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This Week: House
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Parallel Dimensions (reissue)
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 in stock $14.15
  1. So Now What
  2. Anansies Dance
  3. Serengeti Echoes
  4. Reaction To Plastic
  5. Space Ghosts
  6. Summertime Is Here
  7. Brain (feat Marcellus Pittman on keys)
  8. Violet Green
  9. Nefarious Stranger
Review: Second time around for Theo Parrish's 2000 sophomore set, Parallel Dimensions. Released when the Detroit producer was still defining his now familiar style, it naturally leans heavily on jazz, dusty deep house and hip-hop sample culture. Of course, this being Theo Parrish, the resultant tracks are long, winding, musically expansive, thrillingly deep and fuzzier than Homer Simpson's chin. Due to Parrish's skills and unique perspective, tracks such as "Nefarious Stranger", "Violet Green", "Space Ghosts" and "Serengeti Echo" sound as freaky and fresh as ever. As a result, Parallel Dimensions is still one of the most impressive and intoxicating house albums ever made. If you don't already own a copy, get on the case.
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Fabric 93
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 in stock $8.81
Fabric 93 (mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 185. Rel: 24 Apr 17
  1. Scott Grooves & Ian Fink - "Ambientroit" (with Soul Clap & Derren Smart - Fabric intro)
  2. The Return - "New Day"
  3. Jay Daniel - "Paradise Valley"
  4. Life On Planets & David Marston - "Take Your Time" (Marston dub)
  5. Jesse Futerman/I-Robots - "Gem/Dirty Talk" (Hidden Spheres remix/Donna McGhee original Acapella)
  6. Ancient Deep - "Early Werk" (feat Carlos Mena - Fabric edit)
  7. Barbara Tucker - "I Get Lifted" (XTC mix)
  8. Lonely C & Tom Trago - "The Compass Joint" (Spaventi Dazzurro King dub)
  9. Midnight Magic - "I Gotta Feeling" (Soul Clap & Morgan Wiley dub)
  10. Soul Clap, No Regular Play & John Camp - "Weekend At Barnies"
  11. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda - "Bravado"
  12. SuRFBiT - "Slide Gloves"
  13. Taylor Bense - "Feels Good To Be Loved"
  14. Martin Heimann - "Salto" (Moon B Bubblin mix)
  15. Zacky Force Funk - "The Split" (feat Kutmah)
  16. Chateau Flight - "Ongaku" (feat PJ Choir - unreleased Electro dub)
  17. Youandewan - "Something Keeps Me Real Quiet"
  18. Storm & Herman - "Gotta Work"
  19. Indian Ocean, Derren Smart & Cornerbred - "Schoolbell/Treehouse/Strange Boys"
  20. Willie Burns - "Candid Fireworks" (Tom Noble remix)
  21. The Pool - "Dance In Dub"
  22. Nu Guinea - "Nu World" (Flute mix)
  23. Daev Martian - "Live Love"
  24. Life On Planets - "Move It Forward"
  25. The Hue - "Spaced Out"
  26. Jack Novin & Matt Grone - "Gang Progress"
  27. Ken Gill - "Love Moon"
  28. Zopelar - "Memories"
  29. Conga Radio - "Right Beside You"
  30. Sol Power All-Stars - "Djidjo Vide" (feat Elikeh)
  31. Joakim - "Boipeba" (dub)
  32. Maajo - "Maajo"
  33. Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - "Path To Wisdom"
  34. Scott Grooves - "Bittersweet Stripped "
Review: Given their status as confirmed party-starters who think nothing of turning their DJ sets into a thrill-a-minute romp through a myriad of musical styles, it's heartening to see that Soul Clap has continued this approach on their first Fabric mix. Featuring a dizzying 34 tracks squeezed into 80 action-packed minutes, the mix sprints through boogie, proto house, disco, electro, Afro-jazz, Latin beats, Balearica and numerous variants of house. Along the way, you'll encounter highlights from The Pool, Scott Grooves, Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda, Nu Guinea, Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen, Chateau Flight, Conga Radio and, of course, members of the extended Soul Clap family.
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The Burning Spider
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.81
Cat: ENCD 20. Rel: 24 Apr 17
  1. The Burning Spider (feat Lightnin Hopkins)
  2. Step Two (feat Lilja Bloom)
  3. Soul Fever Blues (feat Muddy Waters)
  4. Everything Of My Heart
  5. My Man (feat Lightnin Hopkins)
  6. All Grown Up (feat Anduze)
  7. Mama Talking (feat Stuff Smith)
  8. State Of The Union (feat Anduze)
  9. Beauty Mark (feat Anduze)
  10. Cuba Libre (feat Mildred Bailey)
  11. Black Coffee (feat Wingy Manone)
  12. The Ride
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