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This Week: Funky/Club House
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Enjoy This Trip
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Cat: NBCD 1. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Theme From S'Express (Tom Furse update)
  2. Pimps Pushers Prostitutes (feat Billie Ray Martin - Horse Meat Disco remix)
  3. Hey Music Lover (Punks Jump Up excursion album version)
  4. Mantra Mania (Monarchy remix)
  5. Superfly Guy (Jagz Kooner Tainted Paradise update)
  6. Lollypop (Chris & Cosey remix)
  7. Gonna Take You Higher (Mr Watt update)
  8. Mantra For A State Of Mind (Ray Mang remix)
  9. Did You Lose It (Mark Moore & Roland Faber update)
  10. Pimps Opus (Kent Odessa remodel)
  11. Special & Golden (Kamp! remix)
  12. Superfly Groove (Reuben Wu Ladytron remix)
  13. Coma (Cult With No Name remodel)
  14. Fragile Souls - "Nothing To Lose"
  15. Noam Kantatik - "Twinkle"
Ibiza Deep House
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Ibiza Deep House (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 828572. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Damon Paul - "Soulmate" (feat Joelina Drews - club version)
  2. DJ Andy - "Power Of Love" (extended version)
  3. Eric Bazilian & Blutonium Boy - "Where Did I Go" (Ponyfarm remix)
  4. Holzmann - "Schnorchel-Abenteuer (So Ist Es Gut)" (Marc Reason Tropical mix)
  5. Experience Of Music - "Move It Mommy" (2k26 Van's Tropical edit)
  6. Tapo & Raya - "Dale Duro" (feat 2eivissa - Marc Tropical remix)
  7. Lian Ross - "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" (feat Big Daddi - Bobby To & Phillyboy remix)
  8. Marc Reason & Tom Belmond - "Move Your Body" (feat Anticappella - 2k15 Tiefhouse remix)
  9. Village Rockerz - "Be Strong" (Deep House remix)
  10. Marc Reason & DJ Andy - "Stand By Me" (2k16 extended version)
  11. Mike De Ville - "No Matter What They Say (We Gonna Make It)" (feat Billheinco - club version)
  12. Bk Duke - "Did You Know" (feat Alex B - Funkemotion remix)
  13. Pappenheimer - "Time Travel"
  14. Gene Hunt - "Mr. Bojangle "
  15. Mackback - "Stand Up" (BK Duke extended remix)
  16. Abicah Soul - "Diablo"
  17. Tropical Deep - "Natural Elements"
  18. Alex J - "The Power Of Love"
  19. Breath Of Soul - "You Don't Tell Me Anymore" (Abicah Soul remix)
  20. DJ Molella - "Revolution Remix" (Deep remix)
  21. Nuyorson - "Da Good Ol'dayz"
  22. Nsight - "Stratusfear"
  23. Karin De Ponti - "Show Me The Way" (Guitar extended mix)
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