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Thursday 29 June 2017
Freckles EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.60
Cat: IDLE 045. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Rlgl
  2. Notice
Southern Uplands
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.60
Cat: SOR 003. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Make Heaven
  2. CMI
  3. Lacuna
  4. Diametric
Wednesday 28 June 2017
Without End Hour EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.35
Cat: TR 005. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. When Your Groove Is Mine (7:54)
  2. Without End Hour (6:35)
  3. When Your Groove Is Mine (Negativ Dekadent remix) (7:19)
  4. Without End Hour (Zuckermann After The End remix) (8:27)
Erodiscotique EP 4
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.88
Cat: GOMMA 222. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. One For Frankie (7:13)
  2. Don't You Feel The Same (5:38)
  3. Zanzibar (5:51)
Dance Warriors
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.15
Cat: DFL 025. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Dance Warriors (7:34)
  2. Dance Warriors (Claudio Coccoluto remix) (6:56)
  3. Dance Warriors (Riva Starr remix) (8:57)
Tripping Among The Stars Volume 1 (reissue)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
  1. Tripping Among The Stars (Still Trippin') (12:23)
  2. Tripping Among The Stars (live At Idful) (9:07)
  3. Tripping Among The Stars (Wamdue Kids remix) (5:49)
EDR 006
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
EDR 006 (12" + insert)
Cat: EDR 006. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Glued (4:44)
  2. In Case Of Emergency (6:45)
  3. CHCH (7:52)
  4. Rubberman (5:50)
Cold Heart EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: 17STEPS 014. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Cold Heart (6:33)
  2. Psychic Life Coach (7:01)
  3. Bowed (6:11)
  4. Balfour Betty (6:29)
Material Heads Vol 30
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
  1. Jaden Thompson - "Blitz" (6:40)
  2. Sizeup - "Piebass" (8:25)
  3. Tapesh - "That Cochie" (6:00)
  4. Lister - "Track 4" (Jey Kurmis remix) (7:16)
Can't Help It
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: BARN 051. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Can't Help It (5:43)
  2. This Is It (Body mix) (6:21)
Listen To Your Heart Part 2
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
  1. Shadows (5:27)
  2. Unchained (3:02)
  3. Up To Rise (LP mix) (5:21)
  4. Over & Over (2:43)
8 Years Deep In The Game
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
  1. BRS - "Bouncing" (6:48)
  2. Paradiso Rhythm - "Greetings & Salutations" (4:46)
  3. Ishmael X Medlar - "Tyning Batch" (5:27)
  4. KRL - "I Wanna Be With You" (Refix) (6:50)
Gespielt von: NightMoves, SITUATION
Playin' With Fire EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
Cat: BLR 005. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Why My Love (feat Folamour) (6:15)
  2. Loneliness Of The Shadow Dancer (6:08)
  3. Playin' With Fire (6:16)
  4. I Sold Yayo To Buy Kicks (6:20)
Review: Lyon soulboy Ethyene continues to rise in style with four deliciously silky, hazy house gems. Deep rooted in all the right foundations (particularly Paris and Chicago's take on the movement) the sense of timelessness seeps through every cloudy pad, every slo-mo jack and every sultry vocal. The prize piece here is the absolute soul surging opener "Why My Love" with longtime friend Folamour but every track commands attention - both from you and your dancefloor. The filtered finesse of "Loneliness Of The Shadow Dance", the cascading vocal honey drips of "Playin' With Fire" and the jazzier shuffles and deep confessional funk of "I Sold Yayo To Buy Kicks". Honest.
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I've Got Acid (On My Brain)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
  1. I've Got Acid (On My Brain) (6:39)
  2. I've Got Acid (On My Brain) (acappella) (0:52)
  3. The Name Rolls In (6:59)
  4. Field Notes (3:42)
Blessed Are The Meek
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
Blessed Are The Meek (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: JJRWHITE 001. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Blessed Are The Meek (6:36)
  2. Blessed Are The Meek (instrumental) (6:35)
Remix EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
Remix EP (12")
Cat: CCS 106. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Sincerely (Okumu rework) (6:11)
  2. Gone Are Those Days (Sturm & Drang remix) (5:51)
  3. Dragons (party Nails remix) (5:33)
  4. Gone Are Those Days (Dave Aju remix) (8:37)
Gespielt von: Ripperton
Eden #699 EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
Eden #699 EP (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BTLTD 002. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Version Of Eden (14:33)
  2. Version Of Eden (Sascha Dive Trippy dub) (6:33)
  3. Belzebu #699 (8:53)
Red Light EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
Cat: TOYT 069. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Le Mirage (6:17)
  2. Red Light (6:30)
  3. Sex (part 2) (6:46)
  4. Sex (6:30)
Review: Since starting their career with a couple of well-regarded EPs on Toy Tonics in 2013, Black Loops has been label hopping. This return to the German imprint follows four years spent churning out EPs for Gruuv, Neovinyl and, most recently, Pets Recordings. Opener "Le Mirage" is a bustling and bass-heavy affair, with melodic deep house pleasantries wrapping themselves around a chunky, U.S-garage influenced groove. The rhythmic skip and bass-heavy bounce continues on "Red Light", where fuzzy electric piano parts come to the fore, while "Sex (Part 2)" effortlessly joins the dots between the hazy loveliness of Italian dream house and the bustle of classic Kerri Chandler records. 'Sex", which boasts a wonderfully sleazy spoken vocal, completes another ear-pleasing package.
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Gespielt von: Tilman
Afro Damba
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
Afro Damba (12")
Cat: MC 033. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Adama Waro (7:44)
  2. Adama Waro (Khidja dub) (9:18)
  3. Mori Baka (5:17)
  4. Dansakoni (6:20)
  5. Dansakoni (Dreems remix) (7:18)
La Regla Del Juego
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.23
La Regla Del Juego (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: LN 007. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Violent Vacuum Cleaner (5:31)
  2. Gouda (3:15)
  3. Golden Shower (6:33)
  4. Rocket Fire (instrumental) (5:10)
  5. Rocket Fire (3:26)
With Lasers EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.50
With Lasers EP (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: HEIST 025. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. F3000 (5:46)
  2. With Lasers (6:56)
  3. See You On The Other Side (6:17)
  4. See You On The Other Side (Mount Liberation Unlimited Crying Cowboy dubb) (6:47)
Review: This EP marks a welcome return to Heist Recordings from Fouk, the deep house collaboration between Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman. There's naturally much to admire throughout, from the rubbery disco bass, hustling house beats and intergalactic synths of opener "F3000", to the pleasingly loose beats, clattering percussion hits and hard-worn disco-funk grooves of "See You on the Other Side", via the warm and toasty boogie/house fusion of "With Lazers". Improvisation-loving combo Mount Liberation Unlimited steals the show with a loose, languid and deliciously deep interpretation of "See You on the Other Side" that seamlessly fuses the best of both their and Fouk's respective production styles.
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Introducing The Jaxx
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.50
Cat: LT 078. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Montreux (6:38)
  2. Innerlude (2:01)
  3. Surround Seas (7:11)
Giving Me The Feels EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.50
Cat: SL 002VR. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. U12 Night Train (2:37)
  2. Make The Cut (8:25)
  3. Deep Inside The Cookie Jar (6:58)
  4. Giving Me The Feels (5:32)
  5. Make Me Wanna Deep Space Nine (4:54)
  6. Midnight Train (1:04)
Gespielt von: Tilman
Back In The Millenium
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.76
Back In The Millenium (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: RS 005. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Back In The Millenium (6:40)
  2. Jeru (3:40)
  3. Need I Say More (5:48)
  4. Dedication (5:42)
Review: The last Rhythm Section release came from Vancouver man Local Artist, but number 6 sees Peckham man Bradley Zero actually looking to local artists in the shape of FYI Chris. The production handle of Chris Watson and his namesake Coupe, this Peckham duo have already impressed with the No Hurry stealth drop on Church late last year, but it's clear they've learnt a few new tricks since then. Nestling snugly into the SE London beatdown sound Bradley has been cultivating through the label, Back In The Millenium is pleasantly hard to pin down with bits of house, hip hop and acid thrown into the mixer. We are quite impressed by "Jeru" which desiccates a famed '90s Primo sample with some dextrous MPC work, whilst MCDE fans will be all over "Need I Say More". A big 12" Nik!
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Middle Birth
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.76
Cat: DSCVRY 09. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Middle Birth (9:34)
  2. Mort Crim (4:05)
  3. New Dog (9:44)
  4. Windows (5:52)
Motel Vera EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.31
Motel Vera EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: RARO 004. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Sputnik (6:12)
  2. Sputnik (Felipe Venegas remix) (8:22)
  3. Throw (6:04)
  4. Piramida (6:50)
Mixed Out
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.31
Mixed Out (12")
Cat: SOSR 023. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Kuniyuki & Jimpster - "Kalima's Dance" (Sprinkles Deeperama) (10:53)
  2. K15 & Kuniyuki - "Moving Minds" (Kuniyuki version) (6:33)
  3. K15 & Kuniyuki - "Moving Minds" (K15 version) (6:05)
Gespielt von: Jimpster
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.38
Stallions (12")
Cat: DAS 019. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Stallions (8:05)
  2. Stallions (instrumental) (8:04)
Cocoon Compilation Q
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $68.91
Cocoon Compilation Q (limited 6xLP + unmixed CD)
Cat: CORLP 040. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Kamran Sadeghi - "Anno Domini" (8:53)
  2. Alex & Digby - "Da Dang" (9:52)
  3. Sebastian Mullaert - "Ode To Be" (9:58)
  4. Harald Bjork - "Spring" (6:55)
  5. Carlos Nilmmns - "Fragile" (feat Genoveva) (6:32)
  6. Rico Puestel - "If I'd Care More" (7:57)
  7. Sollscher & Siech - "Pulse Train" (5:51)
  8. Johannes Volk - "Luminance" (7:34)
  9. Fort Romeau - "Sequence In D" (5:56)
  10. John Tejada - "Blitzar" (5:28)
  11. Acid Pauli - "Toms Heimweh" (6:06)
  12. Baba Stiltz - "All I Can (About You)" (7:42)
  13. Kamran Sadeghi - "Anno Domini"
  14. Alex & Digby - "Da Dang"
  15. Sebastian Mullaert - "Ode To Be"
  16. Harald Bjork - "Spring"
  17. Carlos Nilmmns - "Fragile" (feat Genoveva)
  18. Rico Puestel - "If I'd Care More"
  19. Sollscher & Siech - "Pulse Train"
  20. Johannes Volk - "Luminance"
  21. Fort Romeau - "Sequence In D"
  22. John Tejada - "Blitzar"
  23. Acid Pauli - "Toms Heimweh"
  24. Baba Stiltz - "All I Can (About You)"
Gespielt von: Carlos Nilmmns
Tuesday 27 June 2017
Dauerfliege EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.88
Cat: ADUB 033. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. In The Woods (8:03)
  2. Thunder & Lightning (8:27)
Lost Words EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: RSP 0996. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. No Way Back (5:02)
  2. Lost Words (5:54)
  3. Paradigm (6:36)
Alternative Acts
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: CAB 49. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Alternative Acts (7:11)
  2. Drive One (6:59)
  3. Holiday Ahead (9:54)
Gespielt von: Politics Of Dancing
Nightside EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.42
Cat: HOOTS 102. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Nightside (5:46)
  2. You Can Get It (with Meilenstein) (5:51)
  3. Gonna Be (with Seismic) (5:17)
  4. The Walking Mess (with Robert Es) (5:32)
OTK 002
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.23
OTK 002 (heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OTK 002. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Dute Vino (7:41)
  2. Perpedes (8:19)
  3. Colaterrall (7:30)
Tasty Treats 4 The Kids Vol 1
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.76
  1. Matthieu Faubourg - "Why So Serious?" (7:21)
  2. Louie From The Club - "Emoshuns" (6:26)
  3. Sadboi - "Tired" (5:07)
  4. ? - "Aqua" (6:43)
Liquid Saffire EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.76
Cat: LSM 002. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Liquid Saffire (6:16)
  2. Amber Leaves (6:25)
  3. Bed Bugs (5:26)
  4. Lifestyle Choices (6:24)
Man In A Box
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.76
Cat: HOTSHIT 033. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Man In A Box (feat DJ Octopus) (5:22)
  2. Impending Accident (4:46)
  3. Pray (4:10)
Gespielt von: Cape Cod
Blue Dream
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.58
Blue Dream (12" + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: PR 001. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Get Back To You Soon (6:08)
  2. Blue Dream (7:16)
  3. How RU Plush (feat Regular Fantasy) (6:16)
  4. Something About You (6:16)
Review: Sophie Sweetland (AKA D.Tiffany) delivered one of the strongest tracks on the Rhythms of the Pacific Vol 2 compilation 12", so it's little surprise to see Pacific Rhythm releasing an entire EP of her productions. Predictably, the Canadian serves up a quartet of tracks inspired by the glowing warmth of stretched-out sunsets and the morning-fresh feel of summer sunrises. She begins with the bustling instrumental hip-hop shuffle of "Get Back to You", before diving headfirst into the crystal clear waters of dub-flecked deep house trip "Blue Dream". Flip for Regular Fantasy hook-up "How RU Plush", a superb fusion of two-step influenced drum machine hits and ambient house chords, and the humid brilliance of "Something About You" (think dream house chords, ambient house textures and tribal drums).
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Gespielt von: JELLY ROLL SOUL
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.58
Dvote (12" + insert Nachpressung) (1 per customer)
Cat: PR 000. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Dvote (4:14)
  2. Dvote (Bank Holiday edit) (7:04)
Folk In The Path
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.58
Folk In The Path (hand-stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: NATURIST 002. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Urgent Soul 100 (7:12)
  2. Strange Things (7:02)
  3. Reading Jaguars (9:37)
Stepping Inside
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.58
Cat: SA 12. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Stepping Inside (6:58)
  2. Stepping Inside (Dana Ruh remix) (7:42)
  3. Sorry Not Sorry (7:02)
  4. 444 Marjorie (6:52)
So Sweet
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $13.99
So Sweet (12")
Cat: MM 40. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. So Sweet (Louie Vega remix) (10:38)
  2. It's Alright (Waajeed Conant Garden remix) (4:03)
  3. It's Alright (Waajeed instrumental) (4:04)
Dark Matter EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $23.42
Dark Matter EP (heavyweight vinyl double 12")
Cat: AMP 013. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Spacetime (10:21)
  2. Gravitation (11:25)
  3. Dark Matter (13:24)
  4. Causality (10:03)
Review: Following his "Residual" couplet on Indigo Raw with Mike Shannon, David Koch makes his debut on Amphibia with in style with four dusty deep grooves across two heavyweight 12s. If you know Koch's style, you'll already be all over this; three parts heavy, two parts mystic, one part unpredictable, a million parts groove - his allure is in full effect right here. Highlights include the lilting chords and Point G-style dubby shuffle to "Gravitation" and the Iz & Diz-flavoured finger clicking widescreen jack of "Causality".
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Deep Blue
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $27.19
Deep Blue (limited coloured vinyl double 12" Nachpressung)
Cat: SUSH 24. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Track 1 (7:42)
  2. Track 2 (7:40)
  3. Track 3 (8:53)
  4. Track 4 (9:04)
  5. Track 5 (outro) (3:52)
Review: Argentine techno producer Leonel Castillo made his first appearance on Yossi Anoyal's Sushitech imprint way back in 2006, when the label was still in its infancy. Here he delivers a follow-up eight years in the making. Deep, fluid, atmospheric and occasionally otherworldly, Deep Blue shows Castillo at his mesmerizing best. Each of the five tracks does a good job in showcasing his undulating and hypnotic deep techno sound, which sits somewhere between classic dub techno (see the final track for extra dubwise portions) and typically Germanic after-party fare. There's little to criticize, just a range of yearning, floor-friendly concoctions aimed squarely at DJs who like their techno deep, warm and enticing.
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Mondo Re-alterado
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $13.46
Cat: HIPPIEDANCE 10CD. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Life Is Strange (Red Axes In The Moment remix)
  2. Black Rainbow Woman (The Black Frame remix)
  3. Discotico Plexico (Maceo Plex remix)
  4. Discotico Desertico (Paulor remix)
  5. Rainboy Superspacer (Superpitcher remix)
  6. POW POW (Fango remix)
  7. A Numb Gas To The Future (DJ Tennis Pimiento Drive version)
  8. Fantastic POW POW (Fantastic Twins)
  9. WANT (Danny Daze & Shokh's Fears Come dub)
  10. Discotico Simonettico En Panico (Mike Simonetti remix)
  11. Discotico Simonettico Hypnotico (Mike Simonetti remix)
Monday 26 June 2017
Mosaic Split Series: Part One
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $7.53
Mosaic Split Series: Part One (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: MOSAICSPLIT 01. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Jorge Zamacona - "Effort No 3"
  2. Ben Buitendijk - "Promised Land"
Review: REPRESS ALERT: After a 10 year hiatus, Steve O'Sullivan's Mosaic label returns under a new guise: Mosaic Split Series. This series will be split between old school artists from Mosaic and beyond and artists from the new school. This first release sees Mosaic legend Jorge Zamacona don his Urban Sombrero for the latest installment in his "mosaic efforts" series. A deep, trippy, dirty house workout in Jorge's unique style. In keeping with the whole ethos of this project we have newcomer Ben Buitendijk's offering , "Promised Land," on the flip. An ultra-deep dub house/techno track that echoes the Mosaic sound of old with a modern twist. Melodic and atmospheric, this one deserves to be played from beginning to end.
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Sweatbox EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.60
Sweatbox EP (180 gram vinyl 12" Nachpressung)
Cat: DMT 05. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Backtrackin' (7:28)
  2. Road Tested (8:00)
  3. Nipple Clamp (7:18)
  4. Meat Beatz Pt 3 (5:41)
Review: Never one to rest on his laurels, Colin McBean has been as busy this year as any other, continually flying out the highest grade house and techno reductions for those who like their grooves pure and punchy. Most of that material surfaces on his Phoenix G label, but he has plenty of time (and music) for other labels too. This release on Dungeon Meat previously came out back in 2015 and has since been hailed as one of McBean's finest, so here it is in all its repressed glory. The beats are unrelenting, the feeling tripped out and alluring, just like all the best Mr G material.
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A Tale Of Shiga
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.60
A Tale Of Shiga (140 gram vinyl 12" Nachpressung)
Cat: HHATRI 005. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Sax (unreleased 1995)
  2. Defrag Of Time
  3. Espada Woman
  4. Freak Out
Review: The next set of the Japanese musical tales on Hhatri's imprint comes from Takecha (aka Takeshi Fukushima), a producer who has played a part in creating some of the seminal pieces of house music that have originated from Japan. His music is characterised by the perfect marriage of experimentation and emotional content. For those that know, Takecha's first EP 'Kind of Deep' released on his own imprint, GWM records, in 1995 is a secret gem among Japanese House music collectors. Only 100 copies were ever available and it is a subtle reminder of what and how Deep House should sound like. Takecha provides no less in A Tale of Shiga; four gorgeous tracks that provide some insight into his own creative, albeit humble genius in his approach to producing music. Fresh off the press are three previously unreleased tracks with the addition of ""Freak Out"" released in 1998. TIP!

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Gespielt von: JELLY ROLL SOUL
I Just Disco EP
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.60
I Just Disco EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ACIWAX 16. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. I Just Disco
  2. Hold Mund
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Strange Game
Review: Arvid Whetman has plenty going for him at the moment. As Sexazoid he's dropping all kinds of off-kilter machine beats on excellent labels like Born Free, while as Your Planet Is Next he builds on appearances on Junk Yard Connections, Waving Hands, Opal Tapes, Studio Barnhus and Klasse to deliver this chirpy four-tracker to Acid Waxa. From the twee vocals to the playful synths and straight up drums, this is club music crafted for an immediate hit. Whetman makes this approach work magnificently though, liberally applying his musical personality to lo-fi deep house and roughshod acid, with "Heartbreaker" being a firm favourite thanks to its fulsome 303 bassline and hooky vocal mantras.
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London Social Club EP (feat Ark & Shade Morning mixes)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.60
Cat: SILVER 042. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. London Social Club (original mix)
  2. Initial Pass
  3. London Social Club (Ark remix)
  4. All Alone (Shade Morning remix)
Review: It's been two years since Jef K's excellent Silver Network label was in action, so it's great to see the French mainstay back in action, and with the excellent Shade on board no less. The London-based artist brings an addictive, Chicago-tinged kind of deep house to the table with "London Social Club", all Mr Fingers bass and deeper-than-deep pads. "Initial Pass" is no slouch in the slouching department either with its luxuriant chords weaving around a subtly stomping beat. Parisian legend Ark takes to "London Social Club" and does a fine job of chopping up the original with his micro-editing ways. "All Alone (Shade Morning Remix)" is the perfect closer with its dreamy melodics and 80s boogie inspired beat.
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