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This Week: Dub
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Lunar Love Remixed
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $8.29
Cat: AR 100VL. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. The Barber (Kalbata remix) (5:33)
  2. The Serpent (Sub Modu remix) (6:49)
  3. Totem (Nicola Cruz remix) (5:04)
  4. Totem (DJ Khalab remix) (4:04)
Review: Agogo's latest release features a quartet of artists remixing tracks from Mop Mop's fine - if a little overlooked - 2016 album Lunar Love. There's naturally a noticeable dancefloor focus, with Sub Modo delivering a pleasingly bass-heavy rework of Anthony Joseph hook-up "The Serpent" that also boasts some shuffling, intricately programmed, Innervisions style tech-house percussion. Also impressive is the trippy, late night voodoo of DJ Khaleb's version of "Totem", which is rich in tribal drum hits, feverish audio textures, chopped-up organ stabs and rolling grooves. If you're after something a little more horizontal, the Nicola Cruz re-make of "Totem" bobs along at a slower tempo, at the same time making more of Mop Mop's original, Afro-influenced instrumentation.
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Gespielt von: Simon Harrison, Mop Mop
King Midas
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.40
Cat: CSJM-02. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. King Midas (4:30)
  2. Journey Dub (4:27)
How Can I
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.40
How Can I (7")
Cat: CSJM-03. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. How Can I (4:32)
  2. Journey Dub (4:29)
BPP 001
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $16.08
BPP 001 (12" + magazine in embossed sleeve)
Cat: BPP 001. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Taal Mala - "Elegant Replica" (5:05)
  2. Taal Mala - "Elegant Replica" (M. Red remix) (6:28)
  3. Michael Red - "Change" (7:29)
  4. Michael Red - "Change" (Taal Mala remix) (5:18)
Review: Lighta! Sound and its crew of artists are largely credited with bringing dubstep and UK bass music into Vancouver's consciousness. Hugely influential to the fabric of dance music in the city, they are at the heart of a dynamic community built on inclusion and respect. For more than a decade they have remained firmly rooted in many facets of Western Canada's electronic music subculture. The inaugural Babel Printed & Pressed record contains two retrospective original tracks and accompanying remixes from Lighta! Sound founding members Taal Mala and Michael Red. The accompanying magazine insert contains first hand accounts from the early days of Lighta! and this defining time in Vancouver, from community members Jamie Abugov and Andrew Ryce. The magazine also contains exclusive artwork from Vancouver artist Jonny Ostrem.
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Rocking Vibration/Love Is The Question
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $6.58
  1. Rockin' Vibration Got Together
  2. Black Woman
  3. Freedom Fighter
  4. I Got To Have You
  5. Superstar
  6. More Power
  7. No More Problems
  8. No Confusion
  9. Dangerous Position
  10. Rasta Children
  11. Love Is The Question
  12. My Girl
  13. Africa Is For Blackman
  14. Dreader Than Dread
  15. I The Cheater
  16. Love For Peace
  17. My Love
  18. Girl You Are A Cheater
  19. Natty Is A Righteous Man
King David's Melody: Classic Instrumentals & Dubs
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $9.32
  1. King David's Melody
  2. Zion High
  3. (Pablo Meets) Mr Bassie
  4. West Abyssinia
  5. Israel In Harmony
  6. Rockers Mood
  7. Sufferers Trod
  8. Revelation Time
  9. Selfish Youths
  10. Corner Stone Dub
  11. Kent Road
  12. Pablo All Stars - "Solomon Dub"
  13. Pablo All Stars - "Zion Dub"
  14. Rockers All Stars - "Jah Strength Ital Step"
  15. West Abyssinia (version)
  16. Israel Dub
  17. Rockers International Band - "Jah School Dub"
  18. Pablo All Stars - "Dub 2 (Sufferers Choice)"
  19. Rockers All Stars - "Babylon Fall Dub"
  20. Rockers All Stars - "Freedom Step"
Lost Treasures
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $11.67
Cat: JRCD 001. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Cherry's Dub
  2. Frenemy Dub
  3. Falling For Dub
  4. Dub On The Street Again
  5. Deceiving The Dub
  6. Dub Confession
  7. Release The Dub
  8. A Youthmans Dub
  9. Cold Hearted Dub (bonus track)
  10. Blessed Dub
  11. Let's Do The Dub
  12. Jumpers Dub
  13. Dub For Freedom (bonus track)
  14. You Have Caught The Dub
At King Tubbys
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $12.71
Cat: RROO 303CD. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Foggy Pablo
  2. Best Dub
  3. Maka
  4. Barbwire Dub
  5. Musical Pablo
  6. Minstral Pablo
  7. Desire Dub
  8. Rough Pablo
  9. House Is Not A Dub
  10. Put It On Dub
  11. Blind Dub
  12. No Jestering Pablo
  13. Ride Me Dub
  14. Every Dub I Own
Zion Dub
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $22.04
Zion Dub (LP)
Cat: LP 1005. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Rootsman Clap Dub (3:34)
  2. Dub For Joy (3:35)
  3. Dub Cat's Jump & Move Ya (2:59)
  4. Top Notch Dub (2:33)
  5. Dub It Everywhere (3:13)
  6. Zion Dub (2:45)
  7. Higher Ranking Dub (2:30)
  8. A Murderous Dub (3:45)
The Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's Heavyweight Dub (remastered)
 In den Warenkorb
 in stock $26.96
Cat: MIR 100748. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Scientific Strut (7:23)
  2. House On The Rock (4:14)
  3. Jackie-Me-Too! (5:13)
  4. Stop & Frisk (The New Jim Crow) (4:54)
  5. Killa Dilla (4:10)
  6. Baltimore (4:25)
  7. Give A Little Love (4:13)
  8. This Is A Takeover (5:11)
  9. Tubby (5:17)
  10. The Struggle (5:03)
  11. Saro-Wiwa (feat Diverse) (5:03)
  12. Yanira (3:49)
  13. Geronimo's Free (5:00)
  14. Yanira Dub (3:51)
  15. Scientific Strut
  16. House On The Rock
  17. Jackie-Me-Too!
  18. Stop & Frisk (The New Jim Crow)
  19. Killa Dilla
  20. Baltimore
  21. Give A Little Love
  22. This Is A Takeover
  23. Tubby
  24. The Struggle
  25. Saro-Wiwa (feat Diverse)
  26. Yanira
  27. Geronimo's Free
  28. Yanira Dub
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