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The Antlers Of God
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The Antlers Of God (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LIH 023. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. On Rhythm
  2. Dancing Dream
  3. Banku
Review: It's all going on for Cervo at the moment. Having just launched the Banana Hill label with an excellent record from Majid Bekkas (that he also did an edit for), the UK-based producer has now been snapped up by Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks In Hell label to drop more of his worldly edit science. "On Rhythm" leads the charge with confidence on the A-side, using a bubbling, Afro-infused disco-funk source and making it lean and mean for the floor. There's a distinctly Nigerian lilt to the guitars that cluck away through "Dancing Dream", but it's accompanied by bright chiming chords and a solid beat that will stand up to any contemporary house jam. "Banku" is even more explicitly modern, although still layered up with gorgeous vocals and percussion from Africa.
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Choice Cuts Volume One
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 in stock $10.50
Cat: BBE 420ELP. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. Diamond (feat Hanlei) (7:12)
  2. Mask Off (feat Lifford & Hanlei) (7:12)
  3. Stepping Out (feat Tess Leah - dub mix) (6:24)
Review: BBE celebrate Ziggy Funk & Neil Pierce's unstoppable Rhemi project by stamping three of their finest to vinyl for the first time. Classic, undiluted soulful house with big juicy grooves, sparkling melodies and surging vocals, Rhemi reflect the real house spirit from the lavish bass runs of "Mask Off" the roomy hypno-sophistication of "Stepping Out (Dub)" and the emphatic sing-along feel-good sparkle session "Diamonds". If you're already aware of the Rhemi phenomenon then we don't need to tell you how great it is to see these on wax!
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So Tell Me Tell Me
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 in stock $10.76
So Tell Me Tell Me (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 040. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. So, Tell Me, Tell Me (vocal mix) (6:41)
  2. So, Tell Me, Tell Me (trance mix) (5:42)
  3. So, Tell Me, Tell Me (clubhouse mix) (6:03)
Review: Emotional Rescue's love affair with Dancefloor Records continues apace as they turn their attention to the staggeringly futuristic freestyle of Shavonne. Like much dance music of the era, Shavonne was something of a shortlived talent, but the production on "So, Tell Me, Tell Me" is next level for the original release date of 1989. On the "Clubhouse Mix" there are all kinds of classic rave samples knocking about in the mix while the "Trance Mix" pares things down to a sensual core, but it's in fact the bombast of the original "Vocal Mix" that really catches the ear. With it's pitched up vocals and nimble 808 beat programming it could easily align with Rustie and the like.
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Groove Odyssey Presents Go Ibiza 2017
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 in stock $13.46
Cat: GOICD 01. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Joe Smooth - "Promise Land" (feat Anthony Thomas & Kim Jay Ondagroove - Rio Jordan Slow Jam mix)
  2. Diplomats Of Soul - "Sweet Power Your Embrace" (feat Incognito & Vanessa Haynes - Atjazz Love Soul remix)
  3. Skyy - "High" (Kenny Dope Classic mix)
  4. Fingers Inc. - "Bye Bye"
  5. Nova Fronteira - "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (Sean McCabe remix)
  6. Sandy Barber - "I Think I'll Do Some Steppin' (On My Own)" (Opolopo remix)
  7. Pauline Henry - "Heaven" (DJ Spen & Reeelsoul extended remix)
  8. Nathan Adams - "Surrender Your Love"
  9. Wipe The Needle - "Release" (feat Dawn Tallman)
  10. Byron J Moore - "Stay With Me" (Ian Friday Libation mix)
  11. Hallex M - "Feeling" (feat Darien - DJ Spinna remix)
  12. Bobby & Steve - "Brotherly Love" (Sax mix)
  13. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "In The Thick Of It" (feat Angel Johnson - Joy Negro Endless Summer mix)
  14. Paris Cesvette - "If You Love Me" (feat Robert C Walker - GU Soul Therapy mix)
  15. Richard Burton - "Bad Luck" (DJ Spen Bootleg mix)
  16. Leroy Burgess - "Over Like A Fat Rat" (feat Tyrone Williams - Bobby & Steve remix)
  17. Mya - "Circle Of Life" (Terry Hunter Circle club mix)
  18. Rhemi - "Mask Off" (feat Lifford & Hanlei)
  19. Bobby & Steve - "Whenever You Want Me" (feat Jon Banfield - Zepherin Saint remix)
  20. Louie Vega - "Freedom Of Dance (It's The Beat)" (feat Brutha Basil - Louie Vega Ritual mix)
  21. Ezel Bayacou - "Get Down" (Atjazz Tweak)
  22. Mike Dunn Vs Jungle Wonz - "Time Keeps Marching On"
  23. Julius The Mad Thinker - "Born To Do It" (JTMT Epic original)
  24. Davide Fiorese & Peppe Citarella - "Organ Ride"
  25. Louie Vega - "Evevator" (with Monique Bingham - Louie Vega dance Ritual remix)
  26. Inaky Garcia - "Afrovita"
  27. Anane Vega & Arnaud D - "Feeling Muzik" (feat Ade Alafia)
  28. Zepherin Saint - "Hurry" (feat Sara Devine - Tribe vocal)
Attack The Dancefloor Vol 10
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 in stock $9.68
Cat: ZEDD 12245. Rel: 10 Apr 17
  1. Crackazat - "What You're Feeling" (7:23)
  2. Joey Negro - "Must Be The Music" (JN Disco Boogie dub Extravaganza) (6:04)
  3. Joey Negro - "Stomp Your Feet" (Hot Toddy remix) (8:27)
  4. Opolopo - "Put Your Cap On" (5:43)
Review: Z Records DJ-focused Attack The Dancefloor series reaches its tenth installment via an EP packed full of previously unheard secret weapons. There's naturally plenty to get excited about, from the piano-driven goodtime house grooves of Crackazat's floor-filling "What You're Feeling", to the boogie and jazz-funk inspired space-house of Opolopo's brilliant "Put Your Cap On". Sandwiched in between you'll find two Joey Negro disco workouts: his own extended 'Boogie Dub Extravaganza' version of the Sunburst Band style "Must Be The Music", and a nu-disco-meets-Italo-disco reinvention of "Stomp Your Feet" from Crazy P's Chris Todd under the now familiar Hot Toddy alias.
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Feelin You In & Out
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 in stock $13.46
Cat: GR 1217. Rel: 29 May 17
  1. Feelin You In & Out (5:37)
  2. Feelin You In & Out (7:06)
Review: Luckily for us and you lot reading this - perhaps not so much for the owners of the original copies - Peven Everett has decided to embark on a bit of a reissue marathon, with plenty of his biggest hits resurfacing on our charts after lengthy hiatuses. The king of 'soulful' house has never sounded so good, and it's thanks to Italy's Groovin label that we're graced with two version of 2007's Feelin You In And Out. In case you don't know this monster of a song, just try to imagine an underground version of R Kelly backed by the sort of dubbed-out house made by peeps like Mood II Swing, and you're somewhere close to it. You also get two versions of the hit, one deep version and another more fast-paced take. Magic.
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Lover II Lover
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 in stock $12.65
Lover II Lover (12" + sticker)
Cat: NBASTWAX 002. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. For Francoise (7:41)
  2. Don't Hold Back (6:10)
  3. Heavy Rotation (6:39)
  4. Sacrifice (7:27)
Review: This tasty 12" marks the vinyl debut of HDSN, a producer who first pricked our consciousness last year via a digital-only EP of soulful and deep house bombs on King Street Sounds. This four-tracker is a little more disco-centric in tone, with the producer combining samples from a wealth of classic and lesser-known 1970s anthems with his own beefy basslines and skipping house percussion. It's an undeniably summery and floor-friendly affair from start to finish, with highlights including the breezy, filter-sporting thrills of "Don't Hold Back", which includes a killer breakbeat breakdown and colossal drop midway through, the Soundstream-ish disco-house heaviness of string-laden killer "Heavy Rotation" and the deeper, richer goodness of closer "Sacrifice".
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SHAG Edits Volume Seven
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 in stock $10.23
  1. Oli Furness - "Kick It" (6:28)
  2. Jamie Trench - "Woody Dunked" (4:41)
  3. Bress Underground - "The Jams" (6:16)
  4. Oli Furness - "You Can Win" (5:06)
Review: More cold funk badness from Roots For Bloom's perennial Shag edit series. We let rip with a broken funk salvo as Oli Furness teeters on hip-house with a g-funk roller "Kick It", Jamie Trench continues with a rhythm that wouldn't have gone amiss on a Public Enemy jam on "Woody Dunked". For more of a boompty-boomp Chicago punch it's all about Bress Underground who twist up a big sample with jacking energy while Oli closes the show with a big swooning serenade. Proper.
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I Remember
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 in stock $9.15
I Remember (12")
Cat: MAU 5008. Rel: 08 Sep 08
  1. I Remember (vocal mix)
  2. I Remember (instrumental)
Hold On To Your Dream (Expanded Edition)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $6.19
  1. She's So Far Away
  2. Lucky To Be Loved
  3. Shadows Of Your Love
  4. Cry Of The Lonely
  5. Heart Of Passion
  6. Intro (House In E-Flat Minor)
  7. I Can't Turn Around
  8. On The Rebound
  9. Let The Music Take Control
  10. Hold On To Your Dream
  11. Jack Your Body
  12. I Can't Turn Around (house mix)
  13. Jack Your Body (Club Your Body)
  14. She's So Far Away (12" mix)
  15. Let The Music Take Control (house mix)
  16. Cry Of The Lonely (club house mix)
We Are All Stars
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 in stock $20.45
We Are All Stars (gatefold LP)
Cat: 5054197679711. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Burning Road (feat Kingdom) (5:06)
  2. We Are All Stars (7:11)
  3. Dust Feel (feat Richard Judge) (4:15)
  4. In The Name Of (4:32)
  5. Tube & Berger Vs White Lies - "Quiet Time" (3:20)
  6. Fetzen (5:43)
  7. Automatic People (feat Rbbts) (3:11)
  8. International Corporate Motherfuckers (7:17)
  9. Rock N Roll Until We Die (feat Richard Judge) (3:21)
  10. Ruckus (feat Richard Judge) (5:32)
  11. Lucky Shot (3:31)
  12. Loyando (3:11)
Attack The Dancefloor Volume Nine
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.68
  1. Joey Negro - "I Can Feel Your Body Rock" (JN extended mix) (7:43)
  2. The Sunburst Band - "Here Comes The Sunburst Band" (Fouk remix) (5:34)
  3. Sean McCabe - "Holding On" (Crackazat remix) (7:02)
  4. Opolopo - "Feels Good 2 Me" (Nachtbraker remix) (5:57)
Les La Bas (Bonobo remix) (Record Store Day 2016)
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 in stock $7.53
Cat: ZEN 12432. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Les La-Bas (Bonobo remix) (5:19)
  2. Les La-Bas (3:05)
Review: Ninja Tune know how to come up with the goods for RSD, and they've truly hit the nail on head with this epic two-tracker from legendary French jazz bassist Henri Sexier, reimagined by the mind of Bonobo. The original cut of "Les La-Bas", which resides on the B-side, is a wonderfully loose blend of raw guitar strings and violin cello strings held together by a delicious beat jingle; the Bonobo remix manages to carry that musical power onto an effective house swing that ends up somewhere in the region of a Larry Levan classic. Don't miss it!
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Classic Mixes: I Love Michael Jackson Volume 1
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 in stock $12.12
Cat: DMC CLASSMJ 1. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean" (Sammy X remix)
  2. Michael Jackson - "Who Is It" (Brothers In Rhythm House mix)
  3. Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back" (Love To Infinity 2004 remix)
  4. Jackson 5 - "ABC" (DJ Booty cut Up - Guy Garrett mix)
  5. Michael Jackson Vs Missy Elliott Vs Monica - "Michael In The Mix - Billie Jean/Work It/All Eyes On Me/Dont Stop Till You Get Enough" (Skillmaster mix)
  6. Michael Jackson - "Bad/Rock With You/Back Or White/Scream" (C4TV mix 1)
  7. Jacksons - "Can You Feel It" (Steve Franklin Synthminx remix)
  8. Michael Jackson - "Beat It/Stranger In Moscow" (Ben Liebrand mix)
  9. Michael Jackson - "Man In The Mirror" (DMC Classic remix 2016 - DJ Ivan Santana mix)
  10. Michael Jackson - "Thriller Megamix - Billie Jean/Thriller/Wonna Be Startin Something/PYT(Pretty Young Thing)/Beat It" (Megamix)
Starring XXVIII: Part 2 Of 3
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $27.73
Cat: VR 4142. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. You Are Everything (feat Jocelyn Brown) (7:40)
  2. You've Got It Bad Girl (feat Josh Milan) (5:50)
  3. Together We Can (feat Kenny Bobien) (7:32)
  4. In The Morning (feat Andreva) (4:01)
  5. Joy Inside My Tears (feat Josh Milan) (4:52)
  6. Because We Love It (feat Zara McFarlane) (6:43)
  7. Turned Onto You (feat Lisa Fischer & Anane Vega) (5:45)
  8. Do What You Gotta Do (feat Lisa Fischer) (4:30)
  9. Stop On By (feat Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle) (5:45)
  10. Slick City (feat Cindy Mizelle & Lisa Fischer) (5:23)
  11. Been Such A Long Time Gone (feat Josh Milan) (4:54)
  12. Ain't No Stoppin' Love (feat Byron Stingily) (4:25)
Marbella Collection 2017
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 in stock $11.58
Cat: MOSCD 482. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Jax Jones - "You Don't Know Me" (feat Raye)
  2. Julio Bashmore - "Au Seve"
  3. Kungs, Cookin' On 3 Burners - "This Girl" (Kung vs Cookin' On 3 Burners)
  4. TCTS - "Do You Like Me (Icy Feet)" (feat Sage The Gemini & Kelis)
  5. Storm Queen - "Look Right Through" (MK vocal edit)
  6. MK & Becky Hill - "Piece Of Me"
  7. Tom Zanetti - "You Want Me" (feat Sadie Ama)
  8. Lee Walker & DJ Deeon - "Freak Like Me" (feat Mnek & Katy B)
  9. Offaiah - "Trouble" (Apexape remix)
  10. Alex Ross - "Dreams" (feat Dakota & T-Pain)
  11. Craig David & Sigala - "Ain't Giving Up"
  12. Jaded - "In The Morning"
  13. Kideko & George Kwali - "Crank It" (feat Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie)
  14. Clean Bandit - "Rather Be" (feat Jess Glynne - The Magician remix)
  15. Martin Solveig - "Places" (feat Ina Wroldsen)
  16. Chris Malinchak - "So Good To Me"
  17. Kristine Blond - "Love Shy" (Sam Divine & Cassimm remix)
  18. FTSE - "Work U Out" (feat Shola Ama & Donae'O)
  19. Aluna George - "Your Drums, Your Love" (Duke Dumont remix)
  20. Anne-Marie - "Do It Right" (MAX remix)
  21. Stormzy - "Big For Your Boots"
  22. J Hus - "Did You See" (dirty version)
  23. Not3s - "Addison Lee"
  24. Lethal Bizzle - "Hold You" (feat Mostack)
  25. Konshens - "Bruk Off Yuh Back"
  26. Yxng Bane - "Fine Wine" (feat Kojo Funds)
  27. Ayo Jay - "Your Number"
  28. Kojo Funds - "Dun Talkin'" (feat Abra Cadabra)
  29. Don E & Nado - "You Alright Yeah?"
  30. Mist - "Ain't The Same"
  31. Apple - "De Siegalizer"
  32. Huxley - "Inkwell"
  33. Green Velvet - "Bigger Than Prince" (Hot Since 82 remix edit)
  34. Noir & Haze - "Around" (Solomun radio edit)
  35. Route 94 - "Tell You Why"
  36. Solardo - "Tribesmen"
  37. Aloe Blacc - "I Need A Dollar" (Zinc remix)
  38. Lxury - "JAWS"
  39. DJ Colin Francis & Incredible - "Keep On Going" (feat Taet)
  40. Dennis Ferrer - "Mind Ur Step" (feat Janelle Kroll)
  41. Gala - "Freed From Desire"
  42. Caroline D'Amore - "Gypsy Woman" (feat Natalie La Rose)
  43. Bobby Brown - "Two Can Play That Game" (K Klassik radio mix)
  44. Fish Go Deep & Tracey K - "The Cure & The Cause"
  45. Solu Music - "Fade" (feat Kimblee - Grant Nelson Big Room remix)
  46. Layo & Bushwacka - "Love Story" (Tim Deluxe remix)
  47. Michel Cleis - "La Mezcla"
  48. Miguel Campbell - "Something Special"
  49. Azari & III - "Hungry For The Power" (Jamie Jones Ridge Street mix)
  50. Hot Natured - "Reverse Skydiving" (feat Anabel Englund - Shadow Child remix)
  51. MD X-Spress - "God Made Me Phunky"
  52. K-Ci & Jojo - "Tell Me It's Real" (club Asylum vocal edit)
  53. Amira - "My Desire" (Dreem Team remix)
  54. Tina Moore - "Never Gonna Let You Go" (Kelly G Bump-N-Go vocal edit)
  55. Tj Cases - "Do It Again" (Feaet Katblu)
  56. The Fives - "What You Do (Hottest By Far)"
  57. Crazy Cousinz - "Funky Anthem" (feat MC Versatile)
  58. Crazy Cousinz - "Bongo Jam" (feat Calista)
  59. Meleka - "Go" (Crazy Cousinz remix)
  60. Dennis Ferrer - "How Do I Let Go" (feat KT Brooks)
Dance (repress)
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 in stock $9.68
Cat: CABR 010. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Dance (4:10)
  2. Dance (dub) (4:34)
  3. Dance (beats) (3:58)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: What hasn't been said about this timeless classic that hasn't been already? We'd be preaching to the choir but for what it's worth: Pal Joey's 1990 released, Chic sampling classic "Dance" is one of those tracks that never gets old and always sets the dancefloor alight. In all these years it has been thrown down by NYC house legends and Detroit techno's finest alike. Likewise, your record collection isn't complete without it! Features the energetic original version on the A side, as well as the dub with that nice bass solo section that comes in. Finally, on the flip is the wicked bonus beats version that was favoured by techno DJs and sampled by everyone from Jeff Mills to Jerome Sydenham. Reissued on Joey's own Cabaret Records.
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Sound Sampler Vol 2
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 in stock $9.42
  1. Soundstream - "Aqua Dance" (6:47)
  2. Soundstudio - "Track 440" (5:09)
  3. Soundhack - "What You Feel" (4:59)
  4. Soundstore - "Relief" (5:52)
Review: YES. This is exactly what we need after the end of a long summer, and what has been a period of relatively lower releasing activity in the house and techno sphere. A new Soundstream bruiser to add to what is surely one of the most impressive catalogues around. The last one that was released a year or so ago was excellent, but this four-tracker is even better, bolder, and nastier. Moreover, you get four cuts from four different Soundstream aliases, so you know you're in for the score. "Aqua Dance" is an addictive disco slinger with that magic Soundstream sampling touch, but from "Track 440" onwards, things start to turn a little more off-kilter, and that tune itself is a fuzzy, distorted disco-house hybrid that perfectly encapsulates the Soundstudio alias. The same can be said for the Soundhack-approved "What You Feel", a wavy disco mutant that is of the same ilk as Pepe Bradock's material, while Soundstore's "Relief" is a more classic house spliff packed with banging drums and guided by a deep, sweltering bass. Essential.
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Yesterday (I'll Never Change)
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 in stock $13.19
  1. Yesterday (I'll Never Change) (club mix) (7:13)
  2. Yesterday (I'll Never Change) (So Seductive mix) (7:22)
  3. Yesterday (I'll Never Change) (Jose Carretas Son Liva mix) (8:58)
  4. Yesterday (I'll Never Change) (Jose Carretas dub mix) (5:52)
Gespielt von: ReeKee (Wrong Notes)
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 in stock $8.60
Lunaire (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TNC 002. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Silver Suitcase (9:39)
  2. Lunaire (5:08)
  3. Amsterdam (7:04)
Review: Lemmy Ashton made quite a splash with his first outing on his own TNC label last year, and now he's back to follow up with another salvo of premium heaters geared towards disco-friendly dancers. There's a chunky, looped up quality to "Silver Suitcase" with its insistent bass lick and slamming drums, but there's equal space for soul thanks to the string-loaded sample hook. By way of contrast "Lunaire" fires up the acid flare and heads straight into a babbling brook of 303-related goodness. "Amsterdam" rounds the EP off on a stomp, whipping up the kind of bombastic disco drama that would get Studio 54 moving were it in action today.
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The Sound Beyond Stars: The Essential Remixes LP 1
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 in stock $13.73
Cat: BBE 262CLP1. Rel: 19 Jan 15
  1. Karizma - "The Power" (DJ Spinna Acid Row mix)
  2. Bah Samba - "Moonlight" (DJ Spinna Galactic soul vocal)
  3. Angela Johnson - "Got To Let It Go" (DJ Spinna remix)
  4. Yvette Rovira - "I Remember Love" (DJ Spinna remix)
  5. Kerri Chandler with Harley & Muscle - "You Can't Lie" (DJ Spinna remix)
Review: Spinna's double-decade document on BBE is an essential lesson in the dark art of remix craft. And here are five perfect examples. His take on "The Power" by Karizma subverts from the off as we're washed with a waterfall of bitter sweet acid. The remix of Bah Samba's "Moonlight" shows Spinna at his most cosmic and reflective while "Got To Let It Go" is straight up jazz church music. Deeper again we find him in straight up bassline soul mode on the Wonder-esque "I Remember Love" while his take on "You Can't Lie", a hookup between Kerri Chandler and Harley & Muscle, is more street soul than it is house music. Truly timeless.
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Gorgeous (Expanded Edition)
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 in stock $24.50
Gorgeous (Expanded Edition) (limited numbered gatefold 180 gram audiophile purple vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 1842. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Plan 9 (4:02)
  2. Moses (2:56)
  3. Contrique (3:40)
  4. 10 X 10 (3:34)
  5. Timebomb (2:57)
  6. One In Ten (2:48)
  7. Europa (4:17)
  8. Orbit (4:03)
  9. Black Morpheus (4:07)
  10. Southern Cross (5:07)
  11. Nimbus (4:35)
  12. Colony (4:49)
  13. Stormin Norman (3:17)
  14. Lemon (bonus track) (4:51)
  15. Sexy Synthesizer (3:41)
  16. Purple Dust (bonus track) (4:20)
  17. Femme Deluxe (bonus track) (3:22)
  18. Sexy Dancer (3:04)
  19. Mondonet (bonus track) (4:47)
  20. Bombadin (unreleased edit - bonus track) (4:36)
  21. Timebomb (Oldham mix - bonus track) (3:54)
  22. Plan 9 (Memory Moog - bonus track) (4:14)
World Clique
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 in stock $19.12
World Clique (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 1540. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Good Beat (4:41)
  2. Power Of Love (4:42)
  3. Try Me On... I'm Very You (4:57)
  4. Smile On (3:58)
  5. What Is Love? (3:44)
  6. World Clique (3:22)
  7. ESP (3:44)
  8. Groove Is In The Heart (3:52)
  9. Who Was That? (4:26)
  10. Deep-ending (3:50)
Ready For The Weekend
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 in stock $14.81
Ready For The Weekend (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 1354. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. The Rain (4:21)
  2. Ready For The Weekend (3:48)
  3. Stars Come Out (4:25)
  4. You Used To Hold Me (3:48)
  5. Blue (3:40)
  6. I'm Not Alone (3:31)
  7. Flashback (3:45)
  8. Worst Day (3:45)
  9. Relax (3:47)
  10. Limits (3:39)
  11. Burns Night (2:16)
  12. Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La (3:14)
  13. Dance Wiv Me (4:22)
  14. 5Iliconeator (3:25)
Man With The Red Face: Anniversary Remixes
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 in stock $10.23
Cat: TOOL 25001V. Rel: 25 Nov 13
  1. Man With The Red Face (original mix)
  2. Man With The Red Face (Hardwell remix)
  3. Man With The Red Face (ATFC When The Lights Go Up remix)
  4. Man With The Red Face (Rene Amesz remix)
Gespielt von: I Love Disco!
Weiss City Vol 3
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 in stock $10.23
Weiss City Vol 3 (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: TOOL 43101V. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. You're Sunshine (6:04)
  2. Get Em Funk (6:08)
  3. Man Gone (6:55)
  4. Our Love (7:27)
Weiss City Vol 1
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 in stock $9.68
Cat: TOOL 24401V. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. My Sister
  2. You Treat Me Right
  3. Do The Do
  4. Silk Slut
Magie Noire
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 in stock $10.23
Cat: ROBSOUL 169. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Magie Noire (5:39)
  2. Honeybee (6:22)
  3. Intersection (6:47)
Gespielt von: Paul Starey, KS French
Bring Me Down
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Cat: SS 065. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Bring Me Down (9:32)
  2. Bring Me Down (Theo Parrish translation) (9:35)
Review: Here's something to get excited about: a cracking new cut from Detroit deep house legend Alton Miller, backed with a 'Sound Signature' translation from the equally revered Theo Parrish. Miller's version of "Bring Me Down", is something of a treat: a sparkling, starry deep house epic that's blessed with immaculate vocals from soul chanteuse Maurissa Rose. Parrish's translation is equally as stretched out and similarly enjoyable, but is far looser and dustier in feel, with warmer bass and beats that naturally tend towards the jazzier. It's naturally more in keeping with Parrish's work than Miller's, but retains enough of the latter's touches to be counted as a fine remix.
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Leftism (reissue)
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 in stock $28.27
Leftism (reissue) (trifold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 889853 88501 . Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Release The Pressure (7:39)
  2. Afro-Left (7:38)
  3. Cut For Life (7:05)
  4. Melt (5:18)
  5. Black Flute (3:50)
  6. Original (6:26)
  7. Inspection (Check One) (6:28)
  8. Space Shanty (7:14)
  9. Storm 3000 (5:46)
  10. Half Past Dub (3:33)
  11. Open Up (8:43)
  12. 21st Century Poem (4:39)
Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
CHEMICAL (Record Store Day 2017)
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 in stock $27.46
CHEMICAL (Record Store Day 2017) (1-sided 12" (side 2 etched))
Cat: 0602557177855. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. CHEMICAL (6:17)
Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
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 in stock $19.65
Homework (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 8426091. Rel: 20 Jan 97
  1. Daftendirekt
  2. WDPK 83.7 FM
  3. Revolution 909
  4. Da Funk
  5. Phoenix
  6. Fresh
  7. Around The World
  8. Rollin' & Scratchin'
  9. Teachers
  10. High Fidelity
  11. Rock 'N' Roll
  12. Oh Yeah
  13. Burnin'
  14. Indo Silver Club
  15. Alive
  16. Funk Ad
Baby Wants To Ride
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 in stock $8.60
Cat: TX 150. Rel: 23 Feb 15
  1. Baby Wants To Ride
  2. Your Love
Review: Chicago's legendary Trax Records is on fire as of late (as if they never were!) with all their reissues and once again, they've hit the nail on the head with this gem by dearly departed don and house innovator, Frankie Knuckles. This is pure Paradise Garage vibes from start to finish, each track spewing gritty beats and sexy melodies with an unmistakable disco flavour. "Your Love" is a tune that needs to introduction and it's probably the reason why you're here now browsing through the house 12"s. Essential doesn't even cover it.
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Gespielt von: 25 Places
Blue Marlin Ibiza: Day & Night Volume 11
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 in stock $10.98
Cat: CDC2LD 73. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - "Not Only U"
  2. BIG - "A Promise"
  3. Beatamines - "Groove Symphony"
  4. Milton Jackson - "MLA" (Shur-I-Kan remix)
  5. Eli & Fur - "On My Own" (feat Forrest)
  6. Kevin Di Serna & Ditian - "Crystal Forest"
  7. Moon Rocket, Mattei & Omich - "Find Your Way" (feat Bel Ami - Sunrise mix)
  8. Valentin Huedo - "Infinity"
  9. Ryan Davis - "Brun" (Matthias Meyer remix)
  10. Mihai Popoviciu - "Fiction"
  11. Traumer - "Sofa"
  12. Christos Fourkis - "Doumasi"
  13. Joeski - "Obatala Drum Reprise"
  14. Khen - "Carolina"
  15. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Kaoz" (Dario D'Attis remix)
  16. Nil By Mouth - "Glabella"
  17. Francesca Lombardo - "Remembrance" (La Fleur remix)
  18. Tapesh & Mr J - "Camino" (feat Nacho Lezcano)
  19. Dirt Crew - "Get Raw" (Baumel & Dos Santos Threesixty remix)
  20. Dario D'Attis & David Aurel - "Cuentame" (Manuel Moreno remix)
  21. Sergio Fernandez - "Wagogo"
  22. Secondcity - "Picato"
  23. Energy 52 - "Cafe Del Mar" (Dale Middleton remix)
  24. James Campbell - "Solar"
Happy House
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 in stock $8.88
Cat: DFA 2191. Rel: 03 Mar 08
  1. Happy House
  2. Happy House (Prince Language dub mix)
  3. Happy House (Lee Douglas remix)
Defected In The House Miami 2017
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 in stock $9.42
Cat: 082619 4350420. Rel: 06 Mar 17
  1. Midland - "Final Credits"
  2. Kiddy Smile - "Teardrops In The Box" (Mystic Bill vocal mix)
  3. Dino Lenny & Doorly - "The Magic Room" (Luke Solomon 'live Forever' remix)
  4. Soul Of Hex/Joeski - "Square Bounce/Clap Yo Handz" (feat E-Man - Accapella)
  5. J Majik - "Love Is Not A Game" (feat Kathy Brown - Full Intention remix)
  6. Whitesquare/Krankbrother - "Abduction/One Eyed Jack's" (DJ Tool)
  7. Severino - "Smoking" (feat Princess Magnifique)
  8. Wolf & Lamb - "After We're Gone"
  9. Riva Starr - "Is It True" (feat DNCN)
  10. Memoryman Aka Uovo & Rogue D - "Release Me"
  11. MANDY Vs Booka Shade/Sonny Fodera - "Body Language/Over This" (feat Shannon Saunders - extended mix Accapella)
  12. Full Intention - "Keep Pushing"
  13. Sonny Fodera - "Caught Up" (feat Yasmeen - Kings Of Tomorrow remix)
  14. Eli Escobar - "Happiness Pt 2/Happiness" (reprise)
  15. Sonny Fodera - "To Love" (feat Shannon Saunders)
  16. Zen Freeman - "Stars" (feat Macy Gray)
  17. Red Rack'Em - "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger" (Leopard Eats Luke edit)
  18. Zappe - "Larry's Exotic Blend" (Joeski's Ruff Disco mix)
  19. Sandy Rivera - "Yeah!"
  20. Lumoon & Rob!n/Tommy Bones - "Rendez-Vous/Aisha" (feat Ingrid Hakanson - Loui & Scibi remix/Accapella)
  21. Marie Joly, Black Coffee & Rebecca Murray - "Gratitude" (Pablo Fierro remix)
  22. Mele - "The Latin Track"
  23. Sean Miller/Rachel McFarlane & Nick Hussey - "Got It Going On/Let Nothing" (Accapella)
  24. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Kaoz" (Dario D'Attis remix)
  25. Charles Ramirez, Luca M & Just2 - "Up & Down" (original mix)
  26. Crookers - "Get My Mind Right" (feat Mike City)
  27. Franky Rizardo - "Same Man"
  28. Memoryman Aka Uovo - "Dance Track"
  29. Soul Clap - "Misty" (feat Robert Owens - club mix)
Review: With the annual dance music industry blow out that is the Miami Winter Music Conference almost upon us, Defected drops a two-disc mix of tracks it expects to be big at the weeklong, South Beach-based party marathon. Naturally, there are plenty of existing anthems to be found - see Midland's "Final Credits" and the Eats Everything, Luke Solomon and Lord Leopard tweak of Red Rack'em's ubiquitous "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger" - alongside recent or soon-to-be-released smashers from the likes of Memoryman & Rogue D, Frankly Rizardo, Zappe, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb and Severino. Defected has also found space for new remixes of classic label tracks, including Full Intention's suitably large tweak of J Magik and Kathy Brown's 2000 anthem "Love Is Not A Game".
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Dance Mixes 185 (Strictly DJ Only)
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 in stock $12.12
Cat: DMCDM 185. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Beth Ditto - "Fire" (Disciples remix)
  2. Feder - "Back For More" (Mr Belt & Wezol remix)
  3. Felix Jaehn, Hight & Alex Aiono - "Hot2Touch" (extended)
  4. Federico Scavo - "Deep Forest"
  5. Hedia - "Your Mind" (feat Kristen Marie - Hedia remix)
  6. Jude & Frank - "La Luna" (feat Toto La Momposina - Antoine Clamaran & Jerome Stark remix)
  7. Julia Berg - "Hurts So Good" (extended)
  8. Julia Michaels - "Issues" (Alan Walker remix)
  9. Kato & Sigala - "Show Your Love" (feat Hailee Steinfeld - George Kwali remix)
  10. Katy Perry - "Bon Appetit" (feat Migos - MUNA remix)
  11. Robin Schulz - "OK" (feat James Blunt - extended)
  12. Saint WKND - "Make You Mine" (KC Lights extended mix)
  13. Sean Paul - "Body"
  14. Shy Luv - "Time" (Peggy Gou remix)
  15. Steps - "Story Of A Heart" (cutmore club mix)
  16. TCTS - "Do It Like Me (Icy Feet)" (feat Sage The Gemini & Kelis - Danny Howard remix)
Defected Ibiza 2017
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 in stock $9.68
Defected Ibiza 2017 (mixed 3xCD)
Cat: 082619 4361020. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Human Movement - "Right Thang" (feat Eliot Porter - Taches remix)
  2. Girls Of The Internet - "When U Go"
  3. Siri Svegler - "Silent Viewer" (Chopstick & Johnjon Rediscovered remix)
  4. Nick Holder - "Forever In A Daze"
  5. Marcel Vogel - "Moonchild" (feat Khadija - Soul Clap remix)
  6. Ezel - "You Got Worked" (feat Mateo Senolia - Casamena Stripped remix)
  7. Himalayan Disco Force/Sonny Fodera - "Mountain Men/Always Gonna Be" (feat Alex Mills - extended acappella)
  8. Nick Holder - "Losing Me"
  9. KLLO - "Walls To Build" (Mall Grab remix)
  10. Crookers - "Innocent" (feat Baxter - Kai Alce Distinctive Retouch)
  11. Jonatan Backelie - "It Could Go Either Way (The Trickski Way)"
  12. Dan Kye - "Like You Wanna"
  13. The Black 80s - "Give Me Something" (Jullian Gomes remix)
  14. Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver - "Play The Game" (extended mix)
  15. Trackheadz - "I Still Love Her" (main mix)
  16. Sonny Fodera - "Wasted" (feat Kate Elsworth)
  17. Kiko Navarro - "Right On" (Daria D'attis remix)
  18. D General - "Because I Love You" (feat Samantha Lake)
  19. Daniel Leseman - "So Fine"
  20. Irfran Rainy & Bonafide Rojas - "Shook" (Rainy Community mix)
  21. Jacky - "Sensation" (feat Amelia Sear)
  22. Sam Divine & Cassimm - "Can't Stop The House"
  23. Rogue D/Shawn Christopher - "Surrender/You Can Make It" (Preacher-Pella)
  24. Sandy Rivera - "Try A Little Tenderness"
  25. Eli Escobar - "Happiness" (part 2 - Kon's Discofied remix)
  26. HIMWOI - "Love Come In"
  27. Klaves - "Awake"
  28. Lisa Shaw - "I Can See It" (Miguel Migs Salted vocal mix)
  29. Urban Blues Project Present Jay Williams - "Testify" (Mousse T's Test-A-dub)
  30. Illyus & Barrientos - "Takin' Over"
  31. Rogue D - "Baby Sing A Song" (live mix)
  32. Amine Edge & Dance - "Good Time"
  33. Sisy Ey - "Mystified" (Jimpster remix)
  34. Benji Candelario - "You Got Me" (feat Lisa Shaw - Benji Candelario Late Night Strut mix)
  35. Christian B & Lavvy Levan - "Feel Alive" (feat Lorraine Crosby - Sandy Turnbull remix)
  36. Roog & Dennis Quin - "Igohart" (feat Berget Lewis - Josh Butler remix)
  37. Luna City Express - "Victims Of The Funk" (Daris D'Attis remix)
  38. Ninetoes - "Come Back"
  39. Rhemi - "Warning" (feat Lynn Lockamy)
  40. Jamie 3:26 & Masalo - "Testify"
  41. Toto Chiavetta/Mason - "Monkey Mind/Rhino" (acappella)
  42. Jacky - "Revolucion"
  43. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc/Ralphi Rosario With Linda Clifford - "Checkmate The King/Wanna Give It Up" (acappella)
  44. Joe Valentin - "Intrusion"
  45. Keenarf - "Bring Me Down" (feat Jinadu - Till Von Sein remix)
  46. Josh Butler & Bontan - "Call You Back"
  47. Andrea Oliva/Jason Hates Jazz - "Decomposing/Pray For Love" (acappella)
Stand By Me: The Remixes
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 in stock $8.60
Stand By Me: The Remixes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PPR 11. Rel: 17 Oct 16
  1. Stand By Me (Crackazat mix)
  2. Stand By Me (Cotterell Classic Vibe)
  3. Stand By Me (Johan S remix)
  4. Stand By Me (original club mix)
Review: Dazzle Records was a short-lived sublabel of Outland that carried just two singles. One of them was Keith Sibley's Stand By Me, which captured the zeitgeist of mid 90s garage house perfectly. Now US label Plastik People has commissioned a raft of remixes to bring the soulful hooks of the original to a fresh audience. British producer Crackazat gets into a looped up, heads down groove while Plastik People boss Cotterell lays down some thick organ work on his 'Classic Vibe' mix. Johan S has a particularly bright and breezy approach with his own Chandler-inspired version, while Sibley's original makes an appearance in all its life-affirming glory.
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The Man With The Red Face
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.35
Cat: F 119/1370119130. Rel: 25 Sep 00
  1. The Man With The Red Face (original mix)
  2. The Man With The Red Face (Svek remix)
  3. The Man With The Red Face (Funk D Void remix)
Plastik People Collections Volume Five
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 in stock $9.68
  1. DJ Aakmael - "Deeprespectrak" (7:02)
  2. Lars Behrenroth - "Infection" (7:41)
  3. Mark Nicholas O - "Deep Groove" (6:00)
Review: Hailing from New Mexico and on a mission to uphold the principles of soulful house music, Plastik People offer up another fine selection of operators who understand the legacy laid down by the pioneers of true deepness. DJ Aakmael has been doing his thing on labels like Uzuri and his own UnXpozd Entertainment for a long time, and he's on perfect form on "Deeprespectrak" (with a little assistance on the mic as well). Lars Behrenroth meanwhile brings a drum heavy pressure to the otherwise smooth "Infection", and Mark Nicholas O lays down a sharp and nagging garage beat laden with jazzy licks.
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Random Access Memories
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 in stock $33.29
Random Access Memories (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 888837 16861. Rel: 20 May 13
  1. Give Life Back To Music
  2. The Game Of Love
  3. Giorgio By Moroder
  4. Within
  5. Instant Crush
  6. Lose Yourself To Dance
  7. Touch
  8. Get Lucky
  9. Beyond
  10. Motherboard
  11. Fragments Of Time
  12. Doin' It Right
  13. Contact
Review: You might have heard about this LP..... After a pre-release campaign that took on Hollywood-esque proportions, French pair Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter return as Daft Punk with their fourth studio album Random Access Memories sporting a A-list cast of guests and contributors. Given the input of disco icons Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rogers it's entirely understandable that the overbearing sound on Random Access Memories is one of classic disco with lead single "Get Lucky" a good indicator for what to expect. There's also a smattering of yacht rock within the thirteen track set, whilst the ubiquitous Panda Bear turns up on the midnight stutter funk album highlight "Doin' It Right". Those expecting a return to Daft Punk's Homework heyday will be disappointed but Bangalter and de Homem-Christo are touching forty so the polished, expertly constructed disco direction makes perfect sense.
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Heaven Knows Remixes
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 in stock $8.60
Cat: VR 166. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Heaven Knows (Vega Yoshisawa unreleased mix) (8:53)
  2. Heaven Knows (Honeycomb vocal mix) (8:29)
Review: "Heaven Knows" was first featured on Louie Vega's expansive triple album of collaborations, Louie Vega Starring... XXVIII. Here, it gets the remix treatment. On the A-side, the Masters at Work man joins forces with Hajime Yoshizawa to deliver a largely instrumental, Afrobeat inspired take full of layered hand-held percussion, undulating grooves, and the latter producer's killer organ solos. On the flip, Blaze's Josh Milan provides a honeyed, effortlessly soulful interpretation that places Anane Vega's delicious vocals at the heart of proceedings. While it lacks a little of the hustling energy of the A-side, it will no doubt go down a treat at clubs that like it soulful.
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Can't Let You Go
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 in stock $18.85
Can't Let You Go (double 12")
Cat: VR 171. Rel: 01 May 17
  1. Can't Let You Go (Louie Vega Roots remix) (11:04)
  2. Can't Let You Go (Yvonne Turner original mix) (11:49)
  3. Can't Let You Go (Yvonne Turner dub) (6:58)
  4. Can't Let You Go (Louie Vega Truth dub 2) (6:04)
  5. Can't Let You Go (Louie Vega Truth dub 1) (11:38)
Review: Queen of the Night' Loleatta Holloway returns with the 'Can't Let You Go' EP featuring remixes from Louie Vega, Josh Milan and Yvonne Turner. 'Can't Let You Go' is one of the last recordings from Holloway before her sad passing in 2011. Now it's been given the chance to shine thanks to Turner and Vega Records. Over a massive eight remixes, 'Can't Let You Go' is taken on different house journeys.
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House Music (remixes)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.15
Cat: YOSHICLASSIC 1. Rel: 07 Mar 16
  1. House Music (Robosonic remix) (6:50)
  2. House Music (Uto Karem remix) (6:29)
  3. House Music (Anthony Attalla remix) (6:36)
  4. House Music (remastered) (8:10)
Trax On Da Rocks
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 in stock $8.60
Trax On Da Rocks (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: ROULE 301. Rel: 15 May 17
  1. On Da Rocks (4:13)
  2. Roule Boule (3:42)
  3. What To Do (4:29)
  4. Outrun (5:49)
  5. Ventura (6:31)
Review: Essential repress! Tomas Bangalter's stone cold classic Roule 12" Trax On Da Rocks makes a return. The five tracks on offer - "On Da Rocks", "Roule Boule", "What To Do", "Outrun" and "Ventura" - have acquired legendary status, standing as sublime examples of the rough, raw end of the filter-soaked French house sound. Some 17 years since they were first released, these tracks have lost none of their madcap brilliance; if this isn't already a cherished part of your record collection, here's your chance.
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90s Hits Reloaded
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $16.42
90s Hits Reloaded (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 82674-2. Rel: 09 Sep 13
  1. Frida Gold - "Liebe Ist Meine Rebellion" (radio version)
  2. Scotty vs Captain Hollywood - "More & More" (edit mix)
  3. Ray & Anita - "In da Name Of Love" (radio version)
  4. Captain Jak - "Give It Up" (Ace Da Brain radiomix)
  5. Mr Danos - "I Like To Move It" (feat Patrick Miller & Fatman Scoop - David May radio edit)
  6. DJ Santoz - "Boom Boom Boom" (feat Pit Bailay - original edit)
  7. Dr Alban - "Loverboy" (Erick Decks remix radio edit)
  8. Robbie Miraux - "Eins, Zwei, Polizei" (radio Shake mix)
  9. Ice MC - "Out Tonight" (Enfortro & Dirty Principle edit)
  10. 49ers - "Touch Me 2013" (Falko Niestolik radio dub mix)
  11. Bass Bumpers - "The Music's Got Me" (Style Marshal radio edit)
  12. Raw N Holgerson meets Baker - "El Trago (The Drink)" (original edit)
  13. DJ Bobo - "La Vida Es" (radio version)
  14. Chris Galmon vs NDA - "Africa" (radio edit)
  15. Tosch - "Hand In Hand" (original club edit)
  16. Mark'Oh - "United" (single long version)
  17. Wamdue Project - "King Of My Castle" (Crazibiza remix)
  18. Cassey Doreen - "Dreams" (radio edit)
  19. DJ Bobo - "Somebody Dance With Me" (feat Manu L - Remady remix)
  20. Fun Factory - "On Top Of The World" (radio release)
  21. Dr Alban vs Haddaway - "I Love The 90's" (radio edit)
  22. De Grees - "2 Times" (feat Joy - club edit)
  23. Drity Ztylerz - "Can You Feel It" (feat Stay C - radio edit)
  24. Capella - "Take Me Away" (feat Bootmasters - BigRoom mix)
  25. Speed - "Hit That Perfect Beat" (single version)
  26. Mark 'Oh - "Scatman" (radio short mix)
  27. Red 5 - "Da Beat Goes '10" (Thokula club mix)
  28. Bootmasters - "Groove Is In The Night" (Bootmaster radio edit)
  29. Trilogy - "Good Vibrations" (original reload edit)
  30. Cappella - "U Got 2 Let The Music 2013" (Manuel Baccano radio mix)
  31. 49ers - "I Got It 2013" (Falko Niestolik dirty radio mix)
  32. Andre Fennell - "Everything Tonight" (radio edit)
  33. Gigi D'Agostino - "Bla Bla Bla 2k13" (Mike Matthias edit)
  34. Fawni - "It's All About You" (original radio edit)
  35. Gigi D'Agostino - "L'Amour Toujours 2013" (radio)
  36. DJ Analyzers vs Cary August - "Insominia 2k13" (Gimbal & Sinan remix edit)
Need U (100%)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $6.73
Cat: MOS 262T. Rel: 01 Apr 13
  1. Need U (100%) (Blase Boys club dub)
  2. Need U (100%) (Skreamix)
  3. Need U (100%) (Waze & Odyssey remix)
Gespielt von: FranZ, Only Children, North Base
Gorgeous (Deluxe Edition)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $2.80
Cat: ZTT 104CDX. Rel: 29 Sep 08
  1. Plan 9
  2. Moses (feat Ian McCulloch)
  3. Contrique
  4. 10x10
  5. One In Ten (feat UB40)
  6. Europa (feat Caroline Seaman)
  7. Orbit
  8. Black Morpheus
  9. Southern Cross
  10. Nimbus
  11. Colony
  12. Timebomb
  13. Stormin Norman
  14. Sexy Dancer
  15. Sexy Synthesizer
  16. Freak (Astroban mix)
  17. Lemon (Oberheim 4 mix)
  18. La Luz (Acid mix)
  19. Icecream On Elm Street (Sex Synth)
  20. Monodonet
  21. Reaper Repo (12" mix)
  22. Bombadin (Unreleased edit)
  23. Marathon (original 2 Four Pub mix)
  24. Insane Lover (Analogue)
  25. The Jackson Fraction (Jaco Taco mix)
  26. Timebomb (Oldham mix)
  27. 10x10 (Vox)
  28. Plan 9 (Memory Moog mix)
  29. Nbambi (March Hare mix)
Without Your Love (Record Store Day 2017)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $10.76
Cat: QTZRSD 002. Rel: 08 May 17
  1. Without Your Love (Sean McCabe Classic remix) (7:52)
  2. Without Your Love (Spen & Thommy Rhythm Rap Rock Bootleg dub) (6:42)
  3. Without Your Love (Ken Dope O'Gutta Acca dub) (7:22)
  4. Without Your Love (Ken Dope O'Gutta beats) (1:25)
  5. The Long Journey Home (DJ Spen & Wise DJ remix - bonus track) (5:33)
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