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This Week: Dub
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Dub Sessions 1978-1985
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Cat: JRCD 062. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Sly & Robbie, The Kings Of (dub)
  2. Buffalo Soldier (dub)
  3. African Roots (dub)
  4. Crazy Baldhead (dub)
  5. Burial (dub)
  6. Good Ranking (dub)
  7. Top Ranking Style (dub)
  8. Liquidation (dub)
  9. Conference (dub)
  10. Jah Jah (dub)
  11. Jah Live (dub)
  12. Peace (dub)
  13. Stone Age (dub)
  14. Africa (dub)
  15. Rasta Man Chant (dub)
The Message
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The Message (limited hand-numbered CD)
Cat: EB 116. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Tackhead - "Exodus" (Robo Bass Hifi effect mix)
  2. Tackhead - "Fire" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  3. Tackhead - "War" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  4. Tackhead - "I Am Afraid Of Americans" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  5. Tackhead - "You Ain't Hip" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  6. Tackhead - "Black Cinderella" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  7. Robo Bass Hifi - "The Message" (7" refix)
  8. Fats Comet - "Bop Boop" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  9. Fats Comet - "Hallelujah" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  10. Fats Comet - "Rockchester" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  11. Fats Comet - "Turn To Burn" (Robo Bass Hifi remix)
  12. Robo Bass Hifi - "The Message" (12" refix - bonus track)
  13. Tackhead - "Fire" (Robo Bass Hifi 2x15 remix - bonus track)
  14. Tackhead - "I Am Afraid Of Americans" (Robo Bass Hifi Afraid remix - bonus track)
  15. Tackhead - "Exodus" (Robo Bass Hifi remix - bonus track)
  16. Tackhead - "Slippin Into Darkness" (Robo Bass Hifi acoustix jam refix - bonus track)
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