from the city and beyond. While Hodge and Tessela represent swung house and techno hybrids, Bass Clef and Ekoplekz are on hand to provide some strange analogue deviations, while Kahn and Zhou represent the city's Young Echo collective. With Pev himself, Andy Mac and Kowton delivering a remix of the classic "Roll With The Punches", this is an essential compilation for anyone with even a passing interest in the past few years of bass-centric UK music.
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Artikel 1 bis 2 von 2 auf Seite 1 von 1 anzeigen
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