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Today: Electro
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Thursday 29 September 2016
Vortex Traks Vol 2
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.21
  1. Kan3da - "Dancing Data"
  2. Morphology - "32"
  3. Mr Velcro Fastener - "Caffeine Sleep"
  4. The Guide Girls - "Moonglade Temal"
Unalaska Ice Files
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.48
Unalaska Ice Files (navy blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SHIP 039. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. 30-Foot Wave
  2. Unalaska Ice Files
  3. Unalaska Ice Files (The Exaltics remix)
  4. Unalaska Ice Files (Teslasonic remix)
  5. Wandering Floes
Gespielt von: Joe Drive, THE EXALTICS
Chord Rememory
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.74
Chord Rememory (limited hand-numbered 12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: YUY 009. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Chord Memory (Hyboid Galactic Memory)
  2. Chord Memory (Robyrt Hecht Pivot Memory)
  3. Execute
  4. Chord Memory (Milium Mutiny Memory)
  5. Chord Memory (CCO Echoic Memory)
  6. Memory Loss
Wednesday 28 September 2016
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.65
KESS03 (12")
Cat: KESS 03. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Falska Gudar (with Annie Gylling - vocal mix) (6:54)
  2. Falska Gudar (with Annie Gylling - dub mix) (4:50)
  3. Vantar Pa Dig (3:25)
Review: For the third 12" on his impressive Kess Kill label, Rivet has turned to fellow Swede Anders "Celldod" Karlsson. As usual, he uses the opportunity to demonstrate his firm grasp of '80s industrial and EBM dynamics, whilst doffing a cap to the kind of dystopian techno promoted by Lobster Theremin and Berceuse Heroique. Karlsson offers up two distinctive versions of "Falska Gudar"; a thumping, buzzing Vocal version, where singer Annie Gylling gives it the full, '80s art school wail, and a pulsating, delay-laden Dub Mix. Bonus cut "Vantar Pa Dig", which is built around mind-altering, acid-style electronics, dub effects and thrusting EBM bass, is equally as inspired.
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Space Adventures
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $17.33
Space Adventures (coloured vinyl LP limited to 180 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: M&Q 010. Rel: 03 Oct 16
  1. Space Pilots (4:24)
  2. Conquer The Universe (3:31)
  3. Beyond New Frontiers (4:36)
  4. Meanwhile In Spacequadrant Z-231 (2:20)
  5. Entering The Enemys Land 1 (4:47)
  6. Galaxian Defender (4:30)
  7. Asteroid Pursuit (4:39)
Review: A year since his tremendous debut release, Swiss artist ElektroBopacek's second LP entitled Space Adventures surfaces for Madrid based retroverts Mystic & Quantum, where he throws down some epic arpeggios that Bobby Orlando and Alden Tyrell alike woulds stand up and notice. Definitely one for fans of classic Dutch electro on the likes of Viewlexx and Kommando 6 or early Creme Organization. Highlights for us weren't limited to the explosive opener "Space Pilots" which sounds like Giorgio Moroder on speed, the infectiously feelgood Italo disco vibes of "Beyond New Frontiers" and the explosive closing track "Asteroid Pursuit".
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Artikel 1 bis 5 von 5 auf Seite 1 von 1 anzeigen
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